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Lulu Build Guide by CrestingLight

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author CrestingLight

AK-47 Lulu: Shred 'Em! (DOMINION GUIDE)

CrestingLight Last updated on September 21, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys, welcome to my guide on shredder hybrid Lulu! I'm going to keep this relatively short because this is a dominion guide, but first I'm going to show you that this actually works, then I'll tell you how and why.

As a little preface, Lulu is one of the funnest champions to play in the entire league, and she looks like a little machine gun with all of the attack speed we will give her. I will show pros and cons in the next section, but for now, take a look at my recent match history!

Now, the true key to success with this build, is confidence in your abilities, and.... *drum roll*.... GO BOTTOM LANE!!! In all of these games, I was our bottom lane champion. I have played over 50 games with Lulu bot, and to this day I have only found 1 champion that is truly difficult for Lulu to compete with: Warwick. If you see that Warwick is taking bot lane on their team, you should absolutely switch bot with another team member.

Ok, on to pros and cons!

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Change Log

// 09.07.2012 //

Fixed the item "Ionic Spark", replaced with "Lightbringer" under items not to buy.

---> Champion Matchups

Added Gangplank, Kayle (both hybrid and AD), Evelynn, and Kassadin.

// 09.10.2012 //

---> Champion Matchups

Added Heimerdinger to the list.

// 09.12.2012 //

---> Champion Matchups

Added Karthus to the list.

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Pros / Cons


Insane amount of burst
Absolute game changing CC
The perfect anti-AD carry
"Trap Champion" - easily turns around a fight when near death
Incredible 1v1 champion
Wonderful team fighter
Lots of escapes
Underestimated champion
Looks hilarious


Very, VERY squishy
Low base move speed
Very susceptible to CC
Somewhat long cooldowns
Vulnerable when ult is on CD
"All In" Champion - once the combo is used, it is difficult to escape. You have to finish the job, or die trying!

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Somewhat self explanatory, but I'll give a little background.

Marks: Attack speed is best in slot here. For our shredder Lulu, she needs as much AS as she can get. I suppose you could also try magic pen marks too.

Seals: Lulu is VERY squishy the way she is. She needs some sort of heftiness to allow her to survive those 1v1 fights. Do not switch this out.

Glyphs: 1/2 Attack Speed, 1/2 MR per level. These really help with a little of everything Lulu needs, the AS and some MR. These can be swapped out for AP for some heavier early game damage.

Quints: Attack Damage. These are much more open. Personally, since I already have the AS marks and glyphs, I would rather my attacks actually do some damage, so this adds a little weight to my attacks. It also makes last hitting in bot easier as well (which is still important!), but some may chose to swap these out for attack speed, move speed, or fortitude (HP).

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Classic 21/9/0 that is so popular for carries, I grab the extra AD to add to our auto attacks, attack speed (obviously), and armor pen. I also like to get the CDR along with magic pen because this is a hybrid build, and your abilities still deal damage, along with pix's attacks and your malady/wit's end damage. I then grab the 1.5% extra damage because it enhances both our AD and magic damage. Last, I grab a bit more ArPen and our final dot of offense.

If you want to go more AD heavy, you can go with classic AD carry masteries (everything on the left side of the offense tree), or if you just don't feel safe in lane you can go 9/21/0, but if you take this approach, you will do very little damage early on. Tanky Lulu has a hard time dueling in the early levels, so please be cautious of that.

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Yay! The fun part!

I always start + , to give my Q + E a little more power, but you can also start +

On your first back, you want to TRY to get , but dominion is so fast paced, it's okay if you can't quite afford it. Build it as fast as you can, then grab another . This will build into .

+ is our core. These two items along with your Glitterlance and Help, Pix! will do incredible amounts of damage while being able to also shred down enemy tanks, taking out considerable amounts of MR and armor for your teammates as well.

From here, I usually grab . The extra MR helps to give us some survivability that we really need, while boosting our attack speed by quite a bit, and giving us an extra 42 damage to add on to our attacks. However, if you are absolutely dominating, you can also go with instead. This will give you nice damage against tanks (which dominion is generally full of), and some flat ad/as.

You do need a survivability item! When you inevitably get fed, the enemy is going to start looking for you. They will need to blow their cc to take you down, so I like to get . If you think you probably can't kill them all, you can respawn, pop your shield, Glitterlance to slow them down, Whimsy to give massive move speed boost, and Wild Growth if necessary to generate some much needed hp and pop everyone up around you.

Last, I get . This gives some hefty hp, a little AD, and some wonderful CC so the enemy doesn't get away. This item is very replaceable, though. You could grab or Shurelya's Reverie, depending on your needs and opponents.

Please do not get any of these items:

These are all terrible items on Lulu, and really terrible items in general. Please don't ever let me catch you with any of these items. I will be very disappointed.

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Team Work

In general, stay bottom and hold/push the lane. Map awareness is very important here, however. I see lots of people mindlessly push bottom and don't even notice that the enemy Evelynn is taking their point. This is unacceptable. Watch the map, make sure you aren't about to get ganked, and if you suspect a gank, let your teammates know and ask for help.

Once you get to about mid game, you should be able to fend off two laners and once. This is actually your goal. You want the enemy to know that if they just leave 1 player against you, you will inevitably kill them and take their point. When this happens, it forces the enemy team to send 2 bot just to hold point. This leaves only 3 to roam around the map, while your team has 4. If the enemy is consistently sending 2 bot, then you want to relax at turret. If you push, you run the risk of getting caught and losing your point. If, however, you relax on your turret, then once they push up that far, you can fight with the turret on your side and you should win most fights (barring a Warwick + Jax combination).

Keep in mind that you are not bound to bot. If your team needs help, then send one of your weaker players to hold bot while you go top and clear a point or two. This will help a lot.

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Champion Matchups

Here, I will tell you which champions I have fought and their difficulty on a 1 - 10 scale.

// 2 - 9

Completely depends on the skill of the Ahri and her summoner spells. A skilled Ahri with exhaust/ignite is impossible for you to beat. A decent Ahri with flash/ghost is easy as pie. It totally depends, but they will always annoy you to death. They will sit back out of your range and mindlessly farm while poking you and outrunning you when you try to retaliate. Try to get them to commit with a bad Charm and you will melt them.

// 1

You are Akali's hard counter. She does not stand a chance. Akali relies on smacking you, going into stealth, then smacking you again. Wait for her to plop her bubble down, then use Help, Pix! on her, and you can see her for the entire duration of her cloud. She cannot hide from you, she cannot run from you. You wreck her face off.

// 1

Probably the easiest matchup in history. She is so squishy, she melts at level 1, and every time she starts to get close to beginning to harm you, use Whimsy and melt her face before she recovers.

// 4

Not too bad. Her burst is pretty big but you can easily dodge her q, and one Whimsy interrupts the whole combo. After her cooldowns are up, she has nothing left to hit you with so she just stands there looking stupid for about 6 sec. During all this time you can cremate her face with your AA's and if you ever get close to being killed, just pop your R and you are good to go.

// 1

Ummm, this will never happen. Eve does not go bot in dominion, but if you happen to find her skulking around your region, don't have any fear at all. Toss your Glitterlance on her, Help, Pix! her so you can keep vision, and then just smack her face off. She is totally unable to keep up with your damage or your CC. Easy peasy.

// 3

He has annoying poke but he's so squishy it's like instant death if you ever catch him with a q + w combo.

// 6

She is a tough fight early on, but once you get rolling you will be able to roll her. Just FLUFFY BUNNY her when she puts her parry on, keep your shield for when she ults, then slow/pop up when she tries to run. She is so susceptible to CC its unreal, and you are full of CC so it shouldn't be much of a fight later on.

// 2

Lol. He is no match for you. Your only potential issue is a stray crit at level 3. Check and see what items he has. If he starts with a Cloak of Agility or Avarice Blade, be a little careful, don't just go into melee combat with him. Just make sure you kite him, Whimsy him when he gets close, and then dominate the $hit out of him. He can build either tanky or ad carry, but either way is failure against you. As a tank, he can't do enough damage to kill you, and as an adc, you will wreck him in the duration of your Whimsy.

// 2

Whenever Garen tries to run at you, just Glitterlance him. He is so slowed that he will never catch you. Just keep wailing on him, then if he ever does get close, just use your cc to keep him at bay. Only annoying thing is his silence, but he honestly doesn't do that much damage, and has no gap closers to catch you anyway.

// 7

This yordle is a sunova*****. He out-pushes you, harasses REALLY hard, and his range is much longer than yours. In the beginning, just try to farm and push the minions back as hard as you can. Do not try to exchange with him, you will not win. Rush Wit's End and Frozen Mallet, then you can maybe trade a little. Don't go in against him unless you have your ult, ignite, and all of your spells up. Beware, if he has Zhonya's Hourglass, he will pop it and super-burst you when it's done. Definitely call in some backup for this guy.


Just like with all AD carries, he is pretty easy to fight, only thing to watch out for is that insane ball thrown through the gate. That thing HURTS. But, it will detonate on minions, so just stay behind minions and all will be fine. Engage when you want, he has pretty slow move speed, susceptible to CC, you should be fine.


Jayce is a bit tougher for you this way, because he tends to get a bit of CC (Frozen Mallet/Trinity Force) and he is quite tanky. You may need to call in backup, but you should be able to wreck him early. Use this to your advantage, and shut him down.

// 2 - 9

This champ totally depends on skill. If he sucks at aiming his zits at you, then you're golden. If, however, he starts with a Blasting Wand and all AP runes and can aim his zits like a boss, you will not be able to 1v1 him. He will wreck your face off. Judge the enemy, figure out how good he is, then move from there.

// 3

This champ isn't difficult for you. His silence is very telegraphed, so when he is about to cast it, Help, Pix! yourself and then go after him. Only suggestion is that I would rush an early Frozen Mallet. Because of Kass' Riftwalk, he can be hard to keep up with, so go for an early FM and Wit's End for some MR. Other than that though, Kass lacks a way to really deal consistent damage, so you should be able to AA his face off relatively easily.

// 2

ROFL. Kat sucks against Lulu. She does a little bit of damage with her Bouncing Blades, which is why I gave her a 2 instead of a 1, but she is unable to kill you till about half way through the game, and that's if she's fed. Keep your cc for when she ults, immediately stopping it with a Whimsy or Wild Growth and destroy that poor girl.


Pretty easy but don't let yourself get too comfortable. Keep in mind her ult is on SUPER short CD, even with no CDR, so she can surprise you with her ult and damage. However, other than this, you deal more damage than she does, and you have more CC. Match her Q with your own, shield yourself from quite a bit of damage, Whimsy her when she is not ulted, then ult yourself if you ever get low, but make sure it's in range for the cc to kick in!


Beware this build. While this build is incredibly susceptible to CC, it only takes a few shots from her to destroy you. Her Q will be a ridiculous bomb, and even if she only gets 3 aa's in, if she has Infinity Edge, she could crit 3 times and it will be the end of you. Just watch out for it, kite her, and try not to take any damage.

// 5

He is actually pretty tough. The problem isn't that he can kill you (he can't), it's that you really can't kill him. He is a total beast, and he can trade with you if he has a little AP. His shield eats quite a few AA's before it is torn through, so he can approach, Q, then retreat. He just kind of ignores you. It's kind of offensive. :(

// 9

Absolutely. Unreal. His damage is through the roof, if he ever gets a single kill on you, you will never, ever be able to remotely fight him. He takes no skill whatsoever, and he's impossible to kill. Don't fight, just walk away.

// 6

His bombs can be painful, but in a 1v1 brawl, you will smash him. Try not to just trade pokes, because he will just heal them back with Sap Magic. Wait for him to throw a bomb, avoid it, then go in for the kill. They will usually laugh and fight you, then you will feel the look on their face as they say, "Wait... WAIT... what the... WHAT THE F*****?!?! WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!?!" In case you hadn't figured it out, you CC'ed them, and they died.

// 9

FCK. THIS. CHAMPION. He is ******* impossible to kill, does 10 million bazillion damage, has the most ridiculous slow in the game and slows your attack speed. Don't try to fight him you will never win.

// 4

Believe it or not, Pantheon is kind of a piece of cake with Lulu. Pantheon always telegraphs his attacks very obviously, because he only has 1 combo. As he begins to run at you, you know the stun-cone-spear combo is coming, so throw a Glitterlance at him and then toss your Help, Pix! on yourself. This will negate about half the damage, and he will go through the whole thing then have no escapes. This is when you say "MY TURN" and you CC and AA his brain out of his little metal skull.

// 9

This is a tough fight and you cannot 1v1 her if she is building tanky at all. She can take out half your health bar during the duration of her stun alone and she keeps on comin, taking hardly any damage back from you. Just try to play passive, poke at her, but definitely call for backup from your teammates.

// 3

Super easy. His range is the same as yours, just don't let him poke you down. When he begins his combo, i. e. when he snares you, turn him into a FLUFFY BUNNY and aa his face. He will take far more damage than you will, especially when you shield yourself from his Q. Very easy fight, his move speed is so super slow, he can't outrun you, and especially with Glitterlance he will die horribly as his cowardly hide tries so desperately to run from your adorable little yordle machine gun.

// 1 (AP SION)

L. O. L.

// 9 (AD SION)

OMG RUN AWAY. Seriously, don't let him get rolling. You can kill him early on, just do not let him get a single kill, and don't let him farm. Make him starve. Once he pops his ult, you have 2 options:
1) Kite him. Run your @ss away, but do not stand there like an idiot trying to fight him when he has 90% lifesteal and crits every other hit. Once you stop seeing the little skulls floating around, CC him and kick his @ss.
2) Fight him. You will only EVER do this under 1 condition: It is late game, you have a TON of damage and some survivability. All of your spells are off cooldown, including your ultimate. You also took ignite, and it is ready to go. In this case, you need to spread out your CC. Glitterlance him to kite him, get a few AA's in there, along with shielding yourself. When he finally reaches you and is about to swing, Whimsy him. Keep attacking. When he gets out of it, ignite his @ss. Keep attacking. He should be less than half health here, but you may be too. At this point, get real close and Wild Growth yourself. This will stop him AA'ing, and at this point he should be dead. If he is not dead, then you done f*cked up.

// 1 - 5

Totally depends on what he builds. AP Teemo? ROFL. Shield yourself as he's about to blinding dart you. AD Teemo? LOL, you do more damage than he could ever dream of. While you are blinded, Glitterlance to deal damage, then Whimsy him to give him a taste of his own medicine. AS/Hybrid Teemo? Ok, this can get dangerous. Just try to land your slows, save your CC for when he blinds you, and you should be fine. And for the love of god, do not walk into bushes please.

// 10

Impossible. Let it go, it cannot be done. WW can build whatever he wants, AP, on hit, AD, tank, whatever. He cannot be beaten. When you have a champion that has 3000 hp, 250 armor, 200 MR, and lifesteals as a passive, you just leave that alone. His lifesteal on a simple AA alone will negate your damage from a full blown Malady, Black Cleaver, Kitaes bloodrazor, Wits end, Frozen Mallet auto attack. Let it go, make someone else deal with it.


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Hybrid AS Lulu is awesome. Nuff' said.

Try her out, have fun, and I will keep updating this with champions as I continue to fight them.

Also, I did work hard on this build, so please vote either way. I mean, it's a little button at the top, it'll take you 2 sec to push it. If you are kind enough to leave a comment as well, I will really appreciate it.

Happy Dominating!