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Akali Build Guide by werbatim

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author werbatim

AKALI crazy by werbatim

werbatim Last updated on December 7, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Pros & Cons

+ // Has an insane amount of burst damage.
+ // Can escape easily with Twilight Shroud & Shadow Dance.
+ // Covers vasts amount of distance with her sheer mobility.
+ // Attack animations allow you to farm easily.
+ // Extremely versatile.
+ // Snowballs if doing well.

- // Higher learning curve.
- // Needs specific rune page for her passives.
- // Practically no crowd control. (Rylai's Crystal Scepter)
- // Crowd control rapes Akali.
- // Undoubtedly squishy.
- // One of the first targets people search for.
- // Items such as Vision Wards & Oracle's Elixir cripple her.

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General Jungle Knowledge

I know, I know. Akali isn't as viable in the jungle as other champs. That is true, BUT it is important to your team and yourself to keep track of the times of each neutral camp.

Baron Nashor

Initial Spawn: (15:00) Respawn Time: (7:00)

Baron is the most important buff in the game, although he takes awhile to kill, it is entirely worth it to take down, providing the extra gold (global 300g), experience, and stats. Your team will have a major advantage against the other team, solely with this buff. So keeping track on this is a major priority by timing the death of Baron all the way to its re-spawn, so the enemy team doesn't get it at all, or get it again.


Initial Spawn: (2:30) Respawn Time: (6:00)

Dragon/Drake is the next important thing you should keep track of, giving an amount of global 190 gold, and experience to those who are near it can determine who wins games. You may think that 190 gold is not much, but in competitive matches any gold you have over your enemy is worth it. You often see team fights at Dragon/Drake solely for that purpose.

Red Buff

Initial Spawn: (1:55) Respawn Time: (5:00)

Red Buff is important for your jungler, it enable him to gank more efficiently in early levels due to the slow, deals true damage and creates a type of mini-ignite towards the selected opponent. After that it usually goes to an AD range carry such as Caitlyn, Vayne, Corki, etc. This helps tremendously in game-play overall, with a slow from just auto-attacking, a mini-ignite, and true damage, your team will be at a slight advantage if you control both red buffs.

Blue Buff

Initial Spawn: (1:55) Respawn Time: (5:00)

Blue buff is another buff for a caster and sustaining jungle. Blue buff reduces your cooldown timer, and increases mana regeneration. Usually given to a caster after the jungler can sustain in the jungle with ease, with this buff on the caster, it becomes much more of a hassle in lane and overall. Spamming abilities with ease, placing this on your own caster, and denying it from your enemies can win games.

Wolves, Wraiths, & Small Golems

Initial Spawn: (1:40) Respawn Time: (1:00)

Nothing to really worry about, just might as well place it in. These give no buffs or major advantage in the game, but simply denying a jungler of this early game can cripple them hard, so make sure to protect these camps at level 1, in case of counter-jungling.

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Tips & Tricks

Through levels 1-5 be sure to strictly farm and harass when you can, once you are/reach level 6 you can start playing aggressively. (Unless your enemy sucks.)

If you have the chance to solo top or middle lane always take it! Top lanes' brush and its layout - although similar to bottoms' - is better, and if you are in middle harassing correctly and farming you can deprive the enemy.

Always try to obtain the Red buff whenever you can, the slow and extra damage can help a lot when you don't haveRylai's Crystal Scepter yet.

Make sure to grab anElixir of Fortitude whenever you have extra gold lying around, with the extra Health and attack damage, you gain survivability and more damage forCrescent Slash[E].

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Mid lane Level 1-6: Last hit minions/ Maintain opponents Health below 50%!!

Akali don't shine till level 6. So until you reach level 6, last hit minions by using your "Q" (Mark of the Assassin) ability. Harass enemy champion when you see an opportunity; use your "Shroud and Mark of the Assassin".

The Secret:
*Don't use your summoner spells or your health potion until your level 6. (There are times when you have to flash in hit your opponent and ignite them to kill them.)
*From level 1-6 keep your opponent health below 50% to prepare your kill when you reach level 6. (shadow dance)

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When you're level 6 you should be able to finish off your opponent with out any problem with just one shadow dance, mark of the assassin, crescent slash, and ignite (make sure you have at-least 2 shadow dance for insurance). If you're not successful in keeping your opponent below 50% health. You would need to use this combo.

Here is the combo to wear your opponent down:

Use your "Q" ability and wait for like 3 seconds then ---> R (Shadow Dance)---> Q (Mark of the Assassin) ---> E (Crescent Slash) ---> W (Shroud).

With this combo you will be able to put your opponent down to 50% health. Run back past your minions so they think you're running away. When you see them chasing you, and they are far away from their tower repeat the combo all over again and use ignite. If necessary use "Q" and "R" again. (Basically just keep repeating the combo over and over again until you know you can commit to a kill.)

"Q" ability and wait for like 3 seconds then ---> R (Shadow Dance)---> Q (Mark of the Assassin) ---> E (Crescent Slash) ---> W (Shroud).

*Stuff to know before you commit and kill your opponent:

1) Make sure your opponents health is 50% or below. (once you have your Hextech Gunblade you would be able to kill your opponent at 100% health)

2) Make sure there not close to there towers.

3) For opponents that has stuns or devastating ultimate. You would have to anticipate and wait for them to use it before you commit.
Example: Kennen, Annie, and etc. (Use flash if you need to. Once their Ultimate skill is gone their useless and miss their chance in killing you).

The Secret:
*You would want to kill your opponent at mid right away, and stay in mid lane as long as possible so you can out level him. If you get to kill your opponent 3-5 time you will out level him by +2/+4 level. (People gets very mad when they just resurected and got back at there tower to just die in less then a min or two.) lol!
*Never gank top or bot unless you know 100% you can get a kill. Because if you can't kill anyone; You will have downtime in not leveling up. Remember the key is "out leveling everyone" +3/+5 levels!
How can you find out?
*If you see enemy champions at top or bot with 40% health or below, and is near your top tower! It is worth the trip and downtime! But then again, if your team can handle it and don't need help just let them be. Let them get the kill and just focus in defending your lane.

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By this time you out level all opponents by +3 or +5 levels (This will give you a great advantage!!!). By Level 14 you should have your Hextech Gunblade and Sorcerers boots. This is when you can kill a squishy opponent with 100% health with-in seconds!

Combo sequence with Hextech Gunblade:

R (Shadow dance)---> Hextech Gumblade---> Q (Mark of the Assassin)---> W (Crescent Slash)---> Normal attack x2---> And just keep repeating until your opponent is dead!

The Secret:
*Pay attention as you go in. Most likely you would get "exhaust", blind or devastating CC; When that happens fall back a bit or use your shroud and wait for it to disappear.
*Timing is the key! Ask you teammate if they see them using ULT, Summoners spells, or other CC skills. You wouldn't want to jump in just to get owned. Be patience, once you know that they use their skill; go all out! (Once you get your sheen, and will of the ancient it really wouldn't matter. You can just go for the kill anytime! As long is a 1v1)
*Let your teammates know to cut off the other team that is trying to aid their team!

*If you get to kill one or two opponent consistently, Then you are doing your job as an assassin!

Do this successfully and your enemy will say "Surrender at 20". Believe me it happens to me and my friends all the time!

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By this time every team is trying to form ganks and team fights. Team fights could be difficult for Akali sometimes. NEVER INITIATE!!! If you do you will die! lol!


*In team fights positioning and timing is important for Akali. You would always want to position yourself near there squishy or carry.

*Let your team come in first to eliminate the other teams CC.

*If the enemy team has "Oracles" (seeing you while invisible). You would have to communicate to your team to kill the person with "Oracles" or if your team can kill 2 to 3 champions right away then is safe for you to help.

The Secret:

*Your job as an assassin through out the whole game is to always and consistently eliminate 1 or 2 enemies! Make it easy for your team so you guys can fight 5v4 or 5v3! (Meaning you guys being the 5 man team that is still alive.)

*No team is perfect! Every team makes a mistake! Capitalize on their mistake and ace them!

*As an assassin you have to be good at cutting off enemy champion before they regroup.
Example: If you see 1 top, 1 mid, and 3 bot. You should be on your way to top or mid to kill an enemy.

*Avoid trying to get seen by the enemy team. You can do that by knowing how the "fog of war" map works. You're an assassin you have to be unpredictable where you would strike.

Is important to kill the person with oracles right away!

1) You can deny your opponent 400g

2) His/her teammate would see oracles is not effective! Teammate wont buy oracles!

If you don't kill the person with oracles right away, and you die a lot! This is what going to happen:
1) The other team will find oracles effective, and instead of 1 enemy with oracles there would be 2 or 3!

2) In team fights you would be utterly useless! Four of your teammate will have a hard time going up against 5. 4v5 is never good!

3) Like what I said earlier:
"Akali Weakness: A tank with Oracles in an organized team fights. If that happens Akali has a hard time trying to help in team fights."

NOTE: Oracles or champs that has the ability to see invincibility like "Lee Sin" or "Talon" is one of Akali's worst enemies!