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Akali Build Guide by Themasterdor

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Themasterdor

Akali the great! (mid guide)

Themasterdor Last updated on November 28, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

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Defense: 8


Utility: 1

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1.0) The initial release. (8/24/2013)
1.1) Added a champion difficulty section, how to deal with a jungler, and optional items beside the Mejais (8/25/2013)

1.2) Added 3 new champions to the "how to deal with champions in lane" section (Brand, Zyra, and Heim) 9/6/2013

1.3) Largish update. Adding a few things to the start items, upping it for S4, adding some runes
-1.3.1 added why no mejai's section (i ment to do this long ago)+why i pick the masteries

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Akali, a powerful assassin with a heavy burst that will destroy most squishy mid champs with no problem. My favorite midchamp, and relatively difficult to counter in the mid lane.

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Pro's and cons

1.) amazing burst
2.) Nice sustain with passive spell vamp
3.) can hide in the shadows with her Shroud and "theoretically" never get hit while its up and while you're attacking her
4.) Snow balls like crazy! even against counter picks if given an early gank!
5.) easy champ to learn
6.) Takes down ADC's and MOST APC VERY easily
1.) Countered by an item, Known as the Pink ward,
2.) Countered by popular mid champs (Malzahar, Kassadin, Mordekaiser)
3.) Focused easily in fights
4.) Her twilight shroud cant save her from everything (explain later on in the twilight shroud section)
5.) your burst WONT work against tanks, don't use it against tanks, you will waist all of your Shadow dance. run away from tanks. WE dont focus tanks. Assassins focus Carries, dont touch tanks. Thats bad. BAD

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Masteries, why i get them


Great early game CDR. This is really decent on your Q so you can spam it.

Good for farming early game

Expose Weakness
Good for later game. If you're in a 2v1 situation, the person who you're fighting with will be doing slightly more damage.

mental Force
Good scaling ability power. Works well with Arcane Mastery

Spell Weaving
This is helps you do more damage overall.

Arcane Mastery
Extra flat ability power

Extra flat ability power as you buy more ap items

Devastating Strike
Stacks well with items you'll buy throughout the game (sorcs and void)

Arcane Blade
Incase you don't hit your Q proc with your aoe, or you're saving it, this will help your basic attacks do extra damage, or overall just do extra damage with your basic attacks

Good for early game, not so much later game

Good for early game scuffles with your laning opponent.

Some extra sustain.

Enchanted Armour
Doesn't help a ton early game, but if you're building a little bit tankier later game this
will help you out.

Veteran Scars
Decent ammount of early game hp

Phase Walker
I ALWAYS take this, no matter what mastery, I find room for this. 1 second may not seem like a lot, but it helps get to lane quicker, and get out of tight situations faster.

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Abilities and how to use them

Mark of the assassin:
The ability that will start off every burst you do. Early game (Pre 6) it is a decent farming tool (explained in the pre 6 guide) but once you hit 6 and start using your burst it does massive damage.

The ability itself thrown doesnt do a lot, could finish someone off if they're very low, but not too much. But the effect it has on people is whats lethal. After its thrown the target has the mark of the assassin, when you hit the target with this mark, with either your basic or your crescent slash it deals extra damage, loads of it infact (whatever the current damage is, +50% of your ability power).

Twilight shroud:

Defensively: This move is a very decent escape if its used correctly. The jukes are insane.
For instance,
Say you're in a tri bush around bot lane, and you're being chased, drop the shroud before you run out of the bush and sit there for a second (make sure you hold S so you dont accidently auto attack) and then run the direction opposite of where hes going,

WARNING: this technique wont always work, if you have a flash, you should drop it and run towards the nearest wall and flash over it. if there are multiple people inside the shroud, you're probably going to die if you cant flash over a wall.

Offensively: Drop this after you hit your target with your Mark of the assassin and wait in it till your mark is back up, then attack the target and burst him down (your combo should be Q, W, R,) Q him again and run back in the shroud, then combo again.

Crescent Strike: This is your AOE ability, It's helpful for farming (though DONT farm with it constantly, it good for last hitting a few minions, generally for farming, i drop my q on the one with the most hp, and then use my E to finish off all of them because your Q can be activated with your Strike. So Q the one with the most hp, E, then auto attack any that survived.

Shadow dance: This is akali's gap closer. It can be used to jump to ENEMY minions to escape, or get you closer to your target. This ability can hold 3 charges and its important NOT to use it unless you have atleast 2 charges late game, or 3 charges early game.

You can gain charges by
1.) Waiting,
2.) Getting an assist or kill (will give you +1 charge)

This is how you're going to stick to your opponent when you burst them.

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Your burst

I mentioned above your combo, (Q, W, R, E) this is how you will use it.

After throwing your Q, immediately drop your W. Run into it, and wait until your Q is back up.

WARNING!: DO NOT immediately jump to your target after throwing your Q. Not only is this ineffective you run the risk of the Q not hitting your target when you R.

Your R is much faster than your Q, meaning you could jump to them, and they wouldnt have been hit by the mark of the assassin yet, which is unfortunate because you wouldn't have gotten your max amount of damage per jump. which is bad because its not worth it unless you launch your max amount of damage, your jumps are important, you want to nuke the ADC in team fights, dont waist your life like that.

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Why I buy what I buy

Starting items-

Originally, I had people start tome and 1 pot. This isn't good, because akali really needs the sustain, even if you're playing super aggressively it won't really make a difference anyway. The ammount of AP it gives isn't a lot, and it will only add on maybe 5 damage.

The Rejuv bead is just there for extra sustain

"But why not buy dorans ring"

Well, You can, but you wont be able to buy wards and potions

When buying Rylais

You're going to want the extra HP, thats why I prefer to get giants belt first if you can. As akali, you're going to be going in, and dealing as much damage as possible, then getting out with "hopefully" little or no issues. This is why you need more hp

When buying lichbane

Build the sheen first. You WANT, no, NEED that extra proc; your Q will be 10x more powerful, and will very well fit for mid game until you get your lich bane. After your sheen, you can definitely buy your Blasting wand.

Items instead of warmogs

First, let me explain why you'd need warmogs on akali.

If you're feeling particularly squishy, sometimes adding more HP to you can make you feel less squishy, thus adding some courage and making you want to go in. It's also convenient because the more HP you have, the longer you can sustain enemy attacks.

When you wouldn't get Warmogs on akali.

If the other team has someone who has EXTREMELY powerful pokage (Nid spears)

If you're in a game where you are playing against nidalee, and you accidently feed her, or she plays support and she builds ap,

First choice- spirit visage. This is amazing CDR for your abilities, extra HP, MR, pretty much everything an akali wants. The only reason why this isn't a main item build is because if you're playing against someone who does no real AP damage, then it's kind of waisted.

Second choice- Abyssal scepter. this is great for extra AP and A nice chunk of MR. Also, this REDUCES the MR of people around you (if they have no mr they will have a negative mr, me and my friend just noticed this the other day,)

this works along with your shroud. If you fight someone in your shroud with an abyssal scepter, its a double whammy. They're going to have a huge loss of MR, and you're going to deal half their hp in one Q-R-E combo.

Third choice- Banshees veil. This is a good item, it gives extra hp and MR. It also has a cool passive that can save you from an oncomming nid spear or (maybe?) a fizz ulti, and another cool passive that gives you 45 health regen after an enemy attack.
55 MR, extra hP, two cool passives, its all around a decent item to get if you're in a pickle.

Other choice- Zhonyas. I say other choice because this could easily be worked into your build. It gives nice armour, and such an amazing passive everytime i use it or even think about it i just splooge all over myself. Holy ****.

The active pretty much turns you int a gold statue, you're invincible for 2.5 seconds. But youcan't move, which is okay, this can give your team incentive to go in, because people get confused by zhonyas and they get greedy, they think "oh im gonna wait on this" and then your team comes in and they don't notice and they die.

Greed kills, guys. Don't do it. Not even once

Along with the cool active, it gives nice AP, and armour.

Last choice- Guardian angel . This is a pretty decent item for Armour and MR. You'd really only get this though if you were going in every time because your tank is too much of a little ***** to initiate, you can go in and do something yourself. ONLY IF YOU HAVE FLASH.

Why do you need flash you ask? So you can juke someone. The ammount of time it takes for you to revive, is more than enough time for you to figure out a plan. Like shadow dancing to a minion behind you, and getting away, flashing over a wall if you're in the jungle (why you need flash)

These items are my last items. These are situational items and SHOULDN'T be build LAST (unless you dont need them) these items should be built AS SOON as you see an enemy snowballing hard. Make sure you focus this person in team fights, assuming they are worth focusing.

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No mejai's oemgee u n00b

Mejai's is extremely situational. I mean this to the greatest extent. You SHOULDN'T buy it, unless you're doing fantastic.


1.) assassins have a high focus, high death rate in team fights, It's good for 1v1-1v2 kills, but in a team fight situation where you're going to be jumping in to kill someone, it's a terrible idea.

2.) You're putting money into an item that scales based on how well you do in game. If you do terribly, you wasted like 1200 gold which could have gone into something better.

3.) Games change fast. I was in a game where we were doing amazing, i was 9-0 at 20 mins, and laned against a kat who i shut down hard. Her ulti got the best of us in a team fight, and she got a shut down bonus on about 3 people on our team, including myself. She then carried the **** out of her team with that because (my team and myself included ) didn't believe she was a super big threat until she continuously ultied. 3 out of 5 people on our team were fed, and 1 super powerful kat helpedget kills for the rest of her team, and we lost.

All in all, don't get it unless you're doing very well. By very well, 6 kills by 15 minutes, and it will HAVE to be your replacement for your warmogs.

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Early game (making it through 1-6)

Leashing: ask the jungler if he/she wants a hard leash/go smiteless. If not, drop your Q and leave.

In mid lane: Early game You want to gather up as much farm as possible. Make sure you stay pushed up to turret, dont over extend. If your jungler wants to gank, Drop your W ontop of the target, or behind them to slow them. This will give your jungler time to move in and get on top of your target.

Last hit with your Q, harass with your Q, if your target is playing stupid and you drop your shroud and they stay in the shroud or around it, attack with your E after marking the target. Make sure you get hit as little as possible. You need to out sustain your target. That is the most important thing, don't back before they back if possible. Don't give them an advantage. But as soon as they back, back.

If you can last till level 6 then you should definitely be able to buy the Revolver.

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Mid game

After you have your shadow dance, you really want to try to harass your target in lane back, and get a kill. Also help any lane that needs to be helped. Akali is a very powerful ganker and can easily solo a support and an adc (if the adc is focused first)

In a gank, akali is very vulnerable, Make sure you drop your shroud and find safety, Don't try to attack whoever is ganking you unless you are positive you can fight them off. Remember to continue working on getting your rylais and the rest of your build.

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late to end

In team fights, you want to focus the carries. Dont be stupid, wait until you have an opening. Make sure to walk around,

You are not the initiator, you should not initiate team fights. Don't try to go in unless the rest of your team is also in.

Around this time is where you should gather up most of your deaths because you should be going balls to the wall on the Carries, but also knowing you will probably die. You aren't a tank, so dont expect to live if you get hit by the whole other team at once.

Make sure you finish off the game with a bang, make sure they know that you are a force to be wreckoned with. Dont go off on your own. Don't waist your life, you are EXTREMELY important in your team.

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additional things to note

Getting the full gunblade is not necessary at the beginning of the game. I make it through games without having it at all and still do very well. The gunblade will give you some extra Life steal and attack damage, but you have a passive that gives you spell vamp, Think of the gunblade as an extra item you buy for sustainability. You could get it later game if you need,

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selling boots

I usually dont even get boots and i make it out fine. If i dont have enough for boots after my first or second back, i wont get them util much later or maybe wont get it them at all. If you dont have boots, replace them with some additional AP (like an hour glass) or some armour and hp (Preferably a randuins)

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How to deal with champs in lane

Here I'll explain as many mid champs as i can think of. I'm absolutely terrible at rating things because as someone who has mains akali mid you pretty much just adapt to certain champions, so if i rated someone it would probably be wrong because of how i play them. Also sorry for any misspellings of names

Nidalee: Nidalee is extremely easy to handle. If you can't dodge her spears just sit behind minions because her spears can't go through minions. If you see her coming around the side of minions just run to the edge of your minions and ignore her.

Is a gank needed?: Not really, Once you hit 6 you should be able to demolish her as long as she hasn't got any kills.

Mordekaiser: Mordekaiser is one of the harder champs to fight. Completely manageable if you get a few early game ganks getting you to lever 6, its important to note that his AOE will hit you in your shroud, and also he is one of the tankier mid champs which is a pain because Akali has difficulty taking down tanky champs. Just out sustain him and try to poke him down if you want to win your lane. If you're not getting kills try to not get damaged and out-sustain and gank other lanes (whichever needs help the most) and get the kill.

Is a gank needed?: Very much so if you want to establish a dominance over your lane. I wouldn't ask your jungler to babysit, but just ask for a few early game ganks to get you atleast 2 kills to get your snowball rolling.

Annie: believe it or not this little ***** is somewhat hard to handle. Her passive is ridiculously annoying (every 3 abilities used makes the next ability stun the target) Its also worth noting she out sustains you if she's good because of her Q allowing her to last hit minions without it waisting mana. Even at 6 if you dont play cautiously you may still have a problem. Make sure her stun is down before you go in on the attack, and you should be alright. You can tell if her stun is down because she wont have that white aura around her (it looks like the aura of a guardian angel)

Is a gank needed?: This depends on how hard she's pushing. Annie is a very decent pusher because she can essentially spam her Q which does a lot of damage once its leveled up completely, but if you're getting pushed to turret a decent jungler would gank anyway.

Diana Diana is one of the worst people you can go against mid with akali. Once she gets her ulti, it makes it impossible to stick her and she will destroy you. If you lane against a diana i would seriously advise switching to top because no matter how many times you get ganked it will be a difficult lane to win. I don't really know how to beat a diana. I've never had any luck at all in a lane. Dont play aggressively until her ulti is down or she has less than half health. DON'T go n unless you know you can kill her.

Is a gank needed?: If you decide to stay i recommend getting babysat by your jungler. In higher ranks where people know how hard diana counters akali i don't think it'll be to big of a problem especially because a fed diana can easily carry the team.

Fizz: Another champion i have adapted to. Don't attack UNTIL he has used his jump. It makes him untargetable and if you jump to him when he uses it it won't work and you will have lost one of your shadow dance charges. Its pretty easy to scare him into using it if he's bad. Just make sure you dont get hit by his burst and you're fine. In early levels laning against him will be somewhat of a challenge, but once you hit 6 you shouldn't have a problem. Don't let him get any kills on you or your jungler. Also be careful of his ulti. If you see him throwing it get out of the way. Make sure it's thrown before you drop your shroud because it will hit you if you're standing anywhere in the shroud.

Is a gank needed?: It's hard to gank a fizz. His jump makes him untargetable and is a decent escape, but its better to try then to not try at all. I've personally been able to snowball fizz a few times without having a gank, just follow my advice and it shouldn't be necessary. Take note if your jungler dies to him don't let him gank fizz again. You don't want to feed fizz because fizz is a pain in the *** and can easily take out half your health in one jump.

Ziggs: this is really a battle of skill. If you can dodge his bombs you shouldn't have a problem. Watch out for his minefield ability because if it lands in your shroud you wont have many places to move around without getting hit by it. watch out for his time bomb because a good ziggs can use that to knock you back into a minefield or stick you in his ulti

Is a gank needed?: Not really unless you're having a hard time dodging his bombs. Ziggs is a very mana hungry champ so if he's dropping all his abilities you'll out sustain him with no problem, which will give you a position in lane where you can push.

Teemo: Teemo is a little *****, he will outpoke you with his blind and his poison darts, if you see him moving towards you its because hes trying to blind you. Just run away. Teemo is the reason why i dont usually use my basic attack on champions with akali. Your burst combo will work on him regardless if you are blinded or not. BUY ORACLES ELIXER! It gives you a huge advantage against teemo because you will be sure not to step in shrooms and also clear potential shrooms for ganks. Teemo is one of those champs who you can fight IN A SHROUD pre 6 if he stands too close to the shroud. you can deal loads of damage to teemo because teemo is rather squishy, if hes poking you down too much though just play defensively and chill at your turret.

Is a gank needed?: Depends, if the teemo is bad and you drop your shroud and he stays in the middle and you can get him down, no because you'll be pushed. If he's decent and hangs around your shroud and allows you to get hits on him once or twice but will run off afterwards No because he wont be around for your jungler to kill/help kill. If he's great yes because you'll be pushed up to your turret.

Veigar Pretty easy lane after 6. Just watch out for his E (I dont remember what its called, but if you try to run out of it you get stunned) Drop your shroud in it and try to run towards an edge. You can't use a shadow dance to jump through it without getting stunned. Just lure it out of him and then use your jump to kill him. Keep in mind he has more burst than you do and will ****ing mollest you if you get caught in his stun. Don't get caught in his stun.

Is a gank needed?: I've never been pushed back by a veigar before even when i was bad with akali. Usually you're going to be in the center of the lane unless the veigar is constantly hitting you early game with his Q and his meteor, which if you're getting hit by his meteor without being stunned you are bad as it's probably the easiest thing to dodge in league of legends.

Lux: this is also a skill lane. If the lux is good she can easily poke you down with her slow orb ball thing, but if you're good you can dodge it AND her stun. Make sure you are constantly dodging the stuns because if you get caught she'll combo you down. If you're hit buy it when you're in your shroud dont worry because you wont show up. Your shroud is decently good protection vs lux. To get lux down wait for her stun to be down, or her ulti. as soon as either one of those are down go to town on her because she isn't a threat anymore.

Is a gank needed?: Yeah because you'll be pushed back pre level 6. No doubt in my mind. Her constant throwing of her orbs and stun will be more than enough for you to want to stay by turret. An early game gank though can be very helpful.

Oriana: This is also skill. Oriana's balls are difficult to dodge because of the speed that they come at you. Just keep moving back and forth and you should be fine, just try to confuse her. Once you hit 6 shes pretty easy to take down and keep down. I've personally never had a problem ever with an oriana (with akali)

Kassadin: A real ***** if I do say so myself. I wouldn't recommend playing agressively at all, i recommend getting your ulti and leaving the lane as fast as possible. Don't try to fight him, you probably wont win. If he silences you, you need to run away or back into your shroud until its gone. His blink is also quie a problem unfortunately.

Is a gank needed?: ask for as many ganks as you can. If you want to stay in lane and keep the kassadin underfed you need to kill him and get an advantage over him.

Malzahar: Malzahar is a heavy counnter against akali. Not only is his ulti's suppress abso****inglutely over powered, he also has a silence. I wouldn't recommend trying to attack kassadin in lane because if he has his ulti you probably wont win.

Is a gank needed?: I've never really been pushed back hard by a malzahar, but if you find yourself in the position yeah you should ask for one. Hell ask for one anyway because if you can get an advantage over malzahar you should be able to win the lane regardless.

Master yi: Yi doesn't really go mid, but at lower levels you'll see it quite often. Yi is an easy kill because if you drop your shroud when you go to engage on him he wont be able to alpha strike you. Yi is very squishy though so you should be able to kill him relatively fast. I went akali top once and went vs a yi, i had no problem with him. he got one lucky kill on me pre 6, but once i hit level 6 he was dead and i easily took top lane (i know this isn't a top lane guide, but I've never been against a yi mid with akali, but have been with other champs)

Is a gank needed?: Yeah yi is going to have you pushed back until you're level 6. You don't want to die to yi because he's ridiculously op and you dont need to add to that.

Akali: This believe it or not is not a battle of skill. Its a battle of who drops their shroud first in a fight. Whoever drops it first will lose the fight because it will not give them enough protection to save them from a fight with you. Its going to seem appealing to drop your shroud right next to hers, but thats not what you want to do, you want to drop it a distance away so you arent AOE'd even if she can't see you.

I don't recommend fighting this lane, switch it off with top. Its not a fun lane, its actually really boring. Typically nothing will happen EVER during the laning phase.

Is a gank needed?: Just dont fight the lane. akali's are notoriously good at getting away from junglers, you may get a summoner out of her, but other then that nothing unless you make her drop her shroud prior to the gank.

Brand: Brand is a kind of easy, kind of hard champ to go against. If i was to rate playing him i'd put him at about a 5/10. Similarly to lux or zyra you have to dodge his AOE and his skill shot (the fire ball thing) If you get hit by either of those, then his next ability that hits you will stun you, also you have a DOT effect on you. As akali you don't want to get stunned. It's bad. Brand is also hyper aggressive early game and will have no problem taking down an akali if you're constantly getting hit.

But the good news is if you can dodge atleast ONE of those abilities you should feel very safe to jump in on him and destroy him as he is relatively squishy
Is a gank needed?: Early game to be safe and really set you in place yes definitely. a good brand will play hyper agressively in lane against you and you will lose. You're going to need your jungler to attack the brand because he WILL be pushed up very far on your tower. So it shouldnt be a hard thing to go at. Just make sure that your jungler lets you have the kill because it may be difficult to grab farm in lane until 6.

Zyra: Zyra similar to brand is a 5/10. If the zyra is good or even decent she may put you in an uncomfortable situation pre 6. Her plants are the main cause of your pain because while they're up, its not going to be effective to jump on her (unless you got super fed) A good strategy is to just step on her seeds when she places them but watch out for her AOE and her snare. when you hit the seed, be sure to watch her in case shes dropping her AOE (which would make the plant into a range plant) or her snare (which would make it into a melee)

If you can dodge her snare and her AOE you really shouldnt have a huge problem. Dont wait for her to drop her snare before you attack because it will probably just be up again anyway as its cool down is pretty short if i recall correctly. Just remember not to jump on her when shes near her plants and you should be good. As a decent zyra player i see too many people sitting in zyra's plants range while they're attacking me, a good zyra will be able to drop 2 plants in her combo, so you'll be getting hit by zyra, AND 2 plants which hit purely based off her AP. (your Q does 2 out of 3 bars of hp on the plant i think so just toss that and kill it.)

ALSO! her seeds work as wards! Make sure you tell your jungler when you see her start dropping seeds!

Is a gank needed?: For an early game advantage totally if shes in a good position to be ganked. A good zyra will sit back and let her plants do the farming or use her AOE to farm a group of minions very fast, but with this she'll probably have the lane frozen and you'll be more pushed up than she is.

Heimerdinger pre 6 heim is a ***** to deal with because of his turrets, not only will you be pushed back, his turrets will make it difficult for the jungler to gank. As long as you dont get to close you shouldnt be hit by his missles or his bomb thing OR his turrets. Just sit under turret and farm, once you hit 6 you should be able to destroy heim, just make sure his turrets are down first!

Is a gank needed?: I wouldn't recommend having your jungler gank if heim has turrets up, just make sure you take down his turrets before an incoming gank.

A gank could be necessary if the heim is getting super close and launching his missles. Just watch for those and you're good.

Ahri: Ahri is kind of a gamble. If you can dodge her skill shots you're good.

1.) Don't go in until her charms down.
2.) Don't go in if she has 3 orbs circling her. Those things ****ing hurt
3.) Don't go in if you see her jumping. She has 3 dashes (like you) but at a much longer cool down. Don't go in until you count out 3 dashes.

This is an extremely hard lane if you cant dodge. She can charm you from behind turret and FORCE you to come forward, be careful!

Is a gank needed?: Depends, if the ahri is good, she can easily beat the **** out of you and have you pushed back all game. If you can't dodge, i'd recommend having a jungler gank you multiple times to prevent her from getting kills.

Vlad: This is a hard lane. Vlad has so much more sustain than you do with his life pull. Vlad is a terrible farmer, so take advantage of this. Make sure you out farm him and don't die to him (he hurts, bad)

Don't go in on him if he has his blood pool up. he's untargetable, and you're going to waist your time.
Is a gank needed?: Yes, vlad is a hard person to gank cause of his blood pool, but if you have a jungler with a stun or a knockup or any other hard CC, you should be able to get rid of him easily.

Viktor: This lane is a pain. People say viktor sucks? He doesn't. He's an underplayed champion with extreme poke. His laser thing, is so hard to dodge in my opinion. I consider myself a really good dodger, but i always get caught up on his ability, because it makes you do the opposite of what you normally do to dodge,

Normally- You run left or right
Against viktor- You run backwards. If you run left or right, and he has his beam going in that direction (he can control it) you're going to get hit, and chunked.

Also, his slow that turns into a stun breaks your shroud. If you're standing in your shroud he can drop that and you'll get stunned and slowed. So dont use your shroud for defensive purposes unless his little stun/slow thing is down.
Is a gank needed?: Yes. thats all i have to say bout that one

Katarina: This lane is really skill based. You have to know about katarina to be able to beat her.

What i recommend doing is dropping your shroud, and getting close to kat and throwing your Q at her. If she shunpo's to you, then you can proc akali's Q with your E, and assuming she's not destroying you in lane, you'll do more damage than her, because

A.) Her MR will be lowered.
B.) Early game, her W does no damage
C.) She'll be slowed, and you can hit off a basic attack on her if you want to.

Don't let kat farm, she requires massive itemization to be any good. If you see her leave lane, warn the other lanes. If you see her going bot, follow her bot and try to intervene. If she can beat you in a fight, just hide in your shroud and try to lower her so the other lane has a chance.

Is a gank needed?: Well if you're losing baddly yes.

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Why twilight shroud at level two?

Get twilight shroud at level two because its how you will help your jungler in a gank. Drop it behind the target before they start running and run after him. he will begin to run back because he'll suspect a gank and be caught in the shroud. Even if he runs around it it'll still be impossible for him to escape unless he flashes because your jungler will be able to grab him through a more direct path than the target is running.

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the end!

this is all i have for now! i will upload and add more things as i think of them! Thank you for reading and i hope you enjoy this guide!