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Akali Build Guide by derfer99

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League of Legends Build Guide Author derfer99

Akali, the green ninja of death

derfer99 Last updated on May 7, 2013
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Hello everyone! I'll present you my custom build guide of the fist of shadows: Akali. This champions has been my main mid for my begining as a League of Legends player. I made level 10 to level 25 using mostly this champ. I first used her as a top, but I soon realised that she is way better against mages and/or squishy champions. Because the top is mostly occupied by tanks or bruisers, i decided to start to play her mid and I didn't regret it. I hope this guide will be helpful to you all !

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Skill Sequence

For the skill sequence, you might mostly take your Mark of the assasin (Q) to be sure to deal the maximum damage. After taking your Mark of the assasin once, you might take (just take the one you prefer) take the Twilight shroud (W) or the Crescent slash (E). The Twilight shroud is mostly to play more defensively while the Creschet slash is to deal a maximum damage at the begining. After taking one of those spells, you have to decide to take, again, the Martk of the assassin or to take the spell that you still don't have. It's your choice at this point. After having all your spells, you have to max your Mark of the assassin because it's your main damage. Don't forget to take your Shadow dance as soon as you can, because it's with that spell that you'll discover Akali's potential. After maxering your Mark of the assassin, max your Crescent slash to be sure to make, again, as much damage as you can to kill champions or to minion farm easily. After maxering this spell, end it up with the Twilight Shroud to be ready for teamfights or ganks.

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Tips and Clues

When you start your game with akali, be sure to buy your three potions and boots to easily land your Mark of the assassin on your ennemy to poke him. Don't forget to leash your jungler if he needs to ! After the leash, you have to play defensively until you can take your Shadow dance, wich will be your biggest perk here.

Be sure to poke your ennemy with your Mark of the assassin to tell him that you have an eye on him and that he might not disturb you while farming. After, you can easily minion farm with your Crescent slash and your Mark of the assassin (if you don't use it on your ennemy). Don't be afraid to use your spells on minions, Akali doesn't have mana, but energy, and she rarely misses some of it, except when you spam all your spells on a lot of ennemies at the same time.

After obtaining your Shadow dance, you can really start to rock. Be sure to wait until it stacks up to three and then make this combo:use your Mark of the assassin on your ennemy as you did before. He'll probably think that you just want to poke him as before. Then, just ult him down do activate the second part of this spell (next hit causes more magic damage and restores energy). Directly when you used both parts of your Mark of the assassin, use your Crescent slash to make more damage. After doing that combo, use your Twilight shroud to hide from your ennemy and to avoid getting hit by him and take useless damage. Be sure to avoid hitting minions near you, because when you attack while in your circle, you appear and your ennemy can hit you. Wait in your Twilight shourd until your Mark of the assassin's cooldown end and make the same combo as before. If you see that when you make your first combo your victim starts to run away, just make your ult on her again wich will buy some time for your Mark of the assassin's cooldown. After your second ult, just make the combo again. Unfortunately, you'll lose a stack of it, but the damage you'll make to your ennemy will refund your stack lose. If you really want to be sure to deal a maximum of damage, buy a Lich bane really soon to deal even more damage with the second part of your Mark of the assassin.

If you get ganked while laning, just stay use your Twilight shourd between the turret and yourself, go in it and wait until the ganker goes away. If he stays, just wait at the right moment to go back to your turret. I recommend to use your Twilight Shroud on places like bushes or places where there are more then one paths to flee, so your ennemies won't know where to go to catch you. You can also use your ult on enemy minions to just go away from a ganker really fast if there is a possibility to do so. You can also use this tip to tower dive: after tower diving and getting the kill, use your ult on a minion to go away from the turret range and take less damage. Also, always remember that your ult has more range of the flash's one, so if the other player flashes, don't abandon your kill! Also, you can use your Twilight Shroud to slow your ennemies.

During the teamfights, you can engage easily with the combo I explained before and focusing the squishy champions of the other team (usually the one dealing most of the damage). After you've made your combo on one of them, use your Twilight shroud and just kill the champions one by one by returning in your circle. Usually, your team will follow you and help you way before your spell ends up. But here, don't be sure to be too greedy !

Finally, the things you must avoid is engaging a team that has a lot of stuns, because even if your Twilight Shroud helps you a lot, you are very squishy, so if you get stunned before using it, you'll just get focused and killed easily. After, be sure not to use all your ult stacks on minions for nothing, because it takes a lot of time to recover all the three of them. My last advice is not to be too sure of the damage you make, because you can get a bad surprise if you solo engage in a 5 champions group and get gang-banged really quick. Always wait for your team to be there to help you. And please, don't focus the tanks, focus the squishy ones, because the tanks have too much health for the damage you do with your combo, the tanks should be killed by your ADC...