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Akali Build Guide by yojoqc

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author yojoqc

Akali, The Shadow Melter (Solo Top Guide)

yojoqc Last updated on August 20, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Akali is a high Magic and Physical damage dealer. Most of Akali Skill scale of AD and AP which make her a ideal hybrid champions. Akali is a great chase and can escape the most imposible situation with her ultimate.

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Pros / Cons

Pros / Cons


+ Amazing sustain
+ High damage dealer
+ Good Chaser
+ Hard to chase down
+ Can Snipe Champion

- Squishy
- Oracle kill you
- CC counter her BADLY
- Easily becaume the target of the enemy team!

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Summoner Spells

I recommend it for escape or to secure a kill.

If you want more sustain in early game i recomend to take it.

I do recomend Exhaust if you plan to play agressivly to take it.

Ignite is more to secure a kill i don't like it as mush but still good to use with Akali.

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Lining / Haras

When lining with Akali, you want to be as mush agresif and farming at the same time. To haras an ennemy without to have to kill yourself, all you need to do is to Q haras him so when he come close to you, you'll be able to use the second effect of your Kama, which will deal magic damage. If you don't want to haras as mush insted last hit with your Q for more farm.

Once you hit level 6 Akali is one of the best romer of the game! If you can try to gank mid or bot line.

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Counter Jungle

If your line is push, what you could do is go in the ennemy jungle and go take there wolf (if your on the blue team) or there Big Golem (if on purple team). Only take the big one and leave the little one so they don't respawn.

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Item Choice

I like to start with Doran Blade because it's still give me a good sustain vs most of the top champ. If you don't feel like it's the way. You can still start with Boots of Speed and 3x healt potion.

I chose the Berserker's Greaves for more damage in early game. If there too mush CC take Mercury's Treads.

Hextech Revolver is amazing on Akali for the early spell vamp there no way you can pass that item.

Sheen is PRIMARY SOURCE DAMAGE there's no way your gonna skip that item too.

The Bloodthirster is realy good on Akali because after you finish your Q-R-Q-R Combo your down on damage so The Bloodthirster will add a + to your auto attake.

Will of the Ancients is not a must. You can skip it and finish it in late game!

Lich Bane is MORE THE AMAZING because it will combine you AD and AP Damage in one auto attake.

Frozen Mallet is good it will give you healt and will slow your ennemy and make them more easy to chace down and will give you more survivability in team fight if you get focus.

Madred's Bloodrazor is more of item to get those big tank down faster. If not needed just do a Warmog's Armor for more tankiness.

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At low level Akali is not the best to escape from gank situation so sight ward are strongly recommended. If you can try to not push the line as mush or just line frozen at your tower, so there not able to gank you in early game.

If you can try to enter last in a team fight. Like not late but like a second after everyone. And go for the ADC and then go for the second high taget.

Try to not use all your Shadow Dash Stack's because if you need to escape Shadow Dash is a realy good way to get out! Like use 2 of them and if you see you can kill the target use your last stack.

If you get embush by a couple of enemy what you can do is to dash to minion to get distence and get an try to escape by the jungle or if able to dash to an ennemy minion that is close from your tower.

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All of these items are rather expensive. Money is your friend. You need to be farming all game long, only stopping to help in team fights and get kills.

One's you get The Bloodthirster you'll need to keep it full stack in all time so farming will be realy importent once you get it.

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Team Work

Before a team fight begins, you need to position yourself behind the enemy team, so that you can reach their carry quickly and remove them with your Q-R-E combo! Then switch focus to other high priority targets.

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Basic Play

The big thing about Akali is that she is an Energy user (Ninja). This allows her to stay in lane longer as long as she has life. The double passive is a big deal for both Spell Vamp and Magic damage on strike.

Using Q on a creep to kill it is a caution. Because Q grants her energy on striking the Marked target you always want to follow it up with a basic attack if possible. It's not overly bad, but it can leave you low on energy if you do this often, leaving you more vulnerable to a gank or a counter-attack. Q can be used to harass enemy champions, and once you have your ultimate you can Q and wait a second for perfect positioning to allow Q to be ready again and to regain a little energy, then Dance onto a target, consume the mark instantly, and Q+E for a quick 2nd Mark and Consume and E to potentially finish off your target.

Remember that you only have 3 Essences (Shadow Dash), these can be used to jump to neutral creeps or backwards into a line of creeps to dodge a gank, a failed assassination, or even a successful tower dive.

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Thank you to have come here to see my guide and try it out plz tell me how it did turn out for you in the comments and vote plz!

Sorry if there mistipe in my text it's because im frensh and english is my second language!

Hope you did enjoy this guide and as alway have a great game of League of Legends!

If you want to follow me on Click Here. I stream weekly League of Legends for like 2 or 3 hours. :p