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Akali Build Guide by blobz54

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author blobz54

Akali- The Top Lane Vampire

blobz54 Last updated on June 29, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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So, Akali is a great champion who, if built right, can have tons of sustain. She is a great champion for bursting done your enemies. She helps her team by "assassinating" a big threat or whoever gets in the way of her target.

For playing as Akali, it can be a lot of fun. But if you don't get a good start and can't pick up later in the game, it ruins the experience. So that means that early game, play it a little on the safe side. Akali is a great champion for dashing in and out of the combat on the field, so that is always something to look at.

As a champion that is very powerful, Akali can be countered quite easily if the enemy understands the situation. But, if you can play this champ, you can dominate almost anyone on the playing field, and I mean you can dominate the tank sometimes.

This is my first build that I am actually posting, I have different ones but this always seems to come out on top. So I hope to help you level the playing field with the assassin with a passion, for killing that is.

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Pros and Cons

+High Damage Burst
+Great Juke
+Great Sustain
+Low Cooldown Times
+Great Chaser
-CC Vunerable (Crowd Control)
-Countered Easily
-Good Judgement Required

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Sorcery is one of my picks because it gets rid of that pesky last second miss on a kill because of the cooldown that has kept me from many kills.

Blast , Arcane Knowledge , Mental Force , and Archmage all help towards AP and towards the bonus magic from your passive. Spellsword does more damage on your basic attacks also.

For the other masteries I picked like Havoc and Brute Force help you do more with the AD side of your passive.

Perseverance and Durability help keep you alive with extra health per level and more health regen.

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Summoner Spells

Ignite is a great tool as a summoner spell because with this you have the ability to confirm a kill if they run under their turret or to their team.

Flash is a almost a always for me. I take flash all the time because it helps me run away by hopping over a wall or flashing closer so i can use Akali's Shadow Dance to close the kill.

Teleport is a ability that I will only use sometimes just if I feel that in that match I will be moving around in lanes a lot.

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Ability Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

So for Akali I like to max out the Q ( Mark of the Assassin) because it allows me to deal more damage, especially when in a combo with her Crescent Slash. I max Crescent Slash by level 13 and my Shadow Dance at level 16. I max my Twilight Shroud last because I use it mainly for slowing and a lot for stealth, but it is not the most important ability she has.

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Sooooo, items. Lets start with talking about the boots.

I choose Boots of Mobility mainly because of the chase, run, and ganking potential. You might have to trade the in for a different pair of boots like Mercury's Treads or something that will just help you more in your battles.

I go for Hextech Gunblade first because it gives me both AP and AD, also it gives a boost with the 20% spell vamp that helps. I always get this item because it feels like it is almost required.

This is where my build starts to get different from others. I go for Ravenous Hydra because it offers tons of health regen and it gives extra life steal. The main reason I grab it is the fact that it offers tons of AD.

The Mercurial Scimitar is a good choice for a couple of reason. Number 1, it offers a good amount of AD which helps with the spell vamp part of Akali's passive. Number 2, it is a great item against a opponent like Warwick because it can get you out of his ult.

This is a very helpful tool, it makes it so your enemies can't escape as easily as long as you land one basic attack, then they get slowed and easier to kill.

Liandry's Torment. I grab this just so I can deal more damage and it acts like a little Ignite so sometimes it will secure that kill when the enemy gets out of your attack range or all your abilities are on cooldown.

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Akali is a really good top lane character. It takes a while to get used to her combos.

I use a combo mainly of, Mark of the Assassin Twilight Shroud, Shadow Dance, Crescent Slash, Shadow Dance, Mark of the Assassin, Crescent Slash, Shadow Dance, Mark of the Assassin, Crescent Slash.

My combo almost always is the same. I will mix and match like I will do Twilight Shroud, Shadow Dance, Mark of the Assassin, Crescent Slash, Shadow Dance, Mark of the Assassin, Crescent Slash, Shadow Dance, Mark of the Assassin, Crescent Slash.

So Akali is a good character to hide in the bushes as. It helps you gain an advantage on the enemy team because you can be halfway through your combo, bursting the enemy champion down, before they even realize it.

I want to say that, you may be good at farming but I am junk, so if you are any good that will help you later and more in early game. Even with being terrible at farm, I still end up doing pretty well.

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You CAN be countered EASILY

Akali is a strong champ but she can be easily countered. If the enemy has cc like Lee Sin (crazy counter BTW) you can be ruined early game and in turn ruin your late game. Lee Sin counters you because of his high burst and that he has an ability that makes you visible in your Twilight Shroud.Another character I hate laning against is Garen his spin to win turns your Twilight Shroud into a useless ability.

So the main point of this little section is to tell you that you are an awesome champ that is very powerful but can be countered easily.

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Well that's a wrap

I want to thank everybody or anybody that reads this. Feel free to give me feedback or tips on how to improve this guide as I have no idea what I am really doing. If you have ways that could make this build more effective or if it just is working great for you, feel free to tell me.
I just wanted to make a basic, easy to understand build that is not complicated.

So once again, thank you for reading and I would like to hear any feedback about how I can improve this guide or just how this guide has helped you.