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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mchi

Akali - You can try to run, but you'll fail

Mchi Last updated on June 2, 2011
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Remember this is my first guide, so be nice please
I would like to start by saying the first character I EVER bought was Akali. I loved Akali, but whenever i played with my high level 30 friends I ****ped up the team. Around level 11 or 12 I found mobafire and learned how to use her, so now I will show you my take on Akali.
I'm getting a lot of negatives without any response, please guys tell me why you didn't like it, because if your just some other person with an Akali guide that wants to be first it isn't very cool

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Pros / Cons

Next to best chaser in the entire game
Very good early game upon reaching level 6
Very good farmer
very powerful when picking off enemies in team fights
Good Ganking
Amazing destructive power
You use energy enough said....

Squishy early game
When CC'd WILL die
Very little running capabilities
Relies quite heavily on items
People will target you when they see how destructive you can be

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Now for runes I believe they are pretty standard.
for glyphs. REQUIRED for Akali, I know that some people do not believe so but it is a must there is no substitute. Why? because paired with your quints you get BOTH of your passives at level 1. Ive seen people without that, but trust me you want it. If you are really against that I guess that the second best thing would be
for marks. This is mainly to take on early game champions with any magic resist at all. I like these, but could do the job too.
for seals. They keep you in lane early game, and give you better survivability. I like it, but most seals would work.
for quints. Also a must have if you want to wreck early game. You could also go with more magic pen or armor pen, but these Quints are the best way to go.

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Masteries and Summoner spells

I take a standard 21 0 9 build, for the extra exp in Utility, and the Extra damage in Offense. You could take 9 21 0 for extra survivability as well. For summoner spells I take and I take exhaust, because it helps get that first blood, along with flash for the chase or to get out of a failed team fight without getting rid of your killing spree. Some other choices are


or lastly

Everything else is a no unless you REALLY LIKE , but i don't recommend it

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Skills and Skill Sequence

Twin Disciplines Discipline of Force - Upon obtaining 19.5 ability power, Akali's auto attacks deal 10% bonus magic damage, increasing by 1% for every 5 ability power gained thereafter. (Magic Damage does not apply to towers.)
Discipline of Might - Upon obtaining 9.5 attack damage, Akali gains 10% spell vamp, increasing by an additional 1% for every 5 attack damage gained thereafter.
God do I love this passive, and this is why I choose flat AP Glyphs and Quints. Getting both spell vamp and bonus damage is INSANE at level one. I highly recommend you attempt always to get both of these passives as soon as possible, if not at lvl 1.

Mark of the assassin Akali throws her kama at a target enemy, dealing magic damage and marking the target for 6 seconds. Akali's melee attacks against a marked target will consume the mark dealing the same magic damage again and restoring energy.
Your amazing harassing tool. Throw one hit the enemy and wow the damage. Not just that, but if your playing your cards right you will also heal from it. You may think it does a good amount of damage, but paired with the double damage + auto hit damage it is our of this world. Definitely a max first, it is very powerful.
Akali throws down a circular cover of smoke that lasts for 8 seconds. While inside the area, Akali gains armor and magic resistance and becomes stealthed. Attacking or using abilities will briefly reveal her. Enemies inside the smoke have their movement speed reduced.
This ability has saved me many times. It is also nice when laning for last hiting minions without your opponent knowing where you are. If your getting to low you can just sit there and when its time throw a mark hit them then run back into your safety. Always level last though, because it's not good for much else.
Akali flourishes her kamas, hitting nearby units for physical damage.
I personally have always loved this ability. You do a little dance spread a little love XD. I have learned recently a few good things about it. It is great for minion farming, and a high early game damage dealer with your dorans blade. Not just that but after you have it your skill sequence becomes mark auto hit crescent slash. The issue is it scales off of AD so it's not as viable. You could stack AD, but then you'd have nothing else benefiting. Stick with AP or hybrid don't try AD you won't profit. Overall a good skill though, max second.
Akali moves through the shadows to quickly appear next to her target and deal magic damage to it. Akali gains an Essence of Shadow once every few seconds up to a total of 3, affected by cooldown reduction. The time to gain a charge doesn't count when at maximum charges. Additionally, Akali gains an Essence of Shadow for a kill or an assist.
The ulti that MAKES AKALI without it there wouldn't BE an Akali. You dash it stacks does damage everything you want, and you get more from kills. Sign me up please. People underestimate this ultimates damage too. If you see an recalling with 50 hp one shadow dance will make quick work of him and you will take at most 2 turret hits. Max it whenever able. Did I mention the range is phenomenal?
Skill sequence
--> --> Auto Hit --> and repeat
I believe this to be the best chasing method for harassing I suggest
--> optional --> Auto Hit --> --> Just Walk away unless the kill is present then go with above

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These items i believe are pretty standard for Akali.
I always start with a Dorans Blade and try not to have to recall until i can afford 2 Amplifying Tomb and depending on how your doing in lane some health potions if I can afford more than that i'll get my otherwise I will just get some health potions. Depending on how well your harassing farming is doing usually you will have enough for hextech, but noramally if your harassing a lot and getting a bit of kills you will get low as well and need to recall so I like to get health pots and 2 amplifying tombs over no health pots and a gunblade
At about level 9-11 I should have my and be working on or be done with my and . Depending on how good the game is going I may or may not get a
Late game at level 15+ you should be wrecking with your and either be getting a if they have a lot of CC or getting your to completely and utterly destroy.

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Items Explained

Core Items

- I take sorc shoes over any other shoes because of that magic pen. Sure you could get some CC Merc treads, but thats what the spell blade is for. Having that magic pen can be essential when facing those hard to kill tanks like plus it's just never bad in general to have some extra magic pen.

- The spell vamp is an early must for Akali. I suggest getting this as your first item, besides a doran's blade. Plus an extra 40 AP never hurt no one, you know except the other team. I don't care what you turn it into, that's why the revolvers a core item.

- BUT IT GIVES MANA if you had that thought in your head you need to be smacked in the face a couple times. WHO CARES if there is an amazing item that is good in every way except for one it's worth it. The damage on your hits is insane with the passive, and that IS a lot of AP and magic resist. Trust me you want it.
- 155 AP and 30% more as a passive. Need I say more for any AP champ?

- Tenacity is just always good, as we say with mercury treads. It keeps you alive when getting ganked, or CC'd and it is just an all around good thing make this a core item in any AP build nowadays.

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Alternative items

Now there are some items you could get, and I am going to rate them depending on how good I believe they are in order.
9/10 50% of the time I will get this the slow makes your chasing UNBELIEVABLE + it makes you a bit less squishy late game.
7/10 Meh, it's decent. It gives you decent AP but you don't need the CDR at all.
7/10 A normal situational item. It is good when the other team has a lot of tanks. The pen is good, but even with that much pen i believe Almost always for the less squishiness and slow.
6/10 This item is very situational. If you seem to be dying a lot you will do pretty good with this. Although if your doing very well you will not get very much out of it. The active passive is good, but really you normally have no need for it, but if you like it go for it. I personally don't like using items that I have to click. It does have a short cooldown which is nice.
5/10 This item is usually a bomb for me. There are just as many negatives as there are positives. The AP is nice, but it also gives mana. It has a decent ability, but you should be able to do that much anyways, and you really dont need the CDR on Akali all of her moves are on a 10-second cooldown already. Its a no for me, and i don't recommend it.
If you want me to review some items just ask

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Laning / Miding / How do I play Akali?

Well If you've never played a ganker we have a lot of work to do.....
If you have then it will be a bit easier
Akali is an amazing chaser and Ganker, so use it wisely, you are not however a tank so DON'T ACT LIKE ONE when I was a noob I always acted like one and would die trying to 2 v 1. So until around level 12-15 don't try to 2 v 1 unless you luckily go up against a noob and an otherwise,until your somewhat fed don't try it. Early game you will want to mainly focus on harrasing with your and getting off last hits after using your mark of the assassin. Dont just sit there! if you can get an auto attack you get bonus damage, and that will hit hard plus if you get the hit you can spin and throw another mark. Don't go for the kill, unless you want first blood, or it's easily possible. Don't deliberately die to get one kill. As an assassin it's not worth it. Also even though your Q does a lot of damage your E is an amazing farm tool so use it so! plus early game the damage is incredible. Once you reach level 6 you now have a few golden opportunities. Check mid. If there is an under half hp let your team mates know you are going to gank, and go for it. It you get down to under half hp before you do zip, run. You're not ready yet. you shouldn't have a problem with some mids but dont try to gank at full hp or your gonna die. Unless the chance for strong mid champs comes where you'll easily kill them don't try it. You can also go for the gank on your own lane, but don't try to gank a lane you are not next to, or they will realize you are doing it. Remember the recharge time is 23 seconds so use that to your advantage for chasing like crazy. Late game it will be pretty easy to just pick people off as the chances come. People like or will be easy to take down, but don't even try to chase people like or because you will lose, and remember that if you get ganked chasing, you're screwed. You should know you are EXTREMELY HELPFUL in team fights. If you see someone low go in with your to your to your auto attack to they die. If their running even the better to kill. Just pick off the enemies as you see fit.
Don't go alone if everyone is MIA. If you're doing well they'll realize that if they get you down you will be much weaker. Always try to move with your team unless your ganking. Just remember this and you should do fairly decent as akali.
Laning -
I prefer laning, because it allows more kills for you meaning being more fed, but if you prefer being at a level advantage take mid, but i don't reccomend it, because if you're fed you are at a level advantage.
Miding -
As mid you will have more opportunities to gank, and get ganked it is harder, but if you like it go ahead, but if your midding against a tanky mid don't even bother
How to play Akali -
Well first remember what was said above. You are squishy so don't 2 v 1 any time early game You are very easily CC'd to die and have low running survivability. the skill sequence for fighting should be
Get in range for then auto attack, then continue in order until they die

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When should I go for the chase/gank?

Take just a few things into account
How many Shadow Dances are up?
How much energy do I have?
How much HP does the enemy have
Who is the enemy?
Is enemy MIA

Try to have at least 140 energy and have 2-3 Shadow Dances one for initiate one for the chase
If all of them are Mia you can risk it, but I wouldn't and don't go for a full hp enemy unless they are squishy or stupid

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Turret diving

So today I decided to play some games as Nidalee. I played on with an Akali on both teams, one good and one bad. (The bad one was of course on my team -.-). Still there is one thing I noticed. The turret diving, now I will tell you how.
Don't be the stupid one!
Don't turret dive an enemy when they have full hp! Likewise don't turret dive someone who stuns like or
Know When to Turret dive!
Be the other teams Akali. Turret dive when your + auto hit + will kill them
Don't turret dive when the opponent has another full hp character!
This should be obvious when that fed is turret hugging with 200 hp dont do it if their is MIA or they have a is near her It will give you money, except you most likely won't succeed and will die just don't do it!
and lastly
Don't turret dive with 10 energy
This also should be obvious you won't be able to ulti or spin so Dont do it

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Final words and goodbyes

Give me a thumbs up if you liked, and if you didn't tell me why not lastly thank you and have fun wrecking with Akali