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Lee Sin Build Guide by Mchi

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mchi

Solo Top Ree Singah (Jungle Included)

Mchi Last updated on January 27, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello and Welcome to My Lee Sin Guide on how to play Lee Sin the Blind Monk.

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Hello this is Mchi and after playing Lee Sin for 300+ games I would love to share my knowledge and thoughts on Lee Sin the Blind monk, and how I play Lee Sin. I in no way think my build is the best, but after reading and testing many builds and styles I have settled on one that I can safely say to be the best one FOR ME and you will have to test many guides before finally mastering Lee Sin. That said Lee Sin is a highly mobile strong damaging great sustaining champion. This IS a champion who takes skill to use so do not give up on your first game as he will take practice to play well.

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Solo top: Pros
- Great Sustain
- Beats most people in Lane
- Wriggle's makes it impossible to gank him
- Good Burst
- Turns the tides of a fight easily
Solo Top: Cons
-Not the BEST farmer (Not bad though)
-Pretty squishy early game
-Takes Skill to use well
-Can be very weak without farm

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Abilities + Skill Order

This is a great ability that makes Lee Sin easy to jungle, and separates good Lee Sin's from mediocre ones. Try to space your skills 2 attacks in between to maximize your AS bonus and your energy regeneration to keep your energy at the highest possible.
Sonic Wave/Resonating Strike[Q]
This move takes quite a lot of skill to land. If you want to get good at it practice a lot. After around 50 games you should have the down perfectly. Mastering the is the key to maximizing his damage output. This skill is your damage output so learn to use it well.The Second half of Lee Sin's is one of his hardest skills to use successfully. In many cases you will wind up completely regretting flying towards an enemy champion hurdling towards you death. The key to this skill is to learn when to use it, and when to avoid using it. Max this first for the best damage output.
Safeguard/Iron Will[W]
This is what makes Lee Sin, Lee Sin. Timed with a Ward of Sight or the much more reusable you can jump over walls. this skill can also let you escape ganks and initiate fights. Use this skill sparingly though, because if you are always spamming it you may not have it off of cooldown when you need it the most. The second half of this skill makes Jungling with Lee Sin so good. The Lifesteal spellvamp armor and shield all allow him to heal his hp without taking any damage in the jungle, and at max level this skill is just completely insane for lifesteal. This skill makes the jungle your dog. Max this second for the sustain.
This skill is also a great skill. In the Jungle it makes minions slower to attack and if used on the enemy AD carry will shut them down. This also makes Lee Sin the one true counter to stealth and as it allows him to see stealthed units. Max this last as it is not as necessary as the other 2 skills.
Dragon's Rage[R]
This skill is really all about skill. Many Lee Sin's use this as a finisher to get the final blow; however end up just kicking the enemy to safety. This skill really takes a lot of skill to master and you can do some pretty cool stunts with this and . Try to use this to initiate fights instead of using it to push their carry to safety unless you are absolutely 100% sure you can secure a kill. Practice on this skill really does make perfect.

Skill Order -

Sonic Wave/Resonating Strike[Q] - Always max this skill first as it is your damage. This is your bread and butter, and you want to milk all the butter out of it you can. Use it to harass, to jump over walls, to jump to minions, and to catch up to that fleeing enemy you are just dying to kill.
Safeguard/Iron Will[W] - Max this second to make the jungle late game easy to kill, and to make those mid game team fights yours for the taking. That Lifesteal will keep you alive mid game, and the only reason you don't max this first is because your damage is something you can't give up.
Tempest/Cripple[E] - This skill is only necessary for it's initial slow and reveal. You don't need the small benefits it gives, because 7.5% slow per level isn't a big enough bonus to make it worth it.
Dragon's Rage[R] - Max this any level you can like most champions.

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Summoner Spells

The Good

Flash is one of the best summoners in the game and an auto pick IMO for Lee Singah. Pick this up if possible whenever you can.
A great pick if you are not jungling to secure kills, and get behind them to them into your team.
Good true damage that if you hate not being able to secure kills is a great thing to pick up
A pretty good spell. Someone on your team needs it and if noone has it pick it up.
Always if you are jungling
The rest are mostly bad. And if not bad not good enough

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Runes (Explained)

Runes I like in order from greatest to least


Greater Mark of Desolation In my opinion the best runes on any attack damage dealing champion. Since most champions start with 30 armor this is basically 1.66 Extra AD Per Rune
Also Viable, however not as much. This by my logic earlier is only .95 extra AD Per Rune and whether you are jungling or having a dual up at top lane these runes early game will be worse, and Runes late game are not as important as they are early game.
I really would say against these runes. You ARE Tanky DPS, but with base damage and attack speed you are DPS enough. I am not saying they are horrible, but they just are outclassed. This is barely out of the Dead Zone


Best seals for Lee Sin in my opinion. Gives you great survivability in Lane in 1v1's and in the Jungle if that's what you prefer. A great other thing is that for new players they are only 205ip and are usable on most any champion.
Greater Seal of Vitality These are good runes, but just fall short in my eyes. ~10 extra health at level one is not great and at lvl 18 you get around ~180 which can be good, but in my eyes and after testing for some reason armor seems to beat health for me always. They are both very good, so you will have to test them both out and find which one floats your boat.
~50 hp is pretty lousy in my opinion for lvl 1. I don't find these runes helpful on any champion IMO and that being so I don't see them as helpful on Lee Sin. If you want health get the Health per level. Another reason these are not worth it is because health per level beats flat health for overall health at level 6. Nuff Said.


These Glyphs IMO are the best glyphs in the game. Casters are most DPS worst nightmare so having these + Mercury treads that is an extra ~40 Magic resist at lvl 6. I use these on every solo top champion (Besides Ahri) That I use and that is a lot of champions.
These are also decent on Lee Sin, because as an Energy user he only relies on cooldowns. Having said that these are quite good, however you should be fine without them. It really comes down to being more tanky and living through early quarrels. Or being more squishy and damage based.
Why? If you are that desperate for HP get HP per level and get seals over glyphs, glyphs are pointless. If you really want to get HP seals and HP Glyphs you are losing out on almost all of your early game survivability and that is a big NONO. Don't pick these up unless they are all you have.


There are 2 Quintessences I have been really playing between and I am still not 100% sure which are better, so I will give you my thoughts on both of them in depth.
A really good Quintessence for Lee Sin and in general. These Quintessence are good on just about any one and really help in those early game skirmishes. While the same logic applies for flat hp before these are 2x as good as the seals and are very much more replacable. These will keep you alive in the jungle and keep you from dying to ganks however your damage will be lower.
Greater Quintessence of Desolation These are great as well. Your damage is much stronger, and you will destroy the jungle. You will basically win any fight, and your harass is better however you will have to go back more often which could cost you a lot.
These are both great and I personally use 2 Greater Quintessence of Desolation and 1 , but do whatever you find to be most effective.
Also very good, however Lee Sin doesn't need much movement speed as his escape is already strong enough. Grab for faster Jungling or if you always get that one champion who can run away and you can't catch. IMO I would always choose the other 2.
Any runes you don't see? Ask me about it and I will place them here I am very reasonable.

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I personally like 21 0 9 for my masteries for many reasons.

This makes jungling and Sustain early game great.
Also very good 10% flat penetration + your runes = great early game damage.
Easily the best for brawlers and especially for lee sin who bases his fighting off winning by an inch.

You can also go 9 21 0 for these reasons.

Very nice early game. This is better than an entire health quint, however if you want it you can get it with 21 0 9.
The best of the final mastery trees, CC Reduction is always amazing and is a reason in itself to go 9 21 0.

You CAN go 0 21 9 if you want for

It's OK I guess, but not a reason to risk any offense for.
Good in many cases, but blue buff is for your AP carry and Red buff will not be active half the time. IMO It's a waste when you could have 10% penetration.

I would only go 0 21 9 if you are jungling and really are against offense.

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In order these are the Items you should take on a normal game with Lee Sin Solo Top


Start with boots and 3 Health potions for solo top Lee Sin for an everyday game. If you feel you are against a very strong enemy and are scared of losing pick up and 5 Health pots. If you want to be super agressive go

First Back

Try to get around at least 1600 gold before going back. If you don't have that much at first back just go for components of the two items just try to at least pick up a vampiric scepter. After you have gone back once there are many choices for how you build lee sin with only a few core items.
Core Items

Your Core Build for Lee Sin. These 3 items are what you want to end up with at least in a game with Lee Sin. After you have these 3 items there are many items you can choose between.

AD Heavy Team


Get this almost every game even if they don't have an abundance of AD. It is just a good item that makes you even stronger and beefier than you already are. Plus it adds 18% Crit Chance.


Out of All the Armor Items this is probabley the best if you have Atma's. The gold Per 5 can help somewhat in the making and since you have a great initiate it is pretty easy to get off its active on their entire team in a teamfight. After Atma's deffinitly the best.


Just not worth the gold in the end. The Benifits aren't high enough and the passive is not best used with Lee Sin. Use it if you desperately have to.

AP Heavy Team


What an amazing item for an amazing champion. You can survive for so much longer with this item and its magic resist is the best in the game. Buy this always first unless of extreme circumstances.


Another great item, however more situational. This item gives you mana, which you don't need, however if there is a really burst enemy team with an and a this may be what you want.

Now let's recap.

Balanced Team

You can replace the Warmogs, Atma's and FON for any items from the above list if they are better needed.

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God boots. All tanks want it and all tanks need it. You want these boots for the CC reduction, but the magic resist is good if you're going up against an AP champion top. If they have literally NO CC then go ahead and pick whichever boots you like more. Here is my guide to each Boot(s).


Decent Boots for Lee Sin, but by far not the best. The Attack speed is nice, and their cheap but I don't see why you wouldn't just go for Mercury Treads. If you really think they will help and you live by them go ahead and buy them.


Just don't bother with these boots. I have never once gotten these on Lee Singah, and I don't plan to. The movement speed is only out of combat and Lee Sin is usually in combat. These are in the Dead Zone


Surprisingly good on Lee Sin, but not as good as Merc Treads. I would personally prefer this to Berzerkers Greaves as these let you catch up and kill and stall time for your team to pile on their team.


Decent CDR is always a plus; however for Lee Sin CDR isn't as much of a benefit as it is for other champions who REALLY USE that small amount of reduced cooldowns to shine. Plus it doesn't help your ult as its cooldown is already ridiculously low.


With the new Ninja Tabi these are actually really viable now. Extra damage reduction is good depending on if you are going top lane against an AD or not. These boots really are decided on who you are playing against. Deffinitly do not get if you are against a


Why? Dead Zone

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Atmogs vs Fratmas

Atmog = Atma's Impaler + Warmogs

Fratmas = Frozen Mallet + Atma's

These are two amazing situational items for Lee Sin however I believe that on Lee Sin [with a Trinity Force] Atmogs > Fratma's (Calculations added later because I am lazy :3) However Atmogs gives and survivability than Fratma's and I believe more AD too (will check that later after I am lazy)

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Gameplay [Solo Top Ree Singah]

Early Game

Buy your Boots and your Potions and head top lane for a solo lane showdown. Make sure to do a lot of farming as you want to reach at least 120 by 20 minutes. Once you hit level 4 your harass is out of this world. Hit your then jump to them, landing an then darting back to your minions with and healing up off of the enemies minions. Make sure not to push just in case your jungler comes for a gank to help you win your lane. Just remember to harass , last hit, and don't push.

Mid Game

At mid game [10-20 minutes] You should have your Merc Treads and your Wriggle's Lantern, and assuming you are doing well you have a kill. Take advantage of your mid game dominance by buying 2 wards and placing them at baron and in the bush in the river while saving your wriggle's if you're clumsy or using it to keep safe. By this time teamfights are starting up. If they are at the bottom half of the river don't bother going to them unless you are close to the fights. If you are top lane keep farming, and only fight during a gank or a teamfight near baron.

Late Game

Late game is all about Teamfights. Make sure to participate in all of them as it is assumed you have your Trinity Force and possibly even one of your tank items. You are a big asset to the team fight. Make sure to the squishies on your opponents team while keeping your teammates alive with your and to keep people off of your teammates. If an ally is low in a teamfight use your to get them off of your teammate and keep them alive. If you die to win a teamfight that is a death for Justice.

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Gameplay [Jungle Ree Singah]

Alright I don't prefer to jungle but it IS good and I DO do it, so here it is.
Alright, so start off with a and 5
Start at wolves and the skill and use your On them. activate a health potion halfway through the camp and walk to blue buff. You want a leash to do this successfully, just use your whenever it's up to make the Blue golem easier, and if your mid sticks around give them the blue buff the next time it is up. Go to wraiths and kill them with your and your . If you see a prime ganking opportunity grab your before your to go gank a lane. Just use your and and it is really easy to just grab a kill for your teammate. If not go to wolves after wraiths then head to double golems. Kill the Double Golems and head to Red Buff and smite secure it. After that you can go back or you can go for a gank. As jungle Lee Sin make sure to ward often and go for Dragon if both of the enemies bot lane champions are dead.

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Summary and Wrapping up

Thanks for Reading, and sorry if it's long I wanted it to be good. Make sure to give me a thumbs up if it helped you and if you have questions or comments or something you want to review or a picture of a good game message me. Thanks and have a good day being Jackie Chan. WHOAIIIYA