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Riven Build Guide by Sadblu

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sadblu

Albert Certified Kappa (ACK) Riven Combo Guide (IN DEPTH COM

Sadblu Last updated on February 23, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Welcome summoners!
After playing in the KR servers for a few months now, I can proudly say that I have improved exponentially in both my game knowledge and mechanical skill.
Another cool thing that I learnt after playing in KR, is that there is a weird difference between Korean Riven players and North American Riven players. From now on we'll call the people who play in NA as NARs, while the people who play in KR as the KORs.

As a heads up, so far I'll have the laning counters in the NA section only, as they apply to both NA and KR. I'll work on adding them to KR later on, once this guide is nice and polished.

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What are combos?

Combos are the moves that make people look cool in League, because League is all about looking cool. You thought killing the Nexus was fancy? How that giant crystal thing just explodes after gathering arcane energy and poofing up cuz of overload? Hah, funny.

By looking cool in League, you gain the support of your peers, the respect from your enemies, and most importantly: you gain self confidence in yourself. What this does - it draws the enemy jungler's attention to you: You're a good player! He must target you so that you won't snowball! If this happens you tell your team - push for objectives. If they are equal in strength, a good 4 v 2 bot lane should be enough to push hard enough to guarantee a dragon.

The combos I go over in this guide will cover everything that Riven can do, excluding her active item combos outside of Ravenous Hydra. This is due to the other items having no cast time, therefore you can incorporate it into any part of your combo and it works just as fine/

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E starter

Your E skill is activated instantly, with no channel. As a plus, it is also a dash that takes time (0.whoknowshowmanyseconds), which is bigger than 0 seconds.


You can instantly use your E, and while it is still in its animation, since the main part of the skill finished instantly, you can start another skill while the animation for your E is still in motion. Following this method, you can use your other skills (QWR) in the middle of your E, shortening the time it takes to use your next skill when you already cast your first one.

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Tiamat Powerplay

Tiamat is such an interesting item, because it's an active item with a cast time for instant damage. Basically, tiamat's animation is your auto attack animation, but it's treated as a spell.

Tiamat's animation can be cancelled into any of your spells, and since Tiamat itself is considered an individual spell, you can cancel your auto attack animation into tiamat.
To write this down literally, you can do the following combos:

  • Tiamat -> Q
  • Tiamat -> W
  • Tiamat -> E
  • Tiamat -> R
  • Auto -> Tiamat

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What you all really came here for

The KORs (and some of the higher level NARs) implement attack moving into their Riven playing style, which allows them to more quickly do the auto Q auto Q auto Q auto combo, which many people have trouble with.

People usually put their cursor on the enemy when pressing Q, then quickly right click on open ground, then right click on the target again. While this is a great method, there are situations when the other method, the method I use often when in straight up 1 v 1 duels, comes out on top in terms of speed and reliability.

What you do, is you Q on the enemy, then you click on open ground, and then you attack move. Repeat this 3 times, and you get your combo.

With this method, you do not have to put your mouse cursor over the enemy target more than once per Q, and your auto attacks hit faster because you do not waste that millisecond moving your cursor to right click on the enemy.

The disadvantage towards this method is that if there are other targets closer to you than your desired target, the possibility of Riven attacking them is high.

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The Full Riven Combo [Implementing every skill]

I first saw this combo from my Diamond friend, when he was playing Riven.
He did this wacky combo that looked really clunky, and yet when I used it I realized that the only reason why it looked so weird was because it was perfectly overlapping every skill with each other, making this skill combo the FASTEST RIVEN COMBO that anyone can ever do.

All you need to do is start off with your E, then R in the middle of your dash, at the same time you press tiamat (2) and your stun, and then finish it off with a Q.


I usually don't slide my finger from the 2 button to the W button. I press the 2 button with the tip of my middle finger, and the W button with my first joint. To do this properly, I usually bend my second joint slightly, and raise my palms. This makes my middle finger face slightly downwards. Then I just press 2 in that position, and quickly moved the joint between my knuckles and fingers downwards, while keeping the tip of my middle finger on the 2 key. By doing this you press both of the keys without having to use your other fingers, and it's actually more reliable because even if you panic you will always press 2 first before your W, therefore letting you get the maximum worth value out of your tiamat.

Once I got used to this way of pressing, I could do the 2W combo instantaneously with little to no trouble at all.

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The lane combos

Poking combo - Q at the enemy laner, W him to stun him momentarily, remember to put an auto before you W though, for that extra damage from your passive, auto once, cancel with Q and another auto if you have the time, then just E away from the enemy to avoid retaliation. If he follows you, just use your third Q on him for extra damage and a knockup which gives you the window to add one more auto.

The kill combo - Add ignite to the combo above, don't E out, E towards where the enemy seems to be going. E.G - you can E towards the enemy tower before the enemy tries to run away, so that even if he does flash, you are still relatively close to him.

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Roaming with Riven

Riven is a prime example of a roamer. Due to her high burst, her high mobility, and her two cc spells (knock up and stun), she can lock down on a target, and either kill that target, or deal enough damage so that one of your teammates can deal the killing blow.
Due to her high mobility, Riven can quickly reach other lanes, or the jungle, which is useful because when the enemy jungler goes into cheese at level 2, it’s very possible for Riven to already be there, and help secure her own jungler the kill.

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Knocking up

Your third Q is a knockup after a delay accompanied by an animation of Riven doing a mcflip, which is super rad. Because of this slight delay, good Riven players can time their third Q to interrupt any enemy champion that moves in close to them without taking any hits.


  • Lee Sin Second Q
  • Warwick ult
  • Katarina E
  • Maokai W
  • Talon E
  • Any many more!

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Special thanks to:

Boxbox (Solo Q Challenger Smurfer)
Lord Master King (Korean Solo Q Challenger GBK Team No.1 Riven in KR)
FragonHD First video I ever looked at when I was starting off with Riven and her combos
jhoijhoi for making the BBCODE guide

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Change logs

- Published guide
- Added the "what is combos" and "knocking up" section
- Revised and improved the "introduction" section.
- Added items.
- Fixed some item paths
- Added on to the "What you really came here for" section
- Added some bbcodes
- Added the "Roaming with Riven" section