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Pyke Build Guide by TheFwnK

Support [All Roles]Pyke's Bible - Kill First or Die Trying

Support [All Roles]Pyke's Bible - Kill First or Die Trying

Updated on December 6, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheFwnK Build Guide By TheFwnK 533 45 1,329,968 Views 75 Comments
533 45 1,329,968 Views 75 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author TheFwnK Pyke Build Guide By TheFwnK Updated on December 6, 2021
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Silverman43 (85) | February 26, 2021 5:21am
Hello TheFwnK, I'm back! You requested a review in our official guide review application thread. Luckily for you, I just became a scout so here I am to deliver your review!

click for review

I hope you can do something with the feedback! Feel free to reply if you have any remarks/questions or if you want more tips & tricks.

Kind regards from the most annoying your favorite Moderator/Scout! ;)
TheFwnK (22) | March 4, 2021 7:57pm
Oh, a comment. What a wonderful timming to get a comment right on my birthday. I wonder who- oh... oh no. Where's PsiGuard, what did you do to him? You hypnotized him so you can comment me, is it? You just can't get more satisfied with this war as I see. Then bring it!

Cheat Sheet & Build chapter:
  • So, the "safe rune is more based defensive, so to speak. As an example, you get a counter on the lane likeeeeee.... Morgana! Obviously we know her that counters most of the hooking Supports. She's annoying most of the time, pokes you or the ADC. The rune is meant to be a bad synergy rune. Like, Pyke got Lucian as his ADC. They are a bad combo.
  • Yeah, you are right here. Not sure why I didn't do that. I tought I did...? Have to be more careful. I will add notes on everything that needs to has a note.
  • I didn't even notice that the standard build is with the building items. It will be moved to "Full Builds". Thanks for being an "eye-catcher" for me. xD
  • On the Mid Lane. Yeah, I know it has nothing about Legend: Tenacity. Unflinching is enough on him as the first rune. Though considering. I have to check the runes again and modify some of them. Not sure why I put Legend: Alacrity on Mid, maybe I was in a hurry?
  • On Bot Lane: I have no idea how I managed to put Fleet Footwork as DMG. I think before it was Dark Harvest rune and I forgot to change the title. But pretty sure the rune will be removed from the guide next patch. Yeah, Electrocute is not a viable rune on Pyke anymore and believe me, Electrocute is sooooo bad on Pyke now.
  • On Support: Should've explained that. The reason why the bonus stats are those ones you mentioned is because - Pyke has low CDR, and he's very squishy. But, I haven't played 2x adaptive force on him as Support for like 1 year. I should start doing that again and see how it goes. Why am I saying that? Because in Late Game, Nami solo killed me. Both full HP, and I was ahead of her. I think that's why. xD
  • I forgot to put Silvermere Dawn on the Situational Items. My bad. xD
  • Yeah, you are right, I removed Eclipse (Masterwork) and Sandshrike's Claw because I don't even use them.
  • Yeah, I saw that. I will work on the cores.

Introduction/About Pyke chapter:
  • Yeah, sounds good on combining them.
  • Yeah, I had that in mind to move it into the Introduction. But you really want me to move it, huh? Jealous? xD Jk, I will do that.

Skin Display:
  • I don't even know why I still kept that chapter. But you gave me a great idea about that.

Pros & Cons:
  • I should update that chapter. Haven't updated it in like a year. o.o

  • Updated everything.

  • I had in mind adding combos. But it will be added in the future.
  • It says there damaging and stunning enemies. I will update that later tho.

Summoner Spells:
  • Yes, I know its not centered. All of you told me that since I made that chapter. I will change it in the future.
  • And Spells needs to be updated.
  • Oh, didn't knew that. My bad.

  • I added in "To do list" to update the Items chapter. Well, the whole chapter will be fully updated and I will add more Items. I will change the design on them too.

  • It's in "To do list".

Patch Notes:
  • I'll see what I will do with this chapter. Just be patient.

Content in General:
  • Yeah... I understand, really a struggle. But I wanna do a major update this week or the next week.

    • Yeah, I said this to myself that my guide does not fit with the theme in general. I still want to make it Bilgewater-ish theme.
    • Heh, you can say... I got a "humerus" guide. Dying inside. But yes, I will keep with the humor. ;)

    • Heh, I bet nobody can do a guide based on all roles like me. xD
      I will take care of the irrelevant content and will replace with things that are more important.
      Ah! My Versatility award! Hope you are not jealous. ;3
      I will never remove the humor from my guide. One day I was curious what humor I wrote in the guide and died inside by laughing. xD

      Yup! I even updated some of the things from the guide while holding your review. Check the Log list if you want to see.

      Well, you helped me a lot with updating most of the things from my guide. So what can I say? Thank you for being breath taking. xD

      You can answer back if you want.

      Kind regard from the "humerus" guy. xD
      Don't worry, I got a "skele-ton" of jokes.
      Walk carefully outside because of the snow, or else you'll "sl-ice" in half. ;)
Silverman43 (85) | March 5, 2021 4:41am
Hey happy birthday mate! I'm happy you found my 'gift' to be helpful. :p
About PsiGuard, don't worry he's still alive. (I think?)
Also thanks for clarifying some of your choices.
Kind regards and have a nice day!
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