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Pyke Build Guide by TheFwnK

Support [All Roles]Pyke's Bible - Kill First or Die Trying

Support [All Roles]Pyke's Bible - Kill First or Die Trying

Updated on December 6, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheFwnK Build Guide By TheFwnK 533 45 1,329,962 Views 75 Comments
533 45 1,329,962 Views 75 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author TheFwnK Pyke Build Guide By TheFwnK Updated on December 6, 2021
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  • LoL Champion: Pyke
  • LoL Champion: Pyke
  • LoL Champion: Pyke
  • LoL Champion: Pyke
  • LoL Champion: Pyke

Runes: General

1 2 3 4
Hail of Blades
Cheap Shot
Zombie Ward
Ultimate Hunter

Bone Plating

+8 Ability Haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



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Champion Build Guide

[All Roles]Pyke's Bible - Kill First or Die Trying

By TheFwnK
About This Guide
Hey! Welcome to my Pyke Guide based on all roles! In this guide we'll be talking about a guy who loves to murder. I'm talking about Pyke, not me. ">~>
I've been passionate about Pyke for a long time, but since Season 11 came and the hard nerfs that Pyke got, he's more picked as Support. The guide comes with a good amount of knowledge based on builds, runes, gameplay and more! Even that Pyke got nerfed a lot, he's still good on solo lane. If you never played Pyke before and you want to learn how to play him, I suggest first going Support so you can get used to him.
About The Author
I am TheFwnK (Fonia), a Pyke main from EUNE and I've playing since Season 8. I am also a somewhat fairly experienced guide writer. I won the MOBAFire Mideseason 10 Guide Contest as a Versatility Award!
If you got something to ask about my guides, you can DM me or leave a comment.
About Pyke
Pyke is, uhm... He sure is!
About Pyke is that he's a strong Assassin Support with high mobility. Has a huge burst damage in his build when it comes to fighting squishy champions.
Death from Below is his only skill to win the fights!

Pyke is a killing machine that wants revenge on those who betrayed him! Pyke is a counter to many champions (ex. Nautilus, Zed, Talon). His high mobility makes it extremely easy for him to escape.
I don't think I have anything else to say about him, but maybe we'll add his story here. ;)
+ Ultimate
Making an execute with Death from Below will make the team fights easier for your team. The resets are important for Pyke to end the fights faster. For Pyke is very easy to execute a squishy champion since his kit is based on burst damage.

+ Fast Roamer
Pyke's is one of the best Support when it comes to roaming. Ghostwater Dive will make you faster than never. Mobility Boots makes great combination for roaming. Ghostwater Dive scales so much with Lethality making Pyke move faster in Ghostwater Dive.
Pyke also gains 1 movement speed when he's in the river.
Due to Pyke's nerf on Ghostwater Dive, his W cannot give movement speed anymore when he's low health.

+ Easy To Learn
Pyke has a simple kit, which it means the pick is easy. His kit is based on engaging, roaming, escaping, stunning and executing. Pyke ends up stronger against ADCs or squishy Assassins.
- Not So Great Scaling
The problem with Pyke is different from the other Assassins when it comes to scaling. He does not scale that great in late against Bruisers, Juggernauts or Tanks. Sometimes Pyke can fight Bruisers and Juggernauts in some situation, but he cannot deal with Tanks. Pyke needs someone to do the damage for him.
Pyke scaling is only based on Death from Below.

- Being Behind Is Problematic
Pyke is quite useless when he's behind. He'll deal 0 damage to enemies because he has no items. The highest change for Pyke being behind is fighting against Healing Support. Pyke needs to engage a fight for him to be back on his feet.

- Not The Best Pusher
Yup! Pyke's only problem in life is pushing a lane solo. Tiamat has been reworked and he cannot push easier anymore. His Phantom Undertow got reworked in S9 because he had the easiest pushing from the Support category. Sanguine Blade got removed, which it was his only best item to push. Only Legend: Alacrity makes his push a little bit better for the stacks of attack speed.
- Key Runes
- Runes
- Key Runes
- Runes
- Key Runes
- Runes
- Key Runes
- Runes
Key Runes

  • [Bad]
  • Grasp of the Undying
  • Grasp of the Undying: Every 4 seconds in combat, your next attack will deal magic damage, heals you and permanently increases your health by 5. Which means that is useless and definetly not recommended to take Grasp of the Undying on Pyke.
  • [Good]
  • Aftershock
  • Aftershock: Perfect on Pyke when you want to go as Support, it increase your armor and magic resist by 35 + 80% of your Bonus Resists for 2.5 seconds. Then it will explode by dealing magic damage.
  • [Bad]
  • Guardian
  • Guardian: Guard allies you cast spells on those that are nearby. If you or an ally that is guarded would take damage, both gain a shield and hasted for 1.5 seconds. Conclusion that Guardian is useless for Pyke.

  • [Good]
  • Demolish
  • Demolish: Is just for destroying turrets. Perfect for Pyke when being a Support or a Tank. Or you can take it whenever you want.
  • [Ok]
  • Font of Life
  • Font of Life: Heals an ally who attacked the marked enemies.
  • [Good]
  • Bone Plating
  • Bone Plating: After you took damage, the next 3 spells or attack will deal 30-60 less damage.
  • [Bad]
  • Shield Bash
  • Shield Bash: While shielded, gain 1 - 10 (based on level) bonus armor and bonus magic resistance. Whenever you gain a shield, your next basic attack against a champion deals 5 - 30 (based on level) (+ 1.5% bonus health) (+ 8.5% shield amount) bonus Adaptive damage. The empowered attack lasts up to 2 seconds after the shield expires. Useless as we don't get shields.
  • [Good]
  • Conditioning
  • Conditioning: After 12 minutes, gain +9 bonus armor and magic resistance and increases your Armor and Magic Resist by 5%. Having a little bonus from this rune with Armor and MR helps Pyke very well, since he's squishy...
  • [Good]
  • Second Wind
  • Second Wind: After taking damage from an enemy, gain health regeneration equal to 6 (heal for 4% of your missing health over 10 seconds). Its like a 2nd Passive but a weaker version.
  • [Bad]
  • Overgrowth
  • Overgrowth: For every 8 monsters or enemy minions that die near you grants 3 bonus health. At 120 minions or monsters deaths, you gain an additional +3.5% max health. Just useless.
  • [Good]
  • Revitalize
  • Revitalize: Outgoing and incoming heals and shields are 5% stronger and increased by 10% on targets below 40%.
  • [Good]
  • Unflinching
  • Unflinching: Gain 10% slow resist and tenacity. It increases based on your missing health, up to 30% at 30% maximum health or below.

  • [Bad]
  • Press the Attack
  • Press the Attack: Hitting an enemy champion 3 consecutive times makes them vulnerable, dealing bonus damage and causing them to take more damage for 6 seconds. Useless for Pyke because you need to have a high attack speed which it cannot be affordable for him this season with these items...
  • [Bad]
  • Lethal Tempo
  • Lethal Tempo: Gain a large amount of attack speed after damaging an enemy. Just no. Don't take it. You can take it in 1000 years when Pyke will shoot bullets with his harpoon.
  • [Ok]
  • Fleet Footwork
  • Fleet Footwork: Attacking and moving generates Energy stacks. At 100 stack, the next basic attack you hit is Energized. Somehow helpful?
  • [Bad]
  • Conqueror
  • Conqueror: Damaging attacks and abilities grant 1.2-3 attack damage for 8 seconds, stacking up to 6 times to a max of 14.4-36 bonus attack damage. This keystone is useless and does nothing good for Pyke. Just don't take it. Fleet Footwork is better for Pyke if you want to take Precision.

  • [Ok]
  • Overheal
  • Overheal: Excess healing on you becomes a shield for up to 10% of your total health + 10.
  • [Good]
  • Triumph
  • Triumph: This rune makes you staying alive in fights when a winning close 1v1.
  • [Ok]
  • Presence of Mind
  • Presence of Mind: Since the nerfs hit this rune it only refills your mana bar with an amount of mana. That's it... No more 10% CDR on Ultimate per kill/assist. But it doesn't hurt to take this rune since Pyke has problems with mana.
  • [Good]
  • Legend: Alacrity
  • Legend: Alacrity: Gain 3% bonus attack speed (1.5% per Legend stack), up to 18% with 10 stacks. Since Pyke's rework killed him, he became more on a only hit champion. Attack Speed is the best thing for him.
  • [Good]
  • Legend: Tenacity
  • Legend: Tenacity: Gain 5% tenacity plus and additional 2.5% for every Legend stack (max 10 stacks). It helps Pyke a lot against CC champions.
  • [Ok]
  • Legend: Bloodline
  • Legend: Bloodline: Gain 0.6% life steal for every Legend stack (max 20 stack). I don't think its useful on Pyke.
  • [Good]
  • Coup de Grace
  • Coup de Grace: More damage to help you killing your enemy.
  • [Bad]
  • Last Stand
  • Last Stand: Deal 5-11% increased damage to champions while below 60% health. Not good to take for Pyke.

  • [Ok]
  • Electrocute
  • Electrocute: After hitting (or using skills) an enemy within 3 seconds, he will be electrocuted by God dealing 30-180 damage (based on level). Well, this rune was Old School Pyke rune. But is it good? It's not like how it was before... But it's still ok...
  • [Good]
  • Predator
  • Predator: Enchants your boots with the effect Predator. Gain 45% movement speed for 10 seconds. Damaging will end this effect, dealing 40-120 (+0.2 bonus AD) bonus adaptive damage.
  • [Good]
  • Hail of Blades
  • Hail of Blades: Attacking an enemy grants bonus attack (110% attack speed) for your next 3 basic attack. While is active, Hail of Blades will end the effect. A great choice for Pyke.
  • [Ok]
  • Dark Harvest
  • Dark Harvest: After damaging an enemy below 50% HP deals 20-60 damage (+5 per Soul). It's not that good...

  • [Good]
  • Cheap Shot
  • Cheap Shot: Damaging champions with impaired movement or actions deals 10-45 bonus true damage (based on level). A perfect choice for Pyke when fighting with a Tank.
  • [Ok]
  • Taste of Blood
  • Taste of Blood: Every 20 seconds damaging an enemy heals you for 18-35 (+ 20% bonus AD)(+ 10% AP) health (based on level). Again, better for a lifesteal build.
  • [Good]
  • Sudden Impact
  • Sudden Impact: This rune gives you 7 lethality and 6 magic penetration.
  • [Good]
  • Zombie Ward
  • Zombie Ward: Scoring a takedown on an enemy ward summons a friendly Zombie Ward in its place. If the brush where you killed the enemy ward already contains an allied ward, you instead gain a Zombie Ward in your Trinket Slot that can be placed at any location within the next 30 seconds. This rune, oh boy. The best rune for him when going as Support. You'll always have vision and that's important!
  • [Ok]
  • Ghost Poro
  • Ghost Poro: When your wards expire, leaves behind a cute little Ghost Poro, which grants vision for 60 seconds. The Poro will get scared away if an enemy gets in his range. Somehow a good choice after his recent buffs, but not really good for Pyke. Still a choice!
  • [Good]
  • Eyeball Collection
  • Eyeball Collection: The more eyes you collect, the more damage you will deal through the match.
  • [Ok]
  • Ravenous Hunter
  • Ravenous Hunter: Gain 1% (+1.7% per Bounty Hunter stack) omnivamp, up to 9.5% at 5 stacks. Not really a good choice for him because Pyke is more based on runes that can give him Ability Haste on Death from Below, but still a choice.
  • [Bad]
  • Ingenious Hunter
  • Ingenious Hunter: Gain 10 Item haste plus and +5 per bounty Hunter stack. Useless for Pyke because he has no trinkets in his build.

  • [Good]
  • Relentless Hunter
  • Relentless Hunter: You gain 5 out-of-combat(8+ per stack) movement speed per Bounty. Perfect for roaming or ganking a lane.
  • [Good]
  • Ultimate Hunter
  • Ultimate Hunter: Gain 5% cooldown reduction, 4% per stack. This rune is very good on Pyke. Why wouldn't take this rune with you? This will make your ultimate shorter, so take it with you!

  • [Ok]
  • Glacial Augment
  • Glacial Augment: Your first attack on an enemy slows them for 2 seconds. The slow increases up to maximum strength over its duration. Is an ok choice if you go on top with Pyke.
  • [Good]
  • Unsealed Spellbook
  • Unsealed Spellbook: This is my favorite rune for Pyke! Helps you through the game. It gives you spell to choose for an amount of time.
  • [Bad]
  • Prototype: Omnistone
  • Prototype: Omnistone: Never tried this rune on Pyke but I'm not sure if I'll try it. It doesn't seem like a good choice since mostly of the runes that Pyke will get has 70% of worst runes for him.

  • [Good]
  • Magical Footwear
  • Magical Footwear: Good to take but you are forced to make some kills.
  • [Good]
  • Perfect Timing
  • Perfect Timing: After 14 minutes, you unlock a stopwatch. Takedowns will reduce this timer by 2 minutes. Helps you when in a pickle and you make profit for Guardian Angel.
  • [Good]
  • Future's Market
  • Future's Market: You enter debt to buy items. The amount you can borrow increases over time. Really helpful for Pyke.
  • [Good]
  • Minion Dematerializer
  • Minion Dematerializer: 3 Minion Dematerializers to kill some minions instantly. Helps you when you cannot farm really good on your lane.
  • [Ok]
  • Cosmic Insight
  • Cosmic Insight: 15 Spummoner Spell Haste and 10 Item Haste.
  • [Bad]
  • Aproach Velocity
  • Approach Velocity: Gain 7.5% movement speed towards nearby allies that are movement impaired or the enemy that you impair. This bonus is doubled to 15% toward enemy champions whose movement you have impaired. It's... umm, bad...
  • [Good]
  • Time Warp Tonic
  • Time Warp Tonic: You get 50% of its health and mana, that's it. You also gain movement by 5% when using a potion. Helps you in lane.

  • [Bad]
  • Summon Aery
  • Summon Aery: You send Aery to target the enemy when damaging them. Would be helpful if Pyke was based on range, but that means is useless for him.
  • [Ok]
  • Arcane Comet
  • Arcane Comet: Damaging an enemy with an ability hurls a comet at their location. Somehow useful.
  • [Bad]
  • Phase Rush
  • Phase Rush: Hitting an enemy with 3 attack os abilities within 3 seconds you'll gain 40%-60% (based on level) movement speed and 75% slow resistance for the duration.

  • [Ok]
  • Nullifying Orb
  • Nullifying Orb: Gain a shield that absorbs 40-120 magic damage when below 30% health. More chances to survive!
  • [Ok]
  • Manaflow Band
  • Manaflow Band: Hitting an enemy champion with an ability will permanently increase your maximum mana by 25, up to 250 mana.
  • [Good]
  • Nimbus Cloak
  • Nimbus Cloak: After using a spell, gain a movement speed increase that lasts for 2 seconds and allows to pass through units. Pretty neat! Helps in sticky situations!
  • [Good]
  • Transcendence
  • Transcendence: Level 5: 5 ability haste
    Level 8: 5 ability haste
    Level 11: On champions takedowns, reduce the remaining cooldown of you abilities by 20%.
  • [Good]
  • Celerity
  • Celerity: You will gain 1% movement speed. Speed bonuses are 7% more effective. Wich mean is a perfect choice for roaming, good combination with Relentless Hunter.
  • [Ok]
  • Absolute Focus
  • Absolute Focus: You will gain an adaptive bouns of 1.8-18 attack damage when 70% health (based on level).
  • [Ok]
  • Scorch
  • Scorch: Sets your enemy on fire (only on ability hits], by dealing 15-35 magic damage (based on the level).
  • [Good]
  • Waterwalking
  • Waterwalking: Gain 25 movement speed and an adaptive bonus of up to 18 attack damage when in the river. Yet again, another rune perfect for roaming or ganking. Perfect combination with Relentless Hunter and Celerity.
Gift of the Drowned Ones

Pyke's health cannot be improved except through growth (per level). Instead, he gains (7.145% bonus health) bonus attack damage.

Pyke also stores 10% (+0.25% per 1 lethality) of the damage he takes from enemy champions as Grey Health on his health bar, increased to 35% (+0.5% per 1 lethality) if there are two or more enemy champions nearby and up to a maximum of 80 (+8.0 per bonus attack damage), with an upper cap of 60% of his maximum health.

Pyke also converts his bonus health into bonus attack damage instead.

When Pyke is unseen by enemies, he rapidly consumes his Grey Health to heal for the same amount.

Bone Skewer

Tap: Pyke stabs and giving slowness to all enemies in front of him.

Hold: Pyke readies his harpoon and then throws it impailing the first enemy pulling them towards him.

Ghostwater Dive

Pyke enters camouflaged and gains increasing to his movement speed while using the ability.

Pyke can be seen by Control Ward.

Phantom Undertow

Pyke dashes leaving behind himself as phantom when he drowned. After the short delay, the phantom comes back to Pyke, damaging and stunning enemies.

Death from Below

Pyke strikes in an X-shaped area, blinking to the enemy and executing them from a certain amount of health. If the enemies are not executed in the X area, they will take normal damage.

If Pyke executes an enemy, the last ally to assist gains full kill gold, and Pyke's Ultimate can be used again for a short period of time.

Death from Below ignores shields.

Ignite is a must for Pyke in everything. Easier for Pyke to solo kill a squishy Assassin (ex: Zed, Qiyana) or ADCs. It also applies Grievous wounds by 40%.
Flash is a must for Pyke. Well, 97.5% to everyone. Flash comes with a help with escaping from trouble, reaching your enemy or engaging.
Exhaust is Pyke's 2nd choice to go. Mostly you'll take Ignite instead of Exhaust, but if your ADC takes Ignite and wants you to take Exhaust, then you have no other choices but to go for it. Exhaust also helps Pyke for enemies to deal less damage to him.
Starting Items
Steel Shoulderguards
Your starting item will always be Steel Shoulderguards. This item has a lot of potenital within his stats. Has 3 charges to execute minions when they are 50% of their maximum health. This item evolves into Runesteel Spaulders in the first 500 stacks and grants boosted stats and 3 wards. The stacking ends at 1000 gold, making you ward slot from 3 to 4 and evolves into Pauldrons of Whiterock, loosing the ability to execute minions.
Health Potion
When it comes to Pyke Support, he really needs Health Potions as he can be targeted most of the lane. It helps a lot when you are focused.
Stealth Ward
This is your starting vision ward when starting your game. The vision is very Important. Most of the time when you are on lane, you'll end up staying short on lane and end up by putting only 1 ward and change it to Oracle Lens. You'll be forced to change Stealth Ward into Oracle Lens in the first recall, because you need to clear enemy's vision for you teammates to roam, teleport or gank.
Core Items (General)
Duskblade of Draktharr
Perfectly the best mythic item on Pyke. I freaking love it. The amount of potential in a single mythic is huge. This item helps a lot for Pyke. His passive makes Pyke deal a ton of damage on his first auto attack. You next basic attack will deal 75(+(30%) bonus attack damage) bonus physical damae on hit and slows the enemy by 99% for 0.25. Yet it has a cooldown too. But every takedown Pyke makes within 3 seconds, resets the cooldown of the passive and makes Pyke invisible for 1.5 seconds. The invisibility helps Pyke a lot in escaping fights or surprise the next enemy. The mythic passive gives 5 Ability Haste per Legendary item. Very lovely since Pyke is based mostly on Ability Haste.
Serrated Dirk
We all know that you'll buy this in the first back. Yes, you can buy it for having your early lane easier when it comes to dealing damage. The cost is 1100, standard price as always. 30 Attack damage and 10 Lethality (Flat Penetration).
Axiom Arc
Remember old Presence of Mind? When that rune gave you some small cooldown resets? Yup, now that rune became an item. I never had toughts on this to became a reality. It is broken, we all know. It has 55 Attack Damage and 10 Lethality, it may not sound that much... But 25 Ability Haste? I'll buy your entire stock for that CDR! Yes, 25 Ability Haste is a lot which I love from the item. The passive tho... Every takedown will refund 25% of your Death from Below. In conclusion is that only 2 kills is enough for you to have your ultimate back if you missed the 3rd execute. Nothing more to say about this Item. I do wait for the nerfs for this item.
Youumu's Ghostblade
The item that every Assassin loves. We do wish we could marry this item. But we live in a reality, not in a dream... So, why this item? Because it's perfect for Pyke! It got buffed to have 15 Ability Haste. Has 55 Attack Damage and 18 Lethality. The Passive is the best thing! That's why every Assassin loves this item. Gain 40 bonus movement speed while out of combat as Unique Passive, but when activated you'll gain 20% bonus movement speed and ghosting for 6 seconds. Makes Pyke a great roamer and help your teammates. It can also help from running from trouble!
Other Mythics (Burst)
Eclipse is a different choice for Pyke. Yet, we'll all end with Duskblade of Draktharr. But Eclipse has a different perspective. The difference from the basic stats of the item is that it has no Ability Haste. Instead is replaced with Omni Vamp. His passive is by gaining a shield with 2 separate attacks or abilities within 1.5 seconds. Also deals 6% of enemy's mamximum health. You gain 15% bonus movement speed as well. The thing with this item is that you'll never get this item if only you get a full tank enemy team which it will never happen... This item is good to take only if you are TOP. The item has a lot of potential, but I know most of the people that are playing Pyke will end up with Duskblade of Draktharr.
Vampiric Scepter
Get this component first if you are TOP. Helps Pyke a lot since you'll be punched by the enemy Top Laner.
Prowler's Claw
Prowler's Claw will be the 2nd choice for Pyke if you want to engage by going into them. Yes, the item has a lot of potential! Prowler's Claw is Duskblade of Draktharr's little brother. The item got nerfed many times, but he's in a good spot now. His stats are the same as Duskblade of Draktharr, but the passive is a free dash with the same passive as Duskblade of Draktharr. The range is 500 and it has a cooldown of 90 seconds. In conclusion, this is Pyke's 2nd choice for you to make engages or dash through the enemy and Phantom Undertow away!
Situational Items
Chempunk Chainsword - VS Healing
Healing has became very problematic within every season... Chempunk Chainsword is one of Pyke's choices when it comes to drain the healing from the enemy team. Great against healers like Yuumi, Soraka or Nami. As well with self healers like Sylas, Vladimir, Darius or champions that are based on life steal builds. Oh, and also helps you against a full team Conqueror composition.
Executioner's Calling
If the enemy team got healing, but there are other items you need to be focused on. Just grab this and finish it as last item into Chempunk Chainsword. Make it 2nd or 3rd as Chempunk Chainsword if needed badly!
Serylda's Grudge - VS Tanks
It's the best choice if the enemy team buy tanky items or they have a lot of health and you want to penetrate their armor. With Pyke's Lethality build makes a great build to ignore armor!
Umbral Glaive - Anti-Warding
The anti warding item is here! Only Pyke buys this item to be honest. Kills wards instantly and has a lovely synergy with Zombie Ward or Ghost Poro. Umbral Glaive is now a situational item because Axiom Arc replaced him. Sad... But you can still get it as 3rd item and buy Youmuu's Ghostblade last! or replace Edge of Night with Umbral Glaive.
Edge of Night - Ignore first attack
Edge of Night is know as one of being the most picked by Assassins in their builds. Why? Because they don't want to be damaged first, duuuh... No, for real. As an example, ignore a stun from a champion if they engage. That's it. It only helps you at first, but if your shield is out, you'll be dead man "not" walking.
Serpent's Fang - Anti-Shielding
Pyke is know of his Death from Below ignoring shields and magic shields. But that doesn't help him against champions that are based on shielding themselves. This item is perfect to take if they got shielding team. But if you got Lulu in the enemy team... Well, put up your bandana and take this item because it is a must!
Guardian Angel - Second Chance
Guardian Angel is best to take if they got a team comp mostly based on Lethality champions. Some ADCs build Lethality like Varus. Guardian Angel helps a lot if you died, it gives you an amount of health and mana back, giving you a second chance to fight or run. Guardian Angel is very picked if playing as MID!
Death's Dance - Negate Damage
Ah... Death's Dance... This item is mostly picked by Bruisers like Jax, Fiora or Kled. But that doesn't mean Pyke can't get it! The item has a basic stat for himself, the passive is mostly important from this item. Mitigate (35%) of damage receiverd. Takedowns will remove Ignore Pain's remaining stored damage and heal you for 15% of the maximum health over 2 seconds. The item helps a lot when it comes to mitigating damage. It makes a strong synergy with Guardian Angel!
Maw of Malmortius - VS AP
If the enemy team got more AP than AD, this item is your chance for surviving. 50 Magic Resistance doesn't sound a lot, but look at his passive. When below 30% maximum health, you'll gain a shield that absorbs 200 (+20% maximum health) magic damage for 5 seconds. The cooldown is of course 60 seconds. It helps Pyke a lot when he's focused.
If you want to buy Maw of Malmortius, then you can buy Hexdrinker early or mid game. It's a weaker version of Maw of Malmortius, but it does the job in early games.
Black Cleaver - VS Tanks
Black Cleaver is not really picked by Pyke... You need to keep attacking the enemy to gain the full stacks for you to penetrate their armor. It takes time for Pyke to stack... But hey, the item is still good to take. Great synergy with Serylda's Grudge and Eclipse for full penetration.
Dead Man's Plate - VS AD
One of the more offensive tank items, and especially good on roaming. Dead Man's Plate is not picked on Pyke anymore, but if you are focused on roaming, this item is perfect with Youmuu's Ghostblade and Mobility Boots making you a race . It has armor too...
Mobility Boots - Fast Hunting Shark
The standard boots on Pyke as Support. His basic stat is 25 movement speed. His Passive is gaining 115 movement speed making Pyke one of the best roamers in the game! If you get hit, the passive goes on cooldown for 5 seconds until you are not attacked anymore.
Ionian Boots of Lucidity - Ability Haste
My favorite boots on Pyke as a solo laner. It has 20 ability hast and the passive of +12 summoner spell haste. On Support is not that great to take when he's based to be roaming or reaching his lane faster to help his ADC. But on solo lane? These boots are a must.
Mercury's Treads - VS AP/CC
Mercury's Treads are Pyke's defensive option when the enemy team has a lot of AP. But mostly we are against champions based on stunning you. Mercury's Treads make excellent synergy with Legend: Tenacity and Unflinching if you want to ignore being CC'ed.
Plated Steelcaps - VS AD
Good when the enemy team full AD. But mostly if they got many auto attacks champions such as Jax, Viego, Yasuo, Tryndamere, etc. Or most ADCs.
Elixir of Wrath - Damage with Blood
At full build, you'll want to grab an elixir, with the most obvious choice being Elixir of Wrath. It grants more damage and 15% phisical vamp against champions. Very good on Pyke!
Elixir of Iron - VS CC
Elixir of Iron is one of your choices if they got a lot of CC. The health is converted to AD, gain 25% tenacity and 15% increased size. You'll leave a path behind that grands your teammates 15% movement speed.

From here the Gameplay chapter contains everything you need! What spells are important to take, where to put wards, when to use Pyke's ultimate ( Death from Below), what to do if an enemy on your lane or other lanes is feeded, about roaming and ganking.

If you wonder what roles are in this chapter, here you have it.

- Support
- Mid
- Top
- Jungler
- Bot/ADC

Where do I put my wards?

Here is a screenshot. Red dots is when you are in the RED team. Blue dots is when you are in the BLUE team.

Should I take risk to put wards in the enemy side?

It depends. You have a big chance to get in heaven. But if you want to risk your life and get bullied by your teammates. Yes, you can take your risk. :)

When do I use my ultimate ( Death from Below)?

The question as I understand is for 2 choices. Maybe you are asking when you need to use your ultimate on the enemy or when do you use your ultimate if the your ADC is too feeded and you need some gold in your pockets. I'll answer both.
Use your ultimate when the enemy has the red bar. Or use it for making damage to the enemy to feed your ADC more.
When your ADC is too feeded. Your enemies will give him less gold. Take the kills so you can have some gold to buy some items. Or, be the real ADC and take every kill.

What do I do if the enemy BOT lane is feeded?

Ask your Jungler and your Mid laner to come on bot. You may get some money if you have your ultimate ready. If you take the kills. Big payday because of the bounty. If you get the assist when ulting, you'll get 600 gold each from both enemies if you used your ultimate on both.

Should I roam other lanes?

Yes. You need to roam. Even when your teammate can't deal with his enemy and needs some help. Roam MID and TOP to help your allies. A little hand of gold isn't that bad for them. Help your Jungler too.


If they got Nasus on the enemy team, you are forced to roam TOP!
If they got Veigar on the enemy team, you are forced to roam MID! Or if you get him as a Support on the enemy team.
If they got Kassadin on the enemy team, you are forced to roam MID!
If your teammates got counter picked, roam and help them!

That's all on Support?

Yes. Just be careful on how you play Pyke, you can screw up very easily.

At least on this lane is not much to write. :D

Ah... My favorite lane when I play as Pyke.

Where do I put my wards?

Here is a screenshot. Red dots is when you are in the RED team. Blue dots is when you are in the BLUE team.

Should I roam?

Yes! On BOT you have to roam mostly. If your BOT lane is destroying them, help TOP then. Tanks will be farming most of the times. But if you get a bruiser like Jax, try to help him sometimes, because he is weak in early since he scales into late. He needs one kill to get on his feet or two for him to win the lane. After the TOP buys the first item, will be enough. But that doesn't mean to stop roaming and feed yourself.

What do I do if the enemy from TOP or BOT lane is feeded?

Get your Jungler and help the ally from TOP or the BOT lane.

That's all as Assassin ? Or as a MID Laner?

Yes. Just don't feed. Play safe if you want. :)

This lane is my favorite too. But you have a lot of counters as TOP Laner…

Where do I put my wards?

Here is a screenshot. Red dots is when you are in the RED team. Blue dots is when you are in the BLUE team.

Should I roam?

It depends on your spells. If you took Ignite, you have to roam on your foot. If you have Teleport, go with that spell on BOT, roam MID on your foot only, because is more closer to you.

What do I do if the enemy from MID or BOT lane is feeded?

Well... On bot is a piece of cake because they are very squishy. But on MID... Oh boy... Get your Jungler. Don't let the enemy MID Laner focus on you. Just let your allies to make the damage and use your ultimate. Or if you want to kill him quick. Go in and deal some damage too.

That's all as Tank? Or as TOP Laner?

I think that's all on this lane. Because on this lane you are just farming. Just be careful if you get a broken champion as Illaoi or Vladimir. As said, you'll get mostly Tanks or Bruisers that most of them counters you. :)

This role is quite struggling for Pyke. Why? Pyke gets out farmed by the enemy jungler because he has clear wave in his abilities while Pyke struggles. After making Tiamat, Jungling will be no more a problem for him. Sanguine Blade is great to take too for fast Jungle clear and to do Drakes solo.

Is Pyke good as Jungler?

Yes. He is really good. Mostly because Pyke gets 1 movement speed in the river and is perfect with these runes that I made as Jungler. You can steal the enemy's buff monsters easily.
Oh, I forgot. You have to start with your E ( Phantom Undertow) at level 1 as Jungler.

Where do I put my wards?

Here is a screenshot. Red dots is when you are in the RED team. Blue dots is when you are in the BLUE team.

When do I need to gank a lane?

It depends. If every lanes are alright on holding their lanes, just farm. If they have problems on their lanes or they got a counter, then you know when to gank.
Mostly you should gank TOP when you killed RED buff. Why? Can get a kill (or you ally can get the kill) or you can get a Flash out of the list. If you want to level 2 gank BOT. Well... Is a little bit risky.

That's all as Jungler?

I don't think that's all. If I'm missing something you can comment with a suggestion. Just try to feed yourself. :)

Oh... This lane. Uhm...

Is Pyke good as Marksman? Or ADC/BOT Laner?

Yes. He is quite good as ADC. But his early will be a pain since he has to farm and the ADC or Support will poke you.

What spells do I need to take?

Go with Ignite mostly of the matches because your Support can take Heal or Exhaust. If you have Yuumi, Lulu, Nami, you'll have an advantage on the lane since they are good Synergy with Pyke.
I love Yuumi <3 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Where do I put my wards?

Here is a screenshot. Red dots is when you are in the RED team. Blue dots is when you are in the BLUE team.

Should I roam?

Sometimes if you see a red bar on a lane, go for it.

What do I do when I won my lane?

If your TOP Laner has problems. Switch the lanes. Take the turret if you can. Kill the enemy TOP Laner if you are more feeded than him.

What do I the if the enemy from MID or TOP lane is feeded?

Tell him to go BOT and stay with your Support and you'll take care of the enemy. But if you are on your lane and you see the enemy on MID has his health bar RED go instantly and kill him with your ultimate ( Death from Below)!

That's all as Marksman? Or as BOT Laner?

I think? Just don't feed and be careful.
Famous Last Words

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He also spent his time to answer all of my questions that I didn't knew the answers for them. Still, don't think I'm not done with questions, so be ready! If you have some questions or you want some help in some coding, Hades4u will gladly help you!
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Not only that, he also gave me his design for my guide. I know it doesn't sound fair to have someone's hard work, but I really apreciate for giving it to me. You worked hard and you deserve to be noticed. Thanks for everything!
Let's not forget that he also has guides based on Diana, Taliyah and Maokai and I highly suggest checking them! His work is "Breath Taking"! I suggest buying oxygen tanks!
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