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Singed Humor Guide by FugginBeekers

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League of Legends Build Guide Author FugginBeekers

All Singed, All Mid (A Somewhat-Serious Guide to Mid Singed)

FugginBeekers Last updated on July 28, 2013
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Good evening Ladies and Gents,

Fuggin'Beekers here to tell you how to win every fuggin' game you play as Singed, ranked, normals, and bots. I'm just gonna go ahead and say that I'm probably the world's foremost, leading expert in Singed-ology and if there were ever a "Hyper-main" category for characters you play, Singed and I would be the first to reach that category. So, get on my level, please.

In order to pull off mid Singed, you're gonna need a few things.

First of all you're going to need to pretty good at your Toon. You can't be a free week, traditional skinned Singed and expect to go mid and completely break the META. You need to be able to eat, breathe, and sh*t Singed. You have to literally BE Singed. So, if none of this applies to you, then please, delete this tab, shut off your browser, and go top like all the other noob Singeds.

Secondly, you're gonna need balls and a lot of them. As soon as you get into champ select your entire team will flip **** after you call mid lane and pick Singed right at the last second (trololol). Every single person. So, you have to be able to say "Haters gonna hate" and blow everyone the fugg away when you carry the whole team to a 20:00 victory as 20/5 mid Singed.

You'll also be using those balls in game, as well. In order have a high k/d ratio you have to be able to commit to high-risk fights and use Singed's tank aspects to come out of top. So get in there and dive that noob by yourself with no minions!

Thirdly, you're going to need some good music. It needs to be something fast, energizing, and erratic (or erotic, I suppose). Singed is a crazed scientist so he has a very crazed and sporadic play style and you need something that puts you into that mind set in order to pull this off. My personal recommendation is breakcore, specifically Renard. All of my best Singed games were listening to Renard.

If you don't like Renard, well fugg you. Go top like a bad. For the rest of you, keep reading to learn how to be a Singed God.

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Introduction (Redux)

Alright, Now that all the noobs, p*ssies, and Renard haters are all off playing top Singed, I want you to look at something. A look at what's to come if you're able to pull this build off.

This is my match history over the past week. Don't believe me? Fine, LoLking me or whatever it is you kids do these days.

How can you argue with these results? If I can do it, so can you!

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This is the chapter where I actually tell you how to play mid Singed

Probably the best thing about playing Singed mid is the shock value. Your team will go from QQing in champ select to hollowing thy name in praise at 20:00. Your enemy's will go from scoffing to begging for mercy. It's all pearls before swine, my friends, and the vindication is heavenly sweet.

Laning (Early Game)

It's this shock value that you use to your advantage when laning. No one ever mids as Singed on purpose and no one knows how broken it can be! (I have only seen on other person beside myself that took him mid and that was due to a laning conflict on his team and he was stuck with mid. Needless to say, he didn't fare very well.) And it's because of this that no one knows how to counter him or build against him.

AP carries who go mid naturally try to build as much damage as possible as quickly as possible. Against other AP carries this isn't a problem and it just becomes a test of who can get the best AP items and deal the most damage. However, against a tank like Singed just building straight ap damage isn't enough and most mid players don't seem to get this. It actually sets up a nice dichotomy in your favor for how your opponent builds. They can either build straight damage and die when they can't get past your defenses, or they can build tanky and stay alive, but not be able to deal enough damage to be of any use later in the game.

One of the cons about Singed (this is regardless of lane choice) is how dependent he is on gold to do really well. In order to do stellar as Singed to need to get a lot of gold and a lot of items quickly. For a mid Singed this might seem a little difficult to do considering almost all mid AP carries are ranged and the longest ranged thing on Singed is his *****. There are a number of ways to offset this disadvantage and if you can do all of them you'll be set for the rest of the game.

The first of these is to rush a Kage's Lucky Pick. This nifty little item benefits you in so many ways, it isn't even funny. First of all it gives you a additional gold, which makes up for your limited range and not being able to get as much CS. Secondly it gives you good amount of ap so you can deal an equivalent amount of damage as your opponent. Thirdly, it builds into 2 items that both really help your champ: Twin Shadows and Will of the Ancients. WOA in combination with Spirit Visage and Insanity Potion helps you regen an insane amount of health in a tight spot. If you're doing well and just want some extra damage and the ability to dive for longer to get that last minute kill, WOA is a good item to grab. If you need quick MR, speed, or a slow TwinS may be more suited to you. You can't beat a double slow Singed (Triple if you get Rylai's :P)

The second thing you should do is rush that First Blood. If you start out with Fling and an Amplifying Tome, you should be able to do enough damage to Ghost through the minions, flip them into yours, ignite them, and then punch them all the way home for a First Blood. It works even better if you're able to get a quick level 2 poison gas in there as well.

Thirdly, if someone snakes a first blood before you get a chance (or even if they don't) make sure you chase and kill your opponent as much as possible to keep them from farming. This gets easier the tankier you get. You'll always want to have either ghost or your ult up before you chase if not both. Also, watch out for jungle ganks! If you're smart, you shouldn't have to waste gold buying wards. Make sure you look on the minimap for their jungler before you decide to chase Warding is for bad, top Singed. If you wanted to be bad, top Singed you would've gone bad, top Singed.

Fourthly, Do not push your lane! I know it's hard being Singed and gassing entire waves of minions is really rewarding, but don't do it. Being melee vs ranged actually helps you in this regard. Not only does this keep you from getting ganked but it gives your jungler more ganking opportunities and it gives you more room to catch up to your opponent when you chase and hopefully even allow you to flip them into your tower. Also the faster they kill your wave the more cs you will get since their minions will push forward into your poison while you run back out of range of your opponent.

Finally, the last thing you can do is not destroy the tower right away, even if you have the opportunity to. If you kill your opponent in lane hit b and buy instead of pushing the tower. Let the minions do the work. The reasoning for this is that it's generally looked down upon to lose your tower and while it might be rewarding to humiliate your opponent like that, its better to use that psychology to your advantage. Your opponent naturally wants to protect their tower at almost any cost. So, as long as their tower is up, they will be in lane and the longer they're in lane, the more you can feed kills off them (assuming, of course, that you followed the guide and are doing well. Not pushing the towers prolongs the early-mid game phase, which is where Singed really snowballs into a monster. It also prevents your opponent from leaving and ganking/aiding other lanes. If their tower is gone what reason do they have to stay in lane? Not much, and so their only other alternative it to roam. It's just a lot of common sense stuff.

Post Laning (Mid to Late Game)
I would say that this is where Singed really shines, but with this build he shines brilliantly pretty much the entire game. After laning phase, mid Singed becomes more or less similar to a normal Singed except a little buffer and a little deadlier. Once it's apparent that laning phase is over and your lane opponents seems to have mysteriously vanished from lane, it's at this point that you can go ahead and claim your tower. From here you'll continue to push up mid until the other team comes to their senses and tries to stop you. At which point you'll hit R and laugh as you destroy their tower and clean up with a pentakill. Good Luck everyone!

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Item Explanations

You always need to start out with Amplifying Tome. I've tried many other starting buildings like boots/pots, magic mantle, Dorans ring/sheild, and none of them work quite as well as Amp Tome and hp pot. It also builds into a quick Kage's to keep you on top of your gold in a melee vs ranged lane.

After you get to lane you don't want to b until you have at least 655g (Boots 325g + Tome>Kage's 330g) You also don't want to wait much longer than 655g to B because you want that Kage's as quickly as possible for maximum avarice. You'll usually have enough gold after your first kill, so that's a good point to B.

After Kage's and boots you'll want to get Catalyst. There's no shame in B-ing after a kill to get a ruby and sapphire crystal if you don't quite have enough for Catalyst.

At this point how far into the game you are will determine how you build. You always want to finish your RoA by the 18:00 mark. Sometimes this is really easy and you can get it by 14:00 and other times it isn't as easy. If you have a decent amount of time before 18:00 and think you can finish Sorcerer's Boots and still have Roa by RoA, then feel free to do so. If not, you want to finish RoA asap and then get Sorcerer's immediately after.

From here things get very situational. If you're snowballing and want even more damage, build Haunting Guise and upgrade to Liandry's. If you're snowballing and haven't died and want to rub the enemy team's nose in it, build a GA and then go for Liandry's (If you go GA and would like more MR, grab Banshee's Veil for extra lolz). However, if you didn't follow the guide properly and aren't doing so well, then you can start building either Glacial Shroud and upgrade to Frozen Heart, or you can grab a Negatron Cloak and upgrade to Spirit Visage. If you go SV it is recommended you build Kage's into WoA. If you go FHl, its recommended you build Kage's into TwinS.

Rylai's and Abyssal would also theoretically be good choices for tanky damage items. I used to get them a lot in my top Singed days, but I haven't tried them out in any of my mid Singed games.

You'll benefit from all of the boot enchantments. Alacrity give a bit more base speed for your Movespeed buffs. (Good if you grabbed TwinS). Captain makes you one pushy son of a gun and good in team fights and helps your team catch up to you for a fling. Furor gives you a nice boost after a fling to run circles around whoever is unlucky enough to be caught. And in the off chance you're losing (Didn't you follow the guide exactly?) you can get over 800+ movespeed from base with Homeguard, Ghost, and your ult

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Skill Explanations

You always want to grab Fling first. The displacement is invaluable in getting you get an edge over your lane opponent quickly. After the the initial level 1 Fling prioritize Poisonous Gas for max sustained damage and max it by level 9. Then prioritize Fling for maximum nuke damage and max by Level 13. Then max your goo for maximum slow and obviously level your Ult whenever possible for maximum speed and durability. I will be experimenting with prioritizing fling over gas.

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Quick Tips and Tricks

-If your opponent has Flash/Ghost/etc. try to psyche them into wasting it by acting like you're going to fling them without using ghost/your ultimate. They're only options are to either waste Flash and get away or get grabbed. Once their flash is on cd and they reposition Ghost/ult in and grab them for real.

-When fighting spell shield champs like Morg, Noc, Sivir, and Wukong, run along side them until after they waste their shield.

-When laning double tap q quickly for a tiny spurt of gas to last hit a single minion without pushing the lane. Good timing in combination with auto-attacks will optimize CS without pushing

-When fighting in lane, flip your opponent and get in between them and their tower and zone them with gas and goo until your fling comes off cd.

-Use your goo to direct the path of running opponents

-Try to run ahead of a running opponent with gas on and predict where they will go.

-Always make sure your poison is on in a team fight!

-Fling is good for KSing (if you were so inclined)

-Gas too

-When oom and being chased, double tap q in short intervals for small clouds of gas rather than long trails. It deals just as much damage but costs less mana.

-When chasing, create a trail of gas behind you and fling your opponent into it.

-Ignite before fling for additional 5 damage

-Don't feel like you have to rush fling in a fight. Save it momentarily for optimum displacement potential.

-Don't use fling until you've positioned yourself to where you want them to go.

-Running ahead of champs and flinging them will shoot them forward.

-Don't be afraid of any laning opponent just based on their champ. I've dominated every "scary" lane champ as Singed: Ryze, Caitlyn, Lux, Kassadin, Kennen, Veigar, etc. You name it, I killed it.

-Singed can easily 1v1 many adc's and apc's later in the game (if built properly)

-Use your opponent's psychology against them. You're playing against human players who are susceptible to human emotion. Taunt and humiliate your opponents, not as a show of ego, but as a device to give you a mental advantage. It becomes harder to play well, if your judgement is clouded by anger. You'd be surprised how easy this is and how much of a difference it makes.

-key bind /laugh and /dance to T and Y for optimum spamability. Singed has the best laugh and dance in the game. Use them.

-Keep your own emotions in check. Don't fall for these same tactics. You will inevitably have someone trying to taunt and humiliate you. Be the better player and don't become emotionally involved in a video game. You'll only be playing into their hands.

-Don't worry about if you win or lose, or how well you do. Focus on enjoying yourself and you'll do fine. All of my best games were when I went in having fun regardless of how ell I did (even in my ranked games)

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Thanks for Reading!


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