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Leona Build Guide by LittleOne

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LittleOne

All tanks guide !!!!

LittleOne Last updated on July 27, 2011
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This is a part where i tell you some nice things!

I don't know why all of you guys follow tank guides, tanks don't work like that. I am just bored so i want to write some things to you people that want guides about tanks so badly. Tank isn't easy to play, in fact it's one of most important roles to play. You don't buy items based on "recommended", or on really popular guide in here. You build your tank depending on enemy team heroes, their builds, their play style. I know i will get vote down and all, but i know some of you will realize how to play a "Tank" without guides witch will make me happier. Ok here goes everything....

Made by: Who cares????? none...shut up and read.

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Don't look my runes...i just put it like that:

Here are all the runes i would recommend for tanks and explanations:

: Tank?? Rings the bell?? Tank?? Armor??...I know you will be sick of me writing this but you are a "TANK" and your job as a "TANK" is to "TANK" the damage and die. Maybe i wasn't clear on that...You need to start the fight, not the caster or carry, you will start the fight and let your team mates clear it up.

: If you think magic resistance is better, then take it. I do sometimes because many people like playing Veigar or Annie that it bothers me like crazy..this helps in early and late game.

: Not recommended if you are a tank. You don't need evasion...leave that to carry or "the Jax" ....

: Same like for mark, this gives you nice boost in Armor but there is better Seal that will make late game a hell of a lot easier. This is early game seal.

Greater Seal of Defense: And this is the better seal. Why? It gives you much more Armor in late game then other Seal. More armor= Survive longer.

Greater Seal of Vitality: This is not that bad Seal...when you count 9x19.44=174.96 bonus HP from these Seals...but i prefer Armor or Magic Resistance.

: Gives you nice early game Magic Resistance, but like always there is better Glyph for Magic Resistance...Read down.

: Like for Seal, this is good in late game. Will give you much more Magic Resistance then Glyph of Warding but it's totally worth it.

: 26 hp? well 72 if have all 3. This is not that bad, I know that i prefer armor and magic resistance but hell, 72 health more on start and with masteries 120 hp more on start? Go for it if you want.

: If you feel like tanking more Damage from Carries, then take it. But this good in down for better one.

Greater Quintessence of Defense: Again, with these runes you will have much bigger Armor then with above one. But you need to come to late game (18th lvl)

: Good in early, better read below. Gives you nice boost in magic resistance in early game.

: Like earlier, this is end game rune and it gives you lot more Magic Resistance then above rune. So be careful with your pick...

Greater Quintessence of Vitality: Reason why i don't take this is because you will have that 48 health in end game.... 22 more health is not a big deal to a tank. So o don't recommend it, you need to tank early game and better is Quintessence of Fortitude.

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Well i don't know what to say here, you are either stupid or idiot to look for these...

Every tank desires different Masteries, there are tanks that need 9/21/0, and tanks with 0/21/9...and so on, so on.

but you always need that middle 21 because 4% less damage dealt to your champion is best for the tank.

There is nothing more to say here, be happy and build your own mastery tree. Thanks for reading go to items now witch will bore you to hell.

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Let's begin by telling you guys "THIS IS NOT THE BUILD ORDER...", These are all the items for a "TANK"....

I made a list of all the items for a tank and wrote when to buy that item. Read on:

: I don't take this like EVER on tank...don't waste your item on this item, simply because it gives you little armor/magic resistance/ don't need to support your team. Your job and i repeat it again is to tank the damage and die.

: I need an explanation about this item. Why the hell would the tank take this item??? to have 90 more damage in end game??? seriously??? 45 armor is good but it's a shame to waste all that money on this item. Not needed

: Very good item for Tank if enemy team is full of casters(not stunners/slows), I mean Heavy Caster Teams. Slows and Stuns will deal you low or no damage at all. This will give you nice mana boost,hp boost, magic resistance and to resist 1 spell. Awesome item.

: Good starting item, 120 hp,10 armor,hp regen...but here is the deal, you may want to tank this or start immediately with some build. Your choice, I take this depending on enemy team champion selection.

: This item is one of the best items for the tank, even better if enemy team is heavy caster team. but i take this sometimes when i can tank really good even if it's carry team. Why? because it gives you nice movement speed, and big boost in health regeneration + nice magic resistance even for carries is good.

: This is one of my favorite items in mid game if enemy team is full of mele carry dps players, you get nice cooldown reduction, 99 armor, mana and best buff is "slows enemy attack speed by 20%" god i love that one... Not worth your money if enemy is heavy caster team.

: Well, I'm not fond of this item at all, it gives you some armor and magic resistance but it had big cooldown and when you revive you get like 750 health back??? Lameeeee....good in early game but wasting money...Get it only if you need it, only if you are losing by a little so you can revive and tank just a little longer for your team to kill them all.

: Good staring item, 250 health + 5gold every 10 secs is nice and you can make it in first 5 mins witch is awesome. But sometimes it's just useless like if they push you in tower from start, don't take it then.

: One of my favorite items, it's cheap, gives good health and when have 20 stacks you get even lower damage on hit...but be very careful if you take this item, if you are losing, or not killing at all...don't take it, you will be lame and not tanky at all.

Philosopher's Stone: If you are doing fine in lane and bought heart of gold, take this one as well because you will need mana to tank and nice boost in health regeneration + 5 gold in 10 secs is awesome as well for tank.

: This item is so under-rated.....Little boost in magic resistance but it removes all de-buffs on you. Good if you are alone and want to run but you have some stuns, slows on top of you. Even i take it rarely but i do take it in like 1/10 games.

: This item is why you are the tank, you will survive longer in team fights and solo fights with 350 health bonus and 25 health regeneration per 5, 75 armor vs heavy carry team is awesome and your:
Unique passive: cooldown reduction 5% and slows enemies speed and attack speed when you are hit, witch chance of course and
Unique active: Slows enemies attack speed and speed in big AOE for 2 secs + 0.5 for every 100 magic resistance and armor for 35%. One of my favorite tank items.

: Good for some tanks like "Singed", gives you ability power witch he needs, nice boost in health and mana, bit it's really situational.

Shurelya's Reverie: Not worth my time, you don't need more speed, you are not a support, 330 hp is not worth my time... I say "Skip it"..

: This item is really situational...if they have caster team then you can take it, heavy caster team not fond of this item...30 magic resistance is ok, cooldown reduction is awesome and 15% heal more is well...beh..1/20 games i take this

: Hohoho, this is good item, gives Health + burns enemies in aoe around you for 35 damage, awesome especially for heroes like amumu.

: If enemies have like heavy carry team or overfed carry(s) then this item will make them **** their pants...not only you will deal them damage with hits and skills, but they will get 30% return damage when you are attacked and it gives 100 armor NICEEE. Not against heavy caster team

: Against carry team and caster team, holy **** it gives 980 bonus health and nice health regeneration... + 450 when fully stacked !!! HOLY ****....awesome!!!! but gives no armor nor magic resistance. be careful you will be squishy with this but with really high health :).....

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Some builds so i make it clear to you

This isn't some "follow this guide to be good tank", This is how i play tank in different situations.

Against Heavy Caster team:

Even against heavy caster team, they will have some tank or DPS, so you will have HUGE Magic Resistance and Nice Healh with good Armor + some slows on attack and their speed. Weird build? Of course omg...

Against Heavy Carry team:

If they have 1 caster...mercury treads with runes and masteries will be enough. This will make enemies deal you like 90 critical??? and you will have BIG it's awesome.

Against Balanced team:

Resistant to both carries and casters but in balanced way...

SEE???? there are hundreds and hundreds of builds for tank and all depend on situations, so stop following some guides and let the game flow carry you...

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Summoner Spells

I will just write witch ones are good for least to me:

: Good in early-late game and it will save you and your allies a lot of times if you know when to use it.

: Yeah, I do take it sometimes. Why? You are a "TANK" you will die first if you know how to play. So you can revive and help your team really fast again.

: Hmmm.....1/10 games i take it. Not that useful but it does take away de buffs.

4/5 games I take this skill, it gives your team advantage when they dive on will just see how they die and laugh

Don't take this if you are going Chase after one hero or run away with low hp....Take it so you can start off a team battle by running in their bushes.

Same like with ghost.

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What I know

I know that i will get so many Vote Downs that it will be funny to watch. But i will be glad that i got Vote Downs witch means people read this and aren't happy with the way they played...(followed the guides), Any guy that follows the guides in ranked play is below 1500...You need your play style with everyone. And i mean everyone(tanks,carries,supports,casters) ...not some stupid guides. Yes with guides you may win in normal games, but it sux...I see Veigar and i can just go "veigar guide" and see exactly what he is going... just another fail guy trying to be pro.

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Another thing

I will repeat this again, you start of the fights and you don't run away or chase the guy with 50 hp so you get a kill. You stay in middle of the fight and tank all the damage that you can and then either survive it or die! Nothing more, nothing less.

Thank you, cya ingame.

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Tell me your favorite champion ingame and your build. (please not a tank)

Mine are: