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Ahri Build Guide by Ambitieux

Middle Ambitieux's S12 MASTERS Quick Guide to Diamond+

Middle Ambitieux's S12 MASTERS Quick Guide to Diamond+

Updated on January 14, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ambitieux Build Guide By Ambitieux 331 10 456,990 Views 21 Comments
331 10 456,990 Views 21 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Ambitieux Ahri Build Guide By Ambitieux Updated on January 14, 2022
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Runes: Standard Elec

Taste of Blood
Eyeball Collection
Ultimate Hunter

Manaflow Band

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+8 Magic Resist


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



Threats & Synergies

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Champion Build Guide

Ambitieux's S12 MASTERS Quick Guide to Diamond+

By Ambitieux
Table of Contents.
x About me
x Why Ahri
x Socials
x Pros / Cons
x Abilities
x Tips & Tricks
x Summoners
x Runes
x Team Comp
x Items
x Gameplay
x Strategy
About me!
Sup friends, My names Ambitieux, or Ambi. I'm a High GrandMaster Ahri OTP. I've been playing since season 2, I usually have a positive mindset and a good time play. I've peaked out at around 689 LP GrandMasters in NA. I'm also a Twitch streamer and do that on the daily, showing my adventures in ranked while having a good time. If you guys want to catch me or ask any questions, don't be afraid to do so in any form below.
Why Ahri?
Honestly, I remember starting to play Ahri Because back in season 5 When Deathfire Grasp was still in the game, Ahri was beyond broken to the point you just need to Spirit Rush into Fox-Fire And they just die. Plus one of my buddies played only Ahri and after awhile she kinda grew on me. I truly picked her up in season 7/8 when I finally came back into playing ranked and after being gone for so long and still having to be Diamond. The safe playstyle ended up being super fun and enjoyable. It allowed me to interact while streaming and not get punished, plus lets be honest Who cant resist her charm.

FLASH: Flash is the most standard and safest rune to date in League. You will need this for either offensive or defensive purposes. Can also make flashy plays with it, I don't suggest not using it.
IGNITE: Ignite in this case is almost a need for Ahri Specifically, she doesn't have the best kill pressure early and this allows her to not only confirm kills but adds lots of pressure too. With this up its almost a guaranteed kill once you turn 6 and can land ur full combo.
CLEANSE: Cleanse is truly only needed in defensive matchups against heavy CC laners. like Twisted Fate accompanied by Elise Jungle, or of the works. For more info check back up at the top and under the notes for summoner spells.
Welcome to the new season everyone! I hope season 12 is treating everyone fairly. I've had a good time and a TON of success with these runes. The reason I run Electrocute Over other runes like Glacial Augment Is due to the recent changes to said other runes. EX. Glacial Augment I do believe that Electrocute right now is the most consistent and does the most optimal damage considering Ahri's easy bake combos she has built in. (See later at tips n tricks for more info).
Within the rune tree's that we already picked. I always prefer one that can give me some mana to help alleviate some of the early game hurt from Ahri and for that reason is why I pick up Manaflow Band allowing me some extra mana for the early game for an easier time. For my next set of reasons why I now official run Transcendence over the old Corrupting Potion Build is because the new change of ability haste. For those who don't know ability haste now is linear rather than exponential. Meaning that it will have even scaling throughout the game, but the downside is that it punishes you for buying more haste than the needed amount. Which is why I believe currently that having that small amount of haste will help with the game. Also the fact the build doesn't call for a lot of haste.
Switch Circle for Shield if needed. Or double up in bad matchups. If ur wondering why Axe. Its easier to poke early game against melees, and easier csing.
Team comp



Why are these champions good?
-Any champion on a team paired with Ahri Can be good it's just what you make of it. Realistically you don't need to have the most CC in the game to have good synergy, but anything that is allowed to roam with her and play with her Charm while inside bushes is always a bonus. Champions like the one above are just very acceptable picks.
+ Very good blind pick.
+ Very safe Laner.
+ Lots of mobility options.
+ Ok waveclear.
+ Safe kill options.
+ If no items, still good at picking.
+ Very snowbally
+ Good roaming capabilities.
Ahri has some very unique and well known positives. She is a very safe laner, she usually is a very safe pick. Overall is a low risk low reward champion compared to the rest of the cast. She excels almost all around as a mage/assassin type champion. She has GREAT movement options from the new buffs with Fox-Fire and her old but reliable Spirit Rush allowing her to be a force to reckon with. This being said, she can snowball quite hard if given the opportunity but is a fairly hard champion to master.
- Not too many GREAT matchups.
- Weak early.
- Skill shot dependent.
- Can get shutdown easily
- Can get poked out easily.
- Weak early wave clear. (Can't clear casters till lvl 9)
Although is very well rounded, that means she has some very hard losing matchups. Due to her being so well rounded she also doesn't extremely excel anywhere, this being said her damage is quite low compared to others. She has a high skill ceiling due to her reliance on skill shots, mostly Charm. And will be a waste of time if resources are spent into her, and she ends up not being able to perform. Her ability to not clear Caster minion Pre lvl 5 Orb of Deception or level 9 champion level. She is quite weak to start off the match. And can be quite easy to overlook.

Essence Theft (Passive) INNATE: Whenever Ahri hits an enemy with one of her abilities, she gains a stack of Essence Theft, and can gain up to 3 stacks per ability cast.
Upon reaching 9 stacks, Ahri's next ability Heal power heals her for 3 / 5 / 9 / 18 (based on level) (+ 9% AP) for each enemy hit and consumes the stacks if at least one enemy is hit.

Orb of Deception (Q)
RANGE: 880
COST: 65 / 70 / 75 / 80 / 85 MANA
ACTIVE: Ahri sends her orb in the target direction, dealing magic damage to all enemies it passes through. At maximum range, it homes back to Ahri, dealing the same in true damage to enemies hit on its way back.

Fox-Fire (W)
RANGE: 700 / 725
COOLDOWN: 9 / 8 / 7 / 6 / 5
ACTIVE: Ahri gains 40% bonus movement speed that decays over 1.5 seconds and summons three spectral flames which orbit her for up to 5 seconds.
After 0.25 seconds, each flame targets a visible enemy, or after 0.4 seconds targets the closest visible enemy in range, dealing magic damage. The damage is doubled against Minions below 20% maximum health.
Subsequent flames on a single target deal 30% damage.
Flames prioritize enemy champions hit by Charm then enemy Champions, then low-health minions that can be killed with Fox-Fire, and then the target of Ahri's last basic attack within 3 seconds.
Charm (E)
RANGE: 975
SPEED: 1550
CAST TIME: 0.25s
ACTIVE: Ahri blows a kiss in the target direction that deals magic damage to the first enemy hit, Knockdown icon knocking them down and Charm icon charming and Slow icon slowing them by 65%.

An enemy hit by Charm is rendered vulnerable for 3 seconds, taking 20% bonus damage from Ahri's abilities.
Spirit Rush (R)
RANGE: 450
COST: 100 mana
COOLDOWN: 130 / 105 / 80
ACTIVE: Ahri Dashes to the target location and then fires energy bolts to up to 3 visible targets, dealing magic damage. Spirit Rush can be recast twice more at a 1 second static cooldown between casts within 10 seconds of the activation at no additional cost.
RECAST: Ahri Dashes, mimicking the first cast's effects.
Tips n Tricks.
To start off, Ahri can animation cancel a LOT of her abilities with Flash, it's a very commonly used trick within lots of champions to cancel animations during ur flash to get abilities out quicker. Some abilities of Ahri being Orb of Deception. This ability you can Quickly tap Q, use Flash and it should cancel the animation as you are flashing to ur target location.
With this in mind another very popular string of animation cancel that is vital to Ahri is the Charm Flash. It works the exact same way as Orb of Deception, but in this case we are just substituting it with Charm.
So the combo usually goes:
Charm + Flash
Orb of Deception + Fox-Fire
Mixed in with countless Spirit Rush.
Another tip is not wasting time with Fox-Fire animation. Although It's very fast it can easily be canceled with Spirit Rush. This being said you can hit both at the same time if you are looking to all in an enemy. If not I suggest waiting to use Spirit Rush for crucial moments when you need to escape danger.
A very big tip for inspiring new Ahri players is to not waste ur mana spamming ur Orb of Deception in lane. Instead opt for walking up for an Auto Attack and IMMEDIETELY use ur Fox-Fire With another Auto Attack Resulting in a very quick but effective combo that procs ur Electrocute This combo only costs 40 Mana and allows you to reposition urself closer to the enemy for more auto attacks. This will allow you to save mana in lane while still providing tons of pressure.
Another useful tip of Ahri is something I like to teach when vod reviewing which is to stop wasting ur time casting abilities. In the early game you instead of casting your Orb of Deception you can replace it with just a regular Auto Attack. and following with Fox-Fire to follow them to make sure they don't reach outside of ur range for either another Auto Attack or a quick Orb of Deception for a max range ability, thus getting the maximum amount of damage out.
(This is easier explained in a small lesson if you are curious about it. Refer to my stream Details above or Below.)
In Game

I know this is a wall of text that might not make sense. It's categorized at the top what the target damage is of the person. (Average character at that time((Not specific to mages)) and the gold values after each item. With damage total's at the bottom. The only rune that is stacked for these damage charts is Gathering Storm And had no other amplifiers. The combo for each one of these damage formulas is as followed. Charm-> Orb of Deception-> Fox-Fire-> One Auto Attack Some of these numbers might be tiny bit biased towards % hp like Liandry's Anguish and Shadowflame so please keep that in mind. If you have any questions comments or concerns please divert ur attention to the comment section. I will try my best to get to you.
Gameplay Early game
Boys the plan is simple. If you truly want to play Ahri the most optimal, it's mostly just a waiting game and winning small trades in lane. Your biggest ally in this game is teamwork with your other laners and jungler. Being able to sit back and poke with Orb of Deception Before I'd say you can float by with Corrupting Potion But recently I've opted out of using that. Instead we have a more traditional aggressive style playing were you want to push up for ward vision in enemy jungle for possible raptors or even blue buff. And looking to rotate on the scuttle early for team advantage. Focusing on small auto attack trades and using Fox-Fire quick damage and movement speed should allow you to proc Electrocute more often, But you shouldn't look for trades if Electrocute isn't up. Pre 6 you mostly want to sit as close as you can to your turret if you aren't trying to deny them any cs. But after level 6. I know this contradicts the previous statement but choosing when to stay back and when to push up will save your life in the lane. Id say levels 1-2 push in for a ward. Scan the map to make sure ur not getting ganked. And play it kinda by ear. If you feel the need to sit at tower because of enemy laners damage or aggression. Or if it's a ganking jungler. Go for it. Later on Spirit Rush Should be able to get you out of any gank and or jam that you should come into. This being said after level 6 you should look for any and all opportunity to roam in between the cannon minion wave spawns. Some call this a cheater recall or roam due to the fact you don't lose much when doing it because It's due to the fact that cannons don't die as fast, allowing you to be able to either reset to get more items, or gank a lane and come back to ur lane before the wave completely crashes into your turret. And these cannons only spawn at the beginning of the game they spawn every 3rd rotation of new minions. Until 25 min where they spawn every 2nd rotation of new minions. Ahri excels at being able to pick off enemy champs at any point in the game with Charm. Although her damage is quite weak early game if you are followed up by any ally you can get some pretty cheeky early kills. This being said the movement speed from Fox-Fire Allow for some pretty sick roams. I personally spam it when not in lane for the extra MS. But that is just me, if you are sorta mid late, the extra MS from Lich Bane is quite nice and you'll notice quite the difference. (Plus it helps if you cant land abilities like me). And ur ability to all in with Spirit Rush Allows you to slip behind enemy lines for ganks under turret. Or travel through enemy jungle without being scared.
As mentioned previously in the gameplay. The major strategy's of Ahri are to get picks as much as possible. This being said, Control Ward Is of most importance especially in the early game, with the bushes in the river bed of both sides of the map having major map presence. Putting a Control Ward there early will get you some good information. Following that a big early game strategy that will help boost your chances of winning, is allowing your jungle to get ahead early by killing the Rift Scuttler That spawns at 3:15. This is a very important time so you should start using Orb of Deception To push in the lane beforehand. Preferably around 3:00. The most optimal pathing is to be able to push in your opponent before this time to get an early ward down in the enemy jungle. This will allow you to see the enemy jungler before they see you (I've also marked some locations in Green where good ward placements are). Allowing you to get the jump on them with Charm and hopefully a clean kill. This strategy alone should be able to boost your chances of winning, and if you can keep getting good ward coverage in the enemys jungle. It will almost eliminate any possibility of you not only being surprised by a gank, but other lanes being ganked as well due to the extra information you get from this. My personal suggestion is having bot river/jungle warded so that you can always look for roams into the bot lane whenever Spirit Rush is up. While running in-between lanes, don't be afraid to use Fox-Fire for the extra MS. If you are able to have pressure on both lanes, this will allow for ease of access into Drake . A key component into winning the game. Another very good strategy is being able to capitalize on non crucial moments. It's always important to keep CSing no matter what time in the game. When lane phase is over, look for side lanes that you can keep csing to relieve pressure, but if there is big objectives up like. Drake or Baron Nashor Then try not to side line, or stay in the lane with the objective in it.. Looking for good control wards in enemy bushes and sitting and cramming yourself into awkward spots that the enemy wouldn't think ud be in. Is a good way to surprise them with a Charm One shot kill! :D
Gameplay Late game.
This may seem like a combination of Strategy. It's because it is, BUT Strategy is only on paper should be executed, but can't always be a sure fire thing. But what should ALWAYS be looked for in a late game Ahri No matter how fed or not fed you are, is the ability to pick off an enemy player. If you are playing alone and are fed enough, you can easily kill of a member of the enemy team if you are waiting for them to side lane, or even just in a very strange spot that you shouldn't be. Due to ur ability to leave at any moment with Spirit Rush. This being said, the most common spots to lay in are paths to important objectives. Like Drake , And Baron Nashor . This being said in the late game make sure you always have a Control Ward Ready and always able to be in a spot to pick off the enemy jungler. Allowing you to then proceed to take major objectives.Never forget your origins though, although you may be able to play very stealthy in bushes, that isn't your only strength. Even in common team fights you are able to quickly Flash your way in with a Charm animation cancel, (as mentioned in Tips n Tricks.) And turn the tides of team fights with quick reactions and out maneuvering. Never be afraid to dive deep into fights due to your high mobility.
I hope everyone got a better understanding of Ahri Today reading my guide. This was my first ever guide and I'm looking forward to releasing one as soon as the new season comes out and the dust settles. If I'm missing anything and you have any questions, Please don't be afraid to comment below! Afterall we only have around 20 days until ranked ends and I hope I can help as many Ahri Players as possible. I stream everyday at 8PM PST. Except for Thursdays. At Make sure to come by and say Hello if you saw this guide. 'Im more than willing to answer questions there as well. :D

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