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Teemo Build Guide by NotRipHD

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NotRipHD

Ambushes are funny! (S6)

NotRipHD Last updated on December 17, 2015
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
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Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 18

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Cunning: 12

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Legendary Guardian

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Threats to Teemo with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Gangplank Pretty simple lane, GP needs items to do work. Poke him hard and get morellonomicon to make his W less powerful when he is low.
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Hello, I'm a League of Legends player that plays in the EUW server and that is Gold 2 at the moment. During season 5 I had different mains and now Im stuck with this little guy.

Despite what most of the people think, Teemo is not a troll champion, ok it might be sometimes on some dude's hands that is just there to annoy his team. That is right, this champion is not good as a teamfighter (unless you have already a minefield prepared to fight on), he is different than anyother champion, playing a role of an "AP AD Carry" and at the same time of an assassine. With this little yordle you need to play around objectives, traps and split pushing. If you decide to teamfight just act as a second AD carry, staying in the backline and attacking whoever threats you and your AD carry.

I still have a long way till master him completly but I'll try to help you guys with what I currently know about him.
If you have some questions you can put them at the end of the guide, I'll try to answer them all. If you enjoyed the guide feel free to drop a like ^_^

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Pros and Cons


+ Ranged Champion;
+ Lane Bully;
+ Noxious Traps provide a lot a Vision and Objective Control;
+ Capable of outplaying the enemy jungler in a 2v1 scenario with a good timed blind.


- Relatively squishy;
- Despite being ranged still a small range;
- Relies heavily on positioning;
- Has a hard time catching up if behind;
- Needs to get good blinds in teamfights/a good assassination.

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Skill Sequence

Camouflage (Passive)

After a not moving for 1,5 seconds Teemo becames invisible, this time is halfed in bushes. While stealthed in a bush you can move around with out breaking the stealth. After getting revealed or attacking, Teemo gets an attack speed bonus, that increase at certain lvls.

This ability is mostly used on the first minion wave, for a sneaky ambush or for a really needed stealth.

Blinding Dart (Q)

Teemo tosses out a blindind dart to the victims, that blinds them and deal damage.

This is your "defensive" mechanism and the skill that will make you able to do outplays. This skill is an auto attack reset, so use it right after auto attacking for a quick burst of damage. Use it wisely and try to save it if you are low, since you might need to for the blind effect.

Move Quick (W)

Teemo passively has a bonus of moviment speed that is lost if you get hit by a turret or a champion. When Actived Teemo gains the double of that bonus and can't lose that speed till the skill ends.

This skill is your escape ability and what makes your kite easier. Use it when you feel like you can get a kill on your opponent to get a quick burst of speed. Don't use this ability if you don't know where the enemy jungler is at unless you are 100% sure that you can only kill your victim if you get that extra speed.

Toxic Shot (E)

This ability is a passive that make Teemo's Auto Attacks deal and extra damage on impact and then apply a poison.

This is your bread and butter ability. With this you will be able to bully your enemy in lane making it a living nightmare, since it deals a bonus damage on impact you will find csing quite easy. Try to Auto Attack your opponent a lot, so you will apply this satanic poison.

Noxious Trap (R)

Teemo carries with himself up to 3 mushrooms that he can toss out and plant. The mushrooms take 1 second to arm and to get stealthed, after that who steps onto them will get damaged over time and slowed. This traps last for 5 minutes.

This is why a lot of people hate Teemo, you know that feeling right? You just lived with a tinny bit of HP in a teamfight and out of nowhere you step on a mushroom and die. Well this traps give you vision and map controll so using them at entrances will give you vision of that place and if someone passes there will get damaged and will be slowed down. With this you will have a huge objective control and vision on some choke points. Try to always have 1 of this traps with you, since it will help you escape and/or kite.

So What Should I Max?

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Hybrid Penetration are the best marks on Teemo since they provide Armor Penetration (which we have because on the early game we will be auto attacking a lot) and Magic Penetration (which will boost our spells damage + our late game.

If we can't afford to get the Hybrid Penetration marks, then the magic penetration ones are decent, making our late game even stronger.


The most useful Seals on Teemo are the Health per Lvl. If you are going against an aggresive ad champ, you will be getting zhonyas as fast as possible, so more health to top it of with armor and you will not die that fast. You also take this runes because even if you face an AP you wont be losing stats.


There are 2 Glyphs to take: Flat AP if you are going against AD champions and Flat MR if you are facing an AP champion. Since most of the AP champions are ranged getting defences is never a bad idea (There is not even a good starting item against AP champions so this is the way to go). If you are facing an AD champion, since most of the times they will suffer from your blind so taking more AP to get more kill potencial is awesome.


There is only one way to go with the Quints -> Flat AP. I've tried the Attack Speed ones but I've got more results with this ones. More damage on your Abilities.

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On my opinion this is a must take, it helps you get our of sticky situations, can let you get that last hit on a kill, reposition yourself and can let you get out of zhonyas stasis alive.


This summoner spell is pretty awesome since it will give you even more kill potencial in the early game and you will be more likely to snowball. Take it as your second summoner spell 95% of the times.


This spell got nerfed and if before you would rarely take it, now its almost never. Pick it if you really think you will need it.


Take this if you are not really confident with the champion and if you really need the survivability.

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This guide is still on progress!!