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Amumu Build Guide by RudOy

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RudOy

Amumu AP bruiser by RudOy

RudOy Last updated on March 13, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi, my name is RudOy, I'm platinum EUW player.
Amumu is one of my mains, i have over 1200 games on him and i tried many builds, from full tank, to full AP, but most of all i liked the middle ground - the tanky, but damaging Amumu.
so i ended up with build you see here - 40% cooldown reduction and 87 magic penetration.
Cursed Touch+ Sorcerer's Shoes+ Haunting Guise+ Abyssal Mask+runes=25+15+15+20+12=87 mpen!!! You basically doing true damage to everybody with 1 resist item, and rarely people building 2 of these (and even if they do, it doesnt really matters, cause its usually tanks, and you got %hp damage).

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Pros and cons


Huge amount of crowd control
Pretty tanky
Decent burst damage
High dps
Long range gap close/initiate

Fairly easy to dodge his only gap closer
Mana hungry
Weak early game
Bad escaping tools

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- P -

- Q -

- W -

- E -

- R -
Cursed Touch is what makes Amumu deal true damage to enemies, just attack them inbetween the spells to apply the debuff

Bandage Toss is your gap closer, initiation tool and low cd stun (it have 4.8 sec cd at rank 5 with 40% cdr)
max it second, because its cost is increasing with rank (and you dont have much mana) and you dont really need it early

Despair is the %hp tank shredder, its good ability, but should be maxed last, because in early game enemies and monsters do not have enough hp, and you really need Bandage Toss maxed at level 13 for teamfights

Tantrum - low cd aoe nuke, max it first. Great for clearing jungle, reducing the damage you take, and reducing the cd when you getting hit by autoattack, so fighting enemy in the middle of the minion wave might be a good idea sometimes

Curse of the Sad Mummy - Amumus iconic ability, the huge aoe root, that stops enemy from autoattacking (tho does not stop them from casting spells) rank it up at 6/11/16, as any ultimate
So the skill order is
Curse of the Sad Mummy> Tantrum> Bandage Toss> Despair

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The reason behind runes is to get 20% cdr on lvl 18, and 40% with Frozen Heart.
We take 9 Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction and 1 Greater Quintessence of Scaling Cooldown Reduction. Cdr is not a stat you need early in the game, and per level runes get even to flat pretty early - at level 9, right before midgame fights.
5 Greater Seal of Armor are neccessary for jungling.
i prefer to take 4 Greater Seal of Scaling Armor because they are getting even on level 6, and better for late game.
9 Greater Mark of Magic Penetration and 2 Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration to max out magic penetration.

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12/0/18 is our choice, because we want our Amumu to be tanky.
Cunning tree gives mostly utility stuff and almost no real damage or tankiness (except for last 2 tiers, but thats really not worth it)
Offence keystones do not give us anything we want, on other hand, Strength of the Ages is really cool stuff - you usually stack full 300 hp when your total hp is around 2000, its like 15% survivablity, and even when you have 3k, its 10%, much better than Bond of Stone
pick Swiftness , if enemies have many cc and Legendary Guardian , if they dont.
Oppressor from offence is trigered by Frozen Heart attack speed slow!

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Wall of text

We start with Hunter's Talisman and Refillable Potion, after first back getting Hunter's Machete, Boots of Speed and Vision Ward.
Check out some warding tips and tricks in the internets.

Get Tracker's Knife when you can, even tho it doesn't change your smite, it gives you a lot of vision, do not underestimate the vision!!!

After Tracker's Knife, we build up Rod of Ages, this item is really good, hp is best tank stat early in game, you also need mp to not run out of mana and AP to deal tons of damage, the Rod of Ages is one slot wonder!
If you have 850 gold, better start it off Blasting Wand, to get early damage you need for ganks.

After Rod of Ages is ready, we upgrading boots to Sorcerer's Shoes.

Then upgrade your jungle to Tracker's Knife - Cinderhulk, it's a good item that gives you a lot of hp and little bit damage, somewhat good for early-mid game, but not slot efficient, so sell it with full build.
Some people prefer the Tracker's Knife - Runic Echoes, since it gives you nice burst and move speed. It's still nice item but i personally dont like it, because it leaves you way too squishy.

After this, we getting some magic penetration - Abyssal Mask, also gives us some mid game magic resist.

Then we building Frozen Heart for armor vs those already farmed/fed AD's and to max out cdr
Note - Frozen Heart attack speed slow aura counts as cc for Oppressor mastery and Liandry's Torment burn, so you permanently get +2.5% damage and double damage Liandry's Torment burn.

And finishing build Liandry's Torment to get as much flat mpen as we can possibly get.

If game still didn't ended - sell your Tracker's Knife - Cinderhulk and get situational item vs enemy team and your preferences:
Randuin's Omen vs balanced teams
Thornmail if enemies have fed autoattackers
Banshee's Veil vs fed mages


sell for

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Edites and updates

-Added WotA as possible build path;
-edited columns;
-created TL;DR build pathes;
-added colors to stats;
-changed masteries a bit.

hmm... this guide already looks pretty nice XD

I hate patch 5.5... Cinderhulk don't have tenacity vs cc teams and cdr Amumu needs so much... so i must fill cdr slot with something else T_T

-updated item section with Enchantment: Cinderhulk;
-changed build paths.

-changed mpen quint for cdr/lvl quint, to get 35% with no items;
-changed yellows for armor/lvl from flat armor;
-changed build path to be more straight, with no cdr items;
-small edits;

nothing really changed in patches
-added few flat armor seals to make early game easier;
-changed masteries a bit.

changed build and runes to more apropriate
-changed 30% cdr runes to 15%
-changed Randuin's Omen to Frozen Heart
-changed late game options

big update for preseason 6

some preseason 6 tweaks and changes
changed build path a little

created Skills section, with explaination and skill order
small edits in all sections