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Amumu Build Guide by Golleitrian

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Golleitrian

Amumu- Walking Stealth Detection Device

Golleitrian Last updated on December 8, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Introduction....Read me!!!

First of all, I would like to specify that I am francophone and dyslectic therefore I apologies for all mistakes you will find in this text.

This is my third guide. My previous guides were on Taric and Master Yi, both among the top 5 in ratings among respective champ builds.

This guide is about Amumu, the sad mummy, and is intended for Dominion. I know that Amumu is especially OP as a jungler in 5v5 but they are many other builds that can inform you on that aspect. I, on the other hand, will show you how to use Amumu as a counter to all the annoying stealthy little c*** known as Shaco, Twitch, Teemo and Evelynn.

This guide is meant to be very simple and fast to read. After all this guide is only for Dominion and on a simple champ to play.


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Disection of a mummy

Amumu's skills:

Cursed touch
Auto-attacks reduce target's MGR for 4 sec.
Although this skill is very interresting for team composition and team fights in 5v5 you don't even have to think about it in Dominion.

Bandage Toss
A skill shot leap stun with a good burst.
A gap closer, a stun, a burst, a bush checker, etc... the uses for this skill are infinite. Being a skill shot you can also leap over walls.

A DoT AoE centered on Amumu.
The AP ratio is very bad so don't go believe that you can turn this into a mega Madred's Bloodrazor. This skill allows you to defeat most melee champs that don't have a high enough burst dmg. It's also an indirect cc; Most poeple don't like standing in AOEs.

A passive damaga reduction and a burst AoE centered on Amumu whose CD is reduce by each hit recieved.
Great skill nothing else to say aside from ''SPAM IT ALL DAY LONG''.

Curse of the sad mummy
A large AoE burst stun centered on Amumu.
Something many people don't know when they don't play Amumu is that this skill also deals dmg. I'd recommend you to keep it until you face at least 3 enemies or to defend a turret until your team arrives.

Amumu's Pros/Cons:

  • Good intiator.
  • Easy to play.
  • Naturally tanky.
  • MGR shreader.
  • Powerful stuns.
  • Doesn't suffer much from CC.
  • Is mana hungry.
  • Banned often in 5v5 mostly but also in dominion from time to time.
  • Needs some time to kill a target. Which can result in his friends saving them.

Conclusion of the autopsy:

Amumu is trully an OP champ when it comes to team fights but that doesn't mean that he sucks in 1v1s. He can pull his own weight during the entire game. Many people will find that he is not worth his IP cost since he is always banned in 5v5 and not used as much in other maps(but its only around 1k! 1k spend on something you dont use is 1k not spend properly).

-AP Amumu is viable in dominion but not as much as many other Tanky AP champs(Anivia/Morgana/Cassiopeia/Vladimir) and the lack of tankines doesn't allow you to counter stealthed champs since most of them have a high burst dmg.

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Your homework (Pregame)

When it comes to Dominion there is one stats that shines above all else :


It is needed no matter who you play. You live, you die, you win, you lose based on your teams mobility. Keep that in mind when you choose his runes and his masteries.


Greater Mark of Magic Penetration (MRP) is the only viable mark I can think of.

Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration (Mana regen/lv) Along with Dominion's map buff should solve your mana hunger problemes all game long. In Dominion /lv are always better then there flat counter part.

Greater seal of replenishment (Mana regen) Along with Dominion's map buff should solve your mana hunger problemes early game. Not everyone has SoClarity so this one can replace it.

Greater seal of Defense (Armor/lv) In Dominion /lv are always better then there flat counter part. More tankiness is always fun on a DoT champ.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power (AP/lv) In Dominion /lv are always better then there flat counter part. A very viable option that will help you face enemies 1v1 more easely.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist (MR/lv) In Dominion /lv are always better then there flat counter part. More tankiness is always fun on a DoT champ.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction (CDR/lv) In Dominion /lv are always better then there flat counter part. Look at your ult and tell me you don't want CDR.

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction (CDR) Look at your ult and tell me you don't want CDR. Not everyone has GoCelerity so this one can replace it.

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed (MS) They are already good on Amumu in 5v5, in Dominion they are not negotiable.


Initiator and Swiftness are your 2 main objectives, choose around that based on personal taste.

But remember that Mercenary is not good in Dominion.

Summoner Spells

and are the 2 I recommend.

Other viable spells are:

Viable for noob Amumu(don't be ashamed we all start there):

( Flash isn't that great in dominion vs Ghost and you don't need 2 escape mechanics as Amumu)

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Skill Sequence section

Start with 1 point in each skill.

Max out Tantrum first for the damage and to punish them for targeting you.

Level Despair and Bandage Toss relatively at the same time but prioritize Despair. Bandage Toss isn't as good as Despair but you still need it for burst dmg.Even more so in Dominion than 5v5.

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Your core items are :

Item Sequence


Arcane Sweeper

Catalyst of Aeons
Boots of Swiftness: As I said above speed WIN games in Dominion. It also allows you to keep up with your target keeping them in your aoe range.

Thornmail: A must have on many champs in Dominion. You will tower dive so often and fight against so many AD champ that this item is definitely worth it.

Hextech Sweeper Hextech Sweeper: This is were the whole build takes form. Amumu doesn't waste any of this item's stats. It also gives you another bush checker tool. This item combined with any aoe becomes a stealth detection device. Most champs will need to buy Sunfire Cape to do this but not Amumu, he just needs to press W. Not having to buy Sunfire Cape allows you to do the job earlier and more efficiently. Once you have it you can start hunting all the little stealhted pricks we hate so much.

Catalyst the protector Catalyst the protector: Yes, I said Catalyst not Rod of Ages nor Odyn's Veil. It's passive gets proc so often in Dominion that you should not upgrade it until you reach lv 18. Once your lv 18 you should take Odin's veil if the game isn't over yet but you could also take Rod of Ages.

Your tool box:

Here you will find all the items which you can pick up over the course of the game. I have only kept items that you can reasonably hope to buy along your core items during a dominion game.

Force of Nature This is the item you dream for but it's cost is rather high and there is no guarantee you will achieve it, in which case buying an other item would be better.

Spirit Visage The little brother of Force of Nature. Great item if you have a source of life regen already. When you aren't sure that you can finish your Force of Nature buy another item with some life regen before you buy Spirit Visage you won't get the speed increase but it still does the job.

Priscilla's Blessing Best item to go along Spirit Visage to replace Force of Nature and it gives you a second Ghost!

Chalice of Harmony For those that are still having a lot of mana problems this will fix it. That does not mean that you spam your skill too much. It usually means that there is more then 1 stealthed enemy or that the 1 enemy is often MIA which mean your W has to be ON very often.

Eleisa's Miracle 1 of the 2 items you have to choose from if you ever find yourself in need of Tenacity.

Moonflair Spellblade 1 of the 2 items you have to choose from if you ever find yourself in need of Tenacity.

Haunting Guise This is the item you get if you find yourself in need of some additional MRP.

Prospector's Ring A item that gives you a lot for it's worth. And since it's very cheap you can always buy it when the game comes close to an end (a small boost to make sure it doesn't go in the favor of the other team).

Sheen Increases your dmg in combination with Tandrum. Not my favorite but still viable.

Glacial Shroud Anyone wants CDR? YES SIR! When the enemy team has more AD then adding this to your core items will punish them very severely.

Warden's Mail One of the items that gives you the most for it's cost in the game. It is just gessus. When the enemy team has more AD then adding this to your core items will punish them very severely.

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This build is meant as an anti-meta(stealthed champs) for Dominion.

Focusing on the synergy of Hextech Sweeper and Amumu this build allows you to detect any stealhted opponents who you encounter. The rest of the build allows you to 1v1 a fair variety of champs.

You should go top if possible at the beginning of the game. Boots of Swiftness+ Ghost+ Initiator + Swiftness + Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed should = Your the first TOP channeling for a few sec before the enemy team shows itself.

I hope you enjoyed.

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Thank You For You're Help

A special thanks to:

Searz: For his amazing guide on runes which gave me hours of fun (reading and making sure he had the good data (which he has :P)) and the help it was for playing League of Legends which eventually lead to this guide.

Jhoijhoi: For her ridiculously long(that being said in a good way) guide on how to make guides. You like my skill explanation or the dividers? It's from her templates :)

BananaZoRz: For teaching me how to play League of Loading.

And everyone who comment and suggest me knew stuff to improve my guide.

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Often asked questions


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