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Anivia Build Guide by cauwen

Anivia: "So young, so naive."

By cauwen | Updated on January 8, 2012

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  • LoL Champion: Anivia
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  • LoL Champion: Anivia


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HELLO! cauwen here again with another FANTASTIC guide! are you getting this camera man?!

alright so some of you may know me from my other guide for Cho'Gath called "Cho'gath: wrong teemo, size does mean everything" which i am proud to say within three days has become one of the highest rated Cho'gath guides out there. that inspired me to make a guide for my favorite champion in the league, Anivia, the Cryophoenix. i hope everybody here enjoys the guide about my best champion. it seems that every game i have ever played with her i have won. IMPORTANT! before you go off deciding that my guide has something wrong with it so your going to downvote it, just remember that is isnt an obligation to follow every single item or rune build. its your game, build it how you want it. also, if you wouldnt mind, please give this guide a nice warm thumbs up. it helps me get noticed by the moba and league community. thanks!
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Anivia Introduction

Anivia is a fun character to play and is extremely versatile. since this section has been deleted recently i will update it soon correcting any problems that have occurred. sorry for the inconvenience.
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Pros / Cons

before we start playing, you would like to know whether you want to play anivia or not. so here are some pros and cons to her.


Extremely strong burst
VERY fun to play
can one hit kill squishy's late game
can survive a fatal blow, no matter how strong it is
has strong chasing/escaping capabilities
underplayed, so people arnt too familiar on how to play/counter her


Often targeted first
a misplaced Crystallize can spell death for you or your team
low health
team tends to leave when you turn into an egg
heavy focus when in Rebirth state

anything else i can think of will be added in later updates/edits to this guide.
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for runes i go for heavy AP style with some defense for your fragile early game.

For marks i take nine Greater Mark of Magic Penetration for the large amount of magic penetration it gives you. early magice pen = tearing through their magic resist = first blood. enough said.

For seals i take 9 Greater Seal of Armor for the 13 armor it gives. in the really sticky situations that small amount of armor might be just what you need to survive a Rebirth or a minion hit. every little bit of damage is affected by your runes and natural defense. so if you get away from a fight you've been low on health in with around 10 hp, be thankful for your runes.

For glyphs i take 9 Greater Glyph of Ability Power for the continual AP gain. every level, a few AP just might get you the kill. i have had far too many account of enemies getting away with 2-10 hp, so that just might help.

finally, for quintessences i take 9 Greater Quintessence of Ability Power for AP. once again, the AP gain will help you early game. more damage = more kills. simple as that
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for masteries i take a strict approach to AP. building mostly AP and taking Mental Force , Arcane Knowledge , Archmage and others in the offensive tab, and Swiftness and Runic Affinity in the Utility tab. not much else can be explained here.
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Summoner Spells

For summoner spell i choose Flash and Clarity. Flash for the chasing/escaping potential and Clarity for the mana boost to stay in lane and get kills longer.

some may argue that i may be too dependent of clarity and blue buff, but when you start to play you realize that that will be everything you need. some people may not be as intelligent to not blow away their mana on a tank minion, so i made the second build, which isnt as strong as the first or third one, but it is a lot more mana independent.
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In this chapter, i will be discussing which build is for what your play style, but they are all for the similar situations.

Sapphire Crystal. it gives you a huge boost to mana for harassment early game. more mana means more lane sustainability. this item is 110% needed if you are soloing a lane or going middle. hell, id recommend it in any starting situation.

I grab everyones favorite second item... second. the boots. I pick Sorcerer's Shoes because it helps you catch up and escape from enemies quickly. due to your stun from Flash Frost and the huge max level wall of Crystallize, catching up/escaping to/from enemies is too easy. with the Boots of Speed it becomes that much easier. plus the magic pen from it helps you demolish enemies.

i grab Rabadon's Deathcap as the first item on anivia because its just freakin worth it. the AP gain is huge. not to mention the 30% boost jumps all of your AP items to the roof. more AP = more kills. simple, nothing more to say about this item except IF YOU DONT GET IT, YOU WILL BE A WEAK Anivia!!!

another item i grab asap is Lich Bane. the bonus damage you do will always be used. when you use your Flash Frost to stun, you might not click on the Frostbite quickly enough and anivia will auto attack. this is not a bad thing, because your bonus damage will add a decent amount of damage mid game and tear up even the tankiest builds late game. this item is a must on almost any mage type champ i use, tons of AP added and the bonus is just Jesus like. a must for Anivia. you dont have to get it as early as i place it but its a very nice item to get.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter is a great item to have because it make escaping and chasing you just THAT much harder. placing down your Glacial Storm will have bonus slow due to Rylai's Crystal Scepter. an item to get if enemies tend to get away from you too often or if you are too squishy. the bonus hp helps quite a bit.


Will of the Ancients is for those situations where you can sustain a lane with mp, but just seem to lose hp too quickly. with Glacial Storm you can heal tons of hp just by attacking a minion wave. very nice item to get when you seem to be a bit squishy or unsustainable. every Anivia has their first time, this is a great GREAT item for a first timer.

Zhonyias Hourglass is an item to get when you want more AP, more Armor to resist those annoying tanks, or an item to save you from a hellish gank or burst, or even to survive a turret dive (its hilarious when enemies die to your active).

Void Staff is a necessary item for any mage. i tend to get it earlier than most people, but to satisfy the taste of the so called "pros", i placed it late in the builds. 40% more damage can help you quite a bit. every tank that has ever existed hates items such as Void Staff and Last Whisper.

Rod of Ages is the item for those who spam skills just a bit too late. its absolutely FANTASTIC for those who seem to always run out of mana at the worst times or gain that boost right after you level up.

Archangel Staff is an item that i have been called out on. it it an item that can be used if you spam skills and run out of mana quickly. blue buff and this skill go hand in hand as you can continuously spam skills, gain max mana, and still have mana to spare. very useful item indeed but not a first choice for me.

You can edit the item builds in whatever way you like, but i decided to only mention the items in my build. i hope everyone enjoyed the somewhat "in depth?" guide on my item selection. i will mention more of their uses in my skill chapter.
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Skills and What They Do (IN DETAIL)

Rebirth - a skill that keeps you from being first blood and causes enemies to get over-dedicated. in its most simple definition, it is explained as the following: after you die, you will turn into an egg. the egg will have your max hp. if you survive for 6 seconds, the you will be revived with the same amount of hp as the egg has. e.g. if you have 1000 hp, and you die, you will turn into a helpless, egg that cant do anything. the egg that you have just been transformed into has 1000 hp as well. if an enemy does 100 damage to you while you are in egg form, then you will be revived with 900 hp. likewise, if you take 1000 damage while in egg form, then you will die and the death timer will start. this section can now be called a rainbow lolz

Flash Frost - this skill is broken into five different parts.
1) Anivia shoots a skill shot ball of ice with a long and wide range. its travel time is slow, but it does decent damage.
2) damage is dealt wherever the ball flies. IOW you can shoot it and it hits everything in its path.
3) the slow. whenever the ball hits an enemy, it slows them by 20%.
4) the pop/stun. the pop is the second activation, or end distance auto activation. when you first use Flash Frost the ball does damage to everything it hits, when activated again, it will deal the same damage to anything within its small blast radius. after the stun, the pop triggers a slow effect which slows enemies by a 20%.
5) chill. the chill debuff is activated whenever Flash Frost passes through an enemy. (more on chill will be explained in the skill Frostbite).

Crystallize - a wall of impassible ice is conjured wherever the user clicks. i do not know exactly how to word this but the word might come back to me. the wall is placed facing in a flat direction away from Anivia. in its most simple way of explaining is through this picture.the wall CANNOT be destroyed and gets larger by level. it cannot be walked through and can only be passed through using skills such as Flash or Rift Walk.

Frostbite - Frostbit is a target type spell, meaning you have to click on the enemy to use it. it deals a decent amount of damage by itself and deals double damage when an enemy is chilled.

Glacial Storm - deals damage over time to any enemy within the AoE of the spell. [[Glacial Storm also slows enemies by a % and adds the debuff chill. it drains a decent amount of mana every second it is activated and has a very short cooldown. (around 4-6 seconds depending on your cdr)
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How to Use Your Skills Effectively

i put this section in here for first time anivia players. i know when i started playing LeBlanc i had no idea what i was doing. i didnt know what spells to use and when. this section is exactly for that purpose, to help you know what skills to use first and how to combine them most effectively.

there are several ways for you to use your skills to their maximum potential. to start off, remember that your Frostbite deals double damage to people who are chilled. enemies are chilled whenever they are hit by Flash Frost or while they are inside Glacial Storm. so for starters you must remember to never EVER use your frostbite without chilling an enemy first.

a good way to deal damage early game when Flash Frost is your only skill is to shoot it, then pop it, dealing double the damage plus the stun. e.g. when you shoot your flash frost, it hits enemies and passes through them. if you pop the ball of ice as soon as you see an enemy take damage from it, you will deal double the damage due to 2 attacks from the same skill. not to mention you can stun to catch up to them and use your flash frost.

an effective way to harass and easily kill an enemy is to use the following skill sequence.
1) use Flash Frost to hit an enemy and use the double hit technique i explained earlier
2) run up to the stunned enemy and use your Frostbite.
3) use Glacial Storm a little bit ahead of where you assume the target will be running.
4) use Crystallize at the center of Glacial Storm after the enemy is un-stunned so
that they will further have to run through your ultimate.
5) throughout this time you will be using [Lich Bane]] to deal tons of damage.

this is the most common rout i use to kill enemies, but different times call for different tactics. this is just the one that pops into mind first naturally to a good Anivia player.
you will learn more later and become naturally refined as a veteran.
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Team Work

STUN STUN STUN STUN STUN! stunning is the key to winning a team fight. your target is the squishiest OR the strongest on their team. whichever decides to bring their ***es into the middle of your team first. make sure to tell your team who you will be stunning and targeting prior to the engagement. this will give you a much higher success rate.

use your Crystallize to stop enemies from chasing you or a teammate into a jungle or use it to stop an enemy's escape rout or to trap them for an ambush. this skill is highly underestimated.

use your epic Glacial Storm to slow enemies from chasing a weakened ally or to slow an enemy for that epic escape that you will be bragging about for the next week.

tell your team prior to any engagements if your passive is up and make sure to tell them to engage anyone who attacks you because they will ignore everything and will target you first, leaving themselves open to attacks. an easy kill with the right team.
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Creeping / Jungling

this section is a joke for Anivia.
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these builds are for entertainment purposes only. do not to grow a pet Cryphoenix at home. this is extremely dangerous and should not be performed by non professional personnel. you dont have to follow this build precisely. ty!!!! :D
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