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Annie Build Guide by Perpy

Annie the Fire Girl and Tibbers the Fire Bear

Annie the Fire Girl and Tibbers the Fire Bear

Updated on April 27, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Perpy Build Guide By Perpy 3 9 8,085 Views 13 Comments
3 9 8,085 Views 13 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Perpy Annie Build Guide By Perpy Updated on April 27, 2013
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This is my very first guide so I am very sorry if it is incomplete or doesn't live up to your expectations. So yea this is about Annie one of my favorite champions and the very first champion I bought and played with.
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Pros / Cons


+ Amazing Nuke!
+ Potenial AOE Stun
+ Could quickly burst down squishy champs
+ A cute bear who helps you fight
+ Could kill a person without getting much damage in return(if played properly)


- Very Squishy
- No mobility
- easily ganked
- can't get blue buff alone (or get's really hurt if she does get it(or die)
- Always targeted
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Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

I recommend maxing your Disintegrate first because it is practically the best skill of Annie(next to Summon: Tibbers) because of it's damage output and the mana refund if it kills a unit enabling you to spam it non-stop without losing any mana, but it has to deal the killing blow if you want to spam it. Then max your Incinerate next because it's your next damaging spell and you can also easily farm and clear out entire creep waves because of the AOE damage, but i suggest not using it on minions which health are high and you won't be able to kill them because they will probably be left with low life and your minions will probably kill before you do. Lastly, max you Molten Shield i max this skill last because I just normally use it to charge up my stun. Of course before you max everything else, you should max your ultimate first when ready Summon: Tibbers because of course it is your ultimate and deals the most damage. Also, Summon: Tibbers brings your pet bear, to life to help you kill you opponents! Making it easier to get away and chase when combined with Rylai's Crystal Scepter.

This is one of the best passives in the game because the stun is able to get you an easy kill with them being unable to counter attack. It can also be used for an easy poke. For example: you have your stun ready, then you go to your enemy then use Disintegrate on them then run away. Because of your stun, they are unable to counter attack and can't punish you for hurting them. While you on the other hand poke them and run away unscathed. This is also a nice passive to have up in case you get ganged because if you do poke your enemy you will end up with one extra charge up on Pyromania and plus one if you use Molten Shield after you poke them. This gives you 2 charges, so if you do get ganged, you can easily throw in Disintegrate on them then use Incinerate to stun everyone that's chasing you, this way they get stunned and you get to run away without taking to much damage.

This is the best skill of Annie - aside from her ultimate Summon: Tibbers - because you can easily farm without losing mana if you use this to last hit minions. It's more efficient than auto-attacking because you auto-attacks deal way less damage then this spell. So just continually kill minions using this spell to keep your cs up and your mana up too. Also when you have your stun up, it is nice to use you Disintegrate on them then follow up with Incinerate then quickly run back to your original position. Due to your stun you are able to deal lots of damage with Disintegrate and Incinerate while they can't hurt you back because they are stunned.

This is the next skill I love most about Annie because of it's AOE damage and the way it can clear out entire minion waves with the right level. Unlike Disintegrate I do not like to use this when my stun is up because it is very likely to miss and the stun will be wasted and I have to charge up Pyromania again. I normally use this spell on champions when i get to stun them with my Disintegrate for the additional damage. During team fights, I like to use this when I stun the whole enemy team with Summon: Tibbers and make sure to Incinerate all of them for a terrifying amount of damage. I also use it at the fountain to charge up Pyromania and the fountain will just regenerate the mana I used on Incinerate.

This is still an important part of Annie though I don't max it until the last possible minute because I mainly use it just to power up my Pyromania. Though I also like to pop it in when I get ganged for the additional armor and the reflecting magic damage on basic attack. I also use it at the fountain to charge up Pyromania and the fountain will just regenerate the mana I used on Molten Shield.

Like any other champion in Lol we max out ultimate, Summon: Tibbers whenever we can more specifically level 6,11 and 16. This skill deals a terrifying amount of magic damage unto and area and stuns them if Pyromania is up. Additionally, after casting it, you Summon: Tibbers!! A cute and strong bear you fights at your side for 45 seconds. You can control Tibbers by pressing control/alt + right click to move him or make him attack somebody, you can also reactivate the ability while he is alive to move him to where your cursor is. It will attack an enemy if your cursor is on top of an enemy. I like to use this skill when the whole enemy team is bunched up and I have my Pyromania up. So their whole team takes a lot of damage and at the same time, they are stunned and while they are stunned there is a bear hurting everyone around him. When you do this, you team will most likely jump in and kill the enemy because they're stunned. I like to also use this when I am planning to kill my lanning partner at the mid lane. I like to use this to open an attack on him then just kill him with Disintegrate, Incinerate and Ignite.
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Both combos require your stun to be up for the first spell to stun your target. Your Pyromania is an important element in these 2 combos. Both of these combos are single target combos. Meaning you need to have only one target for this to work.

Combo 1

(Repeat if still alive)

explanation to combo 1: As I said a while ago, Pyromania should be charge up before you case Summon: Tibbers so that the the combo will be a sure kill. You have to be quick in casting because the stun isn't too long and that is quite a lot of spells. Just repeat the whole thing if he's still alive though I doubt he will be and I think he will die by the time you reach the Ignite part. Also if I am correct, your second Incinerate will stun him again. So this combo is almost a full proof plan to killing a single target enemy.

Combo 2

(repeat if still alive)

explanation to combo 2: This combo is very similar to the first combo, except that Disintegrate goes before Summon: Tibbers. This combo's for those who don't want to risk missing Summon: Tibbers because it's a target area not target unit, unlike Disintegrate. Disintegrate is easier to land compared to Summon: Tibbers so I suggest this combo to those who have a hard time aiming or estimating where their target will go. Though i prefer the first combo because when you use Summon: Tibbers, you get Tibbers by your side while they're stunned unlike when you use Disintegrate first. The first combo deals more damage compared to the second because you get a pet earlier and the second.

These 2 combo's can also be used when trying to gang one person.

Team fight combo

This combos are good in team fights when there are a lot of people.

(Repeat if still alive)

explanation: When you go out to gang make sure you catch all of them in the AOE stun of Summon: Tibbers then quickly use Incinerate to deal quick damage. Use your Disintegrate on the person your team is targeting then pop in Molten Shield to charge up your stun and because you're probably going to get focused soon the the armor and magic resist should help. Ignite the person your team is targeting once the first target is dead. After every there should only be 3 left, they will most likely be running away but because of Tibbers, they are slowed, so just Disintegrate your next target then catch all of them in the Pyromania stun of Incinerate to get all 3 of them. After that you should have aced them. Saying everything went perfectly.

(you can interchange Summon: Tibbers and Incinerate if you want though I suggest not because Summon: Tibbers has a bigger range and could hurt more people compared to Incinerate. Also, [incinerate]]'s range is small and you have to go near them to catch the whole team. By then you would've died because you will have to go to the front line to catch them all.)

This combos also work when you gang another lane with 2 or more people.

This combo is for when you get ganged.

(This normally works for me, I either kill them both or run away successfully.)

For this to work you have to make sure you have at least 2 charges of Pyromania to be successful]]

2 charge of (anywhere)

explanation: you need at least 2 charges of Pyromania so you can easily charge your stun back up with your Incinerate and Molten Shield. When you use Incinerate first, you don't need to burn anybody because it's mainly for charging your stun. When you use Summon: Tibbers make sure you catch them both in the stun. By this time you can choose run away and don't risk your life, or risk you life for a double kill. I normally choose the second choice if it's only 2 champions and they aren't too fed. if you chose the first just run away they probably won't be able to catch you. If you chose the second, use Incinerate if it's ready to use, if it's not ready just Disintegrate the squishier target or the person more of a threat to you. By this time Incinerate is probably up again and use it hitting both, based on their health, you will probably be able to kill them already, but if they are still alive throw in Ignite and another Disintegrate and Molten Shield. Then just finish them off with auto-attacks of Incinerate if it is ready. They are probably dead by then.
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I like to get Amplifying Tome first and a Mana Potion or Health Potion first because the Amplifying Tome's AP boost allows me to farm easier with my Disintegrate and a pot to help my sustain.

I get this item next because of it's life steal and additional AP. The spell vamp enables me to stay in lane a bit more and 1v1 my enemy is lane. The aura is also nice if you have other casters in your team because of the spell vamp and AP.

I like to get this item next so I can more easily chase my enemy to stun with Disintegrate and Pyromania then run away safely. I don't like getting this early because I won't really need the speed to stun them because the enemy mid probably also doesn't have boots. I don't upgrade it yet to Sorcerer's Shoes until later because the movement speed given by Boots is okay.

I get this very early for the TON of AP! Having a lot of AP early is very nice for Annie because she can farm of efficiently with Disintegrate. Also, the pure AP bonus of Rabadon's Deathcap can help her finish of her enemies early in game and get fed quickly.

By this time of the game, everyone probably have their boots on and so we need our boots too to be able to escape them. I don't get this too early because, as I said a while ago, I don't really need the movement speed yet and the enemies aren't building magic resist to counter Annie early.

This time, most of the enemies have lots of movement speeds with their items and skills. So I like to get this to counter their movement speed boosts. Also by this time people are building magic resist and Annie can burst them down quickly and run away just as fast with my combos. So I will need to chase them. The slow of this item allows us to clean them up quickly because of the few AP and slow.

Once you reach this stage of your items, the enemies are probably smart enough to get the magic resist to counter Annie's awesome burst. So we need something to counter their magic resist. So I get Void Staff this also allows us to easily kill the tanks that are in the front lane absorbing all of the damage.

This is the very last item I get because by now their whole team's building magic resist so decreasing their magic resist will make it easier for you and your team caster to clear them up quickly. Also if your team has some sense and sees them build magic resist, they will also probably buy Abyssal Mask so these de-buffs will stack up together decreasing their magic resist to almost nothing!

Situational Items:
(I rarely almost never get these items)

Only get this item if you're having a real hard time managing your mana. Though I doubt you will be because Annie is only mana hungry early game and it also isn't too severe . If you do get this item I suggest selling this once you think you are managing your mana well and/or you mana is always at the cap.

I get this more often then Athene's Unholy Grail because she is very squishy and is normally targeted. Unlike Athene's Unholy Grail I suggest keeping this until the very end of the game and always remember to activate it. This will also remove all cc's and de-buffs on you.
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I like to get 21/0/9 focusing on AP and mana.

Offense Tree

I like to get this because I always and constantly use Ignite all the time and this mastery allow me to get additional AP when it is on cool down.

I get this to lower the cool downs of Annie so I can use Disintegrate more often to farm and to be able to kill my enemies quickly.

I like to get this for the additional AP so I can again, farm more efficiently and kill my enemies quickly.

I get this because sometimes, when I am done with the combo and the enemy didn't get killed, I am forced to auto-attack so this is what it's for. Also for more efficient farming when Disintegrate is down.

arcane magic I get this for those tanks that get lots of magic resist so I can quickly burst them down despite their magic resist.

I like to use this to power up Disintegrate and so it can more or else kill the minion right away when I blast it. Also the added AP is very nice for your combos.

I like to get this to power up my auto-attacks because of the added magic damage to your auto-attacks. It's very useful when you're forced to use your auto-attacks on minions when Disintegrate is down and when you're trying to kill someone and all your spells are in cool down.

This is really like a mini Rabadon's Deathcap and since I like to get a lot of AP items like Rabadon's Deathcap, it's very use for the increasing in percent part.

I really love getting this because whenever I play I like keeping their health quite low and so the bonus damage again enemies with low health are very useful to me.

Utility Tree

I get this since I need flash almost all the time. From ganging to escaping to chasing. So I get this for the cool down reduction on Flash.

I like getting this because as I said a while back, Annie is quite a mana hungry champion and need mana all the time. So the additional mana regeneration from Meditation , even though it's a few helps a lot.

Since I need and use Flash and Ignite almost all the time, I also need it almost all the time. So because of the fact Mastermind reduces summoner spell's cool down I get it.

I get this for the mana, but I don't really max it because my games normally take a short time and because the bonus mana given by Expanded Mind increases with level. So I don't like to place too much points on it.

I get this for the bonus spellvamp, but I don't max it - though I wish I could - because I don't have enough points. Also, the spellvamp given is very useful for sustain especially in the early game.
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I get this kind of runes so that I am able to break through those who like building lots of magic resists throughout the game.

I get this kind of rune to fix Annie's mana issues because as I said a while back, Annie is quite mana hungry.

I get this kind of rune for the additional AP to power up Annie's spells for efficient farm and harass.

I get this kind of rune again to power up my spells for better farming and harass. Also, some might think : "Why get AP when you could get spellvamp?". My answer to that is because once I get an early Will of the Ancients it supplies me with enough spellvamp for sustain and I don't need anymore.
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Early Game

During the early game, or the lanning phase as some call it, just play passively and constantly bring your cs up using Disintegrate on dying minions. Also if you want to poke and harass, do it when Pyromania is up so you could do a lot of damage and run away taking almost no damage at all. Just do this and once you reach level six, it's time to look for kills. First when looking for kills, make sure Pyromania then enter with either combo you want and kill him/her. Try to avoid getting ganged because you might die a lot. If you get ganged a lot it might be worth investing on some wards and placing them on the 2 bushes beside the mid lane.
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Mid Game

I say the mid game is when everyone starts to roam and most of the first line of turrets are destroyed. During this time, try to gang the lane that is losing and is being push. Stay in the bush near the top lane but is still in the river. If you are going to gang, make sure you have Pyromania up. Once you have it up, you could enter using flash then suddenly use Summon: Tibbers then go for the kill, or just simply walk in and do your combos. Also, try not to be caught alone in a lane because as I said this is the time when people start ganging and if they do see you alone, they will probably try and kill you. So try to always be with a partner. It's also nice to have dragon warded so ask your support to ward it if it's not yet warded.
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Late Game

I think the late game is when most turrets are destroyed and a certain team or both are pushed to their base already or even more. Again, always stay with a partner so they won't try to kill you. Also by this time, it's about time to get baron and dragon already so it's nice to have them both warded and ask your support to ward them if they aren't warded. Again play it safe and always stay in the back line of your team whether there's a team fights or not because you will never know when one might suddenly pop up. This is also the time when most of you and the enemy are all pushing mid desperate to win, so quickly clear up minion waves with you Incinerate to be able to push faster.
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Team Fights

First of all, ALWAYS STAY AT THE BACK LINE! Staying at the front line will get you killed because Annie is very squishy and will likely be targeted if she is caught out of position. Second of all try to use the combos I told you a while back all the time. Whether you are using the single target combo or team fight combo. Try to keep using your spells at the back line and try to utilize your AOE spells so that it stun or at least hurts their whole team. Next thing is, always use your spells when it is out of cool down, even your Molten Shield. Also, since you will be starting the fight with [[Summon: Tibbers], it will be nice to place him in the middle of the enemy team so that all of them gets hurt by his AOE damaging aura. Although Tibbers might die there, put him there anyways more the maximum damage output because of you make him play safe, he will probably die because he ran out of time and won't deal as much damage unlike if you place him in the middle of the fight. You can also put him there and feel he's safe because normally, they won't focus on Tibbers and on the front line of you team so Tibbers can attack freely without feeling worried he might die, unless of course time runs out.
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To farm efficiently with Annie you would like to constantly use Disintegrate on dying minions to kill them and get the mana refunded. Disintegrate is the best farming tool of Annie because of it's high damage output and the fact that it refunds mana if it deals the killing blow. So I use it on minions who have enough health to get kill by Disintegrate. Some people like to max their Incinerate first because of it's AOE damage output. I don't do this because it isn't a good harassing tool and Disintegrate refunds mana unlike Incinerate. Also when using Incinerate, don't use it on high health minions where you're sure Incinerate won't burn them to death but just lower their life very low because your minions will just get the kill on the low life minions while you can only get one or two. So i just suggest using Disintegrate on minions and get your mana refunded.
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And this is finally the end of my Annie guide: Annie, fire girl and Tibbers, fire bear. I hope it helped you a lot and lived up to your expectations. I will really appreciate comments on what I need to improve on and votes to see how well I did in this guide. Also please comment if you want to know some other stuff I may have forgotten to place inside this guide.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Perpy
Perpy Annie Guide
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Annie the Fire Girl and Tibbers the Fire Bear

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