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League of Legends Build Guide Author Courageux

Anti-DPS Ezreal

Courageux Last updated on February 27, 2011
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Okay, so I know this my seem like a VERY strange build but bear with me while I explain it. This build suits my playstyle when playing Ez and nets me a lot of kills. A lot of people say "lol, tiamat on ez" but end up feeding me late game. x_x So if you'd care to, take the time to listen while I explain this build.

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Ok, now I run armor pen runes for the obvious early game advantage. With full armor pen runes your early game harass really hurts. So does your q.

The mana regen per lv runes eliminate the need for a mana item. I only get the faerie charm to supplement the low regen early game. But by the time you get to lv 4 you'll be regenerating enough mana for your needs in lane.

The glyphs don't really need to be explained I think. CDR always helps.

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I run a standard 21-0-9 build on Ez with one point on neutral monster buffs to keep the red buff on me longer. I've tried a lot of mastery builds on Ez and so far this one still works out best.

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Right, now on to the hard part. I know that a lot of you probably found my item build really weird especially on a dps ez. Well here's the thing. I've been playing Ez for a long time and I've had lot of time to revise, adjust, and accommodate various items on him. After all the experimentation I finally found that the key to winning with Ez isn't just to supplement what he's already good at but also evenly trying to counter-act what he's innately bad at. I've yet to see a pure AD Ez stand up to my build so I'm sure it works. This build can even go toe to toe with Yi given the right circumstances.

Berserker's Greaves- Okay first on the list is berk greaves. The extra aspd does help. If you're only relying on q and e to give you enough aspd to pump out damage that only amounts to about a 30% aspd increase. With berk greaves you increase that to about 55%. That's pretty substantial in itself because you get in that extra hit that may mean the difference between him getting away and you dealing enough damage early game for your ignite to finish him off.

Tiamat- Ok here's the thing. Without any form of regen in lane early game, you're bound to be blue pilled home after being kited a few times. Having regen counteracts this. The extra mana regen helps you keep your q up along with the mana per lv runes and the health regen helps you with kiting. How? When you harass with a normal attack the creeps target you right? And you're pretty damn squishy. So without regen if you keep doing it you may end up more harassed than whoever you're kiting. With regen, you gain the hp lost from kiting back. Try to target someone who doesn't have a regen item of his own and watch the trade-off. Also, Ez sucks pretty bad at farming... Ever end up using your r to bring a creep wave down to half then have to q every last one one by one to farm? Tiamat eliminates this. Plus if you're laned against someone smart, he'll stay behind his creeps to avoid your q. With tiamat you can still him him if he sticks too close to his creeps.

Trinity Force- Burst damage, extra movespeed and more aspd, plus the occasional slow. Nuff said.

Banshee's Veil- Okay, this one's kind of situational. If you're faced with a lot of cc and ap then get it. You can't always rely on your e to save your life. Say you get slowed before you can pop your e? Even if you flash away you're still slow enough for them to catch up. Or if you get stunned after your e? You're still dead. Get this. HOWEVER, if you're NOT faced with a lot of cc and ap then skip this and get your cleaver or if the other team has a lot of AD then skip this and get Frozen Heart.

The Black Cleaver- It complements the rune set-up, counteracts tanks, procs on your q, makes your aspd even FASTER, and makes your q hurt MORE. There's nothing bad about this item.

Frozen Heart- Ok, now here's another toughie to explain. "OMFG tank item on Ez. NOOB!" Wrong. Here's the thing. Frozen Heart slows enemy aspd by 20% right? Your w spell at lv 5 slows enemy aspd by 40%. Do the math. That's a 60% decrease to any DPS character near you unlucky enough to get hit by your w. The CDR also help by decreasing your q's CD down to 2.3 secs. AND the extra armor means you don't die after getting hit a few times. The extra stats from the frozen heart make up for Ezreal's innate squishiness letting him go toe to toe with the likes of Ashe or Sivir or even Master Yi. Try it. I know it sounds weird but hell it works.

Situational Items- If faced with tanks get Madred's Bloodrazor. Works wonders with constant q harassment. Have an annoying dodger like Jax on the other team? Get Sword of the Divine and watch him cry.

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Skill Sequence

Skill priority is r-q-e-w. I don't get e early because the reduced CD on e really helps. BUT if you're faced with a lot of DPS then invest in 1 point in w to help you out dps them early.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost- Helps you get away from sticky situations and let's you set-up your e and q if used properly. If you suddenly pop ghost and start chasing them down they usually run away from their creeps towards their tower. BIG mistake. Time it right, pop your e then throw a q ending with ignite. Or use ghost to run in and out of skirmishes keeping yourself at a safe distance to avoid getting focused down. Lots of utility in this spell.

Ignite- Pesky healers? Ignite. Not enough dmg to ensure a kill? Ignite.

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So that's it for me. I hope you found this guide useful and feel free to try out my build. If you have any questions leave a comment at the bottom of the page. GLHF!

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Ranked Play

Early Game- Start off with your Rejuvenation Bead and Faerie Charm along with a Health Potion. Early game in lane try to harass with auto-attacks and q as much as possible and if you see an opportunity to kill with your combo + Ignite then go for it. When you're forced to blue pill back home, try to have enough money to finish your Tiamat and get your Boots of Speed. If not then grab your Boots of Speed and your Pickaxe. Try to net a couple early game kills and watch your team's lanes to see if you can r a low hp enemy champion turtling by their tower. I'm prone to visiting allied lanes to net kills by the time my r is up. DON'T just use your r to last hit. Sometimes it's better to initiate with it especially if they're already at half life. They usually end up running back to their towers easily letting you set-up your e+q without having to worry about creeps. Make sure you land it though. :p

Mid-game- You should be halfway to finishing your Trinity Force by now. If not then try to farm a bit till you do. Your farming should be a breeze thanks to Tiamat. Try to keep the red buff on you and continue what you were doing early game. If you get into a team fight use r to hit as many people as possible. Focuse down the squishies and watch for people fleeing from team fights that you can chase down with Ghost+e. Also, watch the lanes for isolated squishies you can take down. By the end of mid-game you should be halfway to finishing your Banshee's Veil OR have a BF. Sword for your The Black Cleaver.

Late-game- This is where you'll shine. Most Ezreal builds lose strength around late-mid to late game. But with this build you'll have enough staying power to not be delegated to the role of simply support fire. Dish out as much punishment as possible and try to aim for the squishy dps characters if you can. With frozen heart you'll slow them enough to out dps them and trade hits.