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Aatrox Build Guide by pentergun

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author pentergun

AP AA Blood Menace

pentergun Last updated on October 25, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Aatrox with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Katarina Katarina shouldn't be too hard of an opponent when laning against her. She relies on poking, & bursting you down, so make sure to be have your Q ready for her R when needed as this is a must to land the kills on her without giving her potential of getting fed on you!
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Introduction & How I go about my guides! + My reasons!

Hello and welcome to my guide!


I'm not the best player out there, but I like to explore the limits of most champions as they usually have a lot higher potential than the current meta says.

When I talk about breaking the meta, it isn't just limited to change between ap/ad, tanky or not, but the potential of trying builds that are uncommon to use in current meta, like movement speed builds etc. etc.

Keep in mind, this guide isn't actually to show u the "best" way i think to play this champion as, but rather a guide to what u could try to spice up ur gameplay with that champion from time to time, afterall games are made to have fun on.

Often when you break the meta, people might look at it as trolling, however, is it really trolling?
Trolling, & trying out your champion to their limits is 2 different things, just cuz you don't do what everyone else does, dosen't mean it's trolling, just you getting more experience with the champion!

What I look at as trolling, is if you're seariously trying to ruin for your team, like intentional feeding etc.
Breaking the Meta however is just people trying out new stuff with their champions, which is postive, but is negative actions through most of the league community, as most people don't see why they would do such a thing.

Remember guyz, this is a game, its meant to be fun, its a competive game, but why can't you have fun with learning aswell & trying out new stuff? :)

Be positive for new things, maybe you'll find your favorite ways to play each champion by breaking the meta!

Some of my favorite break the meta champions!:

Miss Fortune - Mage - Mid (She got a pretty good clear speed & aoe damage output for your team as Ap Mf)

Malphite - Assassin - Mid (After you get DFG on this guy he got a really high assassinate potential)

Fiora - Adc - Bot (Its not common to go melee as adc, but it can be pretty good, Fiora usually gets through bot lane as a carry with a support like Lee Sin or others with CC locks)

Swain - Support - Bot (What i've realized is that kill support work pretty good to get your adc fed, what I mean by kill support is that you get fed, to get the Adc fed.
This is not suggested as its not optimal to do this without a premade agreeing to do this, the goal is still to get the adc fed, this can be hard without synergy, as most people who just met ingame don't have)

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Welcome to Ap Aa Guide!!!

Hey guyz!

This is gonna be my first guide, so probably not gonna be that good, but gotta do the work to get good!

First of all, this build is not tanky even tho thats good on Aatrox, this build is meant to change the playerstyle into more of an assassinate & walk out playerstyle than a sustain fixed champion.

Which means that you have to be more careful about when you go in & when you should use your combo or not, you're not tanky, which means you're gonna die quickly as you've become a squishy champion with this kinda playerstyle.

When you go Ap Aatrox, your damage lies in your ultimate & in your E.

When you're gonna play Ap Aa, you could think of it as playing Katarina, poke, poke, burst down.

I like to getpretty early on as this will help with the burst Which is E ---> Q ---> R Which should deal decent damage.

Aatrox is known for his sustain, his W, which makes him able to heal up right away, so we can't forget this ability even if we go Ap.

Since we gotta add in his W in our thoughts, I see it fit to getas this will give Ap ratio damage on his basic attacks, aswell as faster possibility of triggering the 3rd basic attack in fights, another good item could beas this will give him a mixed resource of both Ap & Ad, not just that but also more sustain on both his abilities & his basic attacks!

Aatrox himself is basicly centered around basic attacks, & since you're kind of guranteed to use basic attacks with him even when you go Ap, you should probably get eitheror .
To be honest I would forget about Trinity Force as this playerstyle is focused around the Ap ratio burst, which means you probably would deal more damage with Lich Bane either way!

There is one item I think can be a pretty good item for most Ap Midlaners, & that would bebut thats only if you get fed, this item is pointless if you don't get kills nor assists.

Even tho his ult is AoE, i'd like to look at his ult on Ap Aa as an single target burst, as u will only be using DFG on 1 player, & without DFG he dosen't deal too much damage so make sure to be careful around teamfights, you're an easy target, & u only got one shot, if u mess up your assassinations, that could mean the death of you, but thats why you have your team mates!

You're 5 people, your job is to assassinate the squishies & the high priority targets like Adc, don't tunnelvision Adc tho, even if Adc is an important target, its not alwayz the best choice to target the Adc over someone else on their team.

When it comes to runes, I like to go this setup as you can see above, for easier farming & basic attack damage when needed.
I'm not that good of an player, which might be why i decide to go this on him, but some other runes i could suggest would probably be some Ap/penetration runes.

Threaths should be updated later, I got a sense of what threaths he have, but I want to confirm this by playing some games before adding in my opinions on which champions you should look out after.

Thanks for taking time to watch this small guide of mine!
Feel free to comment what you think about this small guide, I want to improve as a guide writer so please give me suggestions!
Thanks, see ya on the next guide :)