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Jax Build Guide by ThyHoneynut

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ThyHoneynut


ThyHoneynut Last updated on October 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Jax is one of THE best Attack Damage and Ability Power duality. In my experience in game-play, Jax is the champion that your enemies will run from. If built correctly and played smart, I truly believe that if you follow my guide it will help you out immensely in the following battles to come.

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Jax's prowess with weapons and armor increase his fortitude as he gains equipment:
Jax gains 3 Health per point of Attack Damage received from items.
Jax gains 2 Health per point of Ability Power received from items.

Jax leaps toward a target. If it's an enemy, he hits the enemy for 50/75/100/125/150 (+) (+0.7) magic damage.

65/65/65/65/65 Mana

Empower size-72
Jax charges his weapon with energy, causing his next attack to deal an additional 75/110/145/180/215 (+) (+0.4) magic damage.

20/20/20/20/20 Mana

Counter Strike - Jax's prowess allows him to dodge enemy attacks frequently. After avoiding an attack Jax can quickly stun surrounding enemies.

Passive: Increases Jax's Dodge chance by 10/12/14/16/18%.

Active: Jax stuns surrounding enemies for 1/1/1/1/1 second and deals 80/110/140/170/200 (+0.6) magic damage to them.

Usable only within 7/7/7/7/7 seconds of dodging an attack.
60/60/60/60/60 Mana

Jax's greatest talent lies in his ability to grow stronger with every attack. Each successive attack increases his Attack Speed temporarily, and every third blow will devastate his target. Jax can activate this ability to gain temporary Magic Resist based on his Dodge chance.
Passive: Jax's basic attacks increase his Attack Speed by 6/10/14% for 2.5/2.5/2.5 seconds (max 10 stacks). Every third consecutive attack deals 140/170/210 (+0.7) bonus magic damage.

Active: Jax's speed allows him to reduce incoming magic damage. For 5/6.5/8 seconds his Magic Resist is increased by 20/35/50 plus his Dodge percent totalling Magic Resist.

80/80/80 Mana

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I feel that Exhaust really helps in any case, where an enemy has low health and is close to dying. Exhaust will allow you to slow your opponent for a 3.5 seconds(with the cripple) mastery added, allowing you to finish your opponent off. I really like to use it when laning with someone, because a kill is almost guaranteed.

This is my favorite spell. It can help you avoid many enemy ultimates,ganks, and near death experiences, but it can also help you get kills too...

In the first scenario example...When laning, you'll sometimes have cases where an enemy's health is really really low and you KNOW all they'll need is a good leapstrike to finish them off. Sometimes you will have dumbass opponents, believe it or not, who will stay nearby instead of going back to base.

Why would they do this?
Sometimes you will see your opponents doing this because they need experience(in game), or they don't want to risk losing their turret. Either they will stay behind their fellow minions and/or pretty close to their turret, as long as they are a good distance away from you and your leapstrike.

If their health is really low, you can surprise them, by using empower first, then immediately using flash towards them, and again, immideately followed by leapstrike. This will completely catch them off guard, allowing you to be in range from your leapstrike, allowing you to kill them before they can run away

In the second scenario, sometimes you'll see an enemy champion with really low health, standing right behind their turret. People usually don't expect you to fight them near enemy turrets, and especially don't expect you to kill them before the turret kills you. If you are at a decent level or have decent health and you KNOW you can take them out, then do so. Immediately after you kill your opponent, flash as far away as you can, so you are immediately out of the turret's range and avoid dying.

These two are the best possible combinations of spells for Jax I think. However.....

If you feel that you are really good with this spell, then I would suggest using it. This can aid you in a lot of kills, especially against Tryndamere's annoying Ulti, and anyone else who is really low on health, who may just run away. This will save you the trouble of running after your near-death opponent. If you do use this instead of Exhaust, then make sure you don't add "Cripple" to the masteries and instead, upgrade "Burning Embers" This will give you 10 ability power while your ignite spell is on cooldown.

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In the beginning, you can either choose or you can choose the Boots of Speed. I first choose Boots of Speed, because jax isn't that squishy, so I feel it is unnecessary to buy armor this early on, anyway. When you lane with a teammate, it is possible to get an enemy champion down to low health. I feel that boots of speed will allow you to catch up to your enemy, allowing for your leap strike to be in range and to end with a finishing blow. This will also help you get the extra movement speed to run away or escape if needed. So choose Boots of Speed First!!!(just hopefully they don't have boots of speed too! hoho!)

After you have 500g, (After you've already bought the Boots of Speed) which shouldn't take long, buy these boots when you can. Ninja Tabi provides 12% dodge, which if you're following my skill sequence too, you will already be about 25(without runes)dodge percentile even before level 6. That's 1/4 hits, you will dodge.Please don't be one of those people that think it's okay to to buy In my opinion. Jax NEEDS Ninja Tabi.

This is Jax's 2nd MAIN item, that in my opinion, NEEDS. Giving you 35 Attack Damage and 45 ability power, it's a good equalizer to jax's AP/AD duality. It's passive is really why it's worth it, I think. Jax's ulti(passive) allows you to gain speed BY 6/10/14% with every consecutive attack with 10 stacks. With the Guinsoo's Rageblade, with every consecutive attack, you will gain 4% attack speed with 6 ability power, and up to 8 stacks. Both jax's ulti(passive) and the Guinsoo's Rageblade will run at the same time as you attack. So when you have full stacks with both, you will have accumulated a good bit of speed. This will give your hextech gunblade even more benefits when you obtain it.

These two are very good items and are both needed for the Hextech Gunblade, an even better item. By the time you get to these items, if you feel like you are doing very well in gameplay, I would go ahead and get Bilgewater Cutlass. This will allow you to slow a single opponent for 3 whole seconds by 50%(and dealing 150 magic damage), which is very useful if they are trying to run away, which I only use it if running away, or to get that final blow. Just remember that the range for this item is pretty small, so stay with your opponent. Use it as soon as you think he is running away.If he is not dead by the time the slow wears off, but is really low on health, it might be a good idea to use "Exhaust" which will slow your opponent for 40% for another 3 whole seconds, which will allow you to finish the job. If you feel that you are dying too much. It may be a good idea to buy the Hextech Revolver instead, first. This will give you 40% Ability Power and 15% Vamp, giving you the upper edge on an opponent. Because although your opponent might be hurting you, you will earn a good bit back with this item, whether you are attacking minions or a champion.

Reading the attributes of this item appeals to any player and they know it's one bad *** weapon. It's the cutlass and hextech revolver combined plus an extra 25 attack damage and 35 ability power. It also has 25% vamp. This is indeed a very good item. Like the Cutlass, you can slow characters by 50 percent when used, except it has a much larger range, as big as your leapstrike and it deals 300 magic damage instead of 150 magic damage. You should use it the same way as I described how to use the cutlass and revolver.

>>>>> >>>>

Nashor's tooth is an underrated and overlooked item for Jax. I feel like it is a REALLY important item for near late game. I would buy stinger first. Why? Once you buy stinger, its starts off as if you have 6 stacks with the Guinsoo's Rageblade and Jax's ulti(passive). So now when you get full stacks with both items, you will be attacking lightening fast. Nashors tooth with the Hextech Gunblade will definitely allow you to take ANY champion 1 on 1. Sometimes even 1 on 2. If you are going 1 on 1 with a caster, it might be a good idea to activate jax's ultimate, as it provides 20/35/50 magic resistance

This item is your friend. For me in gameplay, this has allowed me to take 1 on 3 sometimes....not only will this increase your ability power by a good bit, but everytime you use an ability, your next physical attack will deal an additional 100% of your ability power in damage. No questions asked, get this item.

This my friend, is the icing on the cake...the bee's knees. Once you get this item, You will be so fuggin powerful and so fast that it will take all the enemy champions on the other team to take you out. No joke. You will literally be a lightening bolt of death to everyone on the field, especially to squishy champions. You will be the reign of terror on the battlefield. You will be ********ing champion after champion with you in the mix.

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AP jax vs AP/AD jax

Jax is called the grandmaster at arms for a reason. As ap/ad Jax I have gone against players who think it's a good idea to use AP Jax and have dominated them. The only benefit of going AP jax is that your abilities will do a little more damage than if you went AP/AD jax.If your abilities had zero cool-down time, than it would be flawless, but since they do, it's not a good idea, especially since jax is a melee fighter. Also, if you are AP jax, your ulti's passive, "every-third-hit-critical" would be useless, since Attack Damage is necessary. All melee fighters need attack damage. Since jax uses Ability Power AND Attack Damage, it is essential to equal out the ap/ad as best as you can, which is why the build I have provided in my opinion is pretty good, because it does just that.

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Not many people really consider minions as a good source of money, but I believe they are worth more than champions...well, early game anyway. You need to get skilled at getting those last hits on minions. End hits on 8-10 minions can equal 1 champion kill, and you'll definitely be obtaining more minion kills then champion kills. I steal minion kills from other champions as much as I can. You can say in your minds "boo" but you won't when you come out on top over everyone. Jax's ulti(passive) let you finish off minions easily so keep that in mind.

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Tips for Jax during Gameplay

    Try not initiating enemy champions until you get to level 6. For some reason, I feel really discontent without jax's ultimate. If your ally in your lane is fighting, and it's obvious he wants you to help, then do so, but let him take the damage before you, until level 6

    When playing, try facing melee, attack-damage-only champions. For this will really put your counterstrike/dodge rate to really good use in the beginning. If you see Annie(caster) and Pantheon(melee) in your lane but see Teemo(range, but attack damage) and lee sin(melee) in the other lane, ask one of your teammates to switch lanes.

    It may be a good idea to let nearby, enemy minions attack you until it ques your counterstrike(which if you have full dodge runes) it should only be 1-2 second(s) After obtaining the counterstrike que, Use empower first, and then leapstrike your opponent and THEN use counterstrike, stunning your enemy(ies)

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Tips vs Casters

How do you deal with casters using jax? This question was brought to me, but I wasn't quite sure how to respond. But now that I've thought about it, here is what I've got. Using your ulti gives you 20/35/50 magic resistance, so it might be smart to use that when facing casters. I've never really had too much of a problem vs Casters, quite honestly.

A good strategy, again, might be to let nearby enemy minions attack you until your counterstrike is qued. After you're counterstrike is que'd, you should use empower and then leapstrike your opponent followed by counterstrike right after, dealing a good amount of damage and stunning your enemy at the same time, allowing you to keep doing damage. Hopefully atleast 1 minion will keep attacking you, so you can dodge it, and keep stunning. There are a lot of casters who relatively squishy, such as:

And many more

If there are no minions around, try using just empower and leapstrike. If you are in front of a caster, attacking, they will start to attack you, but hopefully you are doing more damage than they are. Hopefully they just stand there until dead, but most of the time, they will try running. It may be a good idea to use your or to slow your opponent, as they will focus on escaping, rather than trying to fight you, giving you more take-down time. If the caster you are up against is really fed, it is best to see if anyone on your team is fed as well and tell them to fight the caster instead, or talk to your teammates and convince them to gank. Usually if caster's or anyone is fed, it usually means they have a nice streak going. So if you kill them, you will get a good amount of gold, helping you on your way to to get the better items. So don't be afraid to ask for a gank.

If you are single laning vs a caster, it may be a good idea to buy or whichever you prefer, as most casters will buy in the beginning. If you buy in the beginning when single laning against a caster, they will have the upper edge on you because of what doran's ring provides.

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The truth about these items

Honestly, all these items are pretty expensive. You will most likely only get to lich bane. However, if you focus on ganking rather than pushing, you will definitely get it.

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I honestly can say that if this guide does NOT help you, then you should try one more time. The build and advice I have given you is pretty good i feel. I'm not cocky, just confident. I play nothing but Jax, and win most of the time as long as my teammates don't feed.