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Team Guide by SatanicBunny

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SatanicBunny


SatanicBunny Last updated on April 13, 2013
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With the help of Darius the persian lord, sultan Tryndaqueer increased his allah **** package. Darius is a AP/Crit Chance Hybrid. He exeeds in soloing baron with the help of undying ragge. his brother DRAAAAAAVEN, exeeds in crit and mana regen. BUILD BY Dotex (FRIEND REQUESTS ARE ACCEPETED) MAY ALLAH BE WITH DARINAZI. I recomend Engaging with you ULT and if you die, blame it on support. KSING is an important part of darius, when a enemy champion is low use your teleport and ult the living **** out of dat nigggauuuuhhh. also u must use a custom skin. especially the nazi skin for darius to learn german and call for HITLER TO CRIT CHANCE FOR ME I MEAN DAIUS. when jungling with darius. refuse the leashes the team offers you, and when you die to wolfs say report for no leashing. right after that say this,:::: No LEASH NO GANK!. and immidietly dc from the game. when back doring with darius, hit the nexus until little health is left. BTW all teemomates must be dead. when they think thats it is gg use ur ghooost to run in their fountain. SAY LAGG and MISSCLICKED overall tryndaqeer is an amazing kassssssssss. hail hitler 8=================D



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