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Ezreal Build Guide by Sakuragi

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sakuragi

AP Ezreal - Let's Beat Around the Bush! [11/30]

Sakuragi Last updated on December 6, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Load up on that Barrett Sniper Rifle!

It's a new game, and I tell my team I'm going AP Ezreal. The Kassadin says, "GG, AP Ezreal sucks."
Oh boy, he has no idea how wrong he is. Six minutes into the game, and saving him a gazillion times, he's asking for forgiveness. "We're friends now, are we not?"

Here was the outcome of that game =

Anyways, here I am on a build for Ezreal, The Prodigal Explorer, specially made for Dominion. Although you can also utilize it in Summoner's Rift, but I'm sure most people have their own ways of playing him in Summoner's Rift, including the vast majority who enjoy AD Ezreal more than AP Ezreal.

[Edited on November 17th, after excessive playing/addiction with Ezreal. >.>]

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So...why AP Ezreal?

HE IS SO UNDERESTIMATED. Honestly. You see an Ezreal being picked during any type of game mode, and people automatically think "AD". WHY?! Sure, his Q is wonderful, his passive is a great addition, but for Dominion, with its quick and aggressive playing-style, auto attacking will rarely get you anywhere. I've 1v1 AD Ezreals so many times, and I've won nearly all of them (if we were at equal health). AD Ezreal just doesn't work as well in Dominion as he does in SR.
Besides the fact that I've played Ezreal for a very long time, and that he is my main (along with Kennen, though I find Ezreal to be more fun instead of AoE nuking), and I have tried many different builds on this site and builds I've made myself. I don't enjoy AD Ezreal. Sure, his passive allows to even meet Master Yi's level, but usually, I don't find myself in team fights where I can stand and spam my auto attack without getting killed. I'm a person who gets in and gets out, while leaving behind a bloody trail. Besides, three of Ezreal's skills are AP-Based, so, why not?
It's noted that Ezreal also does more damage with an AP build. Because Dominion forces you into team fights all the time, inflicting huge amounts of damage at once is more important than standing there and auto-attacking. You need to move quick, act fast, and murder. Not to mention, since Dominion is such a small map, it's easy to practice map awareness, and you can always catch an enemy off-guard with Trueshot Barrage, or as I like to call it, the ultimate sniper. More on this later.
There's also a strategy I figured out not long ago. I will emphasize on it in another section of the guide.

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Items and Runes

I won't go into too much detail because I believe there's just too many ways to use the masteries and runes for Ezreal. And I'm just giving my suggestions - I am not saying that they are the best out there, but what I've experimented and felt was most efficient. And I am still trying out new builds every day, so, even my views may change.
For now, I have Greater Glyph of Ability Power and Quintessence of Ability Power, just for an extra boost for that W in the beginning, Greater Mark of Magic Penetration, for that magic penetration you need, and Greater Seal of Health for that extra health you need which helps a LOT.

As for masteries, I find that a bit in support and most of your points in offensive is enough to help you be the offensive carry you are.

I start out with a Sheen. After experimenting with various items, including Fiendish Codex and Prospector's Ring, I find this is the item that helps the most early game. With the extra boost of ability power, the extra mana (which helps A LOT, guaranteed, and the fact an auto-attack can shoot over 100 damage early on, can really help any team fight. Even if you're on the bottom and soloing an enemy, they WILL not see that massive amount of Essence Flux and then an auto-attack coming up. Great way to poke and finish people.

Now, for boots, you have several options.
Ionian Boots of Lucidity is what I get for the cooldown reduction. I tend to build a lot of items with cooldown reduction, since having your ultimate up at all times is a great help in your team, and plus, your Arcane Shift resets quickly, allowing you to escape faster in any fight/do more damage.
You can also get Sorcerer's Shoes if you really want to go all AP, or Bezerker's Greaves, for more attack speed, if you wish to build Ezreal a bit more hybridly. Up to you. I personally just prefer cooldown reduction.

Items are a testy one. I've used a lot of builds in the past. You have several options here, depending on your style.

Your Main Items.

I tend to emphasize on ability power and cooldown reduction, because that's what makes Ezreal so dangerous. Being able to pull off massive damage with Essence Flux within matter of seconds and dodging enemy moves and poking with your Arcane Shift is what makes Ezreal a formidable opponent in Dominion.
I went over the first two items, which are Sheen and Ionian Boots of Lucidity. Now, what I build third is Morello's Evil Tome. Why?
Well, it has a great cooldown reduction (20%! Add that onto your boots, and you'll be doing great damage), not to mention, that 70 ability power, all for the cheap price of 2.3k. You'll be sniping and stopping people from capturing turrets in no time. It's easy to get quick gold in Dominion, and especially if you had a good start early game, you can almost always get this right after your first team fight. Your Essence Flux will be doing over 200 damage with this, and you can spam your abilities much more.
Since you've got Sheen, why not get Lich Bane? Another massive burst of ability power, extra mana (you will never run out by this time}, magic resistance (dam those Akalis!} and that 8% movement speed is A WIN. Not to mention that auto-attack really helps a lot, especially if you're chasing down opponents.

Alternative Items.

Now, this is where it gets a little versatile. I usually build Rylai's Crystal Scepter, especially if you're not an Exhaust person. This, combined with your Essence Flux can easily chase down opponents or have them running around the turret just trying to kill you. It's like Heimer's turrets, all-in-one. That extra health also helps a lot, especially if you're up against DPS kings like Jax or Xing Zhao, and you can simply finish them off or just slow them down if they're running after you. Great item. Not to mention another great boost of ability power.

I also get Deathfire Grasp. That's another great cooldown reduction right there. If you get it, then you'll literally have 50% CR by the end of the game, and that puts your ultimate at 48 seconds, and your Q at 2 seconds. Amazing. I believe your E becomes 6 seconds too, and you can spam W a LOT more.
But there's another reason I get this. Forget the mana regeneration, you need that active. It DEALS MAGIC DAMAGE TO TARGET CHAMPION EQUAL TO 30% OF THEIR HEALTH? Holy ****! Goodbye, Xin Zhao, Jax, and Akali. Pop this in the middle of any fight, teleport away, poke again, and they're literally dead, especially if they're the greedy type.

Another alternative to this, if you wish to go a bit hybrid, would be Hextech Gunblade. Another great ability power boost, and even life steal. It also slows down the opponent with its active, although not nearly as powerful, very helpful. But it's more expensive, and I don't find myself really utilizing that life steal as much as I like. I just use it for the extra boost of damage in any fight.

Rabadon's Deathcap can be built instead of Deathfire, especially if you need a huge boost of AP towards the end. Sometimes I go that direction too, especially if it's late game and I just need that huge amount of AP quickly.

Malady is also helpful. Attack speed, and it's passive is a bonus. But again, I don't find myself auto-attacking too much, and especially if you're soloing any DPS kings, you're dead.

Nashor's Tooth is another alternative for your cooldown reduction items. It is 25% Cooldown Rdeuction, and also has great attack speed and decent ability power. If you really do like auto-attacking, you can go for this.

If you're going up against tanky people, let your DPS carries do most of the damage while you slow down them down with Rylai's, or take off their HP gradually with your abilities. It's really up to you how you build Ezreal, but I'm just throwing some recommendations out there, and what I found was most useful.

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Your summoner skills are Ignite and Flash. Perhaps Exhaust or even Surge if you wish.

Flash is another way to fall back from a team fight. Using this along with Arcane Shift can literally guarantee a two-teleport way to escape. Highly useful. I get it on every champion. Also, I can use it as a beat-around-the-bush strategy with the Windmill on top. Arcane Shift onto the turret, Flash into the bushes, and repeat the process.

Ignite is also another move I get on every champion. You just can't finish off that guy, or he's running away like a wimp! Pop Ignite and you've got yourself a free kill. (I find this very useful on Kennen.) However, being Ezreal with his auto-attacks, this may not always be handy. You can always substitute it with one of the newer summoner spells for defense, or even Exhaust, depending on how you roll.
But it did get boosted with the new Season 2 Summoner Spells, and it maybe become very handy now for poking around turrets and taking down those low-health champs.

Exhaust is extremely helpful, but I've never gotten it because I keep forgetting to use it during a fight. I'm just never really focused on CC moves, that's why I keep forgetting to use my items in fights and such. You might be a different case. Ring-around-the-turret after Exhausting an opponent and let them take the bulk of the damage. Then finish off the enemy quickly.

Surge helps early-game, and somewhat late-game. It can REALLY boost the power of your W and E, but not by too much. I would recommend it for the people who like to play very aggressively.

Ghost is another option. I just don't find it as helpful as two flashes in a row. If you're CCed, then you're screwed. Ezreal just doesn't need to run away. He can poke easily with his long-ranged moves and teleport away when necessary.

Ezreal's Skills

Mystic Shot
Again, you are not playing AP Ezreal, so this move may not always come in handy in team fights. But it's great to use if you have time to spare and you're laning with some minions. You can use it to farm or I mainly use it to make the cooldown on my ultimate go down faster. Another useful role this skill plays is finishing off champions. Its range is longer than Essence Flux and may also be easier to aim. A downside is that it doesn't go through minions, but timed right on an escaping champion may just give you a free kill.

Essence Flux
This move isn't useful?! THINK AGAIN! It's freaking overpowered in early team fights. I mean, with the ability to take out over a hundred of anyone's HP at once? Good game! This move kicks *** late-game especially with a lot of stacked AP. And one of my favorite aspects of this move is the fact that it can go through minions, making it an epic way to harass and finish off champions, especially in Summoner's Rift, though this guide will not be talking about that.
It also slows down an enemy's attack speed. Goodbye, Yi.

Arcane Shift
Let the holy music play now! The run-away, murder, and quick travel all-in-one! You can use this move to fall back from a team fight with Flash, chase after an escaping champion with it's skill shot, or even just run faster through the map if you're that bored.
It's nearly as strong as Essence Flux and a single teleport can do massive damage to a champion close to you. Learn how to master this versatile move and you'll pulling off epic combos in no time. I usually use this to escape enemy moves (especially skill shots), flash behind them, poke them with either your Q or W, and repeat. It's a great way to piss off people since you're so slippery, especially if you've built cooldown reduction.
There's a GREAT strategy for this that I'll go over later. It's literally a Holy Grail for Ezreal.
There was a game not long ago where I was standing at a capture with less than 50% of my HP. This Riven thinks she can take me on, and she has only a fraction of her HP left. She runs at me, and as she gets close, I stop capturing the point and teleport once.
She's dead.
"Nice try, Riven."

Trueshot Barrage
YOUR SNIPER. I don't care which map you're in, but this move can pick off any careless champion. It's even better in Dominion since it is such a small map. (More on this later.)
Have great map awareness, and the fact that it builds off AP can lead up to you doing more than a thousand damage at the end, easily turning the tide in a team fight or just headshotting anyone. TIME IT RIGHT AND YOU WIN. Ezreal is a great way to practice your aim with the mouse, especially if you plan to play people like Kennen or Lee Sin.

I won't go over his passive since it's rather straightforward. Again, do as you please. I am not enforcing anything on you.

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Dominion-Style Skills

I am pretty sure most of you have touched or played Dominion already. All in all, it's a quick game (which I enjoy since I don't have much time to spare these days and I hate how games sometimes surpass an hour) and the player is constantly participating in team fights.
The general strategy in the beginning is to have four players go "top" and one "bottom". Obviously, two people will then capture the two points that are nearest to the base, then an early team fight (usually 3 vs 3) with initiate on the Windmill that is located on the highest build on the map.
I make sure that I'm in my team fight.

Early Game

I level Essence Flux to level 2 in the beginning and Arcane Shift to 1. Because you level almost immediately after a team fight, you can then put a single skill point into Mystic Shot at level 4.
Essence Flux is your JACKPOT here. It's quick, has an AoE effect, and can shoot down about half of any squishies' HP by the end of the gane,
Because I have Flash as a Summoner Spell, I also don't need to worry about falling back with Arcane Shift after using it as an attack.

At the start of the game, the simple strategy at the Windmill point is to let your teammates initiate. DO NOT ever rush into a fight as Ezreal. It will result in deadly consequences. In one of the last fights I had, a Jax and a Xin Zhao immediately launched into a team attack at the turret base. I was following behind the Xin Zhao, and after they began attacking, I immediately used Arcane Shift to teleport just right outside the battle range and shoot an Essence Flux into the fight, and maybe finish off with an Ignite. Believe it or not, it can turn the tide of the team fight GREATLY just by shooting off over one hundred damage to an enemy champion.
However, if the fight goes badly, simply flash away and DON'T FIGHT BACK. Part of playing Ezreal is making quick and wise judgments on whether to join a team fight, or know when to run away. You can always initiate with your ultimate too, but I usually use it to finish off people.

If you do manage to capture the Windmill, there is a simple strategy to counter that low-health champion that you see is still running around. Normally, at low health, all your teammates will return to the base. This is your chance to pop your health/mana potions, then lie in wait for the next victim.
This is a strategy I've used for a month now. It's something I wouldn't go around sharing willingly, but there's really no use being selfish about it, and I believe it'll benefit a lot of Ezreal players.
Here is a picture of the Windmill. You see those bushes up there I circled? Hide there. If one or two people come and begin capturing the windmill, Arcane Shift over the bushes onto the turret and pop an Essence Flux, along with a Mystic Shot. If you think you can take them down, have Ignite ready. If they start attacking you, and you have an item that slows, OR Exhaust, use it, and beginning running in the other direction as the turret takes their HP down. Finish them off and leave the rest to your teammates.

If you feel that you can't take them on at once, pop your ultimate, since they obviously can't see you in the bushes, it's a guarantee shot. It'll take down a significant amount of their HP and then you can finish them off. Up to you. Judge the situation wisely.

I believe Ezreal is the only one who can pull this off so easily and escape. Sure, there is Kassadin who can also teleport over the bushes, but his attacks aren't as strong or fast as Ezreal. His E has a quick cooldown, and most people don't see that huge burst of damage coming from your Essence Flux. You have no idea how many times I've taken those low-health Shacos or Akalis in one blow.

But, here are some people you should watch out for.
Poppy. My God...Ezreal's nightmare. She's as worst as Jax and Xin Zhao, and a serious tank. You MAY be able to take her on, but if she's with another person, don't bother if they're both at high HP. Recall from the bushes if no one else from your team is coming to help you. Don't give the enemy a kill and a turret.
If she doesn't build tanky items, you can only take her on if you catch her by surprise or if there's another teammate. DO NOT, in any circumstance, let her slam you into the wall. Her moves alone can take out at least 70% of your HP in one go. If she pops her ultimate, run FOR YOUR LIFE.
Xin Zhao. You see that spear flashing? Flash/Teleport away. Keep poking this guy. He's not as annoying as Jax where he can literally jump onto you, but DO NOT get into range of his E move. Forgot what it was called. However, he is easily taken down IF you catch him by surprise. Just pop your ultimate, and if you've built enough AP by the end of the game, it will take out at least 60-70% of his HP. Finish him off with your other moves quickly - don't let him jump you. He'll most likely be running away by now. Don't let him touch you at all.
Fiddlesticks is super annoying. Do not attempt to 1v1 him until he's popped all his skills and is running away on cooldowns and no mana. However, he is super squishy, so take him down with your ultimate and your combos if you think you can. Just don't let him get to you first and fear you and drain your HP. And if he uses his ultimate...get the f*ck out. As soon as possible.
Jax. Same deal. Be careful with him though. He's easier to deal with then Xin Zhao since his active move is jumping onto you. DON'T AUTO-ATTACK HIM. Teleport away, and keep poking and slowing him with magic attacks. That way, he can't stun you, and you'll be taking down his HP.
Akali is squishy and super annoying. At level 10, she can successfully kill you with her moves. Don't give her a chance. If she puts down her smoke, get away. Skill shot her and poke her. She's very hard to take down, given her life steal and insanely fast moves.
Gangplank is the same deal. His critical moves HURT so it's best if you poke him at a range - if you think he's low enough, take him down with your ultimate.
Fizz. DO NOT POP YOUR ULT WHERE HE CAN SEE YOU CAST IT unless it's in the middle of a team fight. He can dodge it, and it'll be a waste of mana and skill. Be careful with him. He's kind of squishy, but very annoying. Use wise judgement to finish him off and try not to let his ult get you.

Mid Game

There really isn't a "Early, Mid, or Late" game for Dominion, but I'll categorize it in this manner just to make things easier.
By now, you have a decent amount of AP, especially if you have been participating in team fights. (Maybe it's just me, but I tend to focus more on fighting than capturing points.)

If you're not very practiced with Map Awareness, now is the time. Dominion literally forces you to stare at the map as enemies run to capture a point or teammates are left alone guarding one. This is when Ezreal's ultimate comes in. I consider it one of the best skills to be utilized in Dominion.

Trueshot Barrage flies all the way across the map. There are only a few other champions who have skills that can damage across the map. Off the top of my head, I can think of Karthus, who, of course, is infamous for "Press R and get kills."
Pantheon, who comes crashing on you in random areas. Though you can easily just teleport out of his landing range, especially if he doesn't time it right.
Ashe, who's ultimate has a shorter width than Ezreal, but can also stun the enemy. However, overall, the skill is NOT stronger than AP Ezreal's.
Gangplank. Yeah, actually, I think he's more annoying, although his ultimate can be teleported out of.
Twisted Fate. Eh.
Shen and Soraka are supports.

Because people are constantly engaging in fights on the map, sometimes an enemy is left with less than 30% of their HP. But because they want the points for capturing an area, they stay with the rest of their team and begin casting to secure, for example, the Boneyard.
This gives you the perfect opportunity to fire your rifle. They're simply standing there, with low HP, and focused on capturing that point. If you constantly check the map, you can always pull off a kill or two just by firing your Trueshot Barrage. It's such a small map...why not? And if you're not sure if your sniper would kill the champion or not, just check their HP. At level 18, with the correct items, your Trueshot can do over 1000 damage. Just keep the damage of your attack in mind.
I once sniped a Sivir several times in one game.
"That's the second time, Sivir."
"I know, I know! :("

Also, you can fire your ultimate simply as a support for stopping people from capturing turrets, or, as I once did, there was an Akali VS Anivia fight on the bottom. The Akali had killed Anivia, but she turned into an egg (her passive), and her HP was going down as Akali kept attacking her. I fired my ultimate into the fight right as Anivia rebirthed again, and she went on to kill the low-health Akali after stunning her.

And of course, if your ultimate is on cooldown, you could always take some time to lean back and take out your Mystic Rage on the minions.

Late Game

If you're played well, and have quite a lot of AP built, this is when you can actively start participating in team fights.
Here are the rules:
1. DON'T initiate if you know you will not win. Ezreal is NOT a tank. He is squishy and easily killed, especially by champions such as Vayne or Yi late-game.
2. Run if you know the fight is lost. Again, Ezreal can be easily killed and you will only end up giving the enemy team a free kill.
3. Map Awareness! I can't emphasize on how important this is as an Ezreal. Not only because of using your ultimate, but because if you're standing alone at a capture point, and you see like three or four champions rushing at you to capture it, it's not worth fighting them! You'll only give them a free kill and they'll still capture the point. Unless you see other teammates coming in to help you defend, watch the map and know when to run!

My normal strategy for playing Ezreal in team fights is Arcane Shifting into an acceptable area and pulling off a Essence Flux following a Mystic Shot. Rinse and repeat, or auto-attack if necessary. This already takes off a nice chunk of their HP. I usually DO NOT initiate because again, Ezreal dies easily, but usually, the enemy champion is focused on someone else, you can easily pick them off with your attacks. Also, if the fight is getting dangerous, feel free to pull off your R. You can also use it to chase down enemies. But learn to time it correctly.

If you are soloing anyone, try to utilize that Windmill/bush strategy. Try to drag them near a turret so you can CC them and poke/run away.

If you're thinking that I am asking you to be wimpy and run away with kills, please be logical. Again, Ezreal is not a tank, and playing him takes quick judgment and actions. Do NOT rush in any fight or you WILL die. This is extremely BIG in Summoner's Rift. I realized he is labeled as a carry, but he's as squishy as Kennen.

Also, DON'T go chasing low-health enemies unless if necessary. You might get ambushed, and I've seen so many people go after a kill than focus on capturing turrets, and they ended up getting themselves killed AND the turret captured. Remember, you have your ult. If they stop and begin recalling, fire it if you're in range.
This picture was taken to troll my friend, actually. But it was a nice quad kill, with only one or two back-ups.

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I literally play Dominion to no end...mainly because games don't last too long and it's more intense and fun. Here are recent fights showing how AP Ezreal literally r*pes the battlefield.This one I'm proud of. Legendaries.
When I have more time, I will edit this guide to include strategies against certain champions in Dominion, but it all comes down to experience when playing Ezreal and making wise judgments in the nick of a second.

I don't know why I play Ezreal. Perhaps he's fun. Perhaps his dance makes him unique.

Though someone did tell me the other day he has the same voice actor as Jarvan IV, and now, I can't get the thought of him screaming "DEMACIA!" out of my head. Ugh.

You can add me if you wish. Though I am not very social.
And, again, this guide simply expresses my way and views on playing Ezreal. If you think differently, then it is fine. I am always open for discussion. Thank you.