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Gangplank General Guide by Shanks2304

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shanks2304

AP Gangplank, the way to have much Swag!

Shanks2304 Last updated on July 7, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello Community, i`m Shanks LP, a Diamond Player from EUW and i want to show you my AP Gangplank Guide. I got not the best english so please excuse my mistakes. I got 2 other Build but some people like full guides so here we go :)

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Questions and Answers

Here i will answer some question ^^

Q: Where to play AP Gangplank?
A: I always play AP GP in Mid Lane but you can also go Top Lane :)

Q: Why do you even play AP Gangplank, and not AD Gangplank?
A: Very nice question, i think both Gangplank Styles are good, but i like AP GP more cause of this Ultimate Damage in the Teamfights, his awesome Parrrley + Lichbane Damage and this super OP Remove Scurvy!

Q: Did Gangplank really got so much Swag?
A: Yes he got, my young friend!

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If you find that boring or already read it, skip this :P

Gangplank was born the son of the dread pirate captain Vincent the Shadow - one of the most wealthy and feared pirates in all of Blue Flame Island. One might think this would have spoiled the boy with a cushioned life of privilege, but the truth is quite the opposite. Growing up in the city of Bilgewater isn't easy; pirates are not known for their compassion, and that most certainly extends to their families. Vincent wanted his son to grow up tough and strong, so he was extremely hard on the young Gangplank. Even as a child, Gangplank was as mean as a snake and is said to have slept with his eyes open. As he grew, the young man rapidly became the most ruthless and feared pirate in all of Bilgewater, and his daddy was never more proud than on the day of his son's eighteenth birthday - when Gangplank stabbed his old man in the back and claimed the famed pirate ship, the Dead Pool, for his own.

The continent of Valoran, however, is a dangerous place for pirates; Gangplank could read the writing on the wall. The den of pirates known as Bilgewater would soon be pulled down by the undertow of Valoranian politics and the Institute of War. It was time for Bilgewater to have their own champion to represent them in the League of Legends, and who better than the fiercest pirate of them all? It is said that Gangplank has enough power and favor to claim the title of the Pirate King back home, but that he is simply biding his time and building his reputation as a champion before he returns to a life of piracy.

Yo ho, blow the man down. Or at least shoot him when his back is turned and steal all his booty.

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9x Mark of Magic Penetration

- I think it`s clearly why to get this Runes

9x Seal of scaling Health

- very good Seals on every caster, cause you are AP Gangplank and not AD Gangplank
- on LV 18 its almost a free Ruby Crystal

9x Glyph of scaling Ability Power

- I think this should be clear aswell

3x Quint of Ability Power

- For more AP at early Game

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Pros / Cons


-great Nuke on his Q+Lichbane
-Teamfight are just awesome with his Ultimate
-You can just heal half life with your W (AND REMOVE ALL CC)
-Ultimate from AP Gangplank is always underestimated :P

-No really Escape Spell (Only his W can remove one CC Debuff)
-Kind of week till you dont got your Sheen/Lichbane
-Many People think you are trolling .__.

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Some Combos

There is no real Combo with AP Gangplank, you live from your harras, cause your only real kill potential is your Q. But i try to show you how to right harras the enemy.

1. Q -> E -> Auto Attack -> Q

2. Q -> R -> Auto Attack -> Q

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Patch History


Changes to Slow Zones
All slow zones now update on a quarter-second interval, meaning when you move out of a slow field, the slow will wear off almost immediately unless you're hit by an ability that applies an individual slow (like Kog'Maw's Void Ooze). What this means: your champion's movement speed will be restored more quickly when leaving a slow field, but the slow within the fields have not been changed.
The following abilities have had their slow refresh rate reduced to 0.25 seconds:
Gangplank's Cannon Barrage


Remove Scurvy:
Fixed: now correctly removes blinds.


Parrrley: now refunds half the mana cost if it kills the target.


Fixed a typo in the Air Client for Raise Morale.


Parrrley:now displays total gold earned by the skill in the tooltip.


Fixed animation bugs on Toy Soldier Gangplank.


Parrrley mana cost increased to 50/55/60/65/70 from 40/45/50/55/60.
Raise Morale range reduced to 1200 from 1500.


Raise Morale
Active movement speed reduced to 8/11/14/17/20% from 10/14/18/22/26%.
Active attack damage reduced to 12/19/26/33/40 from 14/22/30/38/46.


Grog Soaked Blade: maximum number of stacks has been reduced to 3 from 4.
Cannon Barrage:
Fixed a bug where it would not grant gold on minion kills.
Fixed a bug where its slow was not always applying consistently.


Parrrley: gold bonus reduced to 4/5/6/7/8 from 4/6/8/10/12.
Raise Morale:
Active attack damage bonus reduced to 14/22/30/38/46 from 20/28/36/44/52.
Active movement speed bonus reduced to 10/14/18/22/26% from 14/18/22/26/30%.


Grog Soaked Blade: max stacks reduced to 4 from 5.


Grog Soaked Blade:
It will now apply a 7% slow instead of reducing healing and regeneration.
Duration reduced to 3 seconds from 10.
Poison magic damage changed to 3 + (1 x level) per second from 5 + (1 x level).
Both the slow and the damage stack up to 5 times.
Now applies Grog Soaked Blade to the target hit.
Fixed a bug where it could sometimes restore gold to other players.
Raise Morale: active duration increased to 7 seconds from 6.
Cannon Barrage: base damage per cannonball increased to 75/120/165 from 65/110/155.


Armor per level increased to 3.3 from 2.8.
Attack speed per level increased to 2.75 from 2.35.
Range increased to 125 from 100.
Remove Scurvy: cooldown reduced to 22/21/20/19/18 from 30/27/24/21/18.
Cannon Barrage:
Slow increased to 25% at all ranks from 15/20/25%.
Cooldown reduced to 120/115/110 from 120 at all ranks.

April 29, 2011 Hotfix:

Raise Morale:
Fixed a bug where it would break nearby enemy spell shields.
Fixed a bug where it would reveal Gangplank to enemy champions.

V1.0.0.116: (Rework)

Base mana increased to 255 from 239.
Mana per level increased to 40 from 34.
Movement speed increased to 320 from 315.
Raise Morale:
Movement speed bonus changed to 3/4/5/6/7% from 2/4/6/8/10%.
Attack damage bonus changed to 8/10/12/14/16 from 8/12/16/20/24.
New Active:
No longer needs to target a unit to activate, so Gangplank can no longer kill allied minions.
Activating it grants Gangplank 14/18/22/26/30% movement speed and 20/28/36/44/52 attack damage instead of his passive bonuses.
The activation also grants nearby allies 7/9/11/13/15% movement speed and 10/14/18/22/26 attack damage.
Duration reduced to 6 seconds from 10.
Mana cost changed to 50/55/60/65/70 from 60 at all ranks.
Previous Active: Gangplank kills an allied minion, inspiring himself and nearby champions to receive Raise Morale's passive benefits for 10 seconds. This gives Gangplank double the effect for the duration.
Cannon Barrage:
Area of effect size reduced significantly.
Base damage per cannonball reduced to 65/110/155 from 100/140/180.
It now slows all enemies in the area of effect immediately for the duration instead of requiring a cannonball to hit to apply the slow.
Slow reduced to 15/20/25% from 35/45/55%.
Updated the random algorithm to not favor one quadrant over others.
Fixed a bug where the tooltip said it lasted for 8 seconds, when it actually lasts 7 seconds.
Base damage reduced to 20/45/70/95/120 from 20/55/90/120/150.
Extra gold gain on kill reduced to 4/6/8/10/12 from 4/7/10/13/16.
Cooldown reduced to 5 from 6.
Mana cost reduced to 40/45/50/55/60 from 50/55/60/65/70.
Remove Scurvy: base heal changed to 80/150/220/290/360 from 70/125/195/280/380.
Grog Soaked Blade:
Damage per second increased to 5 + (1√ólevel) from 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 14 / 15 / 16 / 17 / 18.
Fixed a bug where it only applied 9 damage ticks instead of 10.


Fixed a display error with Grog Soaked Blade and death recap.
Fixed a bug where Gangplank's passive would be replaced with the Grog Soaked Blade debuff text when struck by another Gangplank.


Bonus damage reduced to 100% from 110%.
It is no longer dodgable and is unaffected by blinds.
Raise Morale now grants 8/12/16/20/24 attack damage instead of 12-36% attack speed.
Cannon Barrage:
Cannonball damage reduced to 100/140/180 from 140/200/260.
Cannonball radius increased to 275 from 225.
Slow amount reduced to 35%/45/55 from 40/50/60.


Parrrley: gold gain increased to 4/7/10/13/16 from 3/5/7/9/11.


Added "Yarr! I'm a mighty Pirate!" buff.


Tweaked autoattack animation timing.


It now deals physical damage.
Attack damage scaling increased to 110% from 80%.
Bonus damage reduced to 20/55/90/120/150 from 30/60/90/120/150.
It will no longer apply Grog Soaked Blade.
Fixed a bug in which Parrrley was dealing extra damage.
Fixed a tooltip issue with Grog Soaked Blade.


Parrrley now applies Grog Soaked Blade.


Cannon Barrage no longer reveals Gangplank to enemies when cast.
Fixed a bug where Cannon Barrage's particles showed above the fog of war, even if you didn't have vision of the area.
Fixed a bug where Gangplank would fail to close distance to cast Parrrley or Raise Morale if Cannon Barrage was occurring.


Cannon Barrage:
Slow reduced to 40/50/60% from 40/55/70%.
Damage reduced to 140/200/260 from 160/220/280.
Grog Soaked Blade:
Healing reduction effect increased to 65% from 50%.
Duration increased to 10 seconds from 8.


Damage reduced to 30/60/90/120/150 from 40/80/120/160/200.
Attack damage scaling increased to 80% from 65%.


Base armor reduced to 20 from 22.
Armor per level increased to 2.8 from 2.2.
Base crit lowered to 3 from 3.7.
Added 1.25 magic resistance per level.
Cannon Barrage:
Damage per cannonball increased to 160/220/280 from 150/200/250.
Slow increased to 40/55/70% from 40/50/60%.


Movement speed increased to 315 from 310.
Added missing mana regeneration per level.
Attack damage scaling reduced to 65% from 100%.
Base damage increased to 40/80/120/160/200 from 20/40/60/80/100.
Grog Soaked Blade:
Duration increased to 7 from 3.
Reduced damage to 5 + (1 per level) from 10 + (1 per level).
Cannon Barrage:
Altered implementation to make it less random and more uniform around the circle.


Raise Morale:
Reduced movement speed bonus from 4/6/8/10/12% to 2/4/6/8/10%.
Cooldown reduced to 25 from 30.
Activating this skill no longer removes Morale Boost from himself, he now gets double effect for the duration.
Remove Scurvy:
Ability power ratio increased to 1 from 0.3.
Mana cost modified to 65 at all ranks from 55/60/65/70/75.
Cooldown modified to 30/27/24/21/18 from 20.
Cast time reduced to make it a quicker cast.

V0.9.22.15: Added.

Parrrley: Pirate shoots a target unit dealing Magical Damage, if he kills it then he gains extra gold. Physical Damage abilities deal your champion's Attack Damage and can trigger on hit effects in addition to the ability's effects.
Remove Scurvy: Consumes a large quantity of citrus fruit which clears any crowd control effects on him and heals him.
Raise Morale:
Passive: Gangplank's Attack Speed and Movement Speed is increased. Gangplank doesn't receive the benefit of the passive while the spell is recharging.
Active: Gangplank kills an allied minion, inspiring nearby champions to receive Raise Morale's passive benefits for 10 seconds.
Cannon Barrage (Ultimate): Gangplank signals his ship to fire upon an area for 10 seconds. Each cannon ball deals damage and slows enemy units by 40% for 1.5 seconds.
Grog Soaked Blade (Innate): Gangplank's attacks apply a poison that deals 5 damage (+1 dmg per level) a second for 7 seconds and reduces incoming healing by 40%.

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So guys i hope you enjoyed my first Guide, if you liked it just press the Thump up Button. When you have ideas what i can change write it me in the comments :)


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