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Ezreal Build Guide by Squkers

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Squkers

AP: Get on Your Knees, I'm Going to Shoot All Over Your Face

Squkers Last updated on August 23, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Utility: 26

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WTF WHY TAKE REVIVE!!!1111 or clairvoyance (Summoner Spells)

Okay, so many people will ask: WHY THE HELL DO YOU TAKE REVIVE AND CLAIRVOYANCE???? Most people will say this means it is undoubtedly a troll build. But it actually isn't. You can now ******* people across the map. One of the benefits of AP Ezreal over AD Ezreal is ur ultimate does more damage, so you must take advantage of this.

With Revive, your map presence is unmatched, even after supposed death. If you play smart, Arcane Shift is all the escape you really need, if you land your mystic shots to get that 1 sec CD Red. But, if you don't play perfectly, which will happen, as we are all humans, we use Clairvoyance to scout ganks. So, this build is only for more experienced players. You MUST know when to engage and when not to.

So why pick Revive over Ignite? Revive scales better to late game. You can save your team twice, using homeguard boots. Go in, kill half the team, get bursted down (AP Ezreal is squishy), then come back immediatly again with Revive and save the game. It is definitely a better spell in the long run than snagging a couple of kills. If you really dislike Revive, then choose another summoner spell. If you can't decide the benefits/which one to choose, you aren't experienced enough to use this guide.

With clairvoyance you can scout ganks for your whole team, see if they are taking objectives, like dragon or baron, and be positive when you use your ultimate you will hit the target. it is more of a team summoner spell then a personal one, but it is great for arranged teams.

If you don't have vision of an objective, then you can clairvoyance, and then time your shot to take the enemies objective! troll mode activate

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    Across the map presence
    Can help win fights when across the map
    Can clear minion waves with ultimate
    Mystic Shot can reduce cooldowns, even if you use it on minions
    Built-in Escape (Aracane Shot)
    Underestimated, can also be a Con
    Your Q (Mystic Shot) kind of sounds like *******

    If you have a bad game people will say your trolling if you took Revive
    Squishy boobs, like many AP champions
    Not highly regarded as an AP Champ
    If your behind, its not easy to come back
    When ultimate is on cooldown, you WILL get frustrated

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Boots of Speed + 3 health pots was good enough, but now it is even better, with the buff adding 1 more health potion to the start.
You will spam spells a lot as AP Ezreal, so you need tear to get more mana
Now get
Kage's lucky pick gives gold, and you can later make it Twin Shadows if you please. Get Seeker's if your against a bruiser, if not then just rush Haunting. You will get a Zhonya's regardless, so keep seeker's.
zhonya's is important for survivability, as you will be focused. rabadon's has ridiculous AP, Deathfire adds a lot to your somewhat stale burst, and then Trinity Force is essential because AP Ezreal is still fairly reliant on his Attack damage, so this is a great hybrid item.
twin shadows if your team doesnt have many slows and is chasing way too much. liandry's is a good choice if you have that extra gold and feel like your lacking damage, and want magic pen if their stacking mr. same story for void staff. spirit visage if you want more sustainability, and warmog's for more straight-up health

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Quint of Revive: stay dead less time, ***m back and shoot really hard, seduce them to your sexuallity of which is not straight

Mark of Cooldown Reduction: Use your ultimate and other moves less, Cooldown reduction is great on ezreal, which is why BLUE EZREAL IS SO POPULAR

Seal of Gold: Why take armor, when you can buy items with armor? This seal gives you a lot more gold and scales better late game, which is what ezreal is about

Glyph of Magic Penetration: Penetrate your enemies.

Marks might be better at magic penetration, and glyphs for cooldown reductions, but penetrating with red will make it look like a period, and that is gross, as you will be invading men and that is unrealistic.

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Passive: rising spell force

its useless on ezreal, but yolo right/

Mystic Shot

sounds like *******t rofl this is hilarious, annoying cuz minions get in way but u are swag master cause u have 30 belts cause ezreal has swag so swerve that **** and hit them with anallll shift

Essence Flux

gives a ton of damage, best spell

Arcane shift
sneak up on your enemy forces and penetrate them with ur magic pen from behind and make them get seduced to ur un-straightness

trueshot barrage

hit enemies from far away, clear minion waves, op as hell omg

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utility tree, faster movement, you can shoot faster

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go ogmudbone on ur enemies now

its like ogmudbone but ur not black but close enough

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More ***mming Soon