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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Gragas Build Guide by Comtra

Ap Gragas... Are you ready for happyhour?

Ap Gragas... Are you ready for happyhour?

Updated on July 8, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Comtra Build Guide By Comtra 5,911 Views 6 Comments
5,911 Views 6 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Comtra Gragas Build Guide By Comtra Updated on July 8, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash



Hello, and welcome too my Gragas build!
First of all i would not recommend this build to new Gragas players and if you rate the build please give me a comment aswell even if you vote it up or down. I still want to know what you thin and what i can fix to make this build better!
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This part is SO important that im gonna start with it, i have seen many Gragas players fail on this part. 30 minutes in with 60 minions kills is far from good, even if you didnt have a solo lane or mid. You will need the farm!!! He is such a good farmer aswell so i dont see why people fail at this. Therefore i'll tell you exactly how you are going to do it. But first some simple math!

How much gold you get per creep gets higher the further into the game you come, but lets just say that you got 20 gold per minion kill. 300/20 = 15 creep kills is the same as a champion kill. with other words a Ashe Ashe with 150 minion kills and no champion kills, got as much gold as a Ashe Ashe with two champion kills and 120 minion kills. As you see there minions DO MATTER!

You start at level one picking and head too your lane, now let the minions attack eachother without interfering( you might take one hit too see how much damage your auto attack does), wait till they get too the amount where you are able too kill them with one auto attack run over and hit it.

Sometimes you are not able to do this, that is where many people fail. They just fire off their not seeing the minions hp, you intention should at all times too get the minions before they die and also try to get as many as possible wait for them too get lowed by your minions. Do not panic and take your barrel the secound one of them goes under 120 hp, wait and see if you can get more if you just wait a secound or two if not get your barrel in there.

Now over to the mid game farming, at level 9 with your you should be able too one hit the caster minions with your Barrel Roll , hit them every time you get the chance, but also try too hit as many meele minions as you can. Becouse after this the meele minions you hit will be very low. Then it is just too into them and they are dead!

Now over too be fun part late game farming, at this point you can get all the minions on you get them together in a pack and one barrel roll will clear the whole thing.
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I see many Gragas players that start with Catalyst the Protector, that is something i dont agree with. You can lane longer and you get more hp, but by the time you get Rod of Ages you could have had a Rabadon's Deathcap . Also the Ability power helps you at last hitting. I have gotten many questions why i get RoA so late, that's simply becouse if you are able too farm you will get it by the 25 minute mark, this is still abit late i know that, but there are better options for a first item and this one. Getting Rod of Ages at that point still gives you alot of health and mana and also ability power. After this most games are over, but there are allways those games who seems too laste forever. If you get one of those games, and you are not running around with 15 kills and 1 death then get some surrivability items. Those items are yours for the pick out from what team they got. Heavy AD team pick up a Thornmail or a Sunfire Aegis. If their team is mostly AP pick up a Force of Nature or a Banshee's Veil. If their team got a good mix pick up a Guardian Angel . You can also change out one of your items with a Abyssal Mask or a Zhonya'z Hourglass
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With the masteries i go with 9/0/21. I get all the Mp5 i can get and also Utility Mastery becouse you might want a blue buff now and then. Well most of it is self explaning
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Summoner Spells

I pick Ignite and Flash as my summonerspells.

Ignite You are a burster but sometimes your burst can't completly get down that guy and there is nothing as annoying as a guy running away with 100 hp then this is a good thing too have=)

Flash is by far my favorite summonerspell, its great for getting both into fights and out of them. BUT DO NOT WASTE IT!!! Big no on flashing away when you could have walked away just becouse you didnt want to lose those 200 ekstra hp. your passive will heal you up again. This one is more for getting away when your Body Slam is on CD or you want too chase down a guy and use Body Slam to slow him or you need it as a part of your burst on him.

Other summonerspells you could pick is Teleport Clarity Cleanse Exhaust but i really recommend Flash and Ignite
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Skill Sequence

Gragas skills work so well together, Body Slam and Barrel Roll for farming and harrasing. Drunken Rage to get some mana back and reduce damage taken on you THIS SPELL SHOULD BE USED EVERYTIME YOU CAN!! and ofc Explosive Cask for those running bastards or for that annoying guy chasing you!

Barrel Roll i max out first simply to get the most out of your damage without having to get close to the enemy

Druken Rage this one i put a point in at level 2 then i leave it till the end, simply becouse you wont need this if you use your ability's right!

Body Slam This is the secound spell i max, its good with a slow and decent damage only bad part is that you have to get close to the enemy!

Explosive Cask i take a point in everytime i get the chance, this spell is great in any ways IF used correctly. if you are not sure that you will hit him right dont use it! Be 100% sure before you even think of it =)
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Ranked Play

In ranked matches you will want to get the solo lane!
And don't be afraid to ask the jungler for help/gank or just to hold the lane while you are going back to store. If you dont got a Anivia or Swain in your team then ask the jungler for blue buff. Remember that if you get it dont be afraid too spam your spells!
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I hope you like this guide as much as i do and i will update it more and more so just hang on and this will be a perfect guide, but for that to happen i will need your help! Tell me whats good about it or whats missing! Ask me if there is something you dont understand! To be continued
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Comtra
Comtra Gragas Guide
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Ap Gragas... Are you ready for happyhour?

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