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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by Chaotic Bliss

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chaotic Bliss

AP Mundo and his magic cleaver

Chaotic Bliss Last updated on June 14, 2011
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When it comes to Chaos, no one is more chaotic then the good doctor. He is a freak of his own curiousity. He can spontaneously combust and chucks infected cleavers at people's faces. One of the few champions that defines Chaos. And now, with Adonikam's help, I bring you Dr. Mundo like you have never seen him before. A Mundo so twisted, that you will be speechless. This is not for those with weak constitutions. The Chaos and Insanity in this guide will warp the minds of those that dont understand my Chaos.

I bring you AP Mundo & his magic cleaver!

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Pros / Cons


1. and are core items. This means that the enemy will think you are building a regular Mundo. But as the game goes on, they will see that things will change.

2. This is a Chaotic Build. If you like champs played in a way they shouldnt be, this is for you.

3. The AP scaling is bad, but by taking Mpen you will get more out of the Magic dmg you do have.


1. This build lacks the pretty 4k HP that Mundo is famous for. So being a HP tank is out of the question. You will have to have perfect timing if you want to play aggressive.

2. Low AP. This low AP along with low AP scaling, means this is a gamble. But if you like to gamble, this works for you.

3. More of a support build not Tank/DPS. I say support, because he doesnt have the HP of most Mundo, Abyssal/Raylai's helps keep enemies vulnerable to your team, and tends to shine late game.

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Summoner Spells & Masteries


Tier 1 Cripple and AP as I lvl. Cripple gives a debuff that helps the team, and the AP is always nice.

Tier 2 I take the CDR. Mundo has short CDs, but I need it to get what I need in the third tier

Tier 3 I like the 15% Mpen. Lovely for and . Ill explain this later.


Tier 1: I take Armor and MR. Mitigation is key since health is important to Mundo.

Tier 2: 2% dodge. I dont really use it, but it helps at times.

Tier 3: I take the movement after a dodge, and 2/3 in reduced physical dmg. Again, mitigation is nice.

Tier 4: Vet Scars. There was a slight nerf to it, but its still nice to have.

Tier 5: Ardor is always nice for the AS and AP. Only make burning people that much more fun.

Summoner Spells

I love having and . A slow with a debuff, and that lil extra dot to make sure to get the job done... If you dont end it with a cleaver to the face. Its just that simple.

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Marks Mpen. Always nice to help with the cleaver dmg and from lighting him-self on fire.

Seals I take regen per lvl. It helps with lane time and it just all around fun.

Glyphs I take CDR. has a min CD, but its always nice to make that shorter ;)

Quints are flat health. More health means more CLEAVERS TO THE FACE!!

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Skill Sequence

Well like any Mundo I take first. Sniping brush is so much fun. But this is great to max first. So much dmg against tanks and HP champs. With the Mpen, its almost like a mini with a 3 sec CD. It also does a minimum abuot of dmg so either way is a beastly move.

Since this is AP and Mpen based, I lvl up . A togglable if you will. With a lil AP and a lot of life, you can run this all you like and never worry about having to turn it off. Also, this is like a pair of . CDR while its on? Lovely.

is always fun in the late game. So much life, the ability to keep people in range all the time, its just so much fun.

is always so much fun. Many times this can save you in a fight. It has a low CD so you can afford to be in lane with low health. Just be sure you have a team that calls mias.

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Now this is the fun part. The part where my chaos shines.


is a must for any Mundo guide. I dont think I need to say any more than that.

are best for this build. It gives more Mpen, and thats always good. Stronger cleavers and more dmg when he lights up. Simple as that.

is the last key to this build. This is your best friend. The slow dont stack with cleavers, but it does when he lights up with . A lil AP, lots of health, and the ability to keep people slowed.... That is something that makes this mundo a killer.


is only going to make you harder to kill. Armor, HP and the burning passive. Now add this to Rylai's... Hmmmmmm... Ahh the joys of my madness.

this is one that is used in most builds, but I dont really find a use for it. If you need a lil bit of MR its ok. But I dont really use it all that much.

is so much fun when you combine it with the cleaver. If you time it all right, you can nuke with the best of them.

is great if you want AP, MR, and give a debuff. Keep this up with what I call Burning Rylai's, and you are sure to drop people quicky.

if you are doing very well, its not too late, and you are just MUNDO SMASHING everyone and they brother. This item is for the lols really. But it can be fun.

is really fun if you want some lols. I mean all that health. Its just insane.

is another great item. And I thank the few people that brought this to my attention. HP, AP, and Mpen is all good for this mundo.

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Items: Starting Item and Build Order

Start with and head to the lane. Playing smart will keep you in lane longer than most.

First Recall Grab your and

Second Recall Upgrade to and get .

Third Recall get and

Fourth Recall

Fifth Recall and let the fun begin.

Now from here you will want to have fun with it. But as I said earlier, you might not get much farther than this.

Personal Preference I like to stack on the dmg with a SFC and DFG. I might take a if I want to really mess with the other team

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One this I like about this Mundo, is his farming power. Nothing is more fun than walking into a wave and lighting up. By having the Mpen, the creeps burn faster and that means that you can be on your merry way. And If you feel your HP is too low, turn off the fire, and . Its one of those win win things. Just one mad crafter's opinion.

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Team Work

Really the only thing I can say is Burning Rylai's and make sure you land your cleavers. This will make you a viable asset to the team and can make you a beast while chasing. They never get away and the QQ is always so much fun.

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Ill keep this short and simple.

Mighty cleavers, Unlimited slowing power, Great survival, and so much easy to customize to the game or one's game play.

If you like Madness and insane fun, this Mundo is for you. If you dont than I suggest you take a hike.

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To Mowen and Cbandicoot for Haunting Guise.