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Teemo Build Guide by Gedard

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gedard

AP Teemo - Bullying the AD Carries

Gedard Last updated on October 13, 2012
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Hey! Welcome to my Teemo guide.

Don't you just hate those annoying AD carries? This Teemo guide will shows you how to play AP Teemo and bully those AD carries. Teemo is overall a great champion with his fast speed, deadly poison, and camouflage. He is great at destroying large minion waves and ganking. His first ability Blinding Dart is an AD carry's worst nightmare. Such a strong champion can surely guarantee you a good game.

Before you read, keep these in mind:
-I'm not a pro at Teemo
-Guide may include bad english (sorry)
-Teemo is awesome!
-Still under development

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Why AP?

AP vs AD

These are Teemo's stats. As you can see, the magic bar is clearly longer than the attack damage bar. Of course this doesn't really prove anything. So here comes the actual proof.

Teemo's base damage isn't very high. At lvl 18, it ends up being higher than Ashe's, but he doesn't have crazy high critical damage to back him up. What he does have is his Toxic Shot and Attack Speed. Also, if you build an AD Teemo, your other abilities ( Blinding Dart and Noxious Trap) will not deal as much damage as it would if you were AP. Toxic Shot's total magic damage at lvl 18: 165 times 70% of your Ability Power.

AP Teemo has very high auto attack, high damage dealing mushrooms, high damage dealing Blinding Darts

AD Teemo can have high auto attack, Lifesteal, Critical Hit. Remember, Teemo was born for his ability-powered poisons, just like Ashe was born for her critical hits.

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Camouflage Camouflage

Teemo's passive. A great way to gank enemy champions, as well as an escaping method. Also, element of surprise can help take down minions, and it can actually surprise enemy champions.

Blinding Dart

A really annoying skill to AD champions causing them to miss all their attacks from 1 to 2 seconds. It's the greatest AD counter, turning the strongest Ashe or Vayne into a worthless doll. Level this skill up second, because it can help Blind champions, and (if you have a lot of ability power) it can act as a mini-nuke. Great for harassing, although it doesn't really have the same effect on AP casters.

Move Quick

As the skill name implies, it helps you move quick. It is the spell the makes Teemo one of the fastest champions out there! You might want to level up this last because I think you already have decent speed with your boots. I also believe Toxic Shot and Blinding Dart are more important because Blinding Dart can blind champs and Toxic Shot is your biggest source of damage.

Toxic Shot

This is where all your damage comes from. People say AP Teemo isn't all that great because Blinding Dart isn't a great nuke, and Sight Ward/ Oracle's Elixir can totally defeat the purpose of your Noxious Trap. I agree, but the MAIN reason we play AP Teemo is to make use of your Toxic Shot. Damage over Time (DoT) is your best friend when you play AP Teemo. Make sure to max this skill first because this skill is what makes AP Teemo truly shine.

Noxious Trap

Teemo's ultimate is a really great way to have vision around the map. It can also take out large minion waves and kill escaping enemy champions. If you have a Teemo on your team, you won't ever need to buy Sight Wards! Spend a little less money!

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Greater Glyph of Potency:

The Greater Glyph of Potency gives you an ability power boost during your early game. Just a small boost in your early game can really make a difference.

Greater Mark of Insight:

The Greater Mark of Insight helps your poison go through the enemy champion's armor and actually hit them. These Marks can help you with the tanks that build up on magic resist during early game.

Greater Seal of Resilience:

The Greater Seal of Resilience helps you build up on your armor early game. Teemo is a squishy champion, and these Seals can help lessen the damage you take. Along with your Blinding Dart, The Greater Seal of Resilience is a great counter to those AD champions.

Greater Quintessence of Potency:

The Greater Quintessence of Potency adds up a huge boost to your ability power during early game. These Quintessence can make your poison really HURTFUL!

Other Runes to use can be attack speed and cooldown reductions.

Teemo says: " The Greater Glyph of Potency gives you 1.2 ability power. Times 9, it gives you 10.8 ability power. The Greater Quintessence of Potency gives you 4.95 ability power. Times 3, it gives you 14.85 ability power. Add them both up:

* 10.8 + 14.85 = 24.45 *

25.65 ABILITY POWER!!! Now your Toxic Shot deals (9 + 0.14 x AP) and (6 + 0.14 x AP each second for 4 seconds)

* (9 + 0.14 x 24.45) + 4(6 + 0.14 x 24.45) *

= around 50!

With your runes, your Toxic Shot can add up to 50 damage at lvl 1! And you don't need to worry about mana and cooldowns."

Why don't you use the Greater Glyph of Force?

Greater Glyph of Force:

Although the Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power gives more ability power than Greater Glyph of Ability Power during late game, I believe it is better for you to have a boost during early game. During late game, you should rely on items for power because runes only give tiny boosts compared to items. During early game, when you don't have much items, you can rely on your runes.

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Summoner's Wrath :Increases Attack Damage and Ability Power by 5 while Ignite is on cooldown.
Now you don't have to be so scared of wasting your Ignite because when it's on a cooldown, you can get an extra 5 AP and 5 AD bonus!

Mental Force :+4 Ability Power
Gives you 4 Ability Power. You must have this as an AP champion.

Alacrity :+4% Attack Speed
Attack Speed is very important for Teemo. His raw power comes from Ability Power and Attack Speed.

Arcane Knowledge :+10% Magic Penetration
Helps your Magical Damage go through the enemy champion's Magic Resist. Great boost for early game.

Havoc :Increase Damage dealt by 1%
Makes you hit more damage. Who doesn't want more damage?

Blast :+1 Ability Power per level. 18 Ability Power at level 18
Gives you an Ability Power boost at level 18. Very Helpful!

Archmage :Increases Ability Power by 5%
Another Ability Power boost. As you can see, we are trying to get as much ability power as possible from the masteries.

Hardiness :Increases Armor by 4
Helps soak up more damage early game.

Summoner's Insight :Reduces Flash's Cooldown by 15 seconds.
Flash has a pretty high cooldown. This is just great for you.

Expanded Mind :12 Mana per level
Not really that important, but we need the boost, so we can get Swiftness . Maybe you can switch this for Good Hands , which helps lower your time being dead by 10%.

Swiftness :2% Movement Speed.
Teemo is a fast champion. It never hurts to make him faster. Right?

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Summoner Spells

:Flash is a great summoner spell, lets you teleport a short distance. It is a great life saver, as well as a great way to chase summoners and gank.

:Ignite is the easiest way to get kills during early game. Although it's harder to kill with Ignite during late game, you can still make use of it's ability for reducing healing effect. Combined with your Toxic Shot, you can watch your opponents life slowly go down to 0.

Teemo says:"DoT is my best friend. ;D"

Other Decent Spells

:Heal is a great lifesaver, and unlike the health pots, Heal automatically heals you. Very helpful, and you don't have to recall that often just to heal.

:Exhaust slows down the enemy, and causes them to lower their damage and ability power. We use Exhaust for just it's slowing down because Blinding Dart can already make the target miss, so we don't need lowering damage. You can use it to run away and slow your attacker, or chase someone and slow your victim. Exhaust won't always save your life because you, yourself, can be slowed too.

:Ghost makes you faster, and helps you ignore unit collision, meaning you can go right through minions like a ghost. I don't recommend Ghost on Teemo though because I believe Move Quick is already enough.

:Cleanse removes all disables on your champion. Very helpful and can save your life. You can try using this spell, but I think you should just get a Banshee's Veil. ( Banshee's Veil can also give you some Magic resist, health, and mana)

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=> => => => =>

Item Order:

Starting items: Ruby Crystal: Teemo is a very, very squishy champion. In order to solve that, you buy a Ruby Crystal. The Ruby Crystal automatically grants you 180 health. Add it up to your original health(383), and you get 563 Health at lvl 1. Great!

After first recall, quickly buy a Catalyst the Protector. This will add an even greater boost to your health and mana, and it also heals you every time you level up.

Teemo says:"Great. Now I can spam Blinding Dart all I want!"

Second recall: Feeling a bit slow for a Teemo? Then get a Boots of Speed. Along with your Move Quick, you will be basically flying all over the place!


If you are feeling fast enough with just your Move Quick and you want a huge boost to your health, mana, and ability power, you can always just quickly finish building your Rod of Ages. Finishing your Rod of Ages early can help you make more use of the item. (

Third recall: Get your Boots of Speed or Rod of Ages. Whatever you didn't buy earlier.

Next, finish your boots. Although you can always take a Sorcerer's Shoes for the Magic Penetration, I believe that the best boots for all types of Teemo (including AP) are Berserker's Greaves. Along with the "Enhanced Movement 2", Berserker's Greaves also gives 25 Attack Speed. Attack Speed is Teemo's main source of damage, and you don't really need Magic Penetration because the enemy usually builds up on Magic Resist during end game.

The next item to build up is Nashor's Tooth, and it is a MUST HAVE for AP Teemo. The ability power and attack speed it gives makes your Toxic Shot KILL! The mana regeneration and cooldown reduction allows you to dominate the fields with your Noxious Trap! Greatest item ever!

Although it is quite costly, Rabadon's Deathcap gives the most ability power out of all items, and it will always be favored by AP champions. Grab a Rabadon's Deathcap and watch your abilities destroy your opponents. It also adds ability power on how much you already have!

Teemo says:"MATH TIME!

Rod of Ages(maxed out): 80AP Nashor's Tooth: 65AP Rabadon's Deathcap: 140AP

80 + 65 + 140 = 285 AP! (PLUS RUNES![24.45AP]) 309.45 AP times 0.3 = around 92.83

93 + 309.45 = 402.45 AP!!!

With Rod of Ages, Berserker's Greaves, Nashor's Tooth, and Rabadon's Deathcap, I already have 402.45 Ability Power! Ouch! My poison HURTS!"

As it gets near end game, AD champions are starting to give out a lot of damage. Take a Zhonya's Hourglass, which can really help with AD champion problems. It also provides a decent amount of AP for you to use, and the Active skill can help you escape deaths.

Teemo says:"Hah! I like bullying AD champs!"

Finally, we end our build with a Void Staff, which adds a lot of AP and can help penetrate those tanks building up on magic resist.

Other Items you Might Want to Use

Pretty cheap compared to other items, but it still packs a lot of punch. Great Attack speed, and the Ability Power is only 25, but it still provides a boost. It's passive is certainly great on tanks, and it shreds up their resistance.

Deathfire Grasp:
Really nice ability power boost, and great cooldown reduction. The Active skill is nice too. I sometimes believe cooldown reduction isn't quite important on Teemo because he already has pretty fast cooldowns.

Madred's Bloodrazor:
Nice armor and attack speed boost. It's passive is also very helpful, and can add on with your Toxic Shot. We don't really need the attack damage though. Maybe if you're a hybrid...

Hextech Gunblade:
If you feel like you are losing 1 on 1s, feel free to take this item. Hextech Gunblade adds up some nice AP and AD, and most importantly, Life Steal and Spell Vamp. The Active skill deals high damage, as well as slowing down the enemy by 50% for 3 seconds. Great item for 1v1.

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As you can see, Teemo is a really unique champion. He deals large amounts of damage and he is great at escaping, as well as chasing down the enemy. I hope you enjoyed my guide.

Still under development.