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Xin Zhao Build Guide by Luckydeath973

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Luckydeath973

[AP] Xin can Spin and Win too [AntiTankMeta]

Luckydeath973 Last updated on August 15, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Xin Zhao with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Ezreal ADCs or APCs such as Ezreal will get destroyed , their fragil body and their lack of real CC or Escapes ( once the E is used he's done ) makes them easy targets you should pickoff into jungle/in lane whne pushed too far it's gold hanging onto a moving target . ezpz
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Alright alright first of all .

This guide is being polished every hour and everyday , i'm trying to make the most complete guide i can , i'd like to thanks any of you reading the whole thing , if you just want to have a quick look and are not into complicated stuff , just look up the TL;DR , the videos and runes/masteries/items and you are ready to go...-d . Tips and tricks can be useful , more in-depth view to upside and downside of Xin are lower into the Pro's and Con's , explanation of items spells order summoner's and other are bellow with the QuestionAnswer(ed)Corner .

>> Jungle explanation and paths are in the Tips and Tricks , use color to find yourself into the whole thing , i don't like table of contents #YoLo IDoMyGuideHowIWant

I KNOW , before any of you guys starting overlooking this i'll say it .

Yes , i surely am a Bronze player , i'm actually bronze IV and don't play often ranked ( restrictions :v ) .
I also don't " main " AP Xin .
" Ugh agan dis typ of guy who tri to gt piti to hs guid , i hat pepl wo do dis , cuz dey sey d r bad n den i ned to be indulgnt n not mean cuz d ar bad lolololol "

I say it for one reason and it's not pity , i'm well into Bronze , i'm having fun .
I say because i can't pretend what i'm not , wich is someone who has a main account with 500 AP Xin Zhao games , Diamond I into my Challenger promo , i'm not , i can't tell you this is broken and you can win every single games , because that's not the truth , i'm not a Buiseness man , i'm not selling anything , i'm giving general advice about a playstyle that's fun , effective and easy to use ( Woaw !!!1!! Incredible !)


OH yeah , going too far again... So hmm ... i mean read this guide with caution , i'm not here to teach you how to be challenjour (yet) , i'll just like to show you what worked for me , tweak it as you please .

PS:If a bronze like me can carry games after games with APXin i'm pretty sure you can too c:

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QAC :Second of all APXin, why jungle, why ap

Q: Why AP ?
Because W and E ... AP give you amazing regen on your battle cry , E slows a lot , runeglaive's CDR combined with Nashor give you a roughtly 3~ seconds cooldown on E wich means no one escapes you , add the fact that your ult chunks down health and is reduced by your Q wich actually doens't really make sense ( compared to Zilean who is supposed to be the god of the time but can't rewind he's ult for some reason ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

Q: Alright i guess ... but why Jungle ?
Mana coverage , he can provide to everybody he's amazing peeling at all time and the fact that he can heal makes him a healthy jungler that almost never needs potions . Let's also add that no matter how good you are AP Xin kinda suck at csing into a lane and could easily get outcsed by he's lack of ad or skills to farm without burning all he's mana .
Also the only lane he could be is probably Top because at mid he'll get outpoked really hard or bursted down .
I've seen AP Top and Mid suceed but Jungle works the best for me , do as you like , roaming is harder so pretty hard to actually get kills and if you loose lane you can't farm .

Q : Summoner spells ?
Smite Flash is the best , you can reposition , escape dodge or get overwalls with flash and steal dragon or baron , you can also go Teleport for backdooring or if you are going top Teleport Flash is the best but Teleport is unrealible you can Teleport to bot and don't get anything out of it or if the ennemy team isn't too stupid after the second attempt to backdoor you'll get stopped or slowed down and have to back

Q :Downside to AP Xin ?
None, he's a god .


Nah jk , just look down to the next chapter for, it you lazy Bronze player . ( Wait i'm bronze too ? .. Oh ... .)

If you have any question i'll be happy to answer them and post them up here .

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TL;DR what can you do ? ( Quick Overview)

Peeling is your second name , holding down tanks and force engages , you can also disengage , chunk down squishies , keep up with most tanks , pretty fast jungler clearing , soloing turrets dragon and even baron , mixed damage , being able to Crescent Sweep a whole team can change teamfight , epic health regen , great 1v1er , Audacious Charge is strong and has low cooldown , recharge your ult all the time by spamming Three Talon Strike , great against the current meta , backdooring , target having Challenge have reduced armor wich is nice with AD based team , can isolate ADCs or Mage with the Crescent Sweep , strong early jungler power , great sustain in the jungle , splitpushing and way more can be accomplished by AP Xin .

Build properly, look at the map and gank at the right time and you will be carrying your team , that's all you need to know to play Xin . Don't forget to take the right masteries / runes , if you feel too squishy against an assassin team you can change runes for a tankier one but late game don't expect any damage .

Have fun and spin to win .

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Pro's and Con's about being a God

+*Pro's*+ :

+*Early Braum's Muscles and Mundo's bulge
Xin Zhao AP or AD got one of the strongest lvl3 in League just like most jungler , but him especially , attack speed boost , 3 bonus AD hits that knockup ? What do you need more ?
+*Epic regen
No matter what you say regening 300 hp per 3 hits is impressive
+*Surprise , i'm AP
No one will know it and build Armor
+*Never Banned
Low elo or high elo unless you do 50/0 every game you are safe
+*Infinite Gap Closer
NO ONE escapes you unless they are Leona with Ghost and Flash
+*Never gank low
We all know that jungler at 50HP who die and said you didnt help . Won't happen with Xin
+*Soloing Turret
Pretty badass , no need for minion , might take longer tho'
+*Outsustain anyone in fight
Sejuani can cry she'll never get you down no matter her CDR .
+*Exposing targets
Never been so easy , jump in or get behind , press R and take the ADC down
+*1v1 me m8 il rek u
No one can 1V1 into the jungle even at half hp ( expect kha)
+*Wombo combo for days
If used well your ult is Gragas's ult , watch your passive
+*Is this Sanic ?!!1!!?
Xin is pretty fast even without boots so heh
+*Very versatile
This guy is a real army knife
+*I'm made for this , litteraly .
What is the current meta ? Really tanky AP , and that's what AP Xin excells at destroying , Sejuani ? pff , Nautilus ? ahah nice one , Rammus ? stop tickling me , Gragas ? ... alright struggle a little against Santa claus ( damn 2 seconds body slam..)
+*Fun for the first session
Regening lots of health and jumping every few seconds is really fun for the first 10 games .
+*Easy to take in hands
That spear is not super hard to play , target the right person , farm properly , gank at the right times , normal things anyone should do and the game should go alright
+*Peeling like a fresh banana
Peeling has never been that easy
+*Teamfight Changer
Said many and many times You can do it too .
+*Forever alone ennemies
You can force someone into being alone or backing away into mid game , make sure Challenge is applied on the right target
-*Con's*- :

-*" F*cking trolls .. always in my promo's "
Yeah your teammates will probably hate you for it especially if you don't do well .
-*Where's the damage ?
AP Xin's damage is really low to be clearly honest , he doesn't burst anyone but outsustain them to death you do have a small burst but nothing crazy or anything .
-*"Go in , go in and die . "
This seems stupid but going in 1v5 is a bad idea , god or not Talon's knife don't see a difference , same neck , red blood
-*Awkward situation
Out of mana you are not very useful ..
-*Irelia nerf pls
Against fed Irelia you might have a hard time , Tenacity teams is a nightmare because the slow doesn't last enough for you to combo up
-*Who fed Gragas again ???!!! Oh wait ..
If anyone is really fed against you especially Burst mages such as LeBroken ( LeBlanc ) or ADCs who kite well ( Lucian) , you have no real chance just like most people , it's hard to shutdown really fed ones because they take you down before your sustain helps at all
-*Alright i'm 19/2 , what do i do now ?
Fed has AP Xin doesn't really make you better , you sure are stronger but not as much as a 5/2 Akali for example , your damage is still low and even if late game it gets a little bit better you NEED to have successful ganks , not like other jungler *coughKhaZixcough* who can carry game out by themselves just by playing right the first minutes *coughRengarInlowElocough*
-*No real outplay
I mean ... it's xin ... All you do is press all the buttons on the right target , can be boring after a while .
-*Poof dodged and died
Anyone who can dodge right after your E stops you from combo and following up wich leads to fast deaths
-*You can't say no when you are stunnned
Hard CC is your weakness , since you need to autoattack to sustain if you can't you are pretty much useless and early on you can easily get locked down wich is why you gotta go tanky to be useful .
-*You fool ! What have you done ?!
You can easily destroy a whole teamfight

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Items/Runes/Skill Order explanation

Items Runes and Skill order in-depth explanation

Skill Order / Skills

Passive : Challenge
"Basic attacks and Audacious Charge challenge Xin Zhao's target, reducing its armor by 15% for 3 seconds (max one target at any time)."

Pretty useless as AP , adds some nice damage onto early on and helps farming minions , also completes well AD teamcomps .

Q : Three Talon StrikeCOST: 30MANA COOLDOWN: 9/8/7/6/5
"ACTIVE: Xin Zhao's next 3 basic attacks deal bonus physical damage, and reduce his other abilities' cooldowns by 1 second each. The third strike also knocks the target into the air for 1 second."
[BONUS PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 15 / 30 / 45 / 60 / 75 (+ 20%)]
[TOTAL BONUS DAMAGE: 45 / 90 / 135 / 180 / 225 (+ 60% AD)]

The reset time controling time thing ability thing of awesomeness ; this thing is amazing : it resets your ult , resets your E for more damage , reset the W early for more attack speed more often , and adds AD damage to your combo while helping clear
Note : can cancel channeling and stop combo and dash if done well

W :Battle Cry COST: 40MANA COOLDOWN: 16/15/14/13/12
"PASSIVE: Xin Zhao heals himself on every third basic attack.
[HEAL: 30 / 35 / 40 / 45 / 50 (+ 70% AP)]
ACTIVE: Xin Zhao increases his attack speed for 5 seconds.
[ATTACK SPEED: 40 / 50 / 60 / 70 / 80%]"

The god-like ability , your heal and attack speed boost , if you are good into a game you don't " really " need to get it maxed first , because the AP you will buy will balance it , upgrade Audacious Charge instead , for reliable damage and slow .

E : Audacious Charge COST: 60MANA COOLDOWN: 14/13/12/11/10
"ACTIVE: Xin Zhao charges at an enemy, dealing magic damage to all enemies within 112.5 range and slowing them for 2 seconds."

Your main source of damage , slow being really important to catch back ennemy as a jungler when ganking you better level up that thing at least second , if not first , depending if you are well into your game .

R : Crescent Sweep COST: 100MANA COOLDOWN: 120/110/100
"ACTIVE: Xin Zhao unleashes a sweep around him, Airborne icon knocking non- Challenge'd enemies back, stun stunning them for 0.75 seconds and dealing physical damage equal to a base amount plus 15% of their current health (capped at 600 against monsters)
[TOTAL PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 75 / 175 / 275 (+ 100% bonus AD) (+ 15% of enemies' current health)"]
Xin Zhao gains bonus armor and magic resistance for each champion struck, lasting for 6 seconds..

Being useful for everything you should use it to escape and force fights , this bonus of resistance is really good and no matter if they are 5 , if you have enough items completed you'll hold off their damage for sure once the CC galore finishes you can start healing everything back ; focus the right target and don't be stupid and don't go in randomly without your team, it's generaly a bad idea .
Note : i'm never gonna repeat it enough , look who is your last target and where is your Challenge if it's on the wrong target you are gonna screw your whole team and bait them into a bad teamfight and probably loose . Yes you can use your ult to clear out waves if they are big enough or finish dragon if you really need to because all you'll have to do is spam Q Three Talon Strike to get it back in time to help your team in the next teamfight , use it wisely though .

[Info used : Official League of legend's Wikia]


I'll take a look at my MAIN items on Xin Zhao , situational are already explained why , certain situation require certain items , usualy those are defensives items if a certain type of ennemy become too powerful or countering you in any way .

We'll have a top 4 items that Xin Zhao NEEDS , their stats , and why they are so necessary .

= Your main farming item, give you that high clearing power, cdr wich is amazing and is really useful for the lategame , it doesn't give as much AP as the old Magus but still help greatly . One of your most important early item , help so much with clear , i advice Stalker blade because it's easier to keep people close so you can dash back to them with E . Red smite isn't bad either but blue is way better .

= Mercury is the best boots you could get , the tenacity is super important on xin, stunned or slowed you can't attack, wich means you can't regen ! You have to be as close as possible and attacking all the time so boots are really important too . Berserker is pretty good with alacrity if they dont have much CC .

= Your main damage source, magic damage on auto and amazing 20%CDR with good ap source too, with the recent buff this item suit perfectly AP Xin, even with less attack speed, it's still crazy good .

= Against an AP team Xin will need that item but not only for health and magic res, but also more CDR for the 40% total and ESPECIALLY for the passive, boost your regen, it's usually the item that will unlock tower solo'ing/baron solo, it's essential to have it , even against an AD team , unless they have 2 Yasuo and 3 Draven in their team they will have a bit of magic damage anyway so it's always useful .

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Tips and Tricks to Xin Win .

Here's Tips , and Tricks behind it !

Usual combo with Xin is E Audacious Charge , W Battle Cry Q Three Talon Strike and auto attack reset with your ult Crescent Sweep as soon as combo done , your ult is one of the best tool you got and it does lots of damage into 1v1's , but remmember that it does current %HP damage , wich means if the target it low he's gonna take less damage from it .
Know yourself , know your ennemy
Understand how much you can heal at any moment , look out for your mana and the know the ennemy , going in is really risky against any smart oppenant be sure you can kill someone before engaging , dying early on will make you fall really hard . Teamfight are harder to plan so look at their comp and understund when you should or should not engage to be the most effective , soaking up the most damage .

Split pushing is important and backdooring hard to succeed
To split push well , be sure you can see as much laners on your minimap as possible before doing anything , verify the Top laner has teleport or not , keep an eye on it and when it's used , backdooring is a little harder you might have to come a first time to ward as far as possible and then tp when possible , be sure the Ward doesn't get repered and destroyed .
I need a real Challenge !
Make sure Challenge is applied on the right target , you might push away the wrong target .

Bonus : You can jump onto a minion behind someone do your Three Talon Strike , attack a minion and Ult an ennemy back to your team .
Jungle Path's

Here is the standart jungle path i will detail it bellow :The path goes as follow . every X in the text bellow means you can back at this moment to get an item if you are low in mana or health or if you got counter jungled / attacked . Those are moments where either the rotation is complete or you can't do much else .
Remmember that this is a typical road, you can counter jungle too, and/or gank multiple times the same lane, especially if you know it's a champion that can snowball for you, such as Zed, Yasuo, Riven and such . Ennemies who can snowball should also be a target, don't let that katarina get fed, you don't want to loose an other game .

You start Krugs of course, attack speed onto your W will help you both sustain and stun faster wich save you lots of health, onto red immediatly, you should have W and E by now, going Razor' camp right after, pop a potion during red if you want, E the Razorback, and auto attack every little raptors, (potion now or at wolves , keep mana potion for later on you'll need it ) they will usually die by red buff, then focus the big one, when done take your Q and either gank mid or don't, either way if you get an assist, take a bit of farm ( Taxing is caring ) and roll onto the wolves. X ( You can back now or continue )
Then smite gromp and get blue buff and maybe scuttle if you have enough health, careful when you do take scuttle, don't hesitate to spam spells, you might get caught by ennemy jungler and you got blue buff anyway.
If you suceed scuttle, either gank bot if you see an opportunity ( gank before scuttle if you need too , he won't run away. ... ok he does but you get me .)
if everything goes to plan, you get scuttle, gank bot and if the gank is really sucessful, either X ( back ) recall or do dragon with your botlane if it spawned already . If the gank fails and you only get summoner's spell out of that gank, just take the ennemy's krugs that should've respawned by now, then ward trybush and back get some items . Proceed to go take Wolves, Razorback and top scuttle and/or gank top, take Red, Razor's and go mid gank, then wolves again, blue, gromp and bot if possible .

This is a typical gank early movement, it might vary if you get counter jungled , if gank doesn't go as planned or if you get caught off . Keep in mind that this is the best scenario you could ever have, if you do this and every gank is sucessful you have 90% of winning this game, especially if you gave most of the kills to your allies ( and no one disconnect in the middle of the game, of course )
Don't forget to smite both Kurgs and Gromp , as the stun is really really good against big camp and DEAL TRUE DAMAGE TO TOWER, don't forget it ! It's a blessing if you want to get outter turrets fast .

ALSO , really important /!\ You can push lane if a gank is successful especially botlane, but don't push it too much early game, if at lvl7 your bot lane has destroyed 2 towers they are gonna get camped ! And unless you have a 13/0/2 Kalista they will die in a 3v2 .

Midgame however after the second rotation, push towers if you make someone back or kill him , it's really important, especially mid lane or if your top lane lost he's towers , it gives massive gold to your whole team .

DRAGON is also a really important objective, get it as soon as your botlane is ok to help early on, and mid game if you get enough sustain, solo it, at 5 dragon you got a huge burst of power .

BARON is an other story, unless you are really really fed or you get help from both mid and bot lane or if you and mid lane are both really fed you won't be able to solo it, you have regen, sure, but remmember you have no real damage, it's gonna be hard to solo baron, try by yourself in Custom games, and look at what point you can/cannot solo it, i haven't done much test but i'd say that you need 3 items, boots and potion to be able to kill baron by yourself in end of the mid game .

To the Arena !

Go ahead and carry you team with AP Xin Zhao , if you've read everything in this guide you are more than ready to go on and master him onto the Summoner's Rift .

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AP Xin is a fun champion ... it's a great all around champion that can do everything and anything, he do fall a bit off really late game but that shouldnt be a problem since you stomp early game .

Heeh ... Well there is not much more , it's up to you to try it out and see for yourself what you think of AP Zhao

I've made this guide with every information to play Xin Zhao Jungle AP, a few things are missing but they'll get added as time goes on .

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KPoP Star Xin confirmed

I do not own any of the Video here, but just a quick view of what you can do as Xin Zhao

Video from KshAway ( Funny style ) :

"Music" Video from SivHD : " It's in your blood to be AP XIn Zhao " - SivHD

Many many more videos such as from SolWolf who plays non-meta champions or even Anklespankin
"- I'm a star" - AP Xin Zhao 2K15

VIDEO BY ME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE ( r.i.p lolreplay )

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Source / Thanks / More Info / Contact

Heyo', i'd like to thank any of you reading this, i know i've taken quite a time to actually finish this guide, and it was both unluck ( sickness, exam, driving license ...) and lazyness, especially when Runeglaive got introduiced the way it is, i had to change quite a lot .. But in the end i love this guide and i'll polish it more and more every week , add additionnal information and change/complete if Rito ruin my AP Xin change the jungle or items .

I'd like to thanks Rito, for making this game, i'd like to not thank my **** connection, i'd like to thanks The League Wikia wich is the most amazing tool ever, they got so many things on their, i use it and read it everyday, it's amazing, check it out . .

For serious now if you need to contact me i got a facebook page and twitch :
Facebook page
Twitch page

Anyway ; have fun and good luck in the Rift, Summoners . :^)