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Ashe Build Guide by LeagueOfLino

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LeagueOfLino

Ashe Jungle (S4) - Averosa guide me

LeagueOfLino Last updated on June 28, 2014
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Hi, I am a League of Legend player that gets bored of "normal" or better called "meta" picks. I just wanna try things and if they are good i wanna share them. So thats my first guide. Pls leave comments what i should improve in this guide and Vote if you liked it.

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Thats how i like my Runes if I jungle with Ashe.
9x Greater Mark of attack damage: gives you good clear and the ability to farm well
9x Greater Mark of attackspeeed: I dont like to use more attackspeed in runes but it is pretty good aswell & gives you clear

9x Greater Seals of amour: You just need that to stay allive in the jungle

9x Greater Glyphes of scaling Magic Resistance: I like more MR in late game cause I wanna carry in late
9x Greater Glyphes of Magic Resistance: Exactly the same thing but you get asmuch MR in ealy as in lategame (but less MR then)

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Pros / Cons

Pros <3:
- Good clear after lvl 3
- AMAZING amout of cc
- even more amazing ganks after 6
- You are strong enough to fight the enemie jungler
- STRONG late cause your and ADC jungler
- Averosa guides you!

Cons ;( :
- Bad clear at the very first levels
- very squishy in early and lategame
- Weaker earlygame cause your an adc
- You will maybe get flamed cause you are breaking the meta

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Creeping / Jungling

You should start with Frost Shot to kite the blue and get less dmg. Try to do that whith every camp expect the white wraith (big Wraith camp). W just gives you the ability to clear the jungle well and the extra gold of Hawkshot is awesome for jungling. Just go back if you get to low and have bo pots.