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Ashe Build Guide by Truelxve

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Truelxve

Ashe - Slow ya roll!

Truelxve Last updated on April 12, 2013
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The purpose of this build is basically to keep a constant stream of damage on an opposing champ. The way this build is set up is to feed off of Ashe's passives. In the next couple of chapters i will inform you on how to properly purchase items for this build in order to have maximum effect in fights.

Also this is my first build guide so please take it easy on me. :p

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Pro & Cons

All builds do have its strengths, but they also have its weaknesses. Here are the pros and cons for this particular build.

- Keep a consistent stream of damage on an enemy champion.
- Can burst down tanks pretty easily.
- Great for chasing down champs fleeing from fights.

- Leaves you weak in Armor and Magic resist.
- Can be killed rather quickly if positioned in the wrong spot at the wrong time.

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Early game pt. 1

Instead of starting off with A Doran's Blade like most AD carries might, you want to focus on building your Bezerker Grieves with furor enhancement, as well as Tear of the Goddess. With the combination of Ashe's Frost shot passive and T.O.G (Tear of the Goddess), it will allow you to generate precious mana throughout the match as well as slowing an enemy champ, plus with the added passive of furor on your 'zerker Grieves, it gives you a lot more shots down range AND keeping within shooting range of whoever champion you are shooting at with its speed boost every time you deal damage. (you dont have to purchase the furor enhancement this early, but make sure you do buy it later in the match) Remember this effect you'll have on champions later on in the match. As you start to build movement and attack speed, you'll always have a bead on champions that are attempting to flee.

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Early game pt. 2 - Leveling up

When leveling up throughout the early game, make sure you have all 3 of your spells available. Make sure you have 1 stack on your 'Q', 'W', and 'E". After level 3, you really want to start stacking on your Hawkshot. YES, your Hawkshot. Other than the brief map awareness it gives you, it also gives you bonus gold after killing a minion or champ;

level 1 - 1 bonus gold
level 2 - 2 bonus gold

Don't forget to kill the creeps! the more creeps you kill, the more bonus gold you gain, and you'll always have a gold advantage in the match. You really want to poke and farm at this point. Don't necessarily go for kills this early. (unless you know what you're doing) You want to get as much gold as you can before you hit Level 6. Try maxing out your Hawkshot as much as you can before you decide on stacking on your frost shot or volley.

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Transistion from early to mid game

At this point of the match (if you're doing well that is) you should have your Bezerker Grieves (furor enhancement if purchased already) and your T.O.G. Next you need to build your Manamune. This still gives you mana charge throughout the match as well as increased damage for 2% of the maximum mana you have. So you're still charging your mana as well as your attack damage at the same time. Even though your damage is growing with every frost shot and ability cast, you still need to get some more power behind your shots. A good item to purchase next would be Last Whisper. No it wont make you overwhelmingly strong, but it is good on particularly squishy or armored champs. it gives you quite a bit of armor penetration and power at a cheap price (if you're doing well on your CS farm that is) with your Hawkshots gold building.

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MId Game

Now that you have constant mana/attack damage building, as well as decent armor penetration and attack speed, you should be getting some kills as well as some assists at this point (if you're not getting murdered that is). Now its time to speed it up a little bit. The next item you should build is preferably Phantom Dancer. This will give you a boost in attack and movement speed, chances of you getting a critical hit, and allows you to move through minions and champions; meaning: More shots, More slows, more mana/attack charge, and more damage. Like i said before, the more you shoot with your frost shot toggle on, the more mana and attack you'll gain.

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Mid - Late Game

At this point in the match, opposing champions have increased in damage dealt, meaning you need to deal even more damage as well as to sustain a lane for much longer periods of time. Next item you need to build is The Bloodthirster. This will give you life steal, +1 damage per creep/monster/champion kill, and a base gain of 70 attack damage. The Bloodthirster is an ideal item to have to build power as well as staying in fights longer. Though it gives you a good amount of damage and life steal, you still need another item to help you stay in fights a tad bit longer. The last item you will build will be The Black Cleaver. This item is great to have because it gives you a nice chunk of health, as well as attack damage, more armor penetration, and having the ability to decrease an opposing champions armor for a short period of time. Seeing how it stacks (up to 5) every hit you deal on a champ, you'll decrease an opposing champs armor, making some champions armor completely irrelevant. Remember building your Manamune at the beginning of the match? well at this point of the game it should have transformed into Muramana. That's right, this item evolves when you max out on mana charges. Muramana gives you more attack, more mana, and offers you the decision to toggle on or off the ability to use mana to deal bonus attack damage. Having this combination of items will help you become an armor shredding beast on the battle field.

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End Result & Tips

As a result of this build, it gives you great damage, attack and movement speed, as well as armor penetration, giving you the ability to be a tank buster, burst down heavily armored or beefy champs, chase down fleeing enemies with ease, and to assist ally champs with your slowing effects.

Here are a few tips for this particular build.

- when engaging in team fights, NEVER engage first unless you ult first. If you step in to engage in a fight first, more than likely you are going to be killed instantly. Be sure to use your volley a lot during team fights to apply damage and slows to every opposing champ.

- use your Muramana in team fights! when you get it fully charged, (you WILL have it charged by mid-late game, trust me) make sure you always toggle it on when engaging in fights. It will give you bonus attack damage with every ability and basic attack. This will really cut down tanks and beefy champs in your way.

- Don't keep your Muramana on all the time! Even with all the hundreds of bonus mana you have earned from you Muramana, leaving it toggled on all the time will dramatically decrease your mana. Unless you have blue buff on at the moment, do not keep it toggled on.

- Get buffs whenever you can. Like i addressed in the last tip, having a blue buff will allow you to keep your Muramana on for longer periods of time. Having a blue and red at the same time will just make you even stronger. Remember to always keep tabs whenever blue is up.

Well that's all i have for you guys for now, if you liked this guide please give it a rating. if you found anything that i forgot to address or anything else, please kindly let me know.