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Ashe Build Guide by PsylentFox

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PsylentFox

Ashe: The Glass Cannon of Awesome

PsylentFox Last updated on July 2, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 11

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 0

Expanded Mind
Mystical Vision
Presence of the Master

Utility: 19

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V.1.0: Built the Guide and posted.
V.1.1: Added Icons and overall pretti-fied the guide
V.1.1.1: Edited some text and cleaned up some spelling errors.
V.1.2: Added GP/10 section to put emphasis on the two items that makes this expensive build possible.
V.1.2.1: Added the GP/10 Switch alternative build section.

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The intent of this guide is to be both informative and funny, and I am looking forward to some serious feedback and constructive criticism. While meant to be light-hearted, this build is all business, and my most recent Ashe game was a 26/6/10.(You won't see it... but I've been playing a lot of Shen lateley. XD ) Great by my usual standards of 6-12/2-5/5-15 LOL. But who knows, this build was made for normal PvP and is a blast in Co-op vs AI games.... it may not fly in high ELO ranked matches, but who knows, it could dominate! :D

Ashe’s Base Statistics (Level 1)

Health: 438 (Gains +79 / lvl)
Mana: 200 (Gains +27 / lvl)
Attack Damage: 46 (Gains +3 / lvl)
Attack Speed: 0.66 (Gains +.02 / lvl)
Armor: 12 (Gains +4 / lvl)
Magic Resist: 30 (at lvl 18)
Dodge: 0
HP Regen: 1 per 1 second
MP Regen: 1 per 1 second
Spell Damage: 0
Range: 600
Movement Speed: 300

First of all, take a look at those stats. Ashe is a very squishy character… from her low health, to abysmally low damage and attack speeds, this girl needs all of the help she can get. This, my friends, is where items come in. The frost archer is what is called in LoL a “Hard Carry”, meaning that in order for her to be effective; she relies heavily on items in order to put in work for her team. Without these items, you will find that she is basically useless.

Many, many, many games I've seen other Ashes, whether on my team or the other, have their builds all ganked up. Phantom Dancer here, regen items there, Madred’s blood razor, etc, etc. While in their own right, these items have some significant uses: the Phantom Dancer is integral in nearly ANY Ashe build. Why? Because even at lvl 18, Ashe, the supposed DPS Carry of Awesome, only has like a 1.02 attack speed. Respectable? One might say so, but this archer shines when she can fire lots of arrows off really, really quickly.

This is where my Glass Cannon build comes in: you nuke people. You rape face. That Lux always being a pain in your team’s ***? Typically I can crit squishy champs for 700-800 or more; she’s dead in three arrows. That 3.5K health Jarvan, whose been stacking armor and enough magic resist to make your mages want to pull their hair out? With this build you can hit the tanks for around 450 average, and criting for 700! Just build the Black Cleaver a little earlier in the build order and watch the tanks fall to their knees... where they belong. ;P I guess you can call this build a hybrid Crit/AS/AD build.

The one reason I call this the Glass Cannon Build? No defensive items.

I know it sounds risky, but come young Padawan, and let me reveal Ashe’s true potential.

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Pros / Cons

+Super Fun to just rape people's face! :D Ever have the after game chat comments consist of "Damn you Ashe!" or "Ashe is OP, Riot needs to nerf her!" because you just slaughtered half of their team in one team fight? Its such a good feeling.
+Deals massive amounts of damage quickly.
+Versatile for the most part in her late-gate item build
+The Philosopher's Stone and Avarice Blade will provide much needed gp/10 support to aid with your expensive item build
+Armor penetration for Runes and Masteries almost negates every Champion's early game armor
+Provides lifesteal for much needed lane sustainability late game, and plenty of HP and Mana regen for the early game.
+ Great movement speed thanks to the boots and the Phantom Dancer's and allows you to zoom from one side of the map to the other, or even escape ganks!
+ Two escape summoner spells makes Ashe really good for getting in and out of teamfights pronto.

- Extremely squishy, just like all other Ashe builds out there.
- No bubble of protection from a Banshee's Veil... so make sure to keep your *** out of the middle of the team fights, and NEVER overextend.
- No stacking items such as sword of the occult.
- The Bloodthirster is an item that can go from awesome to above average for the price if you die and requires you to farm to get it back up to speed.

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With the runes I grab 9 X Greater Mark of Desolation for the additional 1.66 Armor Penetration.

As for the Seals I choose 9 X for the additional 5.35 flat hit points. Believe me, 45 hit points can be the difference between blue pilling back home safely or falling to an Ignite Spell at lvl 3.

For the Glyphs I choose 9 X , because the - .9% cooldown at lvl 18 far outweighs the -.65% cool down offered by the . Besides, its in the late game that you’re going to spam your the most, not the early game.

For Quintessence Seals I go for two Greater Quintessence of Desolation and one . The Fortitude helps allay some of Ashe’s early game squishiness along with the fortitude seals and the two extra Armor Pen Quints round out your ability to do some damage.

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For the Masteries I go 11/0/19.

I go 11 into the Offensive Tree with 3 into Deadliness to pick up the extra 2% critical strike chance, 4 into Sorcery to lop off 3% off your cool downs, and 3 into Sunder to pierce 6 extra armor. If you have your Runes set up for Greater Mark of Desolation Armor Penetration like I suggest, you have a high chance to nearly negate all of your opponent’s armor at lvl 1, basically dealing true damage.

As for the 19 points in Utility, I grab 3 into Good Hands … because you’re squishy, you’re going to die, and when the enemy is storming your base, lopping off 6 seconds can make all the difference. Of course I grab Haste to improve Ghost, and Awareness to give you that extra experience edge over your mid lane opponent or to ease the sting of laning with a partner; that extra 5% exp usually means you hit lvl 6 quicker, and that means a quicker Enchanted Crystal Arrow's to gank and kill with. :D I stack 3 into Meditation for the extra mana regen, and 2 into Utility Mastery to help those buffs last longer on you, and I grab Blink of an Eye for the improved Flash and 2 into Quickness for even more movement speed. However, my real goal is to put 3 into the Intelligence mastery to cut an additional 6% off my cool-downs.

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Summoner Spells

Teleports your champion to target nearby location.

A great skill for surviving, especially when the teamfight decides its going to get closer to you, you may just have to adjust in order to not get caught up in Nunu's or Amumu's Ultimates. Also, you can chase with it, and you can flash through wall too! :D

Your champion ignores unit collision and moves 32% faster for 14 seconds.

Need to get away from that losing 2v5 teamfight? Need to get to a losing 4v5 teamfight and turn it into a winning 5v5 teamfight in a hurry? Ghost is an excellent travel and escape tool, and I always recommend having both Ghost and Flash in your corner because you don't deal enough damage early game to warrant Ignite, and Exhaust isn't going to save you from that enemy carry who is bound and determined to end your Legendary kill streak and earn 500 gold for themselves.

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Ashe's Skill-set:

Ashe, just like all Champions, has 4 skills and a Passive. Her Q, W, E, R, and innate are as follows:

“Q”: Frost Shot

(Toggle): While active, each of Ashe's basic attacks slow her target's movement speed for 2 seconds.

Frost Arrow is Ashe’s bread to her butter… it is what sets her apart from every other ranged carry out there. It slows enemy champions 15%, 20%, 25%, 30%, and 35% per level at the cost of 8 mana per arrow. This ability is supreme for chasing; separating stragglers out from a roaming pack of enemies, and even used to kite chasers so you can get away. I lied when I said that Ashe had no built in escape mechanisms… but it’s hard to remember to stop every once and a while and shoot a Xin Zhao as ‘RUN RUN RUN’ is flashing through your mind.

Early on this skill is very mana intensive, so never has your ‘Q’ toggled on against creeps or minions, and can give you some troubles if you don’t keep an eye on it. Also, your arrows tend to travel a little bit slower with Frost Arrows toggled, and you don’t fire the next arrow until the previous arrow hits, so sometimes its better to turn the frost arrow off during the opening stages of teamfights and turn it back on when there is some chasing to be done.

“W”: Volley

(Active): Ashe fires 7 arrows in a cone, dealing physical damage to each target hit. It also applies a slow equal to the one in her current level of Frost Shot even if it is not active.

This is Ashe’s butter to her bread. :D This is her spam skill at level 18 because it has a 4 second cooldown (3.3 if you used my mastery and rune choices) and it does a set base damage of 40, 50, 60, 70, and 80 per arrow per level, and it applies a +1.0 damage ratio dependent on Ashe’s overall base attack. So with the core build of 280 damage, the Volley ability can fire seven arrows in a cone pattern, and can strike seven different targets for 80 + 280 damage, which equals 360 damage up front. Keep in mind that this skill is not magical in nature, so armor can effect it, and On-Hit effects such as the Bloodthirster’s life steal and the Black Cleaver’s Armor Reduction won’t count.

With a range of 1200 units, this is THE tool to OWN the lane. You can even harass with it while the enemy is tower hugging! :D While this is an EXCELLENT farming tool, for the love of pete don’t use it to farm early on; use it to harass the enemy players! Its got great range, low casting time, and at lvl 1 it can easily take an 5th out of their HP bar. It is costly in terms of mana with 60 a cast, but I find that if you are sparring with your vollies up until you get your Philosopher’s Stone, you should be just fine with the extra 3 mana per 5 regen from the Meditation mastery. Also, another interesting tidbit of information is that when you rank it now penetrates some minions. Before when you fired off your Volley, all the enemy Tryndamyr had to do was stay behind his first wave of melee minions... and soon you will show him that he will have to wait for one of your melee creep to over-extend before he can get any last hits because you can now hit him for quite a bit of damage.

Once again, this is your lane control skill. Make the Lane your *****, and once you’ve made it past the laning phase into the late game when you’ve got a lot of mana to spare, go ahead and spam away, just make sure you leave enough mana for a Crystal Arrow cast just in case, or enough for a lengthy chase with your ‘Q’.

“E”: Hawkshot

(Passive): Each time Ashe kills a unit, she gains extra gold.
(Active): Ashe sends her Hawk Spirit on a scouting mission, revealing terrain as it travels and granting vision of the end area for 5 seconds.

This skill is very, very good, but situational. I usually drop a point into it by lvl 5. Why? Because it’s active is excellent for scouting brush and looking for ganks while you’re in lane, be it mid or top or bottom. The extra gold feature sure sounds tempting early game, but the extra 1/2/3/4/5 gold per minion kill is paltry in comparison to dealing extra damage with your ‘W’ or extra slow with your ‘Q’. Only in the late game, where you can farm very effectively is this skill useful, because with on average 6 minions a wave, and if you kill every minion, which you should be with your crits at lvl 18, you can net an extra 35 gold per wave, which can put you well onto your way for that 7th or 8th item in the build.

Where this skill is most useful is for detecting ganks. At lvl 5 this Hawkshot ability has very impressive range, where it can cover nearly half of the map in every direction, so you can scout out entire swaths of land from relative safety, or even Scout out Barron and Dragon from nearly the opposite side of the map. Use this ability whenever possible to avoid ganks, but try to avoid using it when in the jungle, because nothing says “Ashe… alone… in the jungle” like a shiny hawk that explodes above an enemy champion’s head. Although it can be a life savor because it can give you the forewarning you need to make course corrections, and I've even used it to set up a gank. :D Nothing says hello Karthus like a Warwick ulting on top of you, and then an Ashe arrow stunning you as soon as the duration is finished. XD

The Enchanted Crystal Arrow

This skill is what makes Ashe. This move defines her role within a team composition and makes her much more versatile than say Miss Fortune or Caitlyn. A powerful ultimate that can be fired from anywhere on the map, moving at a moderate pace, and the further it travels, the longer the stun will be... up to 3.5 seconds, which is a VERY long time for that enemy Teemo to be sitting still... in the center of your team. It starts off at a paltry 250 base damage, which isn't a whole lot, but at lvl 6, you feel so much more powerful. Which you are. As soon as you get this, start spotting out the map, looking at your partner's lanes, and look for low health enemy champions. You will soon learn that your arrow travels a lot faster than you thing... and that sometimes enemies walk right into it. XD

If you're midding alone, wait till that enemy Ryze is very low on health... preferably less than 250, and wait for him to start blue pilling behind his tower. As soon as he pops his ticket home, nail him with a crystal arrow and send him back to the summoner pad in a body bag. You can do the same with your other lanes, just as the damn Trynd makes it back to his tower after your mates worked so hard to put him down... nail him as he's towerhugging to either finish him off or let your buddies do one last tower dive for the kill.

However, BEWARE THE POWER THIS SKILL HOLDS!!!! I'm EXTREMELY serious! If you let your Ulti off at the wrong time, I can PROMISE you that your friendly champions WILL engage the stunned enemy. That can get your allies killed and can ruin what would have otherwise been a heated and competitive teamfight. Check out the "What and What Not to Do with Ashe" section for the story. :D

Anyways, at lvl 6 it will deal 250 Damage, and lvl 11 you're looking at 450, and lvl 16 it maxes out at 600 damage and it scales 1.0 for AP. Although... this is the ONLY skill that scales with AP, so if you buy ANY AP items, you should not be playing Ashe. Grab Tristana if you want a hybrid DPS/AP ranged carry.

One final rule with the is that you should never take shots you can't make, and never wiff your crystal arrows. Take nessecary shots to stun fleeing enemies, but don't get stupid by trying to see if you can hit that Highlander charged Master Yi who is running down the river in mid while you sit perpendicular to him at our spawn. Use it wisely, and use it often: this Ulti is the Alpha and the Omega, the skill that can make or break a teamfight. It is the first skill in, and the last skill shot at that Ammumu with 500 hp who thinks he just survived your team's awesomeness. Put him down... and use his bandages to wipe the sweat off your brow as your lay waste to the turrets that are no longer protected.

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What Makes the Build: GP/10

This is the main focus around the build you are looking at. Mostly every other carry, regardless, will end up stacking similar items; Phantom Dancer's, The Bloodhthirsters, and Infinity Edge's. Those items are staples of the AD carry, and any player of a Carry should know that... or else you will help show them the error of their ways when you slaughter them mercilessly.

What makes this build unique from every other item set on the site is it's use of the either revered or despised gp/10 items.

Let me make this clear: these items are what makes your build, and if you don't get them, it WILL break you. The difference between having that extra gold to pick up a Bloodthirster or that Black Cleaver are the Philosopher's Stone and the Avarice Blade.

"But Psylent, why have those items? I heard it takes nearly 25 minutes for them to even pay for themselves, and they aren't very strong in the first place! D: I want to rush my Phantom Dancer!!!"

To you I would respond this: Go ahead. Finish that Phantom Dancer or build those Boots of Swiftness, but when that lvl 8 Zin Zhao and Sona who are laning bottom with you shut you out and prevent you from last hitting, you are going to wish that you had some ability to generate some cash. Sure, you can try and farm some neutral creeps, but then you've left you lane, and now Xin is bashing the **** out of it. Or you could switch lanes and farm moderately well against that Kennen at top, but the time wasted traveling too and from will really hurt you.

With the P.S. and the A.V.B, you will bring in a steady income... always. 144 gold every minute? Thats some serious gold to be putting into your pocket while you're in lane and last hitting minions. That gold will also save you when you're forced to tower hug and can't last hit for ****. Sure, it takes 25 minutes for the items to pay for themselves, but most games last on average of 45-60 minutes, and after that 25 min mark, its all free gold (26 minutes for the Philosopher's Stone).

Think about it like this: the game will last 45 minutes. You purchase you Philosopher's Stone at the four minute mark because you last hit poorly and were zoned out. With the P.S. you get 114 gold a minute. Within four minutes you get 456 gold, and you farm enough gold for your Avarice Blade and you can now gen 144 gold/60. Serous ching if you ask me.

Anyways, it takes 26 minutes for your items to pay for themselves. That leaves you with about 19 minutes of free gold: 19x144= 2736 gold by the end... gold you didn't even have to farm for. Thats nearly a full Phantom Dancer! Now, throughout the 45 minute game, had you been farming and assisting/killing properly, you would have a lot of gold near the end to purchase all of the necessary carry items. Another good thing is that if you're always on the defensive, and never able to farm, it doesn't mean you get completely shut out like the rest of the guys on your team. You still gen a lot of gold, and can still purchase items. Also, near the end if you decide to sell them to pick up another Bloodthirster or a Black Cleaver, then you can get an extra 775 gold to apply to that next item.

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The GP/10 Switch:

For the most part this guide recommends going through and picking up the Philosopher's Stone first, as to help with your lane sustainability and mana regeneration. I still advocate this highly considering you can purchase your P.S. with only 365 gold, which is like two minutes in lane and some good farming. However, after a few games of experimenting, I've found that alternating the P.S. with the Avarice Blade to be an excellent alternative!

Grab the Brawler's Glove and two health potions at the very start instead of the Regrowth Pendent and one health potion. With the masteries that will put you up at 10% crit chance right off the bat, and since no one stacks armor at all such early game, it makes you MUCH more effecitve at harassing and last-hitting early game than almost any other champion in lane. That Yi will think twice about alpha striking you if you can crit him for 115 damage within the first couple of levels. With the change in this build, I say harass, and harass often. Just make sure you still last hit. When you get 350 gold, grab the Avarice Blade for 14% crit and your gold gen. This makes you much more dangerous early game, and with the extra potential to last hit, you should be able to farm up enough gold for the Philosopher's Stone pretty easily.

However, I will say that this is pretty much dependent on who you're facing... if you're in no danger, a P.S. will help with sustainability, and if you need to make those pricks think twice about crossing their minion wave, grab the Avarice Blade. I've done it three games in a row just to experiment, and its worked out pretty well for me. :D

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Regrowth Pendant: 435 gold -> Philosopher's Stone: 185 gold (800 total gold) (Item 1)
Faire Charm: 180 gold

Brawler’s Gloves: 400 gold -> Avarice Blade: 350 gold (750 total gold) (Item 2)

Boots of Speed: 350 gold ---> Boots of Swiftness: 650 gold (1000 total gold) (Item 3)

Zeal: 1195 gold
Brawler’s Gloves: 400 gold -> Phantom Dancer: 400 gold (2845 total gold) (Item 4)
Dagger: 420 gold

B.F. Sword: 1650 gold
Pickaxe: 975 gold --> Infinity Edge: 375 gold (3830 total gold) (Item 5)
Cloak of Agility: 830 gold

Vampiric Scepter: 450 gold
B.F. Sword: 1650 gold --> The Bloodthirster: 900 gold (3000 total gold) (Item 6)

Zeal: 1195 gold
Brawler’s Gloves: 400 gold -> Phantom Dancer: 400 gold (2845 total gold) (Item 7)
Dagger: 420 gold

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Item Build Explanation:

Item Build Explanation:
Philosopher's Stone
Philosopher’s Stone:
The good old Philospher’s Stone. Such an amazing item, it used to provide 22.5 hp per 5, 10 mp per 5, as well as 5 gold per 10. Then the upper ELO players ****ed it up for the rest of us because they greedily stacked multiple Philsopher Stones to boost their hp and mana regen to heavily sustainable levels during the laneing phase (Lvls 1-10 roughly) as well as make up for poor last hitting on minions.

The Philospher’s Stone is a great item than can be easily gotten by level three after a few last hits. As soon as you get 365 gold (or 800 if you chose to ignore the guide and grab a Doran’s Blade or boots and health pots instead), blue pill back to base and pick it up. Why? Your HP and MP regen greatly improves, and you start gaining extra gold, and that extra gold will really help if the guy you’re midding against is a bully and is zoning you out or if you just can’t seem to last hit those damn minions! After purchasing the Philo Stone, those mana problems nearly every other Ashe guide whines about will fade into the background. Just make sure you properly toggle your ‘Q’ and you should be fine.

Avarice Blade:
The Avarice Blade: it’s cheap, it’s another gp/10 item, and it provides an extra 12% critical strike chance. Nifty, huh? With the AVB, you will be generating 10 gold every ten seconds on top of the 14 gp/10 already given out by the game. That’s a hefty chunk of change with around 144 gold being dumped into your pocket every minute. Also, when you return to the lane, the other guy will flip his lid when he see’s you criting for 150 damage nearly every 6-7 shots, and the crit chance really helps your ability to farm more effectively as well as harass the other guy. The Avarice Blade and Philosopher’s Stone are integral to the build, and are CORE ITEMS, meaning they are not replaceable until the end game when you want more POWAH!!!!

Boots of Speed/Swiftness:
Boots of Speed… and of course the Boots of Swiftness… or the Boots of Ballin’tude as I like to call them. ;P They give plus 3 movement speed, and on Ashe, that total’s out to 390 movement. Once you get your first Phantom Dancer, you will be able to zoom from once side of the map to the other… even more so when you grab your second P.D. :D These boots make chasing so much easier, and with your ‘Q’ Frost Arrow, you will always stay in range unless they Flash out or pop Ghost… but more often than not you will still be peppering their behinds with pointy objects as they snivel and gripe to the rest of the team while tower hugging. But remember, don’t upgrade the boots of Swiftness until you’ve gotten your first Zeal. However, if you have enough gold to buy the Boots of Ballin’tude outright, go ahead… no sense wasting time with another trip back, and besides, they will help you get back to lane faster.

Phantom Dancer:
With the Boots of Speed (or Ballin’tude) within your possession, its time to start building what makes Ashe so dirty: the Phantom Dancer. It gives +55% attack speed, +30% critical strike chance, and +15% movement speed… this bad boy is dirty. Along with your Avarice Blade and Masteries, you should have 42% critical strike chance, and that means nearly every other arrow will hit for double damage. At lvl 11 that means around 150 damage. For most Champions that’s a 10th of their health, and a huge chunk if they get hit multiple times.

However, in order to stay more balanced, the best course of action is to secure the Zeal first, which should be around lvl 10 or 11 thanks to the gp/10 items you picked up and whether or not you’ve been last hitting properly. I’ve picked up Zeal as early as lvl 9 thanks to my gp/10 and some noob-ish Ezreal who fed me three kills before lvl 7 LOL. Once you’ve gotten the Zeal, start building up towards the next item down the list: the B.F. Sword. This will give your Crit hits some punch, and will really put off the other team… an Ashe hitting so hard so early? With Zeal you should have around 414 movement speed (if you got the Boots of Swiftness, or 374 if you just have the Boots of Speed), 24% critical strike chance, and will dump you at just over 1.02 attack speed at lvl 11. By this time, you are a lot more dangerous. Once you have the Infinity Edge completed, go ahead and finish your first Phantom Dancer.

Infinity Edge:
Shazam… the Infinity Edge. This item is the crux of nearly every Ashe build out there: it provides +80 attack, +25% critical strike chance, and its unique passive makes your crits hit 50% harder. Always complete after the Zeal. This is the lynch pin in the entire build… without it, you are dangerous… just not a GLASS CANNON OF DEATH.

The Bloodthirster:
Next we have the Blood Thirster. Many people don’t like to include this in their builds for a variety of reasons, but I think that the pros outweigh the cons, and it is very important to the build. Just by itself it grants +60 attack damage, and 15% lifesteal, and it can also be stacked up with the souls of minions to increase its damage 1 per minion and 0.25% lifesteal per minion. This stacks all of the way up to 40, with 40 extra damage and 10% extra lifesteal for a total of 100 attack and 25% lifesteal. Isn’t it great? :D The only problem is that if you die, you better start farming minions and neutral monsters because you need to get that ‘Thirster back up to speed pronto. However, if you play Ashe like a cautious carry and have a competent team, you shouldn’t be dying anytime soon.

Phantom Dancer: (Number Two :D )
After you pump up your B.T. you should have lots of gold, and you can sell either your Philosopher’s Stone or your Avarice Blade to pick up another Phantom Dancer. With another under your belt you should have around 2.2 attack speed, allowing you to dish out the hurt, 87% critical strike chance (99% if you kept the Avarice Blade over the Philosopher’s Stone), and can move out at a blistering pace exceeding 440 movement speed. :D Now… if you combine you 100 base attack with the 180 from the BloodThirster and Infinity Edge you have 280 attack. Multiply that by 250% from your crits and you’re looking at 700 base damage not including your Armor Pen Runes and Quints. You are a killing machine by this point, and many enemy players will run versus fight you.

The 8th Item Options: (If you sell both your Avarice Blade and your Philosopher's Stone. However, you can take situational items like the The Black Cleaver or the Last Whisper and exchange them out on the second Phantom Dancer in order to get their anti-armor properties and get your second Phantom Dancer last.)

The Black Cleaver:
The Black Cleaver is a good 8th item as it can grant extra attack speed, bump up your firepower an extra 55 and reduce the enemy’s armor by 15 for 5 seconds (and it can stack 3 times for 45 armor reduction). Lets face it, in PvP people hardly ever stack armor, unless your’re facing the tank; everyone’s focus is about going ‘aggro’ and dealing as much damage as possible versus surviving long enough to deal damage. (This can be said the same for you, but Vladimir will rue the day he picked up an Abyssal Sceptor instead of some armor when you crit this wannanbe Warwick for 800 damage and heal yourself for 200 of it.) If you come across one of these low armor champions, you can actually put them at negative armor, which will let you deal extra damage! :D Although, if you do come across them though, it doesn’t really matter because they will be dead within two seconds anyways since this item should push you up near the 2.5 attack speed cap with two Phantom Dancers. Never a bad choice.

(Another) BloodThirster:
Ah, another BloodThirster. If you’re just getting fed, and farming like a mo’fo, then why not add an extra 100 to your overall attack and 25% lifesteal so you can crit for 950 and heal for half that amount? Just be careful, if you die you lose the stacks, and with a recent patch, no longer can you stack both B.T.s off of just 40 minions. Be prepared to grab 80 in order to get up to full speed.

The Last Whisper:
The Last Whisper is for that damn Rammus whose stacking nearly 500 armor an shrugging off 75% of your damage. Your normal 800 crits are falling to around 200, and with 3k health it will take a while to bring that bad boy down, even with support… so what do you do? You grab a Last Whisper: it gives 40 attack damage and 40% armor penetration. Sudden your 200 crits on Rammus skyrocket to 400, and you watch with glee as you and your mates take him down 10 seconds faster than before. Of course, if you’re gunning for this Rammus in the first place, chances are the bastard will be stacking a Thornmail, so your DPS *** shouldn’t be anywhere near him…. Let your mages nuke him down because you will be more likely to kill yourself than the tank because you deal 30% magic damage back to yourself.

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What and What Not to Do as Ashe:

1. DO NOT OVEREXTEND!!! EVAR! LOL. I can tell you from personal experience that I have been killed more by a jungling while pushing the second tower at the top and bottom lanes than by anything else. Once he pops his ulti Infinite Duress and you're within tower range, its over for you. If he's a good WW, he will be rocking a Madred's Bloodrazor and congratulations, you've just lost 20% of your already meager health. You could purchase a Banshee's Veil, but that goes against the premise of this build. You are a Glass Cannon; kicking *** and taking names is what you do, leave the whole 'rolling with the punches' to the tanks and that who is bound and determined to have more kills than you.

2. You may be an Ashe that can *handle* 2v1 situations, but never stay and fight while in enemy territory. More often than not when 1 person spots you stealing the red Lizard Buff, more will follow, and that simple 2v1 can turn into a 3v1 or worse with a simple flash over a wall for a massive gank. Always have backup.

3. Yes, you can kill, and yes you can chase. Don't chase too far... like I said in rule number 1, NEVER overextend. I can guarantee you that the more you are alone, the more you will die.

4. You are a squishy character, play like one. The rest of your team doesn't care if you just played an unkillable four games in a row and then switched to Ashe at the last minute to fill the DPS carry gap. You cannot charge into teamfights, and if **** goes south, you should always be the first one out... occasionally trailing back to your slowest member and providing AOE slow with your skill to make sure everyone makes it out. Remember, preventing a kill is just as important as scoring the kill... and if you can save someone else while dieing in the process, preventing the double kill is much more important. The team can hold a tower without you, but its a lot harder for you to hold a turret without meat shields to soak up the damage.

5. If you find yourself being overwhelmed during the laning phase, towerhug like a *****. I mean it. Grab onto it and hold it tight, because in the end it works out for you. If the opponent has pushed the minions to your tower, free experience. While the tower makes last hitting SO DIFFICULT..... thats why you have your gp/10 items to carry you through until your team finally pulls their heads out of their ***es and either pushes elsewhere or comes to help.

However, what you need to remember is that every dark cloud has a silver lining. The silver lining with this is that you're Ashe, a ranged DPS Carry, and at level 6 you have your ulti and can harass the hell out of them, and then you can simply return to their turret. If you're lucky like me, every once and a while an enemy Champion will over extend, and you have a large amount of time to chase them back to the tower, either killing them or forcing them to blue pill back to their summoner pad so you can press their tower a little bit, or coordinate with one of the other lanes for a pro Crystal Arrow ulti trick shot that leads to a team kill.

6. NEVER FACE CHECK BUSHES!! Especially early game. When you just get to lane, always have the person in the front face check for you, and you should be ready to provide some support with your Volley. Early game, especially in the first couple of levels your skill is incredibly damaging, able to deal a little more than 1/5th of their HP with a direct hit.

7. NEVER mis-time or mis-fire your Ultimate! It can get people killed, and not just the enemy either! Here is the story:

When I was new, I was a prime example of that. My team and I were all assembling in the middle lane... but me with an itchy Ulti finger I picked up that Ryze who was wandering a little far away from his allies. I lined up my shot and took it, and like flies to honey myself and my two allies attacked before our tank, a VERY tanky Cho Goth, and our AP Nuker Malzahar, had arrived, and we ended up triggering a 3v5 team fight... which we lost miserably as Garen was nuked down by Ryze, our Master Yi falling to a Jax/Xin Zhao leapstrike-knock-up combo, and myself was assassinated by the enemy Shaco as I desparately fled towards our middle tower. Our Malz and Cho were NOT happy, and it ended up costing us both middle towers. We still won... but it could have gone in the wrong direction.

Moral of the story: don't **** up the one thing that makes you great.

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My conclusion is that Ashe is a very capable Carry that can fill multiple roles within the team, whether you want to sacrifice firepower for more team support, you can do that. Want to provide lifesteal to the entire team instead of yourself? Grab a Zeke's Harbinger instead of a Bloodthirster... although I don't do it. XD I think its a waste of space, but other people think otherwise.

I just say "RAPE FACE" and be done with it. Its so much harder sometimes to try and nit-pick every little detail... so sometimes grabbing one thing and sticking it out to the end will end up the best.

As a side note, I put a LOT of hard work into this build, and I would like for you to rate it on its content... but the pretty layout! :D Ooohhh.... lookie, shiny layout! ;3 Took forever to get the icons to show up just how I wanted them. If you find any typos, please be sure to tell me. Also, the double gp/10 build just isn't for Ashe, my friend tried it out with his Tristana and it made his item building so much easier. lol. Give it a couple tries, and you may just find that you like it. :D

Otherwise, Psylent out. You can play a game with me if you'd like; PsylentFox is my screen name on LoL.

Hope you enjoyed.