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Ashe Build Guide by KnD.LoadedGun

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author KnD.LoadedGun

Ashe The Traxex Of Freljord

KnD.LoadedGun Last updated on March 3, 2012
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Ashe - The Traxex of Freljord.


Ashe-New Maelstorm type build.

Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 9

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 0

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Ashe is my favorite AD Carry!!

My name is Eljohn Lanuza my LOL name is Variable20 though this is subject to change.

I do not play AP heroes because I suck at them.

Why Ashe? Because she is hot and she needs some sugar!!!
For all i care i prefer Ashe to Tristana , Missfortune , Caitlyn and Corki .

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First of all I'd like to dedicate this to My Cousin Jana Adrienne Lanuza , To the one who taught me how to play lol Adrian Maralit . To some friends Kenneth Eziquiel Lumada , Jay Givanim a.k.a. iceJ , Marklin Amador
, Reimon Angeles , John Paul Rosal ,John Philip Macabata , Eulysis Eda . And to my beloved dog who passed away. Blackie may you rest in peace.

Why Ashe? Ashe is a flexible AD carry that has a good crowd control skill. Ashe is also a very good ganker (Note: She is Squishy therefore she is not meant to be a solo ganker, She Needs a security guard! like or even (Note within a Note: Ashe can solo gank but it takes a lot of skill and a lot of luck )

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Traditional Build

Infinity Edge
Berserker's greaves
Phantom dancer
Black cleaver
Banshee's veil

New Build
Boots of Mobility
Ionic Spark
Black cleaver
Last whisper

Pro's and Con's


Traditional Build

Easy Build
Cheaper than the other one.
All around
Fast attack and move speed


No Cons

New Build


Very high damage
Anti tank
Fast farmer


Can be easily killed if focused
No defensive item
Expensive build

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Summoner Spells and masteries.

Summoner Spells.

There are only 3 combo's for me when it comes to ashe.
The summoner spells is the same with both builds

Mostly Carries are the targets in team ganks so maximizing escape is my main concern.
Flash and Ghost

This is for a tower pushing ashe and this is also good for farming.
Flash and Teleport

This one is for survivability.
Flash and Cleanse

New Build

This Combo is very effective with this build

Flash and Exhaust

Flash and Ignite


My masteries is self explanatory. AD so AD Masteries.

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Mark of desolationgreater mark of desolation X9. Why? so that your damage is reliable. Besides I'm the one making the guide so Scoot!!!

Greater seal of resilieance X9 why? No one expects a hard Ashe. Surprise your enemy!!!

Greater Glyph of Warding X9 why? Again your asset is the ability to surprise your enemy and your survivability in the lanes.

Greater Quint of DesolationGreater Quintessence of Desolation X9 why? Again you need to maximize your damage.

I expect you to already have +24 armor penetration. Ain't that nice.

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The Beginning of the Game.(Early Game)

"Welcome to Summoners Rift."

This is a bad day and someone argues with you that h/she wants to go middle blah blah balh...

And you won, you play in the middle.

First of all you buy The Doran's blade
If ur a B*tch you'd ask why Doran's blade? I'd just look at your ******ed face and say "Because this makes farming easier and a +100 health doesn't hurt".

Then you go to the middle lane. you hear this voice saying.
"The Minions Have Spawned". And Before You know it you see LeBlanc in front of you.

The thing about going mid is that you need to farm hard and you need to outfarm your oponent.

Rules in Farming

Do Not Auto attack!! Why? Because You'd be having a hard time last Hitting.

Do not try to push early!! Why? If you lose the tower you'd lose a farming site and it'll be hard to farm near the enemies. (You'd be targetted by enemies.)

Focus on Last Hitting!! A with Ashe this is easy.

Oh by the way don't feed your enemies OK?

Note: Use Ashe's skills wisely. The skills are very effective as support for your team.

Note: If your lane is giving you a hard time you can always buy 1-2 Doran's Blade

Watch The Video Below. It Ain't mine so. I have no rights with this video so; I just want you to see how a good player plays Ashe.

Watch this video:

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Tips. Dragon every time it respawns.Red and Blue buff is like an extra item

Always Dragon. Why? 190 gold is very useful. many low level players ignore the fact that a dragon kill is like 5 hero kills 1 for each member of the team.

Always get the red and blue buff!!!

Always kill Baron!!!! Baron Buff is very important.(Note: this buff can change the tide of the game)

Dominate these little aspects of the game and your team will have an edge.

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The Middle Game.

By Now You should already have 1 IE Boots of Speed Vampiric Scepter and a Dagger .

This build is very solid but still your squishy that is why during team fights you should stay at the back of the pack. You should only engage in one on one combat when it is inevitable and being carry isn't about getting the most kills you should also support team mates. This role is the ideal role for the Frost Archer .

Again do not feed your enemies. As my friend
Reimon Angeles told me once If you do that you'll go to hell!!

In case you get ganked use Ghost immediately, if you don't do this you'll get killed 80% of the time.

In other cases like when you get caught in the middle of a team fight just Flash to the back and let the fighters and tank deal with the threat.

In some cases the other carry would go and try to 1v1 you, Ashe has an advantage when it comes to this. Why? Because you can FF the enemy by using Volley while running away(Note: The point is to hit and run; that is why you need to activate your Q Frost shot ) and when your enemy has low HP the normal response is to
fight or flight, this is when ashe's SS is needed, fire the arrow to stun him and finish him off.

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The End Game.(Crunch Time)

If you've reached this phase of the game you should already be a killing machine I Expect you to already have. Berserker's greavesBerserker's greaves size 32, IE , Phantom Dancer , The Bloodthirster ,The Black Cleaver or if you opt for defense go for the Guardian Angel and don't forget for survivability Banshee's veil .

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This is not the end!

I'll add more explanations but for now bye!!!!