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Ashe Build Guide by KrisAni

Support Ashe's wild adventure

Support Ashe's wild adventure

Updated on May 19, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author KrisAni Build Guide By KrisAni 38 11 73,246 Views 4 Comments
38 11 73,246 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author KrisAni Ashe Build Guide By KrisAni Updated on May 19, 2023
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Runes: The wooosh

1 2 3 4
Arcane Comet
Manaflow Band

Font of Life
Second Wind

+8 ability haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
Da best setup
LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

Ashe's wild adventure

By KrisAni
Ashe's grand adventure
So Ashe is da best support im da game. Sure your team is not gonna belive you, and you are going to die like all the time, but when you start playing you'll get it OKAY!!!. The best with Ashe is that she just stands there and shoots. Ashe is also really good for annoying the enimes and allies(keep that in mind). So Ashe is a stong midgame aramstyle champ, just chuck that mother***ing arrown down and win the game bro.
The day i fucked Voldermurt, its mee biggest seycret beacuse im actullay ingagest to Harrer Porrer
Shaspter 1: Tha Magalcal Jouornay
The day ways in late june, right beforer our graduation. Mei and hArrey layid down behind in the shawdows of the threes to hide from the burning SUN. As usauall mey and harry was careful not to disturbo ur peace we usally had, i was laiyndg on his lap for comfort, he was fideling with my hair. Out of the blew he saiyd «Do you want the travel wet meiyd in tha Sommer!?», i was shocked by the quastion. Wed haid nevar bein toghter alone other than Hugwatz. ME face was red like a ketchunp bottel, i said «i thugt url never ask, where are wei gouing?» i asket. Hes facse was like his godfathers face when he was ai dog «u choouse» he sayid. I had no idea to wherere to travel, but inn mine hearte i saiyd «Norwaiyd». He looked pleased with tha anwser «i haved nevaier bean thu Norwaigan» he chuclket.
The summer came and our trip was abute to starte. Since wei are magik i deedn’t need to travel nurmale. We had rented a magiekk car frum the Weezer famile. HAiry stud for most of the flyning driving because i liked to set un the roof and tain. Weyn the stairs caime on the neight sky, wei sait oin the roof and ate dionnner, wed had orderedx chineses food (nudels 😉) SOO ROMANthick… HairY looked ait med and up at thei sky and Saiyd «your so buttifuel *** they NiYiGHT skies», i blushet, i knowninglity loved heim with all of mi heart. In da car wei heard tha car-radio and it plaiyed AIRPLANES (DA BEST SONG EVER). IT was aind perfct momento as wie heard «can we pretend that airplaines in da nightsky are shootingstars……» *** wei kyssed.
Wei arriweid im Noway in da moring. Harrei and I planied tu stay at SCAN**** hotel. Weed had ranted a suit oin the topp flour. The roum was maid of gold and marbles, thi beid was a doubble KING SizE, it had huge coloums to the roof and was beautiful im the golden romm. Ay jomped oin tha bed and Harri joined mei. Weid had a piltofight and fearthers weint everywhare, than we got sirius and took Out ouor wandstecks. Tha magjekk flewei aweriwhere. Weid wash xsosted from tha car flying and battel, i coluld see it im hes ayes. Sudantly i saw hes iyes flickar and he tackled meeh. Wei was fjase to fase, our nosed torched, i looket in to hes green blind ayes and kys’ed him passiontly. He smild at me afterwords, and smootched mey foreshaed. WEd feel asleip oin tha bed, and snorted.
Im da muring i teek oin mein prittiast sumer dr***, it was grenn tu macht Harryeis green glassus wharing aies. Weid waitint aut and illd nevar guas thait i would gat a seycrit oin that dai.
Chaptaer 2: i LOUVE Hardey, BIUT sumetang uakspated hapand!?!
Wei waint out im Nordwai, it wais a beutifull and warmd outcide, even thou it wais Nogweg. Harrai wainted painkakes four breakfast. Biicuse norwaygains unly ates fish, had weid magikt pancaces frum tha Weezer familys huose. Wii aite oin tha roouf off da Hoitel, we saw moitains im da horraysun anid tha operai HOuSA. HasarD JoKeyd Thait He wais guing to pUsh mei doiwn da RUOOF, Ive louked ait hem im ***fusion. HeHe smild, sumtung wash off hed had a durk glimt in hes ayes (DUN DUN DUHHHHH…)
Anywai, wei went tuo tha upera house. IT’s wais beatyfule, waait *** marbles aid it luked like ai shell. Thay ivan fillmed thare, dei wash dancang theyr natitsonal donce «BLiMe-dansen». Four dioyner wet weeh tooo Grinderløka, it wash a TRAUDIstional NUrwagain Mac Donald. Wei ate burgurs aand freees, it wash delicus Even thou it was a fishburgurs (becausses nohray DUHm😊). I tooked sume ket***p anind it scurted on meine nouse, Hardey keissed it awayd i blueshed REDDD lek a cucmber. Aftr dat wi went to a weterfiall culled Strupenfossen, it was soooo PrEttEy and wei sawd duckes bathe down tha strem. Tha sunseit wais colourfuel with all ouf tha rainbuwscolors, Harwei wais buttifull in da sunsait, hes hair wais gloveing anid hes ayes sparkced mit blind grenn glee guo.
Harrerr grambed tha railluing, he startad thu twitch.*** «are u allwright?! ☹» i usked. He loucked im mey oies anund vomited tha fishburgurs anid frees up all oin mey. HE WAS BrigHt REDDDD liuk ain onioun, I wasis cold aboiut it aind magekted IT awaiyd. Hed touck mey foce im hes hainds «THAink You LOUVE» he whipserd. WeI watcjhed tha wuterfal, ufter a long time Hardey druppeid sumethong. He wais oin hes knee, he touck mein hand «Frum day one i haid allways wainted tu MARry You, weil you do mey da hoinour?» I startd tu cray, ei was soo happpay. «Ive has olwais wanted tu marig you Harey Porter, ay say yaz queien to ya». He lofted mei im da er aind kossed mei.
Bak ait da hutel ate wai supper, it wais fosh agen. Wei were so happay, pople saw us raidiating with glea. «I caint waitnt tu tel Dumbliydore» Hei tuld mei, «Wei ar guing tu have a big weiding?» i usked flickaring mei ayes. «whait evar you want deer» he said.
Wei was laiding im eure bed, wei justed ouer magjek to maik a nighty sky im da roof. Wei was codeling to da sung AIRPLAINES (becose its da beist sung evar), Hardey stud up aind touck of he skirt. Hed had mad ABS!!?! 😊, «do u waiint tu have sume fUn?!» hed whipsard im mein iar. Mein hart raisted «i neid tu geit readiy fierst» i pecked hem oin tha cheecks. «doint bi tu long» he called aifter mei.
Im da hollway ive saw heim, Curpse laike and no noise, it wais soo Hoit. Ive heard «Helluve darlig». Das wais da moment wein all chainge aind ive goth ain teriblle seycret.
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