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Miss Fortune Build Guide by Ahpulzz

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ahpulzz

Back with a Vengeance (Pre-Season 6 Miss Fortune)

Ahpulzz Last updated on November 24, 2015
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Hi there! My name is Ahpulzz, and this guide will cover the Season 6 benefits of the current update on one of my favorite marksmen of all:

Miss Fortune

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Pros / Cons

  • Super-mobile when left unharmed
  • Excels at fighting multiple enemies at once
  • Strong laning phase
  • Heavy teamfight presence with Bullet Time

  • No instant gap closers or escapes - must rely on your own mechanics + Flash
  • Lacks range when compared to most other ADC's
  • Must be able to track/manage Love Tap to deal the highest amount of damage
  • Without armor penetration, she often struggles against big tanks.

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For the most part, how the mastery tree is organized above is (in my opinion) the best for Miss Fortune at the moment. There are, however, a few interchangeable options within here:


_____ADC's usually are given red buff at some point, and because you hold a large portion of your team's damage, it's likely that you'll receive a buff transfer from a kill. Runic Affinity will help those buffs stay yours for a slightly longer duration. However, the extra health and partially instant healing from Total Biscuit of Rejuvenation is also strong in its own right. These buffed up potions can help save your life in tough spots, and will also give you an edge over an opposing ADC who isn't using secret stash during the laning phase. I prefer the latter option as the extra sustain can mean a lot early on, but the final choice is still up to you.


_____At first it seems obvious to go for Natural Talent since you'd want the option with more damage. Not only that, but a few of MF's abilities - even her ultimate - scale with AP as well, meaning you'll get the full benefit of the mastery. However, waiting until level 18 for 10 damage and 15 AP may take too long as a lot can happen beforehand. Going with Vampirism will give you approximately 1 extra health per auto-attack at level 1, and your Q-poke will also give you health back thanks to the spell vamp. This gives you another early game edge over your opponent and unlike most early game advantages, this one can scale with your own damage and will remain relevant. If you think waiting it out for the extra damage is worth it, go for Nat. Talent - if you'd rather secure your early game, opt for Vampirism.


_____Keystones... These two are the primary contenders for Miss Fortune's final point in the Ferocity tree, but both are well worth the point and make it difficult to choose one over the other.

Warlord's Bloodlust is an easy choice for most ADC's and crit-centric champions. It allows those with crit to sustain even without any lifesteal, and further rewards them with extra attack speed to boost their damage and chances of scoring even more crits. Having benefits both defensively and offensively, this keystone is an all-around great choice for many ADC's.

Fervor of Battle works off of basic attacks and spells, but only affects enemy champions. It also needs to stack in order for it to be used to full effect. However, at level 18 it can add up to 80 bonus damage to your auto's - now that's a bunch. On the downside, there is nothing defensive about this Keystone, but it certainly adds more damage than Warlord's.

_____As far as I'm concerned, you can use whichever one you prefer - I generally chose either based on my team and my opponents:

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Love Tap

Miss Fortune's basic attacks deal 25 - 50% AD bonus physical damage, doubled to 50 - 100% AD against champions and monsters, and mark them. Marked targets are immune to Love Tap, but Miss Fortune can only mark a target once and transfers the mark to whichever target she hits with a basic attack.

So this passive... Reading the info alone would probably confuse a lot of people on how Love Tap actually works, but it's really not all that complicated. In essence, whenever you hit a target for the first time, you do extra damage and the target is marked, or "Love Tapped". This mark will remain indefinitely until you either kill the target or switch to a different one. For example, if you were to alternate attacks between monsters in a jungle camp and never hit the same target twice in a row, you'd be able to continuously apply Love Tap until you're left with only a single monster.

Double Up

Cooldown: 7 / 6 / 5 / 4 / 3

Miss Fortune fires a shot through the target enemy to hit an enemy behind them, dealing 20 / 35 / 50 / 65 / 80 (85% AD)+(35% AP) physical damage to the first target and 40 / 70 / 100 / 130 / 160 (100% AD)+(50% AP) increased physical damage to the second, applying on-hit effects to both.

Double Up's 2nd shot prioritizes enemies directly behind the primary target, especially enemy champions affected by Love Tap prior to the ability being cast. If the first target is killed, the second hit deals 50% increased damage.

Spoiler: Click to view


Cooldown: 8

PASSIVE: After 5 seconds of not losing health to non-periodic damage, Miss Fortune gains 25 bonus movement speed, which increases to 60 / 70 / 80 / 90 / 100 amount after another 5 seconds.

ACTIVE: Miss Fortune gains 60 / 70 / 80 / 90 / 100% bonus attack speed for 3 seconds and brings Strut's passive effect to full power. Marking an enemy with Love Tap increases the duration of Strut by 1 second; 2 seconds if the enemy is a champion. The duration is capped at 3 seconds.

Spoiler: Click to view

Make It Rain

Cooldown: 14 / 13 / 12 / 11 / 10

Miss Fortune rains hundreds of bullets down onto the target area for 2 seconds, slowing enemies within by 40 / 45 / 50 / 55 / 60% and dealing 90 / 145 / 200 / 255 / 310 (80% AP) magic damage every 0.25 seconds.

Spoiler: Click to view

Bullet Time

Cooldown: 120 / 110 / 100

Miss Fortune channels for 3 seconds, firing 12 / 14 / 16 waves of bullets over the duration.

Each wave deals (75% AD)+(20% AP) physical damage and can critically strike for 20% bonus damage.

Spoiler: Click to view

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Skill Sequence

_____As always, prioritize maxing your R whenever you can. Other then that, max your Q first, W second, and E last. However, I recommend starting off the game with Strut as it alone can give you more power and more level 1 versatility than Double Up, which doesn't even posses that much damage with only a single point.

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Your standard beginning items. If you're thinking of snowballing lane from the get-go (which in normal circumstances you really shouldn't), go for Cull in place of Doran's Blade for the extra gold boost.

or or longswordx(2-3) +

You should aim for at least 1.3k gold before going back to buy items. This is primarily in order to buy B. F. Sword, which will add a lot of damage and push you furthest into completing your first main item. If you died or had to back early and don't have enough gold for B.F., buy Caulfield's Warhammer or 2-3 Long Sword instead. If you have extra cash after buying one of these items, buy a Vision Ward and place it somewhere inside your jungle as you walk back to lane; the extra vision always helps.

With Essence Reaver in tow, you should never expect to run out of mana as it's mana refund on crit will give you all you need. On top of great damage and great crit, it also gives you 10% CDR that eventually becomes 30% once you accumulate at least 20% additional critical strike chance from another item ( Infinity Edge). At the same time, put on Boots of Speed since around this time the game should be getting more and more map based and you should be expecting to move around a lot. Berserker's Greaves isn't completely necessary as of now but can also be bought right after Essence Reaver if you want to play it safe. Otherwise, save up your money and get to work building that Infinity Edge.

The reason you can go full AD-crazy on MF while ignoring attack speed items is all thanks to her incredible W, Strut. With a whopping 100% bonus ATS at rank 5, it's the same as buying 12 Daggers. And as we all know by now, this buff last only 3 seconds but can be extended for far longer thanks to some well done Love Tapping. Miss Fortune, therefore, can easily out DPS most if not all ADC's because she can maintain the same amount of attack speed as any other carry with 2 items while also having twice the amount of attack damage from items.


In the average game, The Bloodthirster should be your goto since it gives you the most AD, most lifesteal, and a shield when full health. Mercurial Scimitar is not bad either, and the extra MR and QSS cleanse can really be beneficial against teams with a lot of hard CC. If the opponents have too much armor, you may want to build either of these after your armor penetration item, instead.


Mortal Reminder reduces the healing of enemies you hit, while Lord Dominik's Regards make you deal up to 15% more damage to enemies that have more health than you. Since you're mostly going to be building damage rather than health, I almost always would see Lord Dominik's Regards as the go-to armor penetration item. The champions with the most armor on the enemy team are usually the fighters and tanks, and those champions are guaranteed to have more health than you. MF has difficulty dealing damage to overtly tanky champs, so Lord Dominik's Regards helps lessen the burden of trying to take them down.

For your 6th item, you should most likely consider a Guardian Angel since your life does matter quite a bit during teamfights, and the fact that you will revive after your first death adds a bit of discouragement for your opponents to dive you.

Banshee's Veil is another superb defensive item for ADC's, especially against bursty AP champions like LeBlanc or Annie. The health and MR you gain is plenty, and on top of that the spellshield will more or less prevent you from being caught as long as it remains active.

Randuin's Omen would specifically be used against fed enemy AD champions such as Tryndamere or Yasuo. If the entire enemy team relies on physical damage, this wouldn't be a bad item to build last, also. Remember to use the active, however, as you will need to use it manually in order to slow nearby enemies.

If you didn't already get it and you only need to rid yourself of a single hard CC, this is your go-to item. It offers only magic resist, as previously mentioned, but the active cleanse will help you avoid getting locked down long enough to die, and will boost your damage by a hefty amount. Again, no health or armor, so you'll be left defenseless to physical damage for the most part.

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Early Game / Laning

Level 1

As soon as the first minion wave meets in the center of the lane, activate Strut and start alternating auto-attacks between the minions. This - as mentioned before - will maintain your ATS buff from Strut and maximize your Love Tap damage, allowing you to quickly clear the enemy minions before yours are dealt with. Although you want to shove out this first wave, still make every attempt to last hit each minion - pushing early is important, but getting CS and gold is top priority. Once you kill about 9 minions, you should reach level 2. From this point on, focus primarily on last hitting while occasionally harassing the opposing pair with basic attacks when possible.

Levels 3 - 5

At level 3 you should now have 2 points into Double Up and can now begin priming caster minions to bounce Q's off onto the enemy ADC/support for some punishing harass. After one or two shots on one target from your enhanced-Q's, they'll be forced back off in order to avoid extra damage, allowing you to zone the other ADC from some CS while securing your own. Also, around this time the enemy jungler should be looking for any opportunities to gank his lanes - with this in mind, try not to push out while farming and do your best to last hit.

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Mid-Late Game

If a minion wave is pushing onto your side and no one is nearby, farm it. If an enemy gets locked down or if a bunch of enemies clump together during a fight, ult them. Strut can help you clear waves and return in time to fight with your teammates thanks to its mobility, so use it well. Stay away from the front of the fight as the ADC, as always, and aim for whatever's easiest to kill and right in front of you. Your ult can be game changing - use it where you know you won't be interrupted and catch as many people within it as possible.

That's it for this guide, hope you enjoyed!!!