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Thresh Build Guide by WhoDatCoconut

Support Basic tanky support guide - Thresh

Support Basic tanky support guide - Thresh

Updated on March 10, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author WhoDatCoconut Build Guide By WhoDatCoconut 3,090 Views 1 Comments
3,090 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author WhoDatCoconut Thresh Build Guide By WhoDatCoconut Updated on March 10, 2014
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Early warding

Grabbing a sight ward is essential for when you have to ward river at around 3 minutes, assuming you have lane pushed.

Use trinkets strictly for lane brush, but save the ward for after the first two waves so you don't ward too far behind you, or too far in front when one side has established a stronger push.

If one side has an aggressive support hiding in the brush trying to make a play, it's preferred that the ADC uses their trinket to give vision of them.
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Change your build EVERY GAME. There's rarely a case where the same items are required in the same order. Adapt your build to your team comp and to the enemy's biggest threats. Never forget the actives on items you buy or disregard their importance.

An important note to building any tank is that: Health =\= tanky. You can build all health/armor or health/MR items but still only be under 200 armor/MR. This is not tanky by any means once you factor in their MR/Armor penetration, and flat defense stats instead of just health is important along with health items to balance the two out.

And watch out for % health carries. The more % health damage (not including % missing health) the enemy has, the more detrimental stacking health is.

Building to around 3000 health is a good goal for each game given you are the support and not a super tank (Unless you're Leona).
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Step 1. Ward
Step 2. Ward
Step 3. Ward
Step 4. Ward
Step 5. Ward

Tips on warding
- Place them on the map
- ward important objectives
- ward paths people may cross when rotating.
- Rank up to challenger
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Landing your Q's

Just a quick reminder that landing your Q doesn't mean that you HAVE to go in on it. A good option after landing a Q is actually moving closer to them and then flaying them closer to you. Consider if your adc can actually follow up on it so you don't go in on a 1v2 and end up blaming your adc for not going in the Q you landed on the other side of lane.
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Learning from mistakes

It is important that each time you die you can reflect on how you died and how you can become better from it. Here are things to look at and learn from while playing.

1. Awareness. It's not required for you to be constantly look at your minimap 24/7, but completely disregarding it completely. will make any investment in wards you make worthless. Even if a lane is warded junglers may still try to gank using gap closers to take advantage of you losing focus, especially in the case of the other laner playing aggressive so that your forget your awareness.

2. Positioning. More times than ever people die because of bad positioning. Positioning is the concept of where you are relative to your adc, their adc, their support, the junglers, brush control, and so on. Good positioning cannot be explained, and must be learned through trial and error. When you die always consider how your positioning was and if it was that which got you killed.

3. Champions & items. To be good at the game at all, over time, you must acquire a textbook knowledge of each champion, their abilities, and what kind of damage, cc, or utility they use. You must also understand what kind of items will have which effect in a situation. So next time you die from sudden burst damage from an ap mid consider what kind of damage they use, along with the items that are built onto them. Follow that up by building accordingly, focus or peel them off, and keep your positioning defensive or offensive to how much of a threat they are.

4. How you build. After a while of playing and experimenting builds you won't need a build guide anymore. Take into consideration what items you build in a game and what effect that individual item has for your team, and against your enemy. Maybe you built a thornmail, but only one person on the enemy team uses basic attacks. Or you built it and everybody on the other team does. Each item has a purpose for a specific situation and it's up to you to determine whether or not it is the right one and take that into your next game.
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Making the champion YOUR OWN

I used Thresh to explain all of this because there are so many different ways to play Thresh that there is no static guide to explain how to play him. Almost everything involving runes, masteries, items, abilities, and so on are optional and based off of my opinion. Experiment with the champion and find out things like if you want the cdr that comes with maxing Q and landing your hooks, or you want to deal tons of damage with your E passive. Or maybe you don't like building tanky and building damage is just irresistible since it meshes well with your E. Or you don't like his lack of hard engage and are going full movespeed thresh.

Everything is optional and how you want to make it. Don't let me hold you back in finding out your own unique playstyle when playing thresh.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author WhoDatCoconut
WhoDatCoconut Thresh Guide
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Basic tanky support guide - Thresh

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