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Evelynn Build Guide by RiaAllure

Jungle Beginners Guide/ Low Elo Evelynn! PATCH: 12.18/19

Jungle Beginners Guide/ Low Elo Evelynn! PATCH: 12.18/19

Updated on October 17, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author RiaAllure Build Guide By RiaAllure 1,691 Views 0 Comments
1,691 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author RiaAllure Evelynn Build Guide By RiaAllure Updated on October 17, 2022
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Runes: Usual Evelynn Runes

1 2
Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Relentless Hunter

Absolute Focus
Gathering Storm

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Chilling Smite

Chilling Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

Beginners Guide/ Low Elo Evelynn! PATCH: 12.18/19

By RiaAllure
I'm Ria , a on and off Evelynn main since her Launch into League Of Legends. I'm Mastery Seven with almost 300k mastery points into her.I've played her at Diamond ELO on a seperate account many moons ago. This guide aims to help those who are just starting out and getting to know Evelynn as a champion.
Pros – What are the benefits of playing this champion?

I started off playing evelynn purely because of how underplayed she was , not many people knew what it was to play against evelynn as well as play alongside her. I started to play evelynn alot more after her massive rework. Her strongest point is her stealth , especially at low elo alot of people are unsure how to play against as well play evelynn. Another strong point of evelynn that many people don't know about is the ganks she can secure due to having such a strong stealth, since this guide is aimed at beginner/low elo players (bronze+) I don't want to focus on high elo as much.

Cons – What are the drawbacks of playing this champion?

When you're at low elo/beginner level,some champions like Kayn/Shaco/Kindred/Rengar/Warwick will try to invade you and try to steal the buff you start at which could leave you vunerable/dead and therefore not allow you the stealth at around 6min/7min mark, evelynn is very easy to target level 1-6 so you want to try and counter your jungler as easy as possible by getting dragons , rifts, counter ganking and taking the enemy junglers farm,you want to effectively punish your enemy jungler so you can have access to gold faster which gives you your mythic item.

As a jungler, this would be your main route starting off as Evelynn. You would normally purchase your Jungler Items and head to your botside , starting blue buff. It's better to start red buff so you get a good leash from your adc and support. In lower elo/beginner matches you won't be contested for your camps, if this was to happen you would clear a different way. You normally start with your Hate Spikeinto Whiplash and Allure at level 4 after your krugs going into scuttle at top side river - this gives your toplaner vision for expected ganks if your enemy jungler is mirroring your clear. You want to finish your clear at around 3:10 so you can get the scuttlecrab without having to contest your enemy jungler for it.

Other Pathing Options are as follows:

If you are against a faster clearing jungler or a major counter Diana Dr. Mundo Kindred Kayn Rengar Warwick Xin Zhao you can go to secure your buffs from a steal:

Blue Buff --> Red Buff --> Krugs --> Raptors --> Wolves --> Gromp

If starting top to path bottom:

Red Buff --> Krugs --> Raptors --> Wolves --> Blue Buff --> Gromp --> Scuttlecrab INTO GANK BOTLANE.
Early Game - During early game as evelynn , you're completely focused on farming up to level six where you gain Demon Shade and Last Caress - these two abilities allow you to secure kills and start ganking more effectively. The only times you should be taking kills or ganking before level six is if a enemy is low hp, try your best to punish the enemy jungler by stealing farm/camps and gaining as many objectives as possible whilst working towards Mejai's Soulstealer and Hextech Rocketbelt

Mid Game - By now you should be finished with Sorcerer's Shoes and Hextech Rocketbelt as well as over level 6 which gives you Last Caress these items and abilities , as well as your snowball item, Dark Seal should be able to give you more kills - from here, you want to gank as you normally would, just keep scaling and gaining dragons and objectives - the more gold lead, the more chance you have at winning. As well as having these two main items , you can start on your third item which could be Lich Bane or Rabadon's Deathcap

Late Game+- Hmm , late game can be a little harsh on Evelynn because her power spike is normally mid game where shes very strong ,if you have a good lead with Mejai's Soulstealer you can pretty much penertrate through heavy tanks if you have maxed your W out due to the magic resist it provides you. This is where I would usually say start building into things like Shadowflame, Void Staff or Banshee's Veil against those champions who have lots of AP or Armor.

Need help with ganking? Here's some helpful tips!

- When in Demon Shade start ganking from behind, you want to have Oracle Lens to sweep out any Control Wards that reveal evelynn to enemies. It's acceptable to dive as evelynn if you have Flash , Last Caress or Hextech Rocketbelt activated so evelynn can get out easily without costing the team a kill.


I usually like to gank with the usual Allure --> Hextech Rocketbelt Activate + Hate Spike --> Whiplash --> Last Caress

You can also go suprise mode and use your : Hextech Rocketbelt / Flash > Whiplash > Last Caress

DON'T FORGET , USE YOUR Chilling Smite to slow your enemies down! remember Evelynn doesn't do well against super mobile champs!!
Ability Explanation
Hate Spike Evelynn strikes out with her Lasher, dealing damage to the first unit hit. Then, Evelynn can shoot a line of spikes at nearby foes up to 3 times.

Whiplash Evelynn whips her target with her Lasher, dealing damage. She then gains Move Speed for a short duration.

Allure Evelynn curses her target, causing her next attack or spell after a delay to charm her target and reduce their magic resist.

Last Caress- Evelynn briefly goes untargetable and decimates the area in front of her before warping backwards a long distance.

Spirit Blossom - 10/10, I love it it's super super cute and I just absolutely..ugh I can't. It was also a very special gift <3

Original K/DA Evelynn - Also very cute, I love the sound effects of the Q(aesthetically pleasing) and the charm sound!

Shadow Evelynn - I love the recall on this and just the colours black and blue, very simple skin , sometimes you just need to go basic!

Coven Evelynn - This skin is cool, but sometimes feels clunky in game.I love the voicelines and the recall! The chromas are also cute for this skin.

K/DA Prestiege Evelynn - Same opinions as the original, I just like the gold!

Blood Moon Eve - It's a okay skin, I just feel like this skin could of been like spirit blossom? Kinda looks undone and there's more to it. The demon shade is super cute though, I like the passive music.

Masquerade Evelynn - Statement peice, iconic, could of done something interesting than the default recall animation..

K/DA Allout Evelynn - The sound effects of the Q are simply too clunky for me, it's a okay skin but not the best.

Sugar Rush Evelynn - Cute, but not the best..cute concept, could of done more.

Safecracker Evelynn - Hate it, not for me.

Tango Evelynn - Eh, naah.
That's the end of my guide! I hope this is very helpful, if you are new to Evelynn and this guide helps you please thumbs up! <3

If you guys want any other resources or evelynn mains I recommend see below!

AnthonyEvelynn - Super super good Eve Main especially at high elo! Streams regularly and has a guide here on mobafire! <3

Splash_1v9 - Another high elo evelynn main , very very good! Also has a high elo evelynn guide here on mobafire <3
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League of Legends Build Guide Author RiaAllure
RiaAllure Evelynn Guide
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Beginners Guide/ Low Elo Evelynn! PATCH: 12.18/19

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