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Shaco Build Guide by derpasaurus

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author derpasaurus

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derpasaurus Last updated on October 23, 2013
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 9


Utility: 0

Ranked Play

Starting Boxes and Buffs

Place scouting box at 40s ideally at river entrance to their red.

You can start at any buff you want. Place first box at 56s. When a box triggers it wont expire after 60 seconds.
Start red > blue if you do not want to contest their first red buff. Red to blue is a faster clear.
Start at blue if you want to contest their red buff. This is much safer as it will give you the mana to escape with deceive if things don't go as expected.

After your second buff you want to end up closer to top so you can gank for top/mid. Snowballing those lanes makes a bigger impact to the game and is easier to pull off compared to bottom.

Using Shaco

When ganking, Q in. place box behind them ideally next to minions as the fear is larger range than the range to trigger. E when they flash/create distance/close to dying.

In mid game skirmishes, you want to do damage, and save Q as a get away tool/final blow, rather than Q to initiate.

Late game you want to be splitpushing for towers or teamfighting. If you are teamfighting, you should ideally save your Q to escape (similar to how people flash last second to get away). If you decide to Q to go all in, realise it is risky and make sure it is a favourable situation.

When split pushing try to carry a ward or two around. and place your boxes as mini wards to scout when the enemy team is converging on you. Avoid dying when split pushing at all costs, as when they send 1-3 people to kill you, that's when the 4 other members of your team can secure other objectives/pick off champions.

Early game priority

Cover lane for dead teammates.
Push lane after successful gank.
Gank extended lanes.
Regank successful ganks as no flash.
Contest 2nd/3rd round of Buffs.
Buying at 6-7 minutes to ensure you are strongest when contesting these buffs.
Secure Dragon by ganking mid/bottom 6+.
Successfully Diving lanes. (these are the most crippling in terms of xp/gold lost from minions)
Counter jungle.
Farm Jungle when smite is up.
Buying when enough gold for big upgrade.
Farming own jungle.

Oh and I know alot of people have opinions on this but I try to not take the kills from carry heroes, especially if the hero is likely to to snowball or top laners who I can't always be ganking for. but yea if it's ever in doubt, secure the kill.

You can benefit from the gank by helping push the lane and getting gold/xp and catch up later from split pushing.


Contesting buffs is very important to shaco. Each red/blue gives almost a level of experience. By the time the 2nd set of buffs come around, you should hit level 6, otherwise you are falling behind.

Counter jungling is very important on Shaco. You trade some extra walking distance for an easy kill opportunity, and valuable scouting information for your team. Killing their jungler is one of the most crippling things you can do early on. They lose double buffs, you make their jungle your home. and you will probably be able to get 3 out of the 4 buffs in the 2nd set/start warding and camping their jungle to limit farm, as well as keep your teammates safe, as their jungler is visible/weaker.

Shaco might not be as strong as other junglers, but it is worth counter jungling because in nearly all situations you will be able to get away cleanly with your Q, so there is lower risk. Just keep an eye on the mini map when their laners dissapear and make sure your team-mates are ready to respond and help.

When killing wraiths, only the big wraith is worth anything. It is probably worth killing the small golem in the double golem camp, wolves is in between.

Always take your second blue buff, unless your mid laner is doing particularly well. You can always gank mid for your midlaner to get him a buff. You need the experience to remain competitive and a blue on shaco is a more map presence for your entire team. You rely on the mana on Q alot for your ganks/counter jungling/overall risky play.

Late Game

The whole focus of mid game onwards is securing objectives for a global gold lead, while denying the opposing team.

Remember that when you kill a player. the point is not to kill the player for gold (300-450), it is so that your team will have stronger map presence to push objectives (tower being 750). So whenever you get a kill, always look to get rewarded further by pushing an objective.

Ending the game
Killing Baron safely
Killing inhibitor
Kill inner towers
Kill outer towers (less rewarding but easier/guaranteed/necessary to open up more jungle)
Killing dragon
Kill buffs for experience and making you stronger in teamfights to kill other objectives.
Push the lane with outer turret still up.
Otherwise focus on split pushing bottom lane as there is better vision/dragon control, and getting the bottom inhibitor will be much better for baron.
Focus on split pushing top lane, when baron is a legitimate threat.
Be split pushing by default, but as soon as someone comes to defend, look to rejoin the teamfight in a 5v4/buy/focus on another objective and resume.
With the item build in this guide you are actually quite effective in teamfights. Golem + Last Whisper makes you very durable, even when taking out enemy tanks. U don't have to overextend and Q dive into their carry to be effective.

Team Composition

For picks and bans, I like to ban tanky champions that can escape ganks/dive my team. Champions with escapes like kassadin can foil your ganks, and diving champions like aatrox/j4 can screw up your team 4v5 if one of them gets caught out of position while you are split pushing. Other things like TF global ultimates that reveal you, lee sin E, Zyra roots, that screw up any chasing. Also consider banning champions that just become monstorous late game if you fail to stop them early like nasus and renekton.

For your team, wave clear for 4v5 splitpushing is ideal, a mid/top laner that can snowball is great. Tanky top/support/initiator is nice but not necessary. Pretty much everything can work if you and your team play well.

Tricks and other ideas

Camping wraith bush.
Placing a second box as they trigger your first box for extended fear duration.
Ultimate to take you off the map for 0.5 seconds and dodge abilties.
Placing your box in front of you as a way to block abilities.
You can ultimate into/out of the dragon/baron pit.
When you ultimate during your Q stealth. you will remain stealthed.
Controlling your image can fool other people into thinking it's the real shaco.
Knowing all the Q juke locations. Q is the same disatance as flash.
Ulting from behind a tower and diving walking in is a great way to dive, leaving Q to escape.
After you ult in tower range, the tower will aggro onto your clone, but when you do damage to an enemy champion, the tower will retarget onto you.
People can spot your clone from neutral buffs/lack of items/when they ping it prior to Ulting.
When Seiging a tower, always ult when the first minion wave is about to reach.
Towers will target seige minions, then your box, then you.
Neutral camps will attack whoever's closest (eg you or ur boxes). Some mobs have slow turning speeds, such as dragon, so you can potentially do dragon by moving your clone in and out without taking any damage.
You can ult to kill red/blue, and then send your clone to another camp and explode to clear two camps quickly.
If your team is coordinated, you can plant your 4th box and run directly to the other buff as they damage the buff for the best possible start.
You can Q into lane bush, and then gank from there.
You can pretend to leave lane after you fail a gank, and Q back in straight away when they least expect it.
CDR blues. 19 AD start. Standard Jungling AS/Armor/MR build works good too.
Fastest baron DPS in the game with ult + BotRK.
Pink ward for safe early dragon.
Utility masteries.
Double doran's start.
Crystalline Flask.
Level 1 solo dragon.


Remember that the best way to improve is to play a lot of games. Shaco is a very fun and rewarding hero, you will learn a lot about the game and how your early decisions really make a big impact on the outcome of a game. later on your objective focused split pushing/speed in killing baron, and ability to pick off champions can turn around a lot of games. Thanks for reading :)