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Tryndamere Build Guide by TwTvRANGERZX

Top Best Tryndamere World Challenger Guide by RANGERZX

Top Best Tryndamere World Challenger Guide by RANGERZX

Updated on May 31, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author TwTvRANGERZX Build Guide By TwTvRANGERZX 541 16 570,199 Views 12 Comments
541 16 570,199 Views 12 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author TwTvRANGERZX Tryndamere Build Guide By TwTvRANGERZX Updated on May 31, 2024
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Fleet Footwork
Absorb Life
Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand

Second Wind

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+10% Tenacity/Slow Resist


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


Threats & Synergies

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Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

Best Tryndamere World Challenger Guide by RANGERZX

Hello, my name is Rangerzx I've been playing League since Season 2.
I played mostly normal games until Season 6 in which I reached Challenger, and have been Challenger ever since in two seperate roles, Mid- and Toplane.
I'm known for always stomping my way through the ladder with a small amount of games and high winrate, while being very consistent in my gameplay.

In the past I was known for being the best Jax, Darius and Tryndamere in the world, reaching Challenger on all three of these champions and coaching in the LEC for Team Vitality.

Nowadays Im focusing on fulltime content creation and private coaching-sessions, trying to teach my viewers the finesse of Tryndamere, toplane aswell as midlane and creating fun content on stream while conquering the ranked ladder on EUW.

Im also creator of the famous "Season 11/12 Tryndamere Guide by Rangerzx" and helped other creators create content all around the scene, so now that I've set the bar for your expectations lets get right into it.

Some examples of my accounts:

Why you should play Tryndamere
Tryndamere is one of the most iconic champions of the game. The players that play him love him, but the players that play against him hate him. In the end, Tryndamere is one of the best carry champions in the game and provides you with satisfying gameplay throughout the game. He is by far my favourite champion and you should give him a try.

[★] Great mobility
[★] Strong laning phase
[★] Insane carry potential
[★] Easy to play on a basic level
[★] Exciting and fast paced gameplay
[★] Good scaling throughout the game
[★] Big guy with a sword, what's not to like?
Runes and Summoner Spells

Flash: Flash is arguably the most OP thing in League of Legends for almost any champion. This spell has so much potential for outplays and safety, making it a must-take for Tryndamere.
Ignite: Since the nerf to Ghost, it's good to take Ignite instead of Ghost in matchups where the enemy is very healing based (for example Olaf or Aatrox.
Ghost: Ghost is still a great choice for Tryndamere even after the nerfs. You should only change Ghost to Ignite in games where you are playing vs a healing-based enemy laner.

Runepage #1: Standard

Fleet Footwork is now the best standard rune for Tryndamere. The extra healing will always be useful, but you mostly take this rune for the huge low-cooldown Movement Speed buff, helping you catch up to your enemies and get in more autoattacks.
Absorb Life is a great new addition to the arsenal of Tryndamere, giving you even more sustain to deal with enemy poke. You can change Absorb Life to Triumph in games where you feel like your lane matchup is very easy.
Legend: Alacrity is the best Legend rune for Tryndamere. As Lethal Tempo got removed you are Attack Speed starved, making this rune have great value.
Last Stand is insane on Tryndamere. Spending the majority of your fights at low health due to your ultimate, you easily gain the Maximum Damage from Last Stand to help you deal tons more damage.
Demolish has great synergy with Tryndamere as you are spending the majority of the game splitpushing, and Demolish helps you get turrets faster. This rune is especially good in the laning phase to get Turret Plates easier.
Second Wind is constantly active in laning phase due to you constantly getting hit for walking up to minions or trading, making it a great choice for Tryndamere.
Take Attack Speed, Adaptive Force, and 10% Tenacity & Slow resist. Since the removal of Legend: Tenacity, the Tenacity & Slow resist shard is more important than ever.

Runepage #2: Optional

Grasp of the Undying is a good keystone in games where you feel like you can stomp lane with the extra trading power. Keep in mind Grasp does not scale well compared to Fleet Footwork, so make sure to choose carefully.
Demolish has great synergy with Tryndamere as you are spending the majority of the game splitpushing, and Demolish helps you get turrets faster. This rune is especially good in the laning phase to get Turret Plates easier.
Second Wind is constantly active in laning phase due to you constantly getting hit for walking up to minions or trading, making it a great choice for Tryndamere.
Revitalize is a solid rune for Tryndamere. Simply giving you a bit of extra healing on your Bloodlust, and some extra healing from the Ravenous Hydra you will most likely purchase.
Legend: Alacrity is the best Legend rune for Tryndamere. As Lethal Tempo got removed you are Attack Speed starved, making this rune have great value.
Last Stand is insane on Tryndamere. Spending the majority of your fights at low health due to your ultimate, you easily gain the Maximum Damage from Last Stand to help you deal tons more damage.
Take Attack Speed, Adaptive Force, and 10% Tenacity & Slow resist. Since the removal of Legend: Tenacity, the Tenacity & Slow resist shard is more important than ever.
P - Battle Fury Passive Ability
Tryndamere gains Fury from autoattacking and killing units, gaining Critical Strike Chance. Managing your Fury is essential for optimizing your damage and gaining more health with Bloodlust. As your only damage source is autoattacks, Fury will allow you to match the damage of other champions.
Tryndamere gains 0−40% critical strike chance depending on his Fury.

Q - Bloodlust Sustain Health and AD-Ampflifier
Passive: Tryndamere gains bonus Attack damage, plus an additional amount based on his missing health.
Active: Tryndamere consumes all of his Fury to heal himself, increased for each point of Fury consumed. As Tryndameres trading is quite weak, using this ability frequently in lane to sustain through the poke & trading of the enemy is important to stay healthy. More on this in the Gameplay section.

W - Mocking Shout Slow's the enemy and decreases their Physical Attack Damage
Active: Tryndamere reduces the Attack damage of nearby enemy champions for 4 seconds. Targets facing in the opposite direction of Tryndamere are also slowed for the duration. Using this ability correctly to slow the enemy is extremely important as you are a full melee champion that needs to stick to enemies to deal damage.
More on this in the Gameplay section.
Tryndamere the target does not have to be visible to be targeted by this ability.
Mocking Shout can also be used to reduce the enemys damage to have more favorable trades.

E - Spinning Slash Damaging movement ability.
Active: Tryndamere dashes to the target location, dealing physical damage to enemies hit and generating 2 Fury per Enemy hit. This is the most important ability of Tryndamere, as using it correctly is essential to keep up with kiting enemies. Being the only mobility ability of Tryndamere, Spinning Slash also helps you clear waves and jungle camps to help with farming. More on using Spinning Slash in the Gameplay section.
Bloodlust and Undying Rage can be cast during the dash.

R - Undying Rage Immortality for 5 seconds
Active: Tryndamere becomes enraged, gaining Fury and making him immortal for 5 seconds. Timing this ability correctly is ESSENTIAL for survival. You want to cast this ability as late as possible for more time in the fight. However make sure to actually cast your ultimate, as casting it early is still much better than casting it too late. Tryndamere is EXTREMELY dependant on his ultimate, so having this ability up for fights is mandatory.
Undying Rage can be cast while being affected by crowd control.
Building Tryndamere is about dealing damage. Depending on the enemy comp, sometimes it's about getting more straight up DPS, and sometimes its about having more access to the enemy. In any case, your build should have a mixture of both.

Here are some example builds:


Full squishy kiting comp:


Starter Items

Doran's Shield
You can't go wrong with Doran's Shield. Tryndamere lacks trading tools and gets hit a LOT in lane, especially vs poke & ranged matchups. As you are full melee, you will constantly be taking damage as you walk up to last hit minions, giving Doran's Shield a lot of value in the earlygame.

Doran's Blade
After the buffs to Doran's Blade making it give 100HP and 10AD, it has become a very good starter item. The longer the game goes, the more Doran's Shield loses value, but Doran's Blade keeps getting better due to actually giving damage and 3.5% lifesteal. Start this item in melee matchups where you're not getting poked as much.


Berserker's Greaves
Berserker's Greaves. These boots give a big amount of Attack Speed that synergizes well with you being all about autoattacking, and your high Base AD and AD steroid from Bloodlust. As Tryndamere is all about dealing damage, Berserker's Greaves are the best boots.

First Item

Ravenous Hydra
Since 14.10 with the removal of Lethal Tempo and changes to Crit items, Ravenous Hydra is now the best Standard first item. This item is just overpowered, giving Tryndamere a good amount of damage and haste, but also a ton of sustain and waveclear. This item should be bought in almost every game.

Stridebreaker is a good substitute for Ravenous Hydra in games where you are vs a full squishy kiting comp. Stridebreaker gives you massive movement speed, making you be able to snowball more through kills vs the enemy squishies instead of focusing on massive sustain and splitpushing.

Blade of the Ruined King
Blade of the Ruined King can be a good item in games vs fighters, where the best way to play out a lane is to fight (for example Riven or Renekton). This item gives you better all-in solokill potential than the Tiamat items, making you have higher chance to snowball through kills.

Other Items

Phantom Dancer
Phantom Dancer is the best Attack Speed item for Tryndamere in games where you bought Ravenous Hydra as your first item. The reason for this is that Tryndamere wants Haste in his build to lower his cooldowns, and Ravenous Hydra has Haste in it already. As Tryndamere is now more Attack Speed starved than before, the extra stats from Phantom Dancer make it better than Navori Flickerblade.

Navori Flickerblade
Navori Flickerblade is the best Attack Speed item if you did NOT go Ravenous Hydra as your first item. This is due to Tryndamere wanting Haste in his build, and as your first item is lacking Haste, the passive from Navori Flickerblade will make you able to lower your cooldowns.

Infinity Edge
The best item in the game. Infinity Edge gives you massive increase in your damage as all you do is Crit. Buy this item 3rd in every game to round up your Crit to 100% and boost your damage.

Mercurial Scimitar
Mercurial Scimitar can be a good item in late-game to get rid of singular CC abilities that are hardcountering you, for example Malzahar ultimate. The active also gives you a massive Movement Speed buff, allowing you to easily land multiple more auto-attacks.

Lord Dominik's Regards
Lord Dominik's Regards is an amazing item to boost your damage in late-game, as all your damage is Physical Damage. 40% Armor Penetration is bound to massively increase your damage output, even vs targets that haven't bought armor a lot of armor.

Mercury's Treads
You can change Berserker's Greaves to Mercury's Treads in the late-game to get some Tenacity to counter the enemy Crowd Control. This should only be done if you have already established a proper amount of Attack Speed with items and levels.

Yun Tal Wildarrows
Yun Tal Wildarrows is a good 6th item to boost your damage as you are 100% Crit at this point, making all your attacks stack the passive bleed.

Zephyr should be bought once you are full-build and don't feel the need to switch your Berserker's Greaves to Mercury's Treads. The item is extremely cost inefficient, so only buy Zephyr when you actually have NOTHING else to buy anymore.
Strength & Weaknesses



  • Strong laning
  • Very high damage
  • Good scaling
  • Infinite sustain
  • High mobility
  • Strong splitpush
  • Great at turret diving
  • Easy to play at basic lvl



  • Vulnerable to CC
  • Weak trading
  • Countered by armor
  • Bad from behind
  • Useless without Ult
  • Expensive build
  • Reliant on Summoners

Gameplay (How to play)
Tryndamere has excellent potential at all stages of the game. This means that you should ALWAYS be looking to gain and advance your lead from the beginning of the game to the end. Examples of Plays and Mechanics can be found below in the Playmaking section.

As you are a Melee Carry, you are very dependant on items. Your build is expensive, so farming well is ESSENTIAL. Make sure to last hit minions well in lane and take jungle camps whenever theres no minions available, aiming for at LEAST 8 cs per minute.

Laning Phase

In the laning phase, you need to focus on farming well. Make sure to focus on last hitting minions, and taking jungle camps inbetween minion waves if any are available. Your items are expensive, making the constant income of gold extremely important for your success.

Another important thing in the laning phase is setting up all-ins. Even just the threat of all-inning the enemy is often enough to deny the enemy minions and experience.

This can be achieved with freezing the wave on your side of the lane, or stacking and pushing the wave for a dive. Examples of this can be found in the Playmaking & Ability Usage section.

Splitpushing & Teamfighting

Tryndamere is great at splitpushing and applying pressure. You are very strong in a 1v1 scenario, and can beat most champions in the game at any stage of the game. Going sidelane to splitpush applies a lot of pressure to the enemy team, making them have to come defend with multiple players which allows your team to fight on the other side of the map with an advantage.

Despite Tryndamere being great at splitpushing, this does not mean that it's always the correct play.
In the end League is a team game, and teamfighting is a big part of winning.
Depending on the enemy comp and game state, you need to make accurate decisions when it comes to this.

Things to look for when it comes to deciding your plan of action:

When to Splitpush

You don't have Summoner Spells available
Theres no objectives up (Baron or Dragon)
You can confidently dive the enemy sidelaner 1v1
When the enemy team comp is very heavy cc or heavy armor
The enemy is in a bad position to push against your team
The enemy base is already destroyed enough that you can end

When to Teamfight

Enemy team comp is low CC
Enemy team comp is squishy
You have Summoner Spells available
Objectives are up (Baron or Dragon)
Your team comp is better in teamfights
Enemy carries are lacking Summoner Spells

Flanking is extremely strong on Tryndamere as ideally you want to hit carries instead of the frontline, but accessing carries can sometimes be difficult. When going for teamfights, try to approach the fight from another angle to access enemy carries easier and to make the enemy have to fight on 2 different fronts, basically a Pincer move.

Despite carries being the ideal target for you, sometimes accessing them is too hard. When you feel like this is the case, Tryndamere is actually very good at killing frontline targets with Kraken Slayer and constant autoattacking with Lethal Tempo.

Selecting your targets well in teamfights is crucial as you are almost always on a timer due to being very squishy and only having 5 extra seconds of viable fighting with your ultimate Undying Rage.

Also hitting the frontline will cause the enemy carries to walk forward to hit you, which can help you quickly switch targets from the frontline to the enemy backline with your spin and summoner spells.

DISCLAIMER: League is a very complex game, and the smallest variance can completely change the CORRECT approach, so even if several of the things listed above apply, it does not mean that going for that play is necessarily the right one. Keep paying attention to the outcome of your decisions in-game, and eventually your decision making will be godlike.
Playmaking & Ability Usage

Early Game Playmaking

In earlygame, Tryndamere is capable of getting solokills with ease. Having the HIGHEST base AD in the game, alongside having an AD steroid from Bloodlust, a slow from Mocking Shout and mobility with Spinning Slash + Ghost + Flash, your kill potential is very high.

Tip: Try to start your all-ins from your side of the lane, so you have more space to run the enemy down.

How to trade in lane:

Spinning Slash into Autoattack

Autoattack into Spinning Slash

How to use Mocking Shout

Landing the slow on your W is crucial. A way to use this ability correctly is to pay attention to the movement & attacks of the enemy. Right after the enemy casts an ability or attack you, they will start running away from you, making it easy to land the slow.

You can extend your E range by flashing during your E animation, making the damage land where you land with your flash. You are also able to cast your autoattack instantly after. This is an excellent way to surprise the enemy with more range and a burst of damage at any stage of the game.

Simply try to use your ultimate as late as possible. Even a slight difference in timing your ultimate can lead to one or even several extra autoattacks which can easily make a difference in fights. Pay attention to how much damage the enemy is dealing, but make sure that you do NOT use your ultimate too late as then you are simply going to get instakilled. Remember that you can ALWAYS use your ultimate, no matter what. CC does not apply to your ultimate usage!!!

Manipulating Critical Strike:

Critical Strike in League of Legends is not a static % chance. League uses a Pseudo-RNG system. What this means, is when you have a chance to Crit, but you DONT Crit, your NEXT autoattack has a HIGHER chance of Critting. This works the other way around, when you have a chance to Crit, and you DO Crit, your NEXT autoattack has a LOWER chance of Critting.This causes you to be able to use this to your advantage, simply casting autoattacks and 'stacking' your Critical Strike Chance, and then going for a VERY high chance Critical Strike to your target.

Me using this strategy against the LEC MVP Misfits Vetheo in Challenger-Elo.

Overall Tips to get better at the game

Do NOT autopilot.

Every click, every decision, every move needs to be thought about and needs to have a reason. Pay attention to the outcomes of your decisions in-game. If you made a bad play, think why it was bad and make sure you play the scenario differently next time. Often people disregard the GOOD plays and only focus on the Bad, but focusing on the good plays is just as important. Often lower skill players will simply disregard the good plays, even when they do them unintentionally. So when you make a good play, make sure to think why it was good so you can repeat the same in future games.

Do NOT be toxic.

Sometimes League is not fair. Sometimes your team is bad, sometimes you have an AFK, sometimes the enemy is smurfing. Theres a lot of frustrating things in the game, but in the end all we want is to win.
Losing your focus by worrying about things OUT OF YOUR CONTROL is pointless.
Only focus on yourself, and mute anyone that distracts you.

Play a LOT.

Playing the game is easily the best way to learn. Make sure to play a lot of games, but as mentioned before, don't autopilot. Think about the outcomes of your decisions, but playing the game a lot to gain experience and a lot of sample size is key for improving.

Always try to win.

Sometimes the game is hard. Sometimes you just want to give up and go next. But learning how to play the game from behind, or dealing with difficult factors is ESSENTIAL for improving.
So many games I have won over the years have been comebacks.
In the end, everyone makes mistakes and the enemy can easily throw their lead, so always try to focus on winning no matter what situation.

Play aggressively.

Learning your limits is everything, especially on Tryndamere. Make sure to fight a lot, and figure out your damage limits and the enemys limits. Once you figure out the overall strengths and powerspikes of all the champions in the game, playing is much easier as you can abuse your knowledge.
Skin Tierlist
Making this guide to Mobafire has been a long time coming. I enjoy teaching others, and being the best Tryndamere player I felt obligated to pass my knowledge to others. I tried to make this guide simple, giving you the essential information in an easy way to read and internalize.

I will keep updating this guide patch by patch if anything changes, giving you the most up-to-date information.

Make sure to Subscribe to my YouTube channel, follow my Twitch channel and join my Discord channel for more gameplay and tips regarding Tryndamere and League of Legends in general.

I also recommend to check out my Season 11/12 Challenger Tryndamere Guide on my YouTube channel.

You can also check out my personal coaching information if you would like to book a coaching session here: Rangerzx Coaching

I would like to thank my editor Anact for doing the layout and coding for this guide.

And lastly, thank YOU for reading my guide! I hope you learned something new and good luck in your future games with the most fun champion in League of Legends.
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