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Sejuani Build Guide by ThiccCheese1066

Top Big **** Sejuani

Top Big **** Sejuani

Updated on January 1, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ThiccCheese1066 Build Guide By ThiccCheese1066 12,652 Views 0 Comments
12,652 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ThiccCheese1066 Sejuani Build Guide By ThiccCheese1066 Updated on January 1, 2023
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Runes: Normal Start

1 2
Grasp of the Undying
Bone Plating

Biscuit Delivery
Time Warp Tonic

+10% Attack Speed
+6 Armor
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


1 2
Normal Spells
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

Big **** Sejuani

By ThiccCheese1066
Don't pick this build!

DON'T PICK THIS BUILD! (do, actually)

I'm back and I've brought another build that's probably sub-optimal.
I should preface this. I'm Bronze, I don't care what higher-ranked player say, this just seems to be the most fun while being the most viable.
I've recently experimented with top lane sejuani and found it to be a really fun poke-fest filled to the brim with fun based on skill.

...Which is why I think it's not a great pick now.

With the existence of champs like Morgana with her point-and-click CC blocker, Samira's AoE windwall, the enforcement of the ******** "toplane is an island" ideology, Riven, Jak'sho's existence, and the luck I have with botlaners on my team top lane sejuani is too skill-based to be a viable option anymore.

But **** you I'm playing it anyways.

Also yes this won't have pictures because I'm not advertising coaching, hopelessly trying to get into the pro scene (I see you, every masters level player guide), trying to get you to watch a youtube channel, or FILLING my TITLES with obvious CLICKBAIT uppercase Letters so you CLICK on it. What I am doing is lashing out at those whom I decide are lesser for reasons that don't make sense.
This is a guide to having fun with this pick.
Shit that's not items

**** that's not items

I don't like it when builds (I'm not like the other builds, Ross) needlessly decide to separate runes and spells to make a college-level essay as to why you take health instead of armor in runes so here's this.


(I'm bolding things not because I want to but because I need to.)
Always have flash because if you don't your fellow players will flame you over not having it. (You can take ghost, I'm rewarding you for actually reading this)
This is for when you just didn't do enough damage to get that kill, or for when you're fighting lifesteal, usually take this.
It's ****ing teleport. They nerfed map pressure for top lane so you might as well have more lane pressure. Use this against hard champs and manaless champs.


First off you always want resolve, you have two choices for the main power you want
The first is Grasp of the undying. It gives you massive poke and health especially for your lane. Trade with this and win almost every trade. Good for everything except when fighting a losing battle.
The second is Aftershock. What you wanna do is use this for trades and jumping in for ganks. The extra protections given help you stay alive and even get the **** out if you're in danger.

Next things is demolish. With grasp and the items you're hopefully building you're gonna deal damage to turrets as well as champs. Due to you being a tank it's somewhat okay to greed for demolish plates.

Then we have Bone Plating. This is for when you trade with grasp and to resist the ****ing poke coming your way.

The last rune is down to two choices, Overgrowth and unflinching. Overgrowth for extra scaling and unflinching when fighting heavy CC. Only take unflinching if you're fighting someone like an Aatrox, Riven, Morg, etc. Use this to survive.

The second tree is always inspiration as it gives you the right things to stay in lane as long as you can.
Biscuit delivery is amazing as it helps you with your mana shortage good for when you took too much poke and great for fighting when paired with,
Timewarp Tonic. I think this is honestly slept on, time a potion right and you get small burst healing and extra regen good enough to turn fights in the early game.

For your three small runes (don't know what they're called) Go
Attack Speed
Armor or MR as needed
Health, switch with armor or MR when against tough laners.
That simple.
You either survive ganks better or poke like hell while getting damage through.
Shit that is items.

If you're a ***** use Jak'sho.

Sejuani's main source of damage scales off health so your infinite core is going to be Heartsteel and Sunfire. Sunfire provides cool DPS while you charge up heartsteel to deal burst damage as both give health to deal more W damage.

Starter items

Tear of the goddess and potions is the most viable to help stop the overconsumption of mana Sejuani has with her abilities and give a good reason for aggression. If you want to live you need to hurt.
If you're against a truly tough opponent do a normal Doran's shield start and don't focus on poke, just stay alive and if need be spam ping the jungler who thinks Top Lane is an Island but hasn't noticed you getting ganked 5 times and hope he comes out to play.

First Backl

Simple, build the stuff for heartsteel. Giants belt if you've been poking a lot with grasp so you survive and do more damage, bracers if againt heavy poke, kindlegem for more spell slinging. Pick your poison then hopefully you have enough for a ruby crystal, rejuvenation bead, or tier one boots.

Rest of the Game

First of all build accordingly but remember that you do more the more health you have. Focus on tank items that give health.

What do I do with Tear of the goddess?

Either build an evolving item or sell it late game. DONT sell it too soon (like pre 20) because you'll face sejuani's mana addiction again as tear was her sobriety coin.
Manamune for extra W damage
Archangels for cooldowns and some extra Q and E damage.
The fun part (Playstyle)
The point is to be an aggressive **********er. You take W for minion clear and poke, Q to proc grasp stacks, then E for the all-in. Other than taking Q first this is the way to go.

What you do is CS until you have grasp ready, if the enemy is walking up congrats free grasp stack, if not wait it out until you have Q then use it to knock u-
I forgot to do abilities.
So sejuani is surprisingly more complicated than mordekaiser so I have to be a little serious about abilities.

Your passive is bonus armor and MR that gives you immunity to slows while itsd up but goes away three seconds after taking damage from an enemy or jungle camp.
She has a second part of her passive,too! When an enemy is stunned by sejuani they are frozen and the next time sejuani Autos them or hits them with an ability they take %10 max health of magic damage.

Her Q is simple, she dashes in a line that can be made shorter or longer, dealing magic damage, passing through non champion enemies, and knocking up the first champion hit. It also garuntees a single auto attack before the enemy can land, allowing you to proc any On-hit (grasp and heartsteel) if the ability lands.

Her W is a little simple and has 2 parts when cast. The first is when sejuani sweeps her mace thing in front of her, knocoking away non champion enemies and applying a stack of frost. The second part of the ability is a longer but thinner line that happens like half a second after the first part, dealing more damage than the first and slowing enemies by 75%, this also applies a stack of frost. After this is cast Sejuani can quickly get an attack in.

Sejuani's E is kind of a passive. Auto attacks and abilities from sejuani apply a stack of frost to large monsters, cannon minions, and champions, at four stacks sejuani can cast this which deals a little bit of damage and stuns the enemy, allowing her to proc her passive. The best part about this though is that when friendly melee champions are somewhat close to you, their auto attacks also apply frost but they cannot trigger your passive. It's important to note that champions cannot be stunned again for 10 seconds and that this also acts and an auto attack reset. more about this combo in a second

Sejuani's ultimate is a single target skillshot stun followed by a circle of slow that eventually blows up. If missed the circle still appears and blows up but you still miss it, and I'm ashamed of you.

General Fighting Combos
Q into an enemy champ, auto them once, use W to hit them with both, auto attack, E, Auto attack. Congrats you did 10% of their health plus whatever damage you did with abilities and autos.
Ult Fighting
Same as the previous combo but with ultimate
Q, AA, W, AA, E, AA, R, AA

These two combos are your bread and butter, they deal good damage (more from W if you have extra max health) and provice CC. You use these in teamfights, E whenever possible, and hopefully win.
The actual Playstyle talk
The point of this build is to poke and poke until you're mostly sure you can kill. Hit the second part of your W for your best poke.
When you have grasp and hopefully bone plating Q into your laner, hit them, back off. If they're sticky use W to slow them while you back off, if they used cooldowns use W to do more damage.
In the best scenario, you'll be able to use your E quickly to get a quick 10% max health then back off. You'll want to repeat that process until they're low enough to all-in with ult and ignite.

With heartsteel you'll most likely proc it when hitting your first frost in the most perfect scenario. More than likely they've charged it with their poke and it'll go off when you Grasp. That's ok, just means more damage when you hit your next W.

In teamfights sejuani is good at focusing on a single target and providing slows to multiple people if you can hit your W just right. With Heartsteel it is a smart move to move between enemies to proc it more for more damage.

That's basically it.
Hope you read this.
That's Big **** Sejuani. I'm probably talking to no one as I type this but hey it's cool to have found something other than Mordekaiser and Garen Jungle (Which I'll eventually do a guide on when I can't really get it right).

If you somehow know me from my first big **** build I'm not sorry that this didn't contain as much cussing as I have matured. I no longer laugh at ****, I now instead laugh at **** and Balls as well as poorly timed fart jokes.

Thanks for reading, **** you.
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