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Blitzcrank Build Guide by ZioSerpe

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ZioSerpe

Blitzcrank AP/Tank/wtf?

ZioSerpe Last updated on August 19, 2011
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Hello Everyone,
I'm Serpe, I've been playing LoL since Poppy or Gragas realease (how much time ago was it?) this is my 1st guide here on mobafire. I've always wanted to share my builds but I got some serius issues with guide sites and I alwaysend up screweing up, raging, giving up and lastly eating a sammich.
I decided to use Blitzcrank for my 1st guide for a few nice reasons:
A. No one plays him with a build similar to mine and quite frankly every time I see a manamune on blitzcrank a little part of me dies.
B. He's (It is?) a champion that shines no matter what items you build on him most of the time, wich took him in the later patches (before Manamune no people laughed at the silly idea of going tanky DPS with him, it was either AP or tank) to be mistreated and build like ****.
C. I rarely lose when using him with my build, so I think I know a few thing that might help others improove.

This Build Focuses on Tanking with AP items more or less like Singed is build, but with a few differences.

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Greater Mark of Insight
Since We're gonna build Some AP, and focus our damage on Rocket Grab and Static Field expecially with its passive ticks

Greater Seal of Defense Greater Seal of Defense
Seals really depend on how you like to play, since our idea is to be a Tank having some +armor ain't so bad, but Greater Seal of Vitality and Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration can be good in their own little ways
Greater Glyph of Shielding
Still working on a tank here so some +MR is nice, a good side option is Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction wich allows a good early game CD reduction

Greater Quintessence of Fortitude
My Option, if you got any better idea go on

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Summoner Spells

Flash is Blitzcrank's bread and butter. Other than normal escape and safety uses it synergizes perfectly with Rocket Grab, use it to surprise an enemy by positioning yourself in a free line to grab an opponent before he can react or to jump inside a teamfight and use Static Field and silence all enemies at the start of a Royal Rumble

Early game you can grab great kills by pulling an opponent to your Tower and Fortify to ensure a kill. Having Reinforce Mastery will make it easy and safe.


If you prefer a more conservative gamestyle this spell is excelent, in this case we'll give up on Reinforce mastery and instead spend the point in Willpower

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Mana Barrier

Lovely Passive, the more the mana the bigger the shield. Drives enemy into frustration when they get you low and they think you're done for.

Rocket Grab

Since we're going to use AP this will be your main tool, if skillshots ain't your thing you're wasting time here, go train then come back.
Great for pulling enemies into turrets, teammates and a whole other bunch of places they'd rather not be. Can also save teammates from chasers.
Also remember you CAN (and in some cases SHOULD) grab throu terrain


Now that it doesn't slows you anymore when it ends is has no cons. Use this to outspeed an enemy retreating, chase someone, run from danger hit turrets and other structures faster

Power Fist

Resets attack times doubles your attack power and ****s up the enemy. Excelent both for initiating and iterrupting, even tho the most common use will be knocking freshly grabbed enemies in the air.

Static Field


Do not even look down on passive component of this amazing ultimate. The ticks hit very hard, no one around you is ever safe, plus they actually make you farm without even noticing.
The active part ain't no piece of pie either obviusly, in teamfight a mass silence with good damage is a ***** for everyone

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Item path and gameplay

Early Game

Start off with a Sapphire Crystal and 2x Health Potion and go to your lane. If you're in a solo lane stick to last hitting as much as you can (if you took Fortify you'll deal 3 more damage to minion while it is off CD, not much but makes last hitting easier) and let the enemy get closer to your tower, if you're in a dual lane instead camp the brush as much as you can, gong out just for last hitting.
during early stages of the game your harrassing power is very limited due to the lack of mana and the high cooldown of your skills, so do never waste mana for [Rocket Grab] unless you're 100% sure of hitting.
Nonetheless at Lvl 2 you already have the potential to ensure a kill if you have the chance to Rocket Grab an enemy in tower range Power Fist his face wile letting your lanemate or the turret (if you have Reinforce it's gonna happen) get the job done.
Upon reaching over 1300 gold you should consider shopping as soon as you get the chance.
If you're soloing get a Catalyst the Protector, Boots of Speed and run back to protect your tower.
If you're on dual tho you should ask yourself a questions:
Am I having problems withstanding the harrasment?
If your answer is anything in between no and HELL NO, the catalyst can wait, get Sheen plus [boots of speed] and go back to work.
On the other hand if you are getting harrassed heavily get Catalyst the Protector
Regardless wich item you picked you can now change your mindset, whenever you are given the chance to leave the lane for a gank do so.
Rocket Grab shouldn't always be your opening move, considering the higher CD if you get the chance to cut the retreat of an enemy to his nearest turret do so and start off by using Power Fist thus allowing eventual teammates to catch up, and save Rocket Grab in case the enemy gets away. Don't waste Static Field let the passive tick on your opponent as long as you can, save the active as last resource.
When you got enough gold buy the item between Catalyst the Protector and Sheen that you skipped earlier and upgrade your boots to either Boots of Swiftness or (in case the CC is ruining your otherwise perfect trip to the fields of justice) Mercury Threads

Mid game

So pal, how's you game going? why would I ask? because your item path now splits in 2 ways:
1. If the game is going nicely and you're having no problems holding off enemies I suggest to start upgrading Catalyst The Protector to Rod of Ages and then Sheen to Lichbane
2. Otherwise you're not dominating the game or any of those noobs you ended up teamed with is feeding you might wanna start think about going tankier, in this case check who's deadlier between enemy mages and enemy physical carries.
If mages are getting too strong buy a Negatron Cloak, another Catalyst the protector and then upgrade to Banshee Veil (upgrading to banshee removes catalyst passive and we don't like losing that, no we don't)
If physical DPSers are our problem instead is time to get Glacial Shroud (consider the CD reduction an early xmas present) and a Negatron Cloak.

Well it's time for teamfights, you'll have 4 possible roles now, initiate teamfights, pull ignare enemies into your team (and eventually spam shift+4 while he gets raped), isolate the most dangerous enemy carry from teamfights and least but not least save your dying teammates from chasing enemies, I know they'd deserve to die for getting low health under your watch, but that's what teammates are to your mighty golemic itellect: childrens to babysit.

Late game

Now is time to get your build to a closure
Be sure to complete Frozen Heart Banshee Veil and Rod of Ages. Don't Upgrade Sheen to Lichbane untill you completed RoA or the proc will actually be weaker than sheen's.
Once Lichbane is build if you had Boots of Swiftness you can Sell them and exchange with Mercury Threads, the speed bonus for lichbane will make up for the loss.

The last item

Well look at that, we still got 1 item slot sitting there all empty!
You're probably a grown up 18 lvls old Steam Golem by now, so you should be able to pick last item on your own; but Just in case I'll give you my point of view.

A 2nd one, yes
My Favourite option, more HP, more mana and (at full) 80 more AP, works in most of endgame situations

Enemy is turting and somehow stopping you from winning even tho they are no threat for your base.
*****es can't kill ya, problem is game is stalling, you always end up alive trying to chase a pair of enemy fleeing low health after facing your might golem power, sad part is that your teammates are biting the dust, not that you give a **** about their puny biological lifes, but you might end up losing the game if you don't ace enemies.
Give your AP a nice boots and ensure the vistory for your team.

Still having troubles Surviving? This item is by far my favourite item of all times, and not only for tanks. You'll now have enhanched lvl 5 speed enough HP regen to never really recall but just idle around and recover and a whole lot of mres.

This is highly highly highly situational.
We already have Frozen Heart wich means we lower aspd of attackers, making Thornmail less effective. The only reason we could be getting this is because there's this particular auto attack champ raping us to our very steam (Tryndanere, Master Yi and such)

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Pros / Cons

-Great tanking potential
-Excelent damage
-Excelent mobility
-Great ganker
-Ability to single out enemies

-really low mana early game
-long CDs till Frozen Heart
-Requires pratice
-your teammates are made of flesh