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Blitzcrank Build Guide by KingEmonerd

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League of Legends Build Guide Author KingEmonerd

Blitzcrank, the Great Steam Golem

KingEmonerd Last updated on November 17, 2011
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Hello ladies and gentlemen, EmoN here, bringing you one of my favorite champions of all time, seeing as how he does do some rediculous damage throughout the entire game: Blitzcrank, the Great Steam Golem. I like playing him as Critzcrank (see the pun there?), because the sheer damage output througout the entire game makes ranged carries fear him until they (sometimes even literally) **** their pants.

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So I'll cover his abilities, to make sure you know what I'm talking about:

A line-nuke that deals magic damage (and a hefty chunk too) to a single target, and pulls them towards Blitzy. It's pretty clear, but its use is key to a good Critzcrank. I'll cover that part in the "Skill Usage"-part.

The ability you'll want to have active all the time as Blitzy. You gain some nice movespeed and a sick amount of attack speed. It's great on Critzcrank, and his key ability. Sadly, I can't take out any items in order for me to add some CDR in (because I'd either lose a lot of AD, Crit Chance or something else that is important in this build) because it's duration is a little bit shorter than its cooldown, so I like to take Blue as often as I can. It keeps the mana up, and CDR to keep Overdrive up all the time.

Critzcrank's sexy-time move. As simple as it is: You reset your auto-attack timer, deal double damage, and knock the enemy up on your next basic attack. Though the knock-up won't affect towers and other structures (duh!), it's a good ability for pushing, since its cooldown is actually pretty low.

Now... this is where Blitz becomes a giant *****. Its damage is so high, it's perfect for KS'ing from your underfed teammates. Passively, and while not on cooldown, you deal a small amount of magic damage to a random target every 2,5 seconds. Meh. It's good for farm-aid, but that's it. On activate, you deal magic damage to all units in the area around Blitzy, and silence them for a small duration. Kata going for penta? BZZZ! Nunu going to ult? BZZZ! Cait wanna take an easy kill? Jump in front of it... or BZZZ! It's good for so many things. Even against the overpowered Fiddlesticks it's good. They don't get to heal, and you get to destroy them within seconds.

This is actually the only reason you'll buy a Manamune. On hitting 20% of your max health, you gain a shield that is 50% of your max mana (50 percent!), and lasts for up to 10 seconds. It's your lifesaver. In the early game, you have no mana pool, so it won't do a single thing. In late game though, you'll have about 2,5 or 3k mana, so it's more than capable of taking some tower hits. Just make sure you get out in time, so that your enemies don't get to take you down while you're under 20% health.

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Skill Usage

Now, for Critzcrank, the guy I'm discussing right now, there's only one combo that works. Rocket Grab the squishiest champion into your team or into your own attack range. Slap them once, and then immediately activate Power Fist to keep them in range. If they are low enough, use Static Field to end it. Simple as that.

For the more durable champions, it's key to have Overdrive active as much as possible. However, in the game that I played, which happens to be the game that convinced me to write this guide, my damage output was so rediculous that even the tankiest guy on the enemy team (I believe it was a Pantheon) died within 3 seconds of me pulling him towards me. This shows how epic the damage output is. But for the durable champions (if the enemy team has one), you'll want to take both Buffs and keep them on you if you can. This keeps the tanks in range, and helps melt the squishies.

Now, if you prefer to go AP, the combination is a lot easier. Rocket Grab into a Power Fist deals amazing damage, and then Static Field will easily finish them off. Simple as that.

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Runes, Masteries and Summoner Spells

This is the runebook I like on Critzcrank:

9 Greater Mark of Desolation
9 Greater Seal of Armor
9 Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
3 Greater Quintessence of Desolation

What this does, is increase your damage output in early game by a significant amount because of the Armor Pen.. Most champs only have a small Armor-pool in early game, which is saddening, but this completely ignores the Armor of most champions in the early game. The Seals and Glyphs increase your durability a bit, and so do the following Masteries:

What I take, is a bit of AD and AP in Offense, as well as Improved Exhaust, and the 10% Armor and MR Pen., summing up for 15 points. In Defense, I just take 6 Armor and MR, because this helps the early game a lot. In Utility, I take the Reduced Death Timer, increased mana (big shield is big), and the Movespeed. There's a reason behind the Recommended items showing the Boots of Swiftness as one for Blitz: he's a slow mothaf... you get my point.

For Summoner Spells, I like to take Exhaust and Flash. Simply put, champions like Ezreal and Tristana have good escaping mechanisms. Blitz does not have any, hence the Flash. Exhaust is in because it's a good SS to have during the laning phase (helps your lane partner pick up some kills), and in late game, it's good for the exact same reason. With a PD and Triforce, you won't need Exhaust to keep up with champs, and your damage output is big enough to be able to take em down before you get into the Danger Zone (i.e. when your Mana Barrier activates).
Other viable options (now) include Clarity, because now, it scales well enough into late game to make it worth picking up. However, this is only the case on an AP Blitz, for which you're in the wrong guide. Fortify is also a decent option, but I'd recommend not taking it at all or leaving it for the pure tank in your team.

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Now I will start by saying that Blitz only becomes a really powerful champ once you have 5 out of the 6 items. It's saddening, I know, but he's more dependant of his items than I initially thought. But, to start off, we'll buy a Sapphire Crystal. What this does, is make you a worthwile laning partner. Without it, you're like a Vladimir without any health: a complete waste of space-time. Now, what this does, is it will build into your next item: Tear of the Goddess. It's a must to pick it up as soon as you can, because you'll absolutely need the mana throughout the entire game, and building it as soon as you can is key to a good Blitz. Also, since he is slow as **** uphill, you'll want to pick up some Boots of Speed. Now I can see it being a good idea to pick up [[Berserker's Greaves[[ in the first go, but if you really think Blitz is durable enough to stand toe-to-toe with the biggest of AD carries, you'll have to go back to LoL-school.
He is not.

Now upgrade your Tear into a Manamune, or at least get the Long Sword, and upgrade your boots to Boots of Swiftness]. The movespeed is a huge win on Blitz, as long as you learn when you can and when you can't chase someone. I also encourage you to pick up some [[Health Potions, because you'll want to stay in lane (or at least alive) for such a time that you can pick up both your Sheen and Zeal. This not only increases your damage output by an immense amount, it also increases the speed in which you farm gold, simple as that.

Now, the Sheen and Zeal turn into a Trinity Force. This is your second major item. Next, we'll get another Zeal. Stack 'em if you can, it's all good. If you don't like to, it's fine. Just stick with one. It builds into a Phantom Dancer next, which will make you powerful. Just now? Yes. This is the game-changing item for Blitz.

Now, to get even more on the offensive, I like to get a B. F. Sword. Not only will this simply increase the speed in which you melt enemy squishies, it also increases your overall farming capabilities. It builds into an Infinity Edge. This has 3 cool stats. First, it gives you a whopping 80 AD, which is huge. Secondly, it provides 25% Crit Chance, which nullifies the need for a third PD. Third, it increases Crit Damage to 250%. This makes you crit for about 700 a hit, depending on how fully the Manamune is stacked. Once you have your Inf-Edge, you're ready to go roam, jungle, farm, push, and take down any enemy champ that comes your way.

As our last item, we'll want ourselves to be able to take down targets whilst not having to go b every time we do so. There's a simple solution to this: Lifesteal. Now we can take a simple splash of Lifesteal through a Vampiric Scepter, but I like to go big. Since the idea on Critzcrank is to deal continuous damage, I like attack speed too. Hence the Zeke's Harbinger. What this does, is increase your attack speed to about 2 attacks per second, and give you 20% Lifesteal while you're at it. I know it sounds strange, but you'll be able to take down super minions without losing too much health.

Now, if the game lasts this long, you might want to consider selling your boots and getting another Phantom Dancer. This will make sure you have 100% Crit Chance, as well as about the same movespeed as you would have WITH the boots. Also, if you were to look at his stats, you might have been able to see that this causes him to in fact strike 2,4 times a second, with a 100% Crit Chance, dealing 700+ damage each hit. Now you understand why I like Critzcrank so much?

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Throughout the entire game, pretty much until you have the Phantom Dancer, you won't be able to take down a single target on your own. You'll get yelled at and cussed on for extensive killstealing, but that's besides the point. If you don't get fed, you're useless. Simple as that. Now, you're more than capable of going 36/9 (as I did :P), but you'll need a lot of items, and you'll need to time your grabs more than perfectly. Grabbing an enemy isn't all there is to him.

Now as far as the playstyle actually goes, be passive in lane. I have my runes on, but it just doesn't make me tanky enough to go creep-farming without any danger. In fact, a Caitlyn did more damage to me than I'd have liked. So, be passive. Take a last hit here and there, farm the EXP and gold, and stick to the turret. If you can, make sure you take a small amount of damage when you grab an enemy into tower range. This will make them pull turret aggro and massive piles of damage, especially in the early game. Doing this well enough can net you quite the amount of kills. We can make things even more interesting. Your Rocket Grab to pull someone out of the bushes while your lane partner is waiting for them. Assists also net you quite some gold.

In the middle game, you'll want to be the one that can isolate their carry. Your ult should be up frequently, and with the newly purchased pile of Mana Regen., you'll be more than capable of staying in lane for longer periods of time. But timing your grabs is key. It's a mana-consuming *****, so time it carefully or you'll find yourself in mana-issues quicker than you'd like. Secondly, it's your job to push towers as fast as possible. The nice boost from Overdrive makes pushing a breeze, as does the buff from Power Fist, especially with a Sheen-stack.

Late game, after the Phantom Dancer, you're the one punishing enemies for not sticking together, or for not staying behind the safety of their tank of minions. Your grab is punishing now. Rocket Grab into Power Fist and Static Field takes care of even the bulkiest of champions. It's easy: they won't know what to focus on: MR or Armor? Now, if your team has aced (or at least taken down 3 of them), you can go backdoor something. Creep farming is a breese, since you'll crit for 600+ now with 2 attacks per second. Right about now, your enemies WILL surrender. If they don't, punish them for not doing so.

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To conclude, Blitzcrank is a champion fat beyond the capabilities of most champions. Whether you build him bulky, tanky, or all-out damaging, it's up to you. However, your enemies will always regret not banning Blitz in champ select. For 3150, he's a great buy. I haven't picked him up yet, but once I get there (which is about 1 or 2 games away), I'll pick him up for sure.

EmoN signing off.