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Kassadin Build Guide by Drake Raynolds

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Drake Raynolds

Boots and Flash for ***** Cats

Drake Raynolds Last updated on June 26, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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So let's start

Everbody know Kassadin the Voider. He's a Caster Burst AP mage. Maybe guys wont like my Guide but i have a different playstyle like the normal Meta. (and i hate META). Kassadin main job in my hands is that: KILL PAPER ENEMY DMG DEALER or dealers :3 So yes its a harrashing and aggressive build with some hp.

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Pros / Cons


  • One of best Mobility champ in LoL
  • Good CC-s Silence and Aoe Slow
  • Passive awesome (-15% magic dmg)
  • Nice Burst

  • Hard and slow early game until lvl 6
  • With wrong Build easy die
  • Late Game cannot Kill a good Tank

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The game just loading....

Talk about spells firstly:

  • Ignite : This spell dealing True dmg what is usefully for
    everbody. Becouse Kassadin a Burst Dealer so
    ignite help a lot for fast and easy kills.
  • Cleanse: Cleanse pure your body from every negative status
    effect and last 3 sec u get -65% CC effect. I
    choosed this spell on second spell, becouse in
    fight can save your life. U get Stun? Silence?
    Taunt? Knock? Or DANCE? ye just use your Cleanse
    and get away from focus or from raping time with
    your ultimate.
  • Flash: I hate and laugh on every Kassadin who use this
    spell thats show they are newbies with Kassadin.
    Becouse why u use a flash (300 sec Cooldown) when
    u have 4 sec ultimate which is better then flash,
    so strange isnt? Again: Flash USELESS....
  • Barrier: U arent a Paper useless ADC u dont need barrier to
    save your Voiding *** :P
  • Teleport: Maybe Usefully with fast hard Ganks, but just
    look the map and your teammates and going there
    with your feet khmm,,, we dont have feet so
    whatever xD just go there and help. Waste spell.

  • Heal: U are Not Support or Defensive U ARE AGRESSIVE
  • Exhaust: Its a good spell who rly 100% kill your enemy
    Dmg Dealer. I played a lot with Exhaust Ignite
    Combo. But Exhaust useless if get Stun or Silence
    so still.... Use Cleanse save your life trust me.
  • Clarity: Ahahaha HAhah hahaha HA... (Laugh >_>)

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The Game Still Loading....

So We had a Wood-PC so had enough time to talk some other things.. like Runes. I Tried a lot which is better Magic Pen, AP, HP, Magic resist on mid... And of course Pure AP is best for Kassadin. Thats my Opinion sry. MAgic pen same good, But Kassadin is Burster so just take your full AP rune page and kill your enemy.

The real reason how get Pure AP Runes is that Kassadin has 2 high AP rate Skill, Q: Null Sphere (70%) and E: Force Pulse (70%)

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C'mon 90% at summoning...

yes 90%, we got more little time how we talk about the masterie page. I use 22-0-8. hmm nothing more xD just use this.

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Yes We are In the Game :)

Lvl 1- Lvl 6 : I start with Ruby Crystal, So i get high hp on start. If enemy on mid is mellee u have easy way to farm and u can poke him with Q. If your Enemy is Range now... u will get low farm xD but man Kassadin dont need Minion Farm. My motto is "Farming on enemy Champs". So u must wait the lvl 6 and farming with Q and sometimes E if u get the charge isnt hard. Kassadin in early is calm game. Just wait farming and get lvl 6.

Lvl 6+. Rush For RoA not for Tears of Goddess. My experencie is that, Kassa who start with Tear of goddess lose their match in 80%. Becouse Kassadin easy die if get Focus so be a Little Tanky.
After u Get RoA get Other items what u can see in builds. After u see u can carry your team with Kassadin suddenly buy a Mejai if u cannot, Take Rylai.

Other items: If your enemy Team has too much Tanky and They carry the Game get items which help u for Killing Tanks, Sadly KAssadin isnt a Tank killer so u cannot do much. Thats time u must buy Deathfiregraps, Liandrys Torment, Blade of The Ruined King Blade. Maybe Ad- items crazy for u guys, but Kassadin with 500-600 AP more then enough to Rape enemy ADC or AP carry. With this amount of AP u easy burst down enemy ADC fully. So after u get this AP u can buy some other item for your AD. (W is help a lot for u same)

Hmm now thats all. I will Upgrade The Guide if i get More time. (More info, More Pic. Video. More Visual Upgrade) But Still can Comment if u have some question.