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League of Legends Build Guide Author HZRDxD

Brand-Fire It Up

HZRDxD Last updated on April 18, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Introduction-Why should I buy Brand?

Hey guys, this is my first guide ever, so please, tell me what I should improve on with this guide. Also, I will be making lots of changes to this guide as time goes on.
Okay, so why should you buy Brand?
Well, the reason you should buy him is because he is the best AoE caster in the game. Brand completely destroys the competition. For example, his ultimate, , can bounce off of enemy champions and hit multiple targets. And, if you have hit them with one of your basic abilities, it will bounce faster and kill them quicker. Brand is my favorite champion at the moment, and he is indeed, The Burning Vengeance.

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Summoner Spells

Oh flash. This is by far the best way to get away from a gank. Since Brand has no survivability what so ever, this is the Summoner Spell for you.

Exhaust makes you invincible in 1v1s, helps you run away when getting chased, and helps you slow down enemies who are at low heath.

Ghost is a decent alternative to Flash, although Flash is just the perfect Summoner Spell for Brand.

Ignite is good for those who want first blood. I personally get first blood without Ignite, so I don't use it.

For those who hate losing mana fast with Brand.

All of the other Summoner Spells are either useless or not for Brand. If you have a suggestion for Summoner Spells, please write it in the comments.

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I take Greater Mark of Magic Penetration for extra magic pen. to help punch through items like
I also take Greater Seal of Scaling Ability Power for the extra AP late game, and Greater Glyph of Ability Power and Greater Quint of Potency for AP early game. This is my rune build and you don't have to use it if you don't like it.[

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I take 9-0-21 mainly because if you reduce Brand's already low cooldowns, he becomes really hard to fight. For example, imagine getting off two combo in less than 10 seconds? That is very helpful during teamfights, ganks, 1v1s, vs baron, or any other situation you can think of.

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Early game-

The reason I take an Amp Tome and a Health Potion is because the Amp Tome builds into the and gives you the AP you need to harass efficiently.
Core/Mid Game-

This is your core. This will not only give you the AP to be a viable threat but it will give you the health to stay alive longer in teamfights. Rylai's passive also lets you slow enemies, which will allow your teammates to catch up with the enemy and take him out.
End Game-

I chose Archangel's because it gives you mana and its passive stacks with Rod Of Ages to give you even more AP. Lastly I chose the Void Staff to give you the magic pen. to give you extra damage and to take out those stupid tanks.[/color]

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Okay, so the only way Brand is good is if you learn to combo with him. Below I will list the combos I use and when to use them.
Anti-Champ Combo-E>Q>W>Auto Attack>Auto Attack>Repeat if necessary (>>>Auto Attack>Auto Attack>Repeat if necessary) This combo is for when you are 1v1ing an enemy champion or are trying to pick someone off in a teamfight. This works great with items like because of its passive slow (allows teammates to pick off enemies you just combo'd)
Team Fight Combo- E>Q>W>R (>>>)
This combo is for teamfights when enemies are grouped together and can be hit by your ultimate multiple times.
Focus Combo- R>Q>W>E (>>>)

Use this combo to focus down enemy champions who are a major threat in a teamfight. (ex. Karthus, Katarina)
Use this combo on enemies who just piss the **** out of you. I mostly use it on :D

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Early Game Strats

Okay, so you normally want to try to take mid, mainly because you will be carrying late game, and you want to be the first on your team to 18. Start out with and a . Take a rank in and head off to mid. (NOTE-If you do end up in a lane, use the same build and follow the same strat that I tell you for playing mid).
Okay, so while in mid, you want to see who you're up against. Below I will list all the possible mids and how to play against them.
-Although Akali doesn't normally mid, she can. While playing against her, try to harass her a bit, but not wasting mana. Try to not get hit by her or she will be able to deal a large amount of damage. Just remember Akali is a burst damage character as well but you can easily take her out.
-Oh boy. Anivia, it seems, is the anti-Brand. Whenever I play against her in mid, I always seem to get off to a slow start. Try to play as smart as possible against her and do not harass her as much as other champions. She will stun you faster than you can and can deal large amounts of damage over time.
- Annie is very easy for a good Brand to harass and kill. Just be watchful for her stun and always try to combo her before she combos you.
-Ashe is really easy for Brand. All you have to do is avoid her and you can one combo her.
-I hardly ever play against a good Caitlyn, but when you do, just harass her when you know you'll hit her and try to dodge her
- Cassiopeia recently got a buff and is now much harder to play against. Play on the defensive side and watch for her and dodge her
- Corki is really not that hard to play against. Just harass and wait till he has under 50% health and in and combo him.
- Ezreal is very annoying. He is basically you with an ability than can put him near you so he can start his combo. The one thing that you have that he doesn't is the ability to stun. If he uses to get near him, just use the anti-champ combo to put him back in his place.
- Fiddlesticks is probably the most annoying character in the game. He can fear, drain, silence, and AoE pretty hard. Don't get close to him unless you have a level advantage and can use the Focus Combo.
- Heimerdinger is a very easy champ to play against with Brand. Just let him push your tower and use the anti-champ combo to stun lock him in the tower.
- With his spammable , Karthus can be a problem sometimes. Just dodge lay waste and play defensively. Don't get into fights with him unless you're ganking because he will use his AoE and ult to try to kill you.
- Kat can be a big problem if you feed her. Just don't die and play smart against her (ex. don't run in thinking you can stun lock her, she will dodge it and kill you.)
- Kennen is a squishy little guy, so just harass and combo when he's at under 50% health.
- Kog is probably my least favorite champ to play mid against. His is one of the best harassing abilities in the game. Be weary of that, you will have to recall multiple times against him.
- LeBlanc is probably the only 'OPed' character in the game. Yes, I know she fails in teamfights, but when you're playing against her in mid, you'll understand why I hate her. You have to keep her away from the creep, otherwise when she reaches level 6, she will be able to kill you faster that you can.
- Lux is very easy to play against. Just harass then flash in and combo. Just remember she can SNARE, not stun. You can still attack her while snared.
- Ugh, Malz. Malz is annoying at best, but don't worry, you can combo like no other. Harass>Flash>Anti-champ combo. GG Malz.
- Miss Fortune is very annoying. Just avoid her and harass as much as possible while playing a good defence.
- Ryze is basically the exact same as you. Burst mage, who can snare, who deals the best damage with combos. Try to not get near him, but harass as much as possible and DO NOT try to flash combo him. Ryze will snare you with and use his combo on you. Now, unless he uses , you probably won't die. Just keep in mind his goal is the same as yours: land a combo.
- Sivir is probably the easiest champion to in mid against for ANY champion. Sivir is squishy, and only really gets DECENT end game. Even then she really isn't a viable threat. Just harass until you can flash combo her.
- Swain is a tanky mage (like Vladimir) and can easily be considered easy to kill. However, this is not the case. Swain can snare, drain, and keep himself alive. Try to dodge his snares so he wastes his mana, and then harass as much as possible until he recalls or over extends.
- Teemo is a really good ambusher, harasser, and chaser. Be careful when you see him just disappears, that means he is stealthed and when he attacks you he will attack faster. Teemo also has but you don't need to worry considering you only auto-attack when you are farming creep. Play defensively against Teemo, and wait for the right moment to flash combo him.
-Trist is a very hard champ to play against if you are Brand. She can take down your health very fast so you must be careful. Do not try harassing her or she will harass you back. Play on the defensive side and wait for an opening.
- Although a good Twitch player is hard to come by, when you find one, they make sure you know they mean business. Twitch can cloak, slow you, and deal a lot of damage over time. Just be careful for when he cloaks because like Teemo, he can increase his attack speed when he attacks you while cloaked. Play defensive and stay by your tower when playing against Twitch.
- Veigar is very good at killing pretty much anything that doesn't have Magic Resist. Be careful for when he puts up his stun, . Play defensive for Veigar, he can kill you faster than you can.
- Vlad is one of the most annoying mid players to play against. Just because he can stay in the lane for soooo long. He will and can use his drain on you, which if he builds a he will gain s rediculous amount of health. Play defensive and don't let him get near you.

Okay, so that took me like an hour to finish, but those are most/all of the mid champs you will play and how to play against them.

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Mid Game Strats

Okay, so after you've played in mid til about level 8, you should have the following items-
- - /
(NOTE-If you are doing well (ex-4-5 kills/0 deaths), and you have confidence in yourself, you should buy a . I normally don't do this but it is up to you.)
Okay, so now here's what you should be doing mid game-
Stay with teammates, you don't want to get caught alone by 3-4 enemies
Always switch lanes to help give you gold and push back creep waves
Gank when possible, you always want that extra gold to help you push towards end game items such as
Help teammates kill dragon.

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End Game Strats

So, by end game you should have the following items-
- -
By end game, you should be getting into multiple teamfights. Just use the Team Fight Combo and watch the fireworks. Things you should be doing to help your team win-
BARON! Baron is a massive boost for ANY caster!
STAY WITH YOUR TEAM! If you leave your team, you're more or likely to get picked off by the

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In conclusion, Brand is probably the BEST AoE burst mage in the game. I will be making multiple changes to this guide as time goes on and Riot makes changes to their game. If you have any suggestions, please write them in the comments. Thanks for reading my Brand guide :D