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Braum Build Guide by StressTrain

Support Braum Support, When your Heart is the strongest muscle!

Support Braum Support, When your Heart is the strongest muscle!

Updated on October 25, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author StressTrain Build Guide By StressTrain 6 0 14,749 Views 0 Comments
6 0 14,749 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author StressTrain Braum Build Guide By StressTrain Updated on October 25, 2019
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Champion Build Guide

Braum Support, When your Heart is the strongest muscle!

By StressTrain
Pro's and Con's
+ Strong teamfight utility at all points in the game.
+ Unique Anti-ranged/Anti-AoE ability Unbreakable that lasts 4 seconds and has a short cooldown (6 seconds at 40% CDR). Unbelievably powerful.
+ Strong level 1 invade potential with Concussive Blows & Winter's Bite
+ With a ranged 70% slow, high uptime 1.75s stun, and an ultimate with a close ranged 1.5s knock-up with a 60% slow after effect. Braum has some incredible Hard CC.
+ Best backline defender in the game


- Melee, susceptible to poke teams
- Weak 1v1 ability. True potential is with teammates.
- Since Braum has such high scaling with teammates, he suffers from poor teamwork.
What is Unsealed Spellbook? Why play it on Braum? Will I be able to use it properly? Do not worry! If you have questions like these, that just means there is more to learn!

Unsealed Spellbook gives the most versatility of any keyrune. Allowing you to grab Smite when contesting Dragon or Teleport to flank an unsuspecting enemy. Since Braum is already a strong team fighter, this just compliments his kit perfectly.
There are a couple of other details, like how each swap lowers the cooldown on how frequently you can swap, plus you cannot select the same spell again (Until you have found selected 3 unique spells). Use the Practice Tool to really get a feel for the rune.

I will go over the summoner spells I generally swap into during the game:

- Heal & Barrier If we are getting harassed a lot. This can help us come out on top of the trade. I rarely select Barrier on Braum.
- Ghost Stronger roaming or escape.
- Teleport A good first pick in lane. Since you can do a back, pick up some Control Wards or Health Potions then immediately get back to lane.
- Smite If you see Dragon is 30s or so from spawning you can grab this to help secure it.
- Cleanse Is very powerful when you need to ensure you have Unbreakable up. If I am up against a lot of roots from a Lux or Morgana this can turn the tides.
- Exhaust can help secure a kill, I find it normally ends up getting picked to help peel for my ADC since the 40% damage reduction is very powerful.
- Clarity is a solid pick. Best used if you need to refill your ADC's mana pool as well as your own.
How does this Rune work? Every couple of minutes, you will have an arrow above each of your summoner spells. If you click on this arrow, it will pop open a small menu displaying all available summoner spells. Once you select one, it becomes equipped with a small 5s cooldown. Once you use this swapped spell, you original summoner spell then gets swapped back.
The new 12min timer on this rune hurts, but it is still the best rune in this row. Free boots help the supports low gold income.
Braum does not have any sustain outside of his Relic Shield. I find this to be an invaluable item to help stay in lane and get that crucial early experience. It helps your mana issues and can even be bonus gold if you end up not needing them.
The 15% movespeed is an extremely gold efficient boost to your move speed. Considering you want to be rushing to someones aid, or chasing down someone who you landed a Winter's Bite on, this is one of Braum's most synergistic runes.
This is one of the best runes you can get on Braum. Landing a Winter's Bite or enemies walking through Glacial Fissure's zone will proc Font of Life. Keep in mind, two of your final items will also proc this heal: Zeke's Convergence and Randuin's Omen
Gain more Max HP throughout the game as minions die near you. Finally, once you hit max stacks, you get a whole 3.5% more Max HP! Considering Health influences several abilities, runes and item's. This is a great rune.
For the bonus stats, I go with: +10% attack speed since it has high value immediately at level one, gives you faster Concussive Blows and a little more dps for lane phase. 1 - 10% CDR is also a viable choice.
Next up, I go with defensive stats +5 Armor and +15-90 HP


Most games you will want Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads. It is important to analyze your enemies team comp to determine what fits best. Ask yourself:
- Is the enemy team mostly AD? ( go Ninja Tabi)
- Enemy team has a very aggressive lane with duo Auto-Attack champs? (go Ninja Tabi)
- Is there a fed enemy mage who is 7/0? (go Mercury's Treads)
- Is there a lot of Roots/Stuns/Other CC that prevents me from using my Shield? (go Mercury's Treads)
These are just some of the things you should ask yourself while playing to determine what will work best.

I also listed Mobility Boots as an honorable mention. These are very powerful boots that should be seriously considered. Braum needs to be in the right place at the right time to help his team. These boots can facilitate that and also improve your warding speed!

First Back

Targon's Brace
These are a list of starting items that will branch into almost any item in your kit. It is important to have a rough plan early, then build items to give you the strongest lane presence.

Prioritize getting the Targon's Brace so you have better gold income. Then more Health to give you some Winter's Bite + Font of Life scaling and Durability.

Sometimes it's good to instead invest in resistances on your first back depending on match up. Build Cloth Armor when up against double AD or Null-Magic Mantle if against a poke heavy lane.

Faerie Charm is a very cost effective item to buy. It is literally the cheapest item and will give you some much needed mana early in the game. If I already bought my Control Ward and I don't have enough for a Ruby Crystal, I find myself buying one or two of these for the solid mana regen.

Core Build

First and foremost, finishing your Support item Remnant of the Aspect. It gives you all the stats you need and gold.

Next up, we have Knight's Vow. This item is superb. Gives you everything you want, Movespeed towards your marked ally, good Health scaling, and some needed CDR. Being able to recover Health based on your allies damage is an incredibly powerful passive. This has everything Braum wants.

The final core item is Locket of the Iron Solari. I build this second if the enemy Team has a lot of AP damage for the solid Magic Resistance. Since it doesn't have Health, I normally build a Kindlegem before rushing this item. Your experience may vary. Locket of the Iron Solari recently had a buff to it's shield, and it was already a powerful team fight item.

Final Items (Pick 2)

Here we have a few item's to consider. Most games your sixth slot will just be for Control Wards however, if the game does go on long enough. You will need need to get those extra tank stats.

- Redemption is one of the most cost efficient items in the game for Health, Mana, and CDR. I almost always default to this as a 5th item pick. The AoE Heal is indispensable during team fights.

- Zeke's Convergence is a very powerful item right now. So it is worth a mention since it gives you a powerful AoE Slow and your ADC a 40% Damage over time effect. I personally don't enjoy the lack of Health on this item. I also find Braum's ultimate Glacial Fissure already provides good CC. This item can be invaluable if you have a hard scaling ADC like Twitch or Xayah.

- Warmog's Armor is the item with the most Health in the game. This item will give you a huge power spike! That being said, it is super expensive, and normally will be just a spare Kindlegem in your pocket. Since gold is hard to come by for supports. If you have the gold and your core item's. Get ready for a beefy boost to your Winter's Bite, Font of Life and Locket of the Iron Solari!

- Adaptive Helm this item is incredible at shutting down Magic damage champions. High Health, Magic Resist, and some CDR make this a perfect tank item for Braum. I grab this whenever I see a fed Teemo or Heimerdinger.

- Randuin's Omen has incredible stats for you. High
Health, Armor, and multiple powerful Unique Passives. The 20% Attack Speed Slow coupled with the 15% Critical Damage reduction is so incredibly powerful at shutting down some champions such as Yasuo or Jhin. The fact this item has a bonus active 55% slow is incredible. Since it will proc your Font of Life and help disengage/secure a kill.

A Note on Health versus Armor/Magic Resist

Overall, Braum scales the best with Health. However Health is not everything, since having balanced resistances will help make you as tanky as possible. Let's consult the following table to see the effectiveness of Armor and Magic Resistance. Keep in mind, they are affected by a diminishing return.
Armor Value
Damage Reduction

As you can see, there starts to be a fairly steep diminishing return after about 150. This is important to keep in mind when buying items.

The next important aspect of this is making sure you have a decent amount of Health. If you have a low Health pool, having 55% damage reduction will not be as effective.

So make sure you finish your Support item first! This gives some much needed Health!
Concussive Blows Target's hit by your Auto Attack's or your Winter's Bite get a stack of Concussive Blows. Once you have marked an enemy with Concussive Blows, your allies Auto Attack's will also apply stacks. At 4 stacks, the target will be stunned for a full 1.25/1.5/1.75 seconds! This is a subtle, but powerful passive. in Team fights, it is possible for you to affect multiple enemies with Concussive Blows. Be very mindful however, Braum is one of the best backline defenders in the game. If you are chasing down enemies to apply stacks of Concussive Blows instead of defending your team from the Bullet Time, your team will suffer! So it is important to squeeze in Auto Attack's, but never at the cost of poor defensive positioning.

Winter's Bite Ranged skill shot that slows and applies Concusive Blows. This skill shot has a very powerful 70% slow attached to it. Coupled with Braum's Concussive Blows passive, you can secure a kill on a poorly positioned enemy. A notable combo with Winter's Bite is it can animation cancel your Auto Attack. A good thing to keep in mind to rush some Concussive Blows stacks. Winter's Bite has damage scaling based on Braum's Max Health which can hit for a sizable chunk.

Stand Behind Me Leap to a target Ally. granting both some Armor and Magic resistance Stand Behind Me is a subtle but powerful skill. With observant allies, you can leap over walls, or save your Flash by leaping to your flashing ADC. You also grant a some of your Armor and Magic Resistance to the target and yourself. An important interaction that is sometimes forgotten is Stand Behind Me can be self cast! This is useful if you need the tank stats and do not have a target. Please note your self cast keybindings (Alt + W by default). Stand Behind Me's Armor and Magic Resistance boost is always best used on an ally with low resistances. As you see with our chart above, giving 40 Armor and Magic Resist with Stand Behind Me on someone with only 30 Armor and Magic Resist(23 % damage reduction) can give them an extra 18% damage reduction. Incredible! Always use this spell because of this, even if you barely move.

Unbreakable Lift your Shield to block and destroy all intercepted Skill Shots and AoE abilities What a perfect ability. Braum's signature spell. It blocks more than most people realize, you can save people behind you from Absolute Zero, or even stop a Yasuo's Steel Tempest from piercing through. This spell stays active while you flash, move, or cast Stand Behind Me. This spell alone will determine if your team wins a fight, secure's an objective, or escape. The final note on Unbreakable is it grants you Ghosting and 10% bonus movespeed. A final tip regarding Unbreakable: I cannot stress how important it is to have Unbreakable on Quickcast. You do not want to be overburdened clicking around with your mouse only to cast Unbreakable in the wrong direction.

Glacial Fissure Knock up enemies in a line, leaving an ice field slow in the aftereffect. This skill has two hit boxes. One in a circle around you, and another in a long line. Enemies caught near you are knocked up for 1/1.25/1.5 seconds. Those caught in the line are only knocked up for 0.25 seconds. One of the best ways to capitalize on this is to target your ADC who is under attack with Stand Behind Me, then immediately use Glacial Fissure, decimating the assassin's trying to dive your Ally! This is a powerful ultimate that even has a 40/50/60% Slow affecting the area. Giving your Team a huge edge on the battle.
To be continued...
Hello Everyone, this is my second guide, I copied it mostly from my first guide on Ornn Support. I hopefully have a chance to come back and add more details. Feel free to leave me some feedback so I can improve my guide.

Please leave a comment! Happy Blocking!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author StressTrain
StressTrain Braum Guide
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Braum Support, When your Heart is the strongest muscle!

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