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Braum Build Guide by mychonny53

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League of Legends Build Guide Author mychonny53

Braum | The Heart of the Freljord

mychonny53 Last updated on July 16, 2014
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Hello guys! This is my second official guide here on Mobafire! I will be constantly trying to update this guide to ensure that it keeps up to date with patches and everything else going on with League of Legends. You will see that the focus right now is geared towards the cheat-sheet and abilities so that way you guys will be able to see what you should upgrade and buy first.

Feedback will be greatly appreciated since Braum is a new champ to me as well as you and this is my second guide as well.

Thanks and Enjoy!

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Pros / Cons


+ Winter's Bite deals serious damage
+ Winter's Bite also has a REALLY good slow
+ Can be very tanky
+ Has very powerful CC
Overall, he has more pros than cons; even though it doesn't seem that way based on what you see here. As a very tanky support, has a lot of potential once you are past around the 10 to 15 minute mark. While he is terrible as far as roaming goes, you may find that sticking with your lane will greatly reward you in late-game.

- VERY slow early game
- Unbreakable blocks almost nothing early game
- Very boring at first
- Stand Behind Me will seem useless unless played right
is not as easy as Riot made him out to be. If you have never played a support champion before than you may want to consider saving your IP and buying a different champion. Besides that, he is VERY slow early game and can seem like the slowest champion in your game if you don't build the boots.

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Concussive Blows: What this passive does is it marks the enemy unit you are attacking and when you get to the 4th mark, it will stun the enemy for 1.25/1.5/1.75 seconds and deal 70-240 Magic Damage. One tip I have for this is to also let the ADC attack since their attacks also help to mark the enemy unit.

Winter's Bite: This ability deals a substantial amount of damage to the enemy as well as slowing them. Use this as necessary since the cool-down is not very long.

You're going to want to max out Winter's Bite first since it will help secure kills for your ADC.

Tips and Tricks
  • This ability will take some skill to land while on the move.
  • The effect will hit the first enemy unit so aim carefully.
  • Clear minions before firing at lane opponent.

Stand Behind Me: This ability is really good to make sure both you and your ADC make it out alive. The effects of this ability also help in team fights so that you can protect the champion who is carrying your team since an Ace is what you want in late-game.

You're going to want to max out Stand Behind Me after Winter's Bite and before Unbreakable.

Tips and Tricks
  • Use this whenever your ADC goes in after an enemy.
  • This can help save you since it will jump you to the target.
  • Target ADC essentially every time you use this ability.

Unbreakable: This ability is going to seem almost useless, and probably will be, for anybody who doesn't know how to use it properly. The ability will help you while running away from opponents since it helps protect both you and your ADC from most damage the enemies would be doing to you.

You're going to want to max out Unbreakable after Winter's Bite and before Stand Behind Me.

Tips and Tricks
  • ALWAYS use this when you have your back to the enemy
  • Use when pushing the lane to block minion damage while clearing.
  • ALWAYS use if you need to protect the ADC from any potential harm.

Glacial Fissure: This ability is your ultimate, use it sparingly since the cool down is not very generous. This is a really good ability for when you are in a team fight and that one enemy with insane movement speed is chasing you down since it will knock them up for 1.5 seconds.

Tips and Tricks
  • After using, follow up IMMEDIATELY with Winter's Bite to ensure your tail is clear.
  • Use only when there are no minions since the knock-up will affect minions as well.
  • Aim it straight at the enemy since it's not meant to be a skill-shot.