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Braum Build Guide by C9LemonNation

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League of Legends Build Guide Author C9LemonNation

Braum the Mustache

C9LemonNation Last updated on June 24, 2015
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Threats to Braum with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Nami Nami is far too unsafe and lacks enough damage to poke you down. Just stand near your ADC and use your shield to block Nami's harass as much as possible. Go for an all-in if you ever land a Q. She should die to most ganks as well.
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Welcome to my Braum Support Guide.

Braum' strength comes from his high CC, high tankyness, and immense peeling ability.

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Pros & Cons

+ Safe laning phase
+ High CC
+ Kill potential
+ High peel

- No Sustain
- Reliant on hitting his one nuke (Q)

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Summoner Spells

(Lane Dominance)
Ignite + Flash
(Counter Assassin)
Exhaust + Flash

Flash: Necessary for everyone

Ignite: Stronger for laning phase, gives you kill pressure.

Exhaust: Good against assassins, good against immobile ADCs.

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This is a relatively normal setup. The only notable thing is since Braum is a melee support he does not benefit from Bandit , so take Strength of Spirit instead.

I take 0/9/21 on Braum instead of 0/16/14 which is commonly seen on tank supports due to his ability to be effective during laning phase at a distance. He can stay back and throw Q's (benefiting from the lower CDR in the Utility tree) without being reliant on a ton of early tank stats to win lane. Wanderer will help you roam and make plays after laning phase.

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Braum benefits from nothing but tank stats, so that is all I take. No offensive marks are necessary.
I opt for scaling HP seals rather than flat HP since I have found that Braum does not often all-in before level 6, and that is the only time that flat HP becomes more beneficial.
(VS Aggressive)
Against very aggressive enemy bot lanes, I recommend using flat HP seals.
Magic Resist glyphs protect against magic damage in lane and burst later in the game.
Armor quintessences protect against minion aggro and physical harass in the early game.

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(Passive) Concussive Blows
If you auto-attack or Q someone it puts a debuff on them that requires 3 more auto-attacks (or Winter's Bites) to proc, dealing a little bit of damage and stunning them for 1.25-1.75 seconds. This very powerful passive is your bread and butter. Try to proc as many stuns as possible in fights.

(Q) Winter's Bite
Cooldown: 10/9/8/7/6 seconds
This is a skillshot that does good damage, slows, and applies your passive. It's spammable for harass in lane and is your primary catch ability and way to apply your passive to enemies.

(W) Stand Behind Me
Cooldown: 14/13/12/11/10 seconds
Jump to an ally and give some tank stats to both of you. Basically just a mobility move, use it when it is needed.

(E) Unbreakable
Cooldown: 18/16/14/12/10 seconds
Put up your shield in the direction your mouse is located. From now on you block any projectiles, causing them to hit you instead of whoever they were shot at (Auto-attacks cannot go through you). You also do not take damage from the first projectile blocked, and take reduced damage from all sources coming from the direction you have the shield facing.

Glacial Fissure
Cooldown: 140/120/100 seconds
AOE knock-up and slow. Knocks up people directly around you (similar to Alistar's Pulverize) but also throws out a line that will knock up the first person hit (if no one else has been knocked up). The line continues to slow people in the area for 4 seconds.

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(Starting Items)
Relic Shield + 4 Health Potions are the ideal laning items for Braum and provide you with a good amount of gold income.
(Early Game)
Try to save up 800 gold before recalling to get a Sightstone on your first buy. For your second buy you have a few choices: Boots of Speed + Targon's Brace, Boots of Mobility, Ninja Tabi, or Mercury's Treads. Choose depending on the enemy team (Mobility Boots by default, Ninja Tabi against physical or Merc Treads against magic/CC).
(Mid-Late Game)
Always rush Face of the Mountain as it is a very efficient tank item. After that is extremely situational. Buy tank items based on what is needed.

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Avoid fighting Thresh aggressively early levels, just try to throw Q's and poke. Only fight him if he plays too aggressive and draws creep aggro. As you level up you slowly will win the lane, and can begin to all-in him usually after your first buy. If he ever hooks your ADC make sure you W to your ally and throw your shield up. This should allow you to win the trade.
Nami is far too unsafe and lacks enough damage to poke you down. Just stand near your ADC and use your shield to block Nami's harass as much as possible. Go for an all-in if you ever land a Q. She should die to most ganks as well.
If you have enough pots, try to draw his bombs on to you rather than your ADC to attempt to keep your ADC from taking too much harass. Try to hit him with Q's and all-in him if he is ever out of position. If he is playing optimally he should be able to harass fairly safely and speed himself away if he is ever hit by your Q's. You need to wait for them to make a mistake or for your jungler to come to get an advantage in this lane.
You can't safely play too aggressively in this lane. It is mostly going to be a farm lane for the ADCs with both you and Morgana throwing Qs and trying to get a slight advantage in the lane. At lvl 6, try to bait out the Morgana's Black Shield, wait for it to be down and Flash-ult the ADC.

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(Early Game)
Take control of the bush and attempt to throw Qs and harass down the enemies. Usually you will not be able to do too much unless your opponents are out of position. Use Unbreakable to mitigate as much damage as possible in trades. Depending on the enemy champions you should be standing near your ADC and attempting to block harass from hitting him.

(Mid Game)
Once you have your ultimate you become extremely strong. Braum is most effective at counter ganking, so try to predict where the enemies are going to make plays and look to be there to counter. Otherwise look to stay with your ADC. You and he should be able to win 2v2s against the enemy bot lane at this point due to your ability to block the auto-attacks from hitting your ADC.

(Team Fights)
Look for Qs and good ultimates on priority targets to initiate the fights, but your primary goal is keeping your ADC alive. As long as your ADC is able to stay alive, you can play more aggressive and possibly attempt to get in the enemy ADC's face with your shield, blocking him from hitting anyone on your team. Try to apply your passive to as many enemies as possible, as it is your primary CC for team fights.

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