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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Galio Build Guide by Downbit

AP Offtank Bringing the Guardian to the Jungle (7.6)

AP Offtank Bringing the Guardian to the Jungle (7.6)

Updated on March 23, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Downbit Build Guide By Downbit 29,321 Views 0 Comments
29,321 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Downbit Galio Build Guide By Downbit Updated on March 23, 2017
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Who am I?

Do you care?

You either like the guide or not.

I have 5 lvl 30 accounts, and often use them to climb from low elo to diamond.

Downbit is my main Diamond account. I stop once I hit diamond, and move on to a new account. Typically I one trick champs on smurfs. Now that Galio is out he shall be my one trick for my newest account.

If people want I shall put a mid, top, and support guide out as well.
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Ninja Tabi? is op right now.
Merc treads if they have 2 or more cc that you can't dodge. 3 or more of stuff you can dodge, but they will eventually hit you.

Important break points.

45% CDR
100 MR
200 MR
3,000,000 hp

Abyssal is op. One it gets you to 100 mr so your w adds another 8% damage reduction regardless of points put into it. Two. 10% cdr. Three. AP.

Abyssal and Iceborn give you max cdr+ap+armor+mr All things that are nice! That does not mean we rush both of these items. We should rush one of the two depending on enemy team after jungle item. (If you are smashing maybe rush one of them before cinderhulk).

Tanky time

How to counter enemy teams.

True damage- Health (cinderhulk, Randuin or Deadman's, Hextech revovler)

High as/ad - Armor+some health (Randuin if behind, deadman's if ahead)

High ap - MR (Abyssal, Locket, Athene's)

Someone is fed?
They built bonus armor pen - Start building health over armor
They built lethality - Build Armor over anythig
They built crit - Randiunn

Don't be afraid to tell your offtank or top lane tank what they should build. If you notice something, and they aren't building the right tank item let them know nicely. "Hey man their jinx just finished a Infinity Edge, we win if we build Randuins!)

Side note I love all of you.
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Creeping / Jungling

Galio's jungle is best Blue, Wraiths, Red
If you want bottom help for speed. Whatever buff then wraiths, other buff.
Our passive+q+e pretty much auto clears them. You can either try a gank here or go for krags/wolves(depending on your side). Backing here should let you buy a tracking knife.

REMEMBER KRAGS ARE 10 CS, AND WRAITHS ARE 6. These are very important to maintaining your gold. Most low elo players I watch never do krags, or do them once.

I do them on cooldown, and I almost always go hunting in enemy jungle for theres.

TRACKER! so you got this op item that lets you drop an additional two wards. Between this, and your control ward you now can drop five wards! I typically ward up enemy red side. Control ward in the C bush infront of red buff opposite of him. One ward in the bush by wraiths, and one ward in the bush between red, and dragon/baron to see mid lane roaming. This lets you be all up in the enemy red jungle without any worry(hopefully bottom has tri control warded, if not ask =D)
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Masteries Explained

Wander for movement is just better. Most of our clear time comes from AOE spells not autos. Camps clear quickly so speed is better.

Runic AFfinity. You are Jungling man.

Merciless. You don't have mana problems. So this is just better.

Greenfather. You aren't in lane so pickpocket isn't viable, and gaining 5% hp is pretty decent actually. On picks this won't even be noticed, but in a team fight were 3-4 enemy players will die this can be the difference between you standing at the end of the fight or not. Greenfather is for faster jungle clears, and extra damage on ganks. If you are a late game kind of player go Dangerous Game

Intelligence CDR is just better, plus with your runes you get to start with 10%. Which is handy.

This bad boy is why you still do a ton of damage while being tanky. You q auto procs this if you hit them dead on. It also lets you peel while dealing damage to back line. Check combos/team fights.

Alternative Mastery

The most viable after the one I suggested is full tank 0/12/18

Recovery, tough skin, Veteran's scars, Insight, Swiftness, Courage/ Wander, Runic Affinity, Merciless, Greenfather's gift.
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Team Work

Ok wombo combo time

Simple Q+E+auto+W

Somewhat advanced Q (spell cancel)+E+auto cancel+W spell cancel+ auto cancel

This is OP as **** if you land it. Throw out your q, and move right after words so you aren't locked in animation. Then E forward+auto, use w, and auto to spell cancel will make it so they take the full q damage. This should do an entire adc, mid, or non tanky sup full health bar before they can react.

Team fights. Galio excels peeling, and poking the back line. Your q has amazing range that can't be body blocked.

Things you should look for. Can you flash w? Remember you can flash while channeling the taunt. Most players don't know this, so they just casually walk away from you.

W ontop of front line, as adc/ or mage gets comfy with you being stuck in the mix of things flash on them q+w for death. Then R back on your back line for peelage.

W frontline, and q back line. E backline so they run, and then R frontline chasing your adc/mage disrupting them.
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Change them to your playstyle. Ap quints are good as well. I honestly jungle in a style that requires alot of movement speed.
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End Notes

Imma work on a video guide as well
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Downbit
Downbit Galio Guide
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Bringing the Guardian to the Jungle (7.6)

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