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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by LuitisRadler



Updated on January 15, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author LuitisRadler Build Guide By LuitisRadler 19 4 48,254 Views 6 Comments
19 4 48,254 Views 6 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author LuitisRadler Dr. Mundo Build Guide By LuitisRadler Updated on January 15, 2019
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Runes: Bruiser Mundo

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Grasp of the Undying
Font of Life
Second Wind

Last Stand

+8 ability haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


1 2 3 4
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Top Lane
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Top Lane
Win 51%
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Top Lane Ranked #58 in
Top Lane
Win 51%
More Dr. Mundo Runes

Champion Build Guide


By LuitisRadler
Hi, and welcome to my guide. I am a passionate top lane and jungle main on EUW since I started playing League, which was around the start of Season 8. Dr. Mundo really captured me after playing him for the first time. He might have a very simple design, but I have only found a few champions up until now that give me the same satisfaction when being fed as Dr. Mundo does. The feeling of running into the enemy team, knowing that it'll be next to impossible for them to stop you from killing their carries, is incredibly rewarding. He might have a horrible early game, but if you do not fall behind, he will evolve into a bulldozer.
I first tried building Dr. Mundo as a bruiser, where I had a Darius in the jungle and a Braum as the support. I knew that those were going to be tanky later on, so I decided to go for more AD that game, tilting my team, but ending up carrying them. That game inspired me to try more and more of bruiser Mundo, and here we are. Playing bruiser Mundo is quite unorthodox and some would say it's trolling, but I think Dr. Mundo can be one of the strongest bruisers in the game right now, if played and built correctly. He has a high damage output and still remains in the role of the tank because of his ultimate and some of the items built. I personally like playing Mundo as a bruiser when I am facing a bruiser, when there are multiple squishy targets in the enemy team or if my team and I are really ahead.
I hope you'll enjoy my guide. Please leave a rating and a comment. Thank you very much for reading all this.
Pros and Cons


    -Has a high damage output while tanky
    -Good sustain due to passive
    -Great splitpusher when using Demolish
    -Can carry easily when ahead
    -Great against heavy AP teamcomps


    -Very weak early
    -Loses to tank-melting enemies
    -Kiting counters him
    -Very bad if behind
    -Lack of CC & Utility annoying


There are many ways to play bruiser Mundo, but prefer to use Resolve like in the usual tank build, mostly together with Precision. I do usually go with Grasp of the Undying followed by Font of Life, Second Wind and Overgrowth in the Primary Tree, with Last Stand and Legend: Alacrity in the Secondary Tree. I feel very comfortable with this page, as it provides attack speed, tankiness and regeneration and utility through Font of Life. Using Triumph and Demolish is a very solid option as well, enabling you to push faster and gaining some HP back in teamfights after a takedown.

For Rune Stats, I take either the CDR or the Attack Speed in the first row, depending on the match-up (CDR for poke, Attack Speed for Dueling), in the second row, I recommend the Adaptive Force and for the third row, you must look at your match-up once again. If you're facing an AD champion, take the Armor, if youre facing an AP one, take the Magic Resistance.

I do sometimes the Ult Reset Variant you can find a the top of this guide, in which I replace the Legend: Alacrity with Presence of Mind, which is fun as well. It makes sure that you have your Ultimate Maximum Dosage up in every teamfight, but relies on you killing someone or assisting in a kill to really work well, so if you're behind, Presence of Mind won't be very useful for you.

You can always swap Legend: Alacrity for Last Stand or Coup de Grace in any rune page, all three are fine. I recommend using Last Stand in most cases, as it provides the most damage on average, but if you think you can get a lot of stacks early on, take Legend: Alacrity. Coup de Grace can work quite well too, if there are multiple immobile, squishy champs on the enemy team.


The Press the Attack runepage is also very interesting, but requires a very aggressive playstyle, which can backfire with Dr. Mundo. What it does is that it provides you with more damage in fights, whilst giving you healing through Font of Life. With this page, most of your damage will come from your basic attacks and you will stack up attack speed with Legend: Alacrity. This will only work well if you're in a match-up in which you can fight your opponent easily and can get ahead in the early game. This page has probably the highest damage output out of all the variants I listed at the top of this guide, especially when ahead and combined with AD items such as Titanic Hydra, Death's Dance and similar, while still providing heal and utility to your team.
When using Font of Life on Dr. Mundo, getting the heal from it in lane will be quite difficult, but as you're stacking up CDR, it will get a lot easier. If you can manage to hit an Infected Bonesaw and then immediately hit one again when it's back up, you get good amounts of poke damage and some healing of it. But Font of Life is still most effective in team fights, where not only you get healing from it, but also your allies.


This is probably the most standard version of playing Dr. Mundo featured here, at least with the runes. This page gives you tankiness through the Resolve runes and pushing power through Demolish and Minion Dematerializer. You'll be focusing on splitpushing way more with this especially in the mid game. In the early game, the dematerializers help with farming and shoving in the wave more wuickly when your lane opponent isn't in lane with you, giving you the opportunity to push for the turret and getting some platings. You can swap Minion Dematerializer for Approach Velocity if you want to, but you'll lose some lane shoving power in exchange for some Movement Speed.
When using Demolish on Dr. Mundo, always try combining your empowered auto-attack from Blunt Force Trauma with the Demolish proc. This will do huge damage to the turret and if you're alone in the lane for a bit, this almost always a guaranteed plating for you. Getting these early platings can help you survive Dr. Mundos weak early game more easily and get to your items a lot faster.


This is a very interesting way of playing Dr. Mundo. The main thought behind is going all-in and running into the enemy team while hoping that you'll be able to take out the enemy carries before they can kill you. It is smart to take Ghost with this, as it can proc Unflinching. Basically, what you'll do is activating Ghost and your R Maximum Dosage, maybe even Turbo Chemtank if you built one, and then run into their backline and try killing the squishies. This is most effective when there is not as much hard CC in the enemy team, but rather slows and similar. If there are a few roots, stuns or whatever, you could consider taking Cleanse instead of Ghost or Flash, but I do not recommend playing this against hard CC comps. You will get stunned and even though you have quite a lot of tenacity, you will be dying pretty quickly. And adding to that, this requires a team than can follow-up your engage so you won't fight the enemy team alone.


Playing life steal Mundo is risky. It requires you to be ahead, otherwise you will have no use as you won't have enough stacks and items to survive long enough for your life steal to really pay of. But when ahead or on the same level as the enemy, this is quite fun. You will do a lot of damage because you'll build Ravenous Hydra, Bloodthirster and similar, which are items with a lot of AD, but also give you life steal. Through Font of Life you will be healing even more, and if you don't make any large mistakes or int, it will be quite hard to kill you. I can recommend playing this when the enemy team has 2 or 3 tanks or bruiser and if you think that you can get ahead pretty easily.


Not much to say about this. You're fast. REALLY FAST. Activate Predator together with your ultimate, hit someone with an Infected Bonesaw and you'll be running around the map in no time. You can either buy Boots of Swiftness for more movement speed in general and slow resistance, or Mobility Boots, which is what I'd recommend, as it gives you even more movement speed when roaming. Relentless Hunter gives you even more out of combat movement speed and you could use Ghost for even more running power. Combining all of this with items like Turbo Chemtank or Mercurial Scimitar, you will one hell of a fast boi.
This is a lot of fun, as transforms Dr. Mundo into Sonic, but once again, you HAVE to be ahead to pull this off, as it requires you to roam to work properly. Try getting one or two kills on your lane opponent, shoving in the lane and then immediately roam mid lane. If you can get a successful roam off, you will be able to get ahead faster, which enables you to roam more often, and so on.


This can be fun, but I wouldn't recommend taking it regularly. What you can do with this is trigger Lethal Tempo with your empowered auto-attack from Blunt Force Trauma, then use your Infected Bonesaw to make sure that you stick with the enemy your fighting, and then get off multiple auto-attacks with the attack speed from Lethal Tempo. These auto-attacks will be quite powerful due to your AD and the passive of Blunt Force Trauma which gives you AD for a short period of time. This can work well against squishy enemies wo aren't as mobile, so it's easy for you to stick with them and get your auto-attacks off.


This is very weird, but I think it can work, as it gives Dr. Mundo more CC and with that something to do when behind. The strategy behind this is that you throw an Infected Bonesaw at someone, get in their face with Approach Velocity and Maximum Dosage, and slow them with auto-attacks so your team can catch up with you. It doesn't really matter if you take Biscuit Delivery, Future's Market or Minion Dematerializer, that is up to your preference. This rune page allows Dr. Mundo to provide more utility to his team and makes him less useless when he's behind. Try building this together with Frozen Mallet for a larger slow or Turbo Chemtank for a better engage.

Starting Item

On Dr. Mundo, Doran's Shield should always be your starting item, even on bruiser Mundo. It makes Mundos early game a lot easier, providing some health and regeneration. When farming from a far using your Infected Bonesaw, which is what you're going to do in most match-ups, this helps surviving poke and trading longer in the early game.


As explained in the notes at the top of this guide, what boots you should build changes depending on the enemy team, but normally, you should go Ninja Tabi. Mercury's Treads aren't really needed in most cases, as you'll get large amounts of Magic Resistance from the Passive of Blunt Force Trauma. Only build Mercury's Treads of the enemy team has a lot of hard CC at their disposal. A very fun choice are Mobility Boots, as they allow you to roam a lot faster, but you should only use these when ahead or if you already have enough Armor and Magic Resistance. Build Boots of Swiftness if the enemy teams CC consists of slows, or Ionian Boots of Lucidity if you want more CDR.

Core Build

Your core build as bruiser Mundo will consist of Black Cleaver, either Sunfire Aegis or Spirit Visage depending on the match-up, and Titanic Hydra. This provides a lot of AD while still giving you some tankiness so you won't be as squishy. Black Cleaver has a lot of utility to offer for Dr. Mundo, with health, movement speed, AD and armor penetration. After you've completed this, almost every match-up will be a lot easier to deal with. The armor shred together with your E Blunt Force Trauma have crazy high damage potential, which is even increasing the lower you get due to Blunt Force Traumas passive and if you're using Last Stand. Titanic Hydra works well as the second AD item on Dr. Mundo because it adds to your health pool, gives you more AD and makes your basic attacks do AOE damage, which helps a lot if you can't get to the back line. You COULD replace Sunfire Aegis with Dead Man's Plate if you think that the bonus movement speed and damage boost might help you.

Completing your Build

To complete your build, in most cases you should either build the one out of Sunfire Aegis and Spirit Visage you haven't built already to get another boost in your tankiness. Afterwards, go for a heavy AD item that fits the situation, for example Bloodthirster, to increase your damage one last time. If you think you're dying to quickly, Guardian Angel is a very good last item as well and is probably the safer route compared to going full-on AD for the last item. Against heavy CC teamcomps Mercurial Scimitar is the way to go, giving you some AD, MR, life steal and most importantly, QSS through its active. But the last two items are really items are really up to the situation you're in, as it is with building Sunfire Aegis or Spirit Visage first. Look at your and your enemys teamcomp and decide what is nedded the most at the moment. If your team needs someone to engage, Turbo Chemtank could be worth a look, if you need to look for picks and slow some enemies down, Frozen Mallet should serve you just fine and so on. Adapt to the challenge you're facing. That's what I'm trying to say.
Spell Priority
Skilling orders on Dr. Mundo aren't very complex. You should take Infected Bonesaw on LVL 1 every game and max it first as well. It has the most utility in the early game, and the damage, armor and magic resistance from Blunt Force Trauma will be more than enough on ranks 1 and 2 in that stage of the game. You can put some more points into Blunt Force Trauma early on, but maxing your Infected Bonesaw should always be set in stone. If you are willing to try, you could max your Blunt Force Trauma first, but I think it is substantially weaker than maxing your Infected Bonesaw first. Maxing your E first does make the armor and magic resistance bonuses stronger early on and increases the amount of AD you will get, but you will be missing out on a lot of poke, which is incredibly important in the early game, and the slow of your Infected Bonesaw. In 99% of your games, your skilling order should be this:
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
All of these variants can also be found at the top of this guide.

Important things to know


Use your Infected Bonesaw to poke your enemy and farm from a safe distance until you are tanky enough to fight in a 1v1. Try avoiding face-to-face trades before that point.


Your Heart Zapper refreshes the MR bonus from Blunt Force Trauma, so keeping it active all the time is important, as the bonus gets as high as 30%.


Your Blunt Force Trauma not only gives you large amounts of armor, magic resistance and AD, but is also an auto-attack reset, so use that.


As the AD you get from Blunt Force Trauma increases with your missing HP, using your Ultimate Maximum Dosage early in a fight is quite counterproductive. Try using your Ult as late as possible, so that you'll be getting as much AD as possible. But don't use it too late, as it might not be able to save you then.
The End - For Now
This will be the end of my guide for now. I am currently testing more to learn more about specific match-ups to write about in this guide, and I am working on a specific description for the playstyle as Dr. Mundo. Unfortunately, this will take a while and until then, this guide will remain incomplete.
League of Legends Build Guide Author LuitisRadler
LuitisRadler Dr. Mundo Guide
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